So you’ve decided you want a Saint Bernard. Do you HAVE to have a puppy??
Puppies are cute, sweet, fluffy and darling BUT you also have to housebreak, leash train, child-proof, feed more and so forth and so on.
Have you considered the older Saint Bernard that needs a home? One that is past the puppy problems? A Saint that is already a proven companion and is eager to share the remainder of it’s life with a loving family. A Saint that may be destined to be put to sleep if a suitable home is not found.
Then consider a Saint Bernard through our Saint Bernard Club of America Rescue Network.
In 1991, the Saint Bernard Club of America officially established a National Saint Bernard Rescue Committee to help find homes for those Saints who, without the help and concern of dedicated Saint lovers, would end up in the pound and put to sleep through no fault of their own.
It became clear to the Saint Bernard Club of America that our breed was in serious trouble due to the renewed popularity, the over-population and indiscriminate backyard-breeding of our loyal breed.
All these Saints started out being cute, sweet, fluffy and darling–but somewhere along the line, made the mistake of “getting too big”, “drooling” or “digging up the petunias”. Some are just the unfortunate victims of a divorce or other circumstance in which the dog has been given up. And, tragically, some are turned over to the pound or abandoned because of temperament or health problems and they have to be put to sleep.
But what about the Saint that would love to be part of your family; A Saint that would be devoted and loyal to you and would thank you every day of it’s life for saving him. There are many Saints waiting for adoption right now. Please consider one of them as your next four-footed, life-long companion. You won’t be sorry!
And, if you’re thinking of breeding your current Saint or getting one for breeding, please consider ALL the ramifications. Would you want one of your puppies, or your puppies future puppies, ending up in the pound?
Thanks for being a Saint!