We currently have many Saint Bernards waiting for permanent homes. All our rescues have been temperament tested, are heartworm checked negative and have been spayed or neutered. Most areas of the country ask for an adoption fee in order to recover some of the costs incurred for rescuing a Saint Bernard.

We have been so busy with Rescue this Fall, that at times it is a little overwhelming. We could throw up our hands in disgust, and say forget it, because we all have our own dogs to care for and worry about, but we do not do that. All these Rescues deserve a stable, secure and loving home. All of them have come from different homes for different reasons. But one thing all these Saints have in common is the heart of the Great Saint Bernard. They all want to please you, to give all they can give.

There are some major hot spots this Fall for Rescues that are especially in need of your help. Those areas are Kansas, Missouri, and Pennsylvania. Please refer to our page that lists Saints that are available for rescue if you are able to give a loving home to one of these dogs.

We could use any help you can give. Many, if not all the Rescues, come to us underweight, worm infested, and lacking that healthy sparkle in their eyes. Some do not know what dog toys are or even what a dog bone is for. How sad! We blame backyard breeders, puppymills, and the stupid, ignorant public who buy on inpulse and are not familiar with Saint Bernards.

The vet care, dog food, neutering, worming, etc. etc. etc., all costs money to keep Saint Bernard Rescue going. Do you want to give a Saint Bernard a new lease on life? Can you spare a little extra money to help our very important cause? Everything we get goes to help our Rescues. Donations are greatly appreciated.

More calls are coming in daily for Saints that need new homes. Please consider give one of them a loving home if you can.

Saint Bernard Rescue thanks you, and wishes you the best in life!

For More Information Contact:
Saint Bernard Rescue Foundation, INC.
103 Cowboy Lane, Bertram, Texas 78605-4241
Tel: (541) 841-2430