342 Adopted (Placed) Saint Bernards 2010
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Roscoe: is the sweetest 3-year-old male Saint you’d ever meet! He wandered into our lives a few weeks ago, and we’re so happy he did! Roscoe gets along with all dogs – including miniature schnauzers and Chihuahuas – and cats. In fact, he pretty much ignores other animals because all he wants his love and attention from people! He’s great with kids. Rosco is housebroken and does not chew or destroy anything in the house. The best way to describe this handsome boy is “happy go lucky”. He could care less about everything as long as you’re willing to give him some love! Roscoe has an appointment to get neutered on December 23rd, and he’ll be ready to go to his new home shortly after Christmas. Will you bring him home? 12/31/2010

George: Pauley: & Cherri: (San Antonio, TX) 3 Saint siblings were turned into the San Antonio Animal Control by their breeder with horrible cases of sarcoptic mange. San Antonio’s kill shelter is where owner surrender dogs are usually taken straight to euthanasia – so these guys were lucky. The mange had been diagnosed when their owner/breeder took them into the vet at 6 weeks of age – left untreated and when they turned them into animal control – these poor pups had no hair, were covered in sores and abscesses and were severely under weight with the female only weighing 42 pounds at 7 months of age. After 2 months of all you can eat puppy food and a couple of applications of Revolution – these 3 have all of their hair and are nice and chunky!! The pups are approx 9 ½ months old now – very well socialized with other dogs big and small. They absolutely love people of all sizes! Cats are an unknown since we do not have any of those. They are not mean at all – just your normal rambunctious gangly puppies! They still have a little food aggression with the other dogs – but hopefully that will wane when they realize that each meal will not be their last. The are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and have tested negative for heartworms. All 3 are indoors, and use a doggy door to go out and potty, so in essence they are housebroken, although they might need a “tune up”. 12/30/2010

Simba: is a 1 1/2 year old male that is all puppy and a big one at that. He is currently at boot camp learning his manners and will be available shortly. This guy is a love and a sweetheart that loves to play and give loves. He gets along well with other dogs, people of all ages. 12/29/2010

Scooter: is an 11 month old male st bernard with very original ears. Scooters left ear is always laid over his head, and when he gets excited or plays with the other dogs the other ear will stand right up too! We think it gives him character. Scooter has been an outdoor dog his whole life and would love to be introduced to the creature comforts of living in a home with his people. Because of his former lifestyle he will need some help and patience with his obedience training and housebreaking. He has been introduced to a crate while here and is doing well with it. He has tons of puppy energy and due to his size we will be placing him with children over the age of 12. He has a lot of growing to do and is already a very big boy. He plays well with other dogs, but can get a little carried away sometimes, and he is wonderful with people. He has not been tested with cats yet, but we will work on that. An ideal home for Scooter would be with a family with a fenced in yard, another large playful doggy companion to play with, and a family with knowledge of the needs of giant breeds. 12/28/2010

Franci: This is Franci (Francine), a 5 month old as of 11/29/10. She is a longhaired half mask delightful little lady. She needs a family that has some time to spend with her as she is the perfect age to begin learning manners and obedience. She is definitely a sweetheart and was brought up with many older dogs. She doesn’t have an aggressive bone in her body and needs to stay that way. She does fairly well with leash training and we’ll continue to work with it. Will you be the lucky family that she joins? Puppy adoption fee is applicable. 12/27/2010

Gabriel: Gabriel is 2 years young and has lots of love to give. He is a big, gentle boy at 187 pounds who drools like crazy. Gabe needs an experienced Saint owner who understands his strength and needs. He is truly one of a kind! 12/21/2010

Atlas: Hi! I’m Atlas. I once had the weight of the world on my shoulders, but now I’m just ready to love and be loved. My droopy eyes tell the story I can’t. I am a big boy–a gentle giant to be exact! I LOVE children, men, women and other dogs. My best friend is my foster brother Ziggy (a 5lb Yorkie). I can’t run too much because I have pains in my hips. But the medicine I’m on helps and I can act young again. My doctor says I’m 5-7 years old, but I don’t feel a day over 4. I’m heartworm negative so all I need is a monthly pill to keep those creepy crawlies away. I am house trained, but sometimes I’ll have an accident if you don’t take me outside regularly. I try my hardest and am very sorry when I do make a mistake. My foster mom doesn’t think I was fed and given water on a regular basis, so sometimes I get excited to see my bowls and I have to be reminded that I am promised another meal. Being shy is just a facade, because once you really get to know me, you’ll see how outgoing I am. I like to make friends wherever I go. I’m looking for a forever home that can offer me love, kisses, hugs and patience. Let me be your shadow! I am being fostered in Louisiana, not too far from New Orleans. 12/19/2010

Lady: is a 2 year old (approximately) smooth coat female Saint. She is a huge lovebug, and is great with other dogs, kids, and cats. She has been in rescue since July as a (wonderful) mommy, but now that her pups have all been recently adopted, it is her turn for a new family (and freedom from her “kids”). Lady is vaccinated and has tested negative for heartworms. She is housebroken and loves attention. Lady is being fostered in the Austin area, and should be spayed and ready to go by the beginning of October. 12/19/2010

BUBBA B: Say hello to Bubba B, a three-year-old smoothcoat gentleman. Bubba B is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and HW-negative. Though he has spent much of his young life outdoors he appears to be housetrained. He’s learning that life indoors, in front of the air conditioner, is WAY more comfortable than being out in the sun, especially on these hot, steamy days. He’s also learning that interacting with people can be enjoyable, though he’s initially a little slow to warm up. And why shouldn’t he be? We suspect that there’s been a degree of neglect in his past. The poor fellow’s been let down time and time again by humans. The ideal situation for Bubba B would include a fenced yard and a Saint-experienced mom or dad. Kids should be over age 12. We’d like to see him in a reasonably quiet, peaceful environment as he learns to trust people again. Bubba does well with most other dogs and would like a female canine friend to spend time with. Got cheese? That’s just about his favorite thing in the whole world. If you’re ready to welcome this handsome boy into your world, give Bubba B a call. 12/19/2010

Nala: is a 3-4 year old spayed female Saint that was turned in to rescue after her family fell on hard times. She has been loved and well cared for, is in good health and has an adorable personality. Nala likes to be a lap dog. She is housebroken, loves children, and gets along well with other animals. She has only been in rescue a very short time, but so far her foster describes her as an “easy dog.” Nala is being fostered in the Houston area. 12/12/2010

Jay: is a 3yo neutered male Saint/great pyrenees cross. He’s a happy boy. He enjoys being outside, but has great house manners. 12/12/2010

Rosie: This pretty girl is 18 months old, tall, long bodied, has a beautiful red coat and a little monks cap on her head. She loves people of all ages. Rosie came into rescue because her former owners said they didn’t have time for her, which you can tell from the mats on her. When we picked her up, she laid down in the car and watched out the window. She really liked it when we were petting her and she gave us lots of kisses in return. 12/11/2010

Theo: is a 2.5 yo neutered male rough coat. He has a wonderful personality; loves everyone he meets. He was found abandoned and starving after his owners moved out of their home. He has much of his weight back and now is 123 pounds. This guy’s only vices are jumping a 4 foot fence and pulling on the leash. My obedience trainer (pictured w/ him) will take care of the later problem soon. 12/9/2010

Diego: is a 3yr old male rough coat. He is a sweet boy that was released to us by his owner due to home foreclosure. He is neutered, current on all his vaccines, and is house trained. Diego is a big boy (weighs around 160lbs) but very gentle with people and other dogs. Diego is in a foster home while waiting for the right family to adopt him. 12/7/2010

Titan: is a 2yr old male smooth coat. We rescued him along with his sister Delilah from a family that found them in their front yard in the city of Ontario. They were covered with fleas, very dirty, about 30lbs under weight but both are very sweet. They have been given baths, flea medicine and were vaccinated. Titan is neutered, micro-chipped and seems to be house trained. He is good with people and fine with other dogs. Now Titan is just waiting for right family to come and adopt him. 12/7/2010

Delilah: is a 2yr old female smooth coat. We rescued her along with her brother Titan from a family that found them in their front yard in the city of Ontario. They were covered with fleas, very dirty, about 30lbs under weight but both are very sweet. They have been given baths, flea medicine and were vaccinated. Delilah is spayed, micro-chipped and seems to be house trained. She is good with people, loves to give kisses, and fine with other dogs. Now Delilah is just waiting for right family to come and adopt her. 12/7/2010

Maggie: is a 6-year old female rough coat Saint Bernard. She is spayed and up to date on her immunization. She is great with children. Maggie gets along with both male and female dogs, but can be particular about who she likes. She has not been tested with cats but doesn’t seem to have a particularly high prey drive. She is a sweet Saint that has a lot of love to give for the gift of a family that will love her in return. 12/6/2010

Luke: just turned 4 years old. He is a smooth-coat Saint, and he is a great companion. He can handle going for runs and has lots of energy (but can lay at your feet and relax, and doesn’t NEED to run – but he will gladly come with you). He is great about protecting your house (warning barks) and is always looking out for his family. He’s never been aggressive with a human or a dog (or a cat). He is not food aggressive at all. Luke loves going to training and do anything mental. He loves Rally-O and learning new tricks, and will follow you around. He will curl up nicely at night on the floor next to your bed, and will not wander around at night. He’s got a bladder of steel, as we like to joke, and he gladly will sleep in with you until 8 or so on weekends. Luke is a bit excited in his temperament, but is very sweet. He will need a firm hand while walking or he might get very excited when meeting other dogs etc. Luke drools A LOT. Being the shorted haired Saint, his shedding isn’t any more than a large Labrador. He loves massages and just being pet on the head. He is always looking out for our kids when we are outside and makes a great companion. Luke has seasonal allergies and may need medication (Medrol) come spring/summer. He needs to stay on California natural grain free Lamb. 12/6/2010

Matilda: (Eau Claire, WI) Hi There! My name is Matilda and I am a 2 year old female Saint Bernard mix. I am a VERY sweet and calm, gentle giant of a dog that loves everyone and everyone loves me. I was brought to the shelter as a stray and instantly became a staff and volunteer favorite. I am not only cover girl beautiful, but also very polite on leash and I am most likely housebroken because I have always kept my kennel spotlessly clean. I have a quick response to sit and I would be an amazing family dog for anyone familiar with large breed dogs. If you are looking for a relaxed and good natured companion who would be happy to just kick back and listen to good music with you after a hard day at work, I’m your girl. ***Matilda would do best as an only dog. She does not like other dogs!12/6/2010

Indy: (Eau Claire, WI) My name is Indy. The vet says I’m about 18 mo old. I got lost and nobody has come to get me. I would like to have a home of my own. 12/6/2010

Roothie: is an 7 yr old spay female St Bernard ,However doesn’t act like. She was surrendered to the shelter because “she is too much for us, she always runs away”. We found out that she was tied outside for 8—10 hours a day with nothing to do. She LOVES people attention ! She does need a fenced yard, like most St’s want to wander to “rescue” whatever needs their help. The shelter she was in had Entropian surgery on her eyes, due to frequent infections. She loves to ‘jump up’ in the truck to go for rides, seems to have great energy for her paper stated’ age. She gets along with some dogs, probably less dominate types. She is currently in a foster home with several dogs of different breeds and one St. Bernard. Roothie just wants someone she can love and be with and to be loved right back. 12/6/2010

Tiff-E: a longhaired female. She is about 2 and a half years old and isn’t carrying a lot of baggage. Gets along with dogs, horses, kids and is curious about cats. A wonderful family addition. 12/4/2010

Champ: 7 month old Longhaired male. Champ is a busy guy and loves people. Previous owners report that he gets along well with other dogs, cats and children. He does well with the other dogs in his foster home. He has had some obedience and will sit for his food. He needs a stable home that is willing to put some time into him for his training. He is at the perfect age. Will you be the one? 12/4/2010

Teddy Bear: is a neutered male rough coat Saint, about 2-3 years old. He plays well with other dogs and is affectionate with people. He is attractive, and will make some lucky family a wonderful companion. Teddy Bear is housebroken, leash trained (needs a refresher-has lunged at cars on leash before), and has been crate trained. He is vaccinated, but has tested positive for heartworms. Bear needs a secure fenced yard with a 6ft + fence as he can be an escape artist if he is bored or lonely. He is not good with cats. Teddy Bear is a lovebug if that is what you are looking for in a companion. Teddy Bear is being fostered in Houston. 12/3/2010

Ty: is a tall, lanky hunk of puppy (approx 1 yr old) that is blooming into a beautiful Saint. Ty was rescued by a kind family in Iowa from their local animal shelter about 6 weeks ago. She has fostered for rescue for many years and knew what his fate may be if left there. He has adjusted nicely to family life indoors. Ty was a stray and so not much is known about his history. Animal control believes he’d been tied up and ignored. It was obvious he was in desperate need of some TLC. He was only about 80 pounds but could stand to gain at least 30 more. He loves the company of other dogs and will play until he is exhausted. He is currently living with 5 resident dogs, including 2 Saints. The smallest fur siblings are about 30 pounds a piece. They can hold their own with him and he responds well to them. We are not sure about cats. Ty is working on potty training. He’s been thru a lot over the last month so it was slow going at first but now he will hold it for a few hours at a time and thru the night. If he does have to go out at night, he’ll pace and sometimes paw at the door to go out. Ty is excellent with the children (ages 9 -13 and 15) he is living with, but is very tall and still a puppy. He can topple little ones over or when excited may mouth, so older kids may be best. He has shown no aggression whatsoever with the kids and really just wants to snuggle with them. He loves a good game of tug of war, enjoys his walks and is pretty good on leash. He likes rope toys, chew bones, and an occasional try at chewing the leg of the dining room table or destroying a box of tissue!!! Like I said all puppy!!! 11/29/2010

Dozer: Poor Dozer fell victim to foreclosure. He could not join his family in their move and the neighbor is taking care of him until we find him a comfy foster home. He got along great with his family’s dogs, ducks, and cats. He is 3 years old and has primarily been an outside dog- but he really wants that to change because he LOVES people. He knows a few commands and will shake off the drool when you say “shake it off!”. He may be a bit much for very small children, but will love to run and play with those not afraid to take a tumble. PLEASE-lets get this guy into a loving home. 11/29/2010

Bubbles: is a 5 1/2 year old smooth coat male. He is a real love bug that enjoys being around people big and small. Bubble’s life has been full as he’s been working as a certified therapy dog. He also enjoys being the center of attention so attending functions and walking in parades was very much a part of Bubble’s past life. He knows his manners, is well behaved, trustworthy at home alone, and walks well on a leash. This is all due to his owner’s dedication and love for him. Bubbles is extremely tall for a saint bernard and although his hips are good he has a degenerating disk disease. He gets around well but will need to be on cosequin for the rest of his life. Bubbles needs to put on a little weight so right now he is eating 8 cups a day of a good quality food. Keeping him from getting over weight is very important as it will add years to his life and also keep him mobile. A requirement for adoption is purchasing good quality dog chow, a home with few stairs, and of course daily doses of cosequin. 11/23/2010

Daisy: My name is Daisy. I am a fabulous 5-6 year old girl in need of a caring home. Life has not been kind to me lately. I was found under a porch living in muck. If I could talk, I would have amazing stories to tell. My winning disposition comes shining through no matter what! Sadly, the left side of my face is paralyzed, but I do not let that bother me. I can eat and see just fine! I also do not hear too well, but I sure make up for that with my keen nose. I also know sign language, which my foster parents think is pretty cool! I am calm, serene and do not need a ton of exercise. I get along with everyone, little people, cats and other dogs. My greatest wish is to belong to a family who will love me forever. 11/22/2010

Otis: Hi, I am Otis, and I am such a sweet boy. I am just about ready to turn 3 and would love to have a new home for my birthday. I am a perfect gentleman in the house, despite my size. I walk well on a leash and sometimes know what sit means, but my foster mom is working with me, and I will get those commands down very fast. I am a very low energy boy. I love to be brushed and held. I will need some exercise because I am a little over weight and I can’t walk that far right now, but I will get better. I just need someone to spend some time with me and love me. Are you available to love me? 11/22/2010

Blue: A True Blue Friend. We don’t know a lot about Blue’s life before coming to AZSBR, but what we do know is that it was not good. Blue spent the first couple of weeks recovering at the vet hospital. It is amazing how resilient dogs are and how forgiving they are to us humans. Through it all Blue has never lost his sense of humor. Now Blue is mended and so full of life, you would be hard pressed to find a happier acting dog. Blue loves to be around people. He is a show off and a comedian who loves to perform for you. We estimate his age at around 2 years. Blue is obedient but has not learned many commands yet. Blue is like a blank page in an open book-eager for you to complete his story. 11/19/2010

Greta: This 4 year old beauty was used for breeding and just wants all the attention she can get. She weighs just over 100 pounds. Do you have extra room in your life for this sweetheart? 11/18/2010

Ritter: Ritter is a great 5 year old dog. He is a good sized fellow at 154 pounds. He very much wants to please, so he is fairly easy to train. He walks beautifully on leash and knows basic commands, although he doesn’t move too fast about it! Ritter wants to be near you all the time and is very affectionate and gentle. Ritter is not so sure about doing steps, and can bark a bit when not with you, but he is working on both and showing progress. He is just fine with the cats and dogs in his home too. 11/15/2010

Beau: Beau is a lovely young man about 3 years old. He takes some time to warm up with other dogs, but can live with them successfully when you give him a few days to feel comfortable. He just hasn’t had the socialization up to this point. His foster is working on this with him. He really loves going to work with his foster parents. He makes a great greater and everyone adores him. 11/15/2010

Julie: “Julie is a sweet, 100-pound, 3-year-old female in search of a little TLC. She’s scared of people at first, so she can come off as stand-offish. She needs a little time to warm up to people before she trusts them, but she’s not aggressive at all. She just prefers to keep her distance until she can be persuaded that you’re a good person. Once that trust is gained, she becomes very attached to her people. She’s good with other dogs. Julie is spayed and up-to-date on her shots.” 11/15/2010

Butch: is a 3-4 year old long hair, male. He is a big boy (I lovingly refer to him as meat-head), at his last weigh-in he was at 132 lbs. and needed to gain about 30 lbs to be back to full weight. Full of love, Butch wants to head into the world with you (or lay comfortably at your feet at home). He loves kids, or anyone who will give him attention, but lacks the confidents to go up to people on his own. As long as his person/people is with him he is a social butterfly! Butch doe have some separation anxiety. He lived with dogs and cats (per his previous owner) but the cat at his foster home has not made friends with him yet. He has done good with big dogs and good with a small dog he met while in foster. Butch needs some leash training, but listens very well while on leash. 11/12/2010

ROCKETMAN: Meet Rocketman, so named because when he first came to us he readily grooved to Sir Elton John’s “Rocketman” which was blaring on the CD player. We placed him with a Rhode Island couple who kept him for a brief while, then unceremoniously dumped him in a local kennel. Thankfully we were able to reclaim him and bring him back into our program. Rocketman spent several months with his wonderful foster mom who worked hard to undo the damage he suffered in that awful first adoptive home. Finally our boy is ready to try again. At only a year and a half old he is still very much a puppy with lots of puppy energy. He is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, housetrained, and HW-negative. He plays nicely with most other submissive female dogs but doesn’t do well with dominant ones. And he’s pretty sure that cats were put on earth for his chasing pleasure. Rocket’s favorites include throat scratches, going for car rides, and chasing a ball. The successful applicant will have large- or giant-breed-experience and will be committed to completing formal obedience lessons with Rocket. If you have a fenced yard, perhaps another dog (female only, please), and kids age 10 or older, give Rocket a call. He’d love to meet you. 11/11/2010

LUKA: Say hello to the very handsome young Luka, a two-year-old dream dog who has just come into our program. Luka is vaccinated, and is negative for heartworm/Lyme/ehrlicchia/anaplasmosis. He will be neutered and microchipped on July 30 and then will be ready to charm the socks off some VERY lucky person. Luka is housetrained, interacts nicely with other dogs, enjoys playing with cats, and does well with children. His favorite things include playing tug, being brushed, and just chilling with his humans. He’s especially fond of women, though he’s an equal-opportunity lovebug. He’s not a big fan of thunder. Doesn’t make a big deal about it but if given the opportunity he feels safest right smack in the middle of your bed when he hears thunder-boomers. What a big wuss! Luka’s a social boy so if you’re single he’s definitely a babe-magnet. The successful candidate will have another dog and maybe kids. A fenced yard, though not an absolute requirement, is STRONGLY preferred but consideration will be given to the applicant willing to be religious about leash-walking. 11/11/2010

CHESTER: Say hello to our boy Chester. This adorable little fur-fellow is just seven months old and he still has puppy fuzz. He’s a roughcoat (longhair) who is scheduled to be neutered in the coming week. What a surprise when we told him what THAT entailed. He’s vaccinated, HW-negative, microchipped, and about 98% housetrained. Chester’s very favorite thing is playing fetch with his ball. He also likes tummy rubs and snuggling with his stuffies. (His personal favorites right now are Dora the Explorer and Monkey Man.) Got peanut butter treats? He’ll follow you to the ends of the earth. Chester’s been with children as young as toddlers. He plays nicely with most other dogs, and even tolerates cats. Not a huge fan of baths, he does enjoy daily brushing. He’s a big love bug whose one annoying habit is occasional counter-surfing. We want him to have a traditional fenced yard. He tells us he’d like another dog or maybe a kitty to romp with. Kids would be great. He already knows a couple of commands and is working on leash manners. The successful applicant will be willing to complete formal obedience lessons with him. 11/11/2010

Newt: Two year old shorthaired male that has some obedience. He loves to be with his people and be cuddled. He needs to be kept busy and has been living with an adult female in his foster home. 11/9/2010

Sarge: is a 8 month old male smooth coat. He is a sweet boy that was released to us by his owner. He is neutered, current on all his vaccines, and micro-chipped. Sarge is still a puppy with lots of energy and loves to play with kids or other dogs. He is house trained and has been professionally obedience trained. Sarge now just needs his own family to call his own. 11/8/2010

Lucy: This is Lucy straight from the puppymill where she lived! Rode nicely in the car, interested in the world around her. Kind of dirty, but wagging her tail & behind. Very happy to have attention! She isn’t afraid of people, like a lot of puppymill dogs, and has met a St Bernard at her foster home. She will be taken to the “beauty parlor” to be cleaned up and then Updated on shots and spay. Then will be made ready for her new FOREVER home! Watch for updates. 11/7/2010

Roku: She came in very thin, and while I was trying to get her to gain weight. 11/4/2010

Windsor: (aka “Winnie”) is a small Saint (80 lbs) or possibly a Saint mix (our guess is with Border Collie). We think she is between 3-4 years old, and she is a shy, sweet girl. She was absolutely terrified at the shelter, but upon leaving, perked up and jumped right in the car, like she was optimistic that her next place HAD to be better than the last. She went to the vet, and although still scared, was a good patient for her shots and tests. Winnie is submissive around other dogs in her foster home, and will take a patient, laid back family to work with her, but she wants to please and is a very pleasant girl to be around. We think Winnie is already spayed, and she tested negative for heartworms. 11/4/2010

Bacardi: a shorthaired male that is neutered and up to date on all shots. This is going to be a BIG BOY for those into big. He is only 13 months old (DOB- 5/20/09)and he already weighs 153 lbs. He is so skinny that we’re feeding him lots until he gains some weight. He is a bald face with both hospice ears and is a super sweet guy. Doesn’t have a care in the world other than food but isn’t aggressive about it at all. He will make a wonderful addition to a family that is into large. 11/3/2010

BOSSTON: This lousy economy continues to play havoc with pets. Meet Bosston, a roughcoat (longhaired) boy who just turned five years old. He’s had a tough life. He dad hit financial hard times and wasn’t able to obtain proper veterinary care for the big guy. Boss is vaccinated and will soon be neutered. Alas, he has tested positive for heartworm disease and Lyme disease (poor boy!) but he will be treated before he leaves Rescue and we expect him to make a full recovery. Bosston is housetrained and microchipped, and he likes to sleep in his crate. (Okay, okay, so it’s a BIG crate.) He is friendly toward strangers and has enjoyed the company of children as young as one year old. He loves belly rubs, riding in the car/truck, and playing with a ball. He’s not too crazy about leaf blowers, however. Boss knows a few commands but he could use a little work on leash manners. The ideal situation for Boss is a fenced yard, kids to give him hugs, and no cats. (He’s a bit too intense with cats.) Though he’s a friendly fellow toward some (but not all) other dogs, we’d like him to be the family’s only dog so he can get lots of one-on-one attention. 11/2/2010

HARVEY: Harvey is a young dude who suffers from bilateral canine hip dysplasia, which unfortunately is all too common in this breed. He came into our program because his humans couldn’t afford the surgery he needs in order to walk without pain. At just 14 months old Harvey’s a stoic fellow who manages to get around, though his gait is awkward to accommodate his orthopedic issues and his muscles have atrophied. Despite his current physical limitations (which will be cured by his surgery) he still loves to go for short walks and he pulls strongly on the leash. We’re working on raising money to put toward the cost of his surgical care and once he’s had his hips fixed he will then be available for adoption. Harvey’s a roughcoat boy who is up-to-date on vaccinations and is heartworm-negative. He’s friendly and engageable, and enjoys lying on the grass watching the world go by. No doubt the warm sun soothes his hips. He is housetrained and microchipped, gets along with most other dogs but hasn’t been introduced to a cat while here at Camp Saint Bernard. He’s good with children and would probably do best in a home with kids over age 7 or 8 or so. Harvey will do well in a situation with a fenced yard, kids, and perhaps a female dog or as the family’s only dog. The successful candidate will be committed to help him build hind end muscle post-surgically through the use of moderate exercise. This boy has so much potential. It’ll be a joy to watch him blossom as his hips begin to feel better. 11/2/2010

Michigan:, Sebago:, Seneca:, Sunapee:, Harlow:, Ruby: and Winnepesaukee: Puppies, puppies, puppies!!!! Meet Emmy’s seven puppies. Aren’t they adorable? Six girls and a boy, these little sweeties are “the Lake Litter”. The boy is Michigan, and he’s a bruiser. The girls are Sebago, Seneca, Sunapee, Harlow, Ruby and Winnepesaukee (AKA Winnie). Mom was a Saint. Dad was a traveling man — possible a Lab cross. They’re just nine weeks old. They’re spayed/neutered, microchipped, appropriately vaccinated to date, started on monthly heartworm and flea/tick prevention, and they’re healthy little fur-babies. They’re ready to start their new lives and are anxiously waiting to meet their new families. Our minimum puppy criteria includes a fenced yard AND A STAY-AT-HOME-PARENT. (After all, baby dogs need lots of socialization and training, something that can’t happen when their humans are out of the house for 8+ hours a day.) Are you ready for never-ending play time and lots of puppy kisses? Come and meet ’em. 11/2/2010

MACY: Meet three-year-old Macy, a roughcoat (longhaired) young lady who is housetrained, spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, and heartworm-negative. Macy’s family realized they couldn’t give her all the attention she deserves due to their busy lives, so they asked us to found her a new situation where she’ll be able to have more interaction. She’s a friendly, laid-back girl who walks well on leash and loves attention. She enjoys car rides, fanny scratches, and tummy rubs. Unfortunately her VERY favorite thing is people food and she’s had entirely too much of it. Macy is quite a bit overweight and needs to drop at least 25 pounds. Excess weight is murder on a dog’s hip and knee joints and on the heart as well. Though she’s healthy at present, we want to nip this weight issue in the bud before she develops problems. Macy’s a true gentle giant. She will do well in a situation with another dog or a cat. She’d like some kids to play with (over age 4 or 5), and a fenced yard is strongly preferred. We’d like an adopter who will be committed to daily walks. 11/1/2010

SABO: This wonderful fellow is two year old Sabo. He’s housetrained, neutered, vaccinated, HW-negative, and microchipped. Sabo has experienced much sadness in his brief life. He’s hand-shy, and appears to have been physically abused. And he only recently had his first visit to the vet. His original family tossed him away like garbage. Despite his rough start in life, Sabo is quite willing to trust again. (We can’t imagine why.) Though originally kept as an outside dog, he has discovered the joys of living inside, sleeping in the family room, and snagging any snack that happens to fall off the kitchen counter. We’re pretty sure he thinks he’s a cat because he loves to rub against his human like kitties do. And when he’s happy he does the silliest run — We call it the crazy dog routine — back and forth, weaving in and out, and when he’s done he slides to a stop and waits to be told that he’s loved. Extremely thin on arrival, and Lyme-positive, he has made great strides. He’s beginning to pack on some weight, and he finished the antibiotic that was prescribed for his Lyme Disease. Sabo enjoys lying on the ground, sun on his face, sniffing the wind. He’s responsive to basic verbal commands and is learning that life can be good. Sabo will need a fenced yard, teenagers or no children, and a loving owner who will appreciate what a truly terrific dog he is. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet our Sabo. 11/1/2010

APOLLO: Let us introduce you to Apollo, a two-year-old roughcoat male. He’s vaccinated, housetrained, microchipped and was recently neutered. Apollo has lots of energy (he’s a youngster, after all) and he’s strong, but he walks quite well by your side as long as he understands that you’re in charge. He enjoys going for car rides and jumps right in when he hears the jingle of car keys. Apollo’s an affectionate fellow and he’ll actually sit right ON your feet so you can scratch his chin and his tummy. His nickname is “Velcro Dog” because he prefers to be glued to your hip, and gets lonely when left by himself for very long. He seems to do reasonably well with most submissive FEMALE dogs as long as their his size. BUT NO SMALL DOGS, NO MALE DOGS, AND DEFINITELY NO CATS for this fellow. Apollo came to us quite thin and with very little in the way of social skills; however, he’s made remarkable progress in his foster home. He was neglected for much of his young life but he’ll make you the center of his universe if only you’ll give him a chance. He SO wants a family of his very own. The successful candidate will have a secure fenced yard, Saint experience, and kids over age 8. 11/1/2010

MITZI: This darling girl is three-year-old Mitzi. Little Mitzi has known tough times. She has never experienced a full food bowl. It’s interesting — She has learned to “take care of business” outdoors and she knows a few commands so someone did love her, at least for a while, but maybe they hit hard times, or perhaps they simply lost interest. Whatever the reason, Mitzi wasn’t fed sufficient quantities of food. C’mon, Saints may be large dogs but they don’t eat all THAT much. How hard is it to put a couple of cups of food in front of a dog twice a day? She’s pretty thin at the moment but she sure does like to eat so hopefully it won’t be too long before she fills out. Mitzi’s a roughcoat. She will be spayed, vaccinated and microchipped once she has packed on a little bulk, and then she’ll be ready to charm a lucky family. We’d like her to have a fenced yard though consideration will be given to the applicant committed to walking her on leash and not letting her outside unsupervised. She’ll likely do well with kids and a canine friend (male only, please). She’s reported to do well with cats though she hasn’t met one here at Saint Rescue. Got treats? She’ll follow you to the ends of the earth. MITZI UPDATE 6/8/2010; Just when we thought things weren’t hectic enough around here Mitzi surprised us by delivering ten puppies on June 1. Both mom and babies are doing well. Obviously Mitzi won’t be available for adoption until later this summer. She’s being a really good mom. (We suspect this isn’t her first trip through the maternity ward.) Mitzi had six boys and four girls, and they’re “The Butter Babies” Butterball, Buttermilk, Butterfly, Butterscotch, Butterbean, Buttercrunch, Buttercup, Butternut, Butterworth, and Butterpecan. 11/1/2010

SHELLY: At only one year of age young Shelly has come to us as an owner-surrender because her family had no time to care for her. From the looks of her skinny little body they had no time to feed her on a regular basis either, yet she’s still willing to trust a human. Wow! What indomitable spirit. Shelly is a roughcoat (longhaired) lady. She’s spayed, housetrained, vaccinated, microchipped, and HW-negative. Shelly is a pretty little girl who likes to play in the yard and go for walks. She appears to do well with most other dogs, though we have no information on her cat experience. She will need a home with a traditional fenced yard and children over 8 or 9. The successful candidate will be willing to do obedience classes with her and help to bring out her best. (She does need a bit of a refresher in leash-walking too.) That’s our wish list for her. HER wish list is simple — yummy meals on a regular basis and lots of tummy rubs. 11/1/2010

Loretta: is a “petite” 3 year old female shorthaired St. Bernard who is loving with people and gentle around children. Loretta was placed in 2009 (Shiloh was her name) and has been living with a family in northern CA. She got along with their other dog. She just needs to be properly introduced to new dogs. 10/31/2010

Baily: My name is Baily and I am one very sweet puppy. I just turned one year old in July, but by no means am I out of my puppy phase. All I want in life is attention, someone to love and to pet me as much as possible. I tend to nuzzle and like to burry my head between you and the couch. I’ve been told that I can be really funny. My tongue tends to hang to the side, so sometime I have a goofy look on my face. I like to play with ropes and balls and if no one is there to throw it for me, I can do it myself. I like to chew so please have bones for me so I don’t destroy anything you might want to keep. I’m good with other dogs and kids. I will need some kind of training class to make me be the best dog I can be, but I have some of the basics down. I like to go on walks, but bike rides are much better because I can run. I have a little more energy then your typical old saint, but that’s because I’m a young lady and full of life. 10/31/2010

Bud: Bud is a fun loving 10 month old saint looking for place to hang out until his forever family finds him. He is playful and gets along great with other dogs. He likes to play with the cats too-he can get a little rough with them but not in a mean way. If you love fun, then you’ll love Bud!! 10/31/2010

Alex: Meet Alex He is a 6month old puppy. He is neutered, wormed, microchipped, fully vaccinated, and housebroken. He gets along with everybody cats, dogs, puppies, kittens, and people. Would do best with older kids as he is very energetic. Walks well on leash with a firm voice and a no nonsense approach. Fabulous dog. Is going to make someone a fantastic companion and friend. 10/26/2010

Jack: is about 9 years old and is partially blind. He needs to be in a home with another dog as he is very social and loves the companionship. Jack still needs to be neutered and then he will be ready for adoption. His adoption fee is lower because of his age. The adoption fee includes all shots, heartworm test, neutering, a Home Again microchip and one night free obedience class in the Reno, Sparks, Carson City and Tahoe areas. 10/25/2010

Rockin Robin: Although Rockin Robin is older, don’t tell her that ! She is full of energy and play. She gets along well with other dogs and would really love to be in your house. She is housetrained too. She is about 8 years old, has been spayed, has all her shots and is heartworm free. The adoption fee on this one is $150 because of her age. The adoption fee includes all shots, heartworm test, neutering, a Home Again microchip and one night free obedience class in the Reno, Sparks, Carson City and Tahoe areas. 10/25/2010

Mandy: (Houston, TX) is approx. 2 years old. She is very sweet and loves to be brushed and petted. She is; spayed, UTD on shots, crate trained, on Heartguard, and is Semi Housebroken. She is EXCELLENT at the groomers they raved about how well behaved she was while getting her bath and blow dry. She is very loving and people oriented with adults and teens and loves plush toys, tug of war, and being sprayed with the water hose. Mandy does not do well with small children under 12 years old or with cats. She will bite and lunge at other dogs if she not properly introduced. Once she knows them, she should be fine with a male dog of a similar size. She has come a long way in the manners department from the MAJOR counter surfer that she was when she came here. But she can still be a little like a bull in a china shop in the house if she doesn’t burn off her energy. 10/24/2010

Patches: My name is Patches and I am a seven year old, beautiful, long coat St. Bernard (at least that is what my foster mom says! I have spent all of my life living outside with little to no training. I am a fairly big girl, but would only require a good walk everyday and other than that would love to hang out with my future family around the house. I love living in the house at my foster home and am adapting very well. I sleep next to my foster mom and my foster brothers and sister are close by as well. I get along great with the 3 other dogs here, one cat, and even chickens (although they are in a fenced area- they do not faze me!). I love attention and would make the best friend you could ever have. I am great with children of all ages (we have a three year old here and I love her!) and almost anything else! My foster mom said anyone would be lucky to have such a nice, gentle, gorgeous companion as me. I hope not only to find a family that will be my forever home and take care of me, but that I can bring love, affection, and loyalty to them as well! Thank you for reading about me, if you are not interested but may know someone who is, please pass my information along! 10/22/2010

Tye: Approx. 14 months old shorthair male. Very active dog, gets along great with puppies, other girls and some males. Super sweet dog , just wants to be with his humans. Very smart and can learn quick. He is in shape, active and loves to chase balls, frisbees, and carry around toys. Current on shots. 10/22/2010

Bentley: is approximately 2 years old. He is good with other dogs and kids. Bentley is very playful and does not realize how big he is. He knows sit and stay commands. Bentley is neuter and up to date on shots. 10/22/2009

Layla: is a 5 year old beauty. She loves people and is good with other dogs. A 6 foot fenced in yard is required. She will jump the fence every chance she gets. Layla is in training now learning she cannot chase squirrels or cats. She is current on her shots and is spay. 10/22/2009

GEEZER: At eight years young, Geezer isn’t yet ready to throw in the towel. If you ask him, he’ll tell you point-blank that he still has several years of love to give. Not purebred, he looks to be crossed with some sort of hound. Life hasn’t been easy for Geezer of late. Food appears to have been in short supply and at 20 or 25 pounds underweight as you can see from his pictures, he could sure use some groceries. He’s vaccinated and HW-negative, has been microchipped, is neutered and housetrained. He seems to do well with children and with most other dogs but we’re unsure about cats as he hasn’t met one while here. He just needs someone to give him the attention he deserves. He’s learning that a full food bowl is mighty nice, and he LOVES dog cookies. Got room on your sofa for this wonderful senior? He’ll share, and he promises not to be any trouble. We’d prefer him to have a fenced yard. Call him He’d love to meet you. 10/18/2010

GABBI: Allow us to introduce you to our very beautiful little Gabbi. Not yet two years old, Gabbi has known nothing but physical pain since she was just a baby dog. At three months of age Gabbi was hit by a car, suffering a severely fractured humerus (the upper bone in her right front leg). Her heartless owner never bothered to seek medical care and so the bone fused abnormally, in a position that left her front leg shortened and essentially useless. She sustained nerve damage, muscle atrophy, and her carpus (the wrist) is permanently fused in an unnatural position. Though she occasionally uses her injured leg for balance, 98% of the time she hops along on three legs, holding the injured one out in front of her in extension. Her injury is permanent and our orthopedic specialist has told us it is quite painful. After such a long time — unfortunately, over a year since the injury — the only solution is amputation. Sounds awful but the good news is that removing her painful, non-functioning limb is actually a GOOD thing because the result will be a pain-free existence for this wonderful girl. And Saints do amazingly well with three legs. She’s also being treated for Lyme disease. Gabbi is exceedingly sweet and affectionate, and longs for a life free from pain. She wants the opportunity to run like the wind (and she WILL). Eventually she would like a family of her very own, one that will cherish her and recognize how extraordinarily special she is. She won’t even miss that leg. And she certainly won’t miss the pain. Gabbi is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, and heartworm-negative. She’s a delightful, pretty young young lady who needs your help. Her surgery and post-operative care will cost approximately $4,500. Won’t you make a donation toward the veterinary care she desperately needs? (Any amount is appreciated, and may be tax-deductible.) She deserves only the best life has to offer. She’s already had the worst. Please help us help Gabbi. Checks made payable to New England Saint Rescue are most welcome and can be sent to 64 Tanbark Road, Sudbury, MA 01776 (please reference Gabbi in the memo space). Gabbi will appreciate it. And helping Gabbi will make your heart feel good. Once she has had her surgery and has recovered, Gabbi will be looking for a new family. Might that be you? UPDATE — GABBI’S GONE HOME !!! Our sweet girl underwent amputation of her right front leg a few weeks ago. The surgery was successful and, wow, has she amazed us at her quick recovery! Quite a few families had expressed interest in adopting her, and we thank all those wonderful, caring folks. We’re also most grateful to those who contributed to her surgery fund. Your generous donations covered just over half the cost of her surgical and post-operative care. Special thanks also go to Gabbi’s foster family — Amy, Dave, Ken, Nick, and Gram. But the really great news is this — Yesterday Gabbi chose a lovely family and we think she made the right choice. Kevin, Maureen, and their three daughters Tess, Emma and Molly welcomed our girl into their hearts and home, and off Gabbi went to be loved and spoiled, and to enjoy life pain-free. Gabbi’s a lucky, lucky girl (but we suspect her new family knows THEY’RE the lucky ones.) 10/18/2010

Torbin: is a 2 year old, long hair, BEAUTIFUL, soft big boy, around 115 lbs. Full of love and youthful exuberance. He rides great in a car, He listens well to positive reinforcement, but could benefit from the experience of classes with other dogs and a trainer. Torbin did have a cat for a friend at his previous home, but he has not met the cat at his foster home as of yet. He gets along with the other larger dogs at his foster home but hasn’t met any small dogs since he’s been in foster. Torbin still thinks he should be outside at night, being inside with comforts like beds and blankets to lay on is new to him. But as long as he can spend time with his person, he couldn’t be happier! Torbin is beautiful, loving and ready to complete your family! Check him out! 10/18/2010

Maci: is a 3 ½ year old female. She is spayed, micro chipped, and up to date on all shots. Maci came into rescue with a very sad story. Maci’s owner died unexpectedly of a brain aneurism. Maci was given away to someone who thought they wanted her but changed their mind. She was then sold on Craig’s List and finally ended up at the pound. Maci is a big LOVE and craves attention. She would do better in a home with no children. She is a very happy girl even after everything she has been through. All Maci wants is a chance to live out her life in one place. 10/18/2010

Gracie: a five year old, smooth female Saint Bernard. Gracie came from a home where she was left outside her entire life. She really loves the indoor life, and likes to be with people. Gracie came to rescue underweight at 104 lbs. She is putting on weight and is becoming active, although she still likes to sleep. She gets along well with all dogs and cats and loves to play with other dogs. She also likes squirrels. They will come up to her and she just looks at them – doesn’t chase. She likes horses and will go nose to nose. She also gets along with children. She is a good eater but protective of her food with other dogs. She loves her belly rubs. Gracie is a very loving dog and deserves a home where she will be pampered and loved. Could this be the dog for you?? 10/18/2010

Abbey: Abbey is a playful 1 1/2 year old saint who has been tossed from home to home. The first one let her run, the second owner got too sick to care for her, and the third decided she was too much work. Abbey is doing great in her foster home. She loves to play fetch with a tennis ball, go for walks, and get her tummy rubbed. Because of her puppy energy and large size we would recommend a home without small children. 10/17/2010

Anya: Anya arrived in much worse shape than we expected. Besides being very under weight, she had a severe flea allergy and just didn’t feel good. Now with TLC from her foster family, she is making great strides. She has added weight, and her skin is improving. She loves playing with her foster’s Bernese Mountain Dog. She is not and will not be the biggest Saint, but she has a heart of gold that she would love to share with you. She would make a great pet for a family looking for a dog with a Saint personality, but in a much smaller frame. She is currently about 70 pounds. 10/17/2010

Emmy: Emmy is an unique 2-year-old Saint Bernard female that doesn’t have a face mask! Instead, she’s sports an all white face. Emmy is very timid both around new people and new dogs. She will growl at strangers if she feels threatened, but usually calms down within a few minutes. Emmy needs some time before she really trusts new people. But once she opens up, she’s super sweet and loyal to her owners. She is house trained and knows her basic obedience commands. She’s good with the other dogs in her foster home. Better act fast or this one of a kind Saint will get away! 10/15/2010

Alaska: is a 6 year old spay female. Unfortunately she made her way into rescue due to a divorce. Alaska is an average sized female that only weighs 115 pounds. Rescue feels she is a bit thin so we have increased her food. She is a very sweet gal that gets along with all types of furry animals and people. Alaska walks well on a leash and does know her basic commands, however you will find that she listens more intently when you have a treat in your hand. She loves to lounge at your feet and wants to be wherever you are which is a very common trait of a saint bernard. Her bad habits are getting up on furniture and she likes to chew paper towels/kleenex. Alaska is trustworthy being left alone but you will also find she is also extremely loyal. Alaska is so loyal that she will give up the couch to waiting lovingly by the door for your return. 10/15/2010

Kane: is a 5 month old smooth coat neutered male. He is a really sweet boy but does need to be socialized with people and dogs. He is very happy and comfortable meeting new people in his foster home but does show a little shyness when he is in a strange environment. Kane is very clean in his crate and so far has not had any accidents in the house but remember he is a puppy and will need a great deal of attention when he arrives at his new home. So a home with someone home all day or that works part time would be preferred. Due to the fact that Kane has all his puppy vaccinations and has been neutered rescue will be asking for $650.00 for the adoption fee. 10/15/2010

Spree: (WI) My name is Spree and was left in a kennel by my former owner. I don’t know why. I’m up to date on his shots and have no apparent health problems. I sometimes bark at larger dogs and certain men, but generally very calm and passive and never jump up and ignore small dogs. I like belly rubs. 10/15/2010

Anastasia: “Annie” is slightly over 3 years old. She is spayed, microchipped, and current on all her vaccines. Annie has been dewormed and treated for fleas. She has tested positive for heartworms, but has begun her slow kill treatment of them. Annie knows some basic commands, is housebroken and gets along great with other dogs. She was turned in to the shelter by her owner, along with all their other pets, for an unknown reason, which could very well be financial or relocation. Annie is easy to handle, and only asks for love and attention, a warm bed, and a full tummy. She weighs just slightly over 100lbs. Annie has not been tested around cats. 10/15/2010

Kisses: is a 3 year old female rough coat that was released to us along with her brother by her owner. She is a sweet girl that loves to be around people, kids and other dogs. Kisses is spayed and current on all her vaccines. She loves her walks but she has energy so we recommend obedience training. Kisses is just waiting for the right family to give her the love and attention that she deserves. 10/12/2010

Ossa: (means bear in Spanish) is a two yr old longhaired female and is ready to find her forever home. She enjoys going for short walks and does quite well on a leash. She has quickly learned how to be a part of a family and does well with small and large breed dogs. Ossa has not had a lot of training but is learning quickly. She is very smart and will lie down on command. She loves to be around people and needs a family that is committed to spending time with her everyday. She does well with people of all ages and has spent time with children as young as 9 year olds. She has a big heart and will be a great addition to your family. 10/4/2010

BUGSY: (Houston, TX) Hello, my name is Bugsy! My parents are moving to a smaller home and I am in search for a great family! I am a fun loving Saint who loves to be cuddled, go for long walks, play chase, and enjoy falling asleep watching TV with my mommy and daddy. I get along with all animals and do not have any food aggression. My favorite thing to do is to be in the company of my parents wherever they go. I’m always the main attraction. I am close to 5 ½ years old and weigh in at close to 170 lbs. I am currently taking special heartworm medication for I am heartworm positive. Since I am a big breed dog, we tend to form arthritis in our legs. On my front left leg on my elbow, I have minor arthritis, but no fear; I am on medication that makes all the uncomfortable feeling go away. I walk and run just fine and actually out run my mommy all the time! I am very energetic and have a good hearty appetite. I am complete with all paperwork and have had regular checkups and am updated on all shots and vaccines. A plus about me is I don’t drool as much as people think! I only do so when I am eating or when I come back inside from playing! I also know the command, Bugsy sit! Good Boy!!! I love getting pampered at the groomers, daily belly rubs and I love to be brushed and just be loved around the clock! I am looking for a family who will take great care of me and love me as much as my parents do. I am ready for you if you are willing to have me and give me a good loving home and environment. I look forward to meeting you! 10/3/2010

Greta: is a 15 month old long haired saint that has nothing but love in her heart;) When Greta came to rescue she had been breed for the second time to her brother. She was very under weight and had no concept of the real world, she would bark at her own reflection in the mirror. She is great with kids, dogs and anything you put in front of her. She is a huge project for someone looking for a companion. She is crate trained now, walks so/so on a leash we are working on that she gets really excited, her sit is sort of a lay down but is showing constant improvement. She is not a big saint about 90lbs. She is all puppy and always happy. She loves toys, treats and is full of energy. Doesn’t bark and is content being alone. Just an all around sweet girl that is very little trouble and wants to do nothing but please. She is spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, dewormed, heartworm negative and ready to meet her new family. 9/25/2010

Titan: is approx 5 years old, and is a sweet, loving, neutered rough coat male Saint (with a unique haircut that was necessary to remove terrible matting). He is housebroken, and gets along well with other large dogs (hasn’t been around little dogs or cats yet). He is fascinated by the horses, and walks well on a leash. Titan was great at both the vet and the groomer’s, and seemed to enjoy his bath, as he hadn’t had attention in a long while. He has tested positive for heartworms, and has been treated for fleas and vaccinated. Titan is very underweight, weighing in at only 113 lbs, where he should be at least 140 or more. But he is a good eater, so regular meals should fill him out quickly. 9/25/2010

Sonny: I’m one year old and I’ll have my picture up soon. When I came in they worked for an hour just trying to remove all my mats. The whole time I just kept nibbling and trying to clean everyone’s ears. I sure feel much better now and can even walk normal without all those mats pulling on me. My name was Two Ton but someone wanted to change it to Sonny because I have such a Sunny personality. I’m a very sweet guy that really loves people. I’m told I look very nice too. Take me home and I’ll come to any name you want to call me. 9/24/2010

Tiny: is a 13 month old neutered male Saint puppy. He has grown up chained in a back yard, so Tiny lacks manners of any kind, and is not housebroken yet, but he is lovable, and wants to please. He thrives on attention, and he is crate trained. Tiny just recently moved “indoors” so he will soon have a favorable opinion of air conditioning, I’m sure! Tiny gets along well with other large dogs, and is learning to tolerate cats. He is up to date on vaccines. Tiny is a bit of an escape artist (opening gate latches and crate latches), so a tall, secure fence will be required of his new adoptive home. His “escape” tendencies may very well diminish with the recent neuter, especially once he learns that his foster home is more “comfy” than roughing it outdoors. Tiny is currently being fostered in the DFW area. 9/22/2010

Mack: is a young (maybe 2 years), neutered rough coat male Saint. He is sweet and loving, and gets along well with children and other dogs of all sizes. He is housebroken, and loves attention. Mack hasn’t yet been tested around cats, but the other dogs turned in with him from the same family are fine with cats, so we are thinking he might be as well. Mack is a gorgeous boy, and will make a nice family pet. He was rescued from a shelter in Oklahoma and has sired a litter of pups (prior to the neuter). He is currently being fostered in the Austin, TX area. 9/22/2010

ISABELLA: (Called Izzy for short) turned 3 yrs. old this past April. Izzy is registered, spayed, up to date on shots, heart worm tested and micro chipped. Izzy is a very loving and sweet dog who gets along with everyone and everything. This dog has absolutely no aggression issues whatsoever. You can let Izzy off leash and she will stay by your side. I can’t say enough nice things about this dog. Izzy is definitely the perfect dog who will do well in a very loving environment. 9/22/2010

Ben: 164 lbs., long haired male. Ben just turned 5 years old. He came from a home where he was never allowed in the house since a puppy. Because of that, he was not house trained. He learned very quickly to go outside. He now goes to the door when he wants out. Ben is a very sweet, loving, mellow dog who gets along with everyone, including children. He gets along fine with other dogs and cats. He is enjoying the indoor life with the other dogs and cats. Ben is a big dog, but does not eat that much. He eats about 4 cups per day. Ben loves going for car rides and enjoys his walks. He is very good on a leash. Ben would love to be part of someone’s family who will love him and give him the attention that he needs. 9/22/2010

Bonnie: is about 3 years, she is healthy, heartworm negative, fully vetted female saint. She is about 130 pounds and LOVES everyone. She loves to play and enjoys being groomed. Bonnie is very special to us and we would love to find the perfect home for her. 9/20/2010

Cooper: is a 7 mo old (12/22/09) neutered male rough coat. This guy is super sweet and all leggy pup. His owner turned him in due to financial constraints in trying to care for him. As always, his adopter must have prior Saint Bernard ownership experience to be approved for adoption. 9/18/2010

Christine: a 20 mo old rough female. 9/18/2010

Oakley: is a female Saint, approximately 3 years old. She was picked up as a stray, and was wearing a collar, but no one came forward to claim her. She is a beautiful Saint-just needs a little weight and some TLC. Oakley will be spayed soon and is getting some much needed dental work. She has been vaccinated and dewormed, but has tested lightly positive for heartworms. Oakley is housebroken, and adores people. She gets along fine with the other dogs in the household, but has an alpha “demeanor” about her (in other words, she looks at the other dogs and they do what she says!) Oakley has not yet been tested around cats. 9/18/2010

puppies: We have purebred puppies! They were surrendered to a shelter in OK, along with their parents. The father is Mack (listed below) and the momma is a smooth coated female. Puppies were born approximately 6/21/10, so they will soon be 8 weeks old. All the smooth coats have been spoken for, but we have rough coats still available (male and female). 9/15/2010

Goliath: If you are looking for one of the largest Saints you have ever seen then you are looking for me! I’m am about 6 years old and 194 lbs of love. I would love someone to cuddle with. I have good manners such as I don’t get on the furniture, I don’t beg, I’m potty trained and know the command “move”. I don’t do well with small dogs (and probably not cats) because they look more like a toy and I play too rough with them. I really like the other saint I am living with now though. I walk well on a leash and going for walks is becoming my favorite pass time. If your looking for a mature, big, lovable dog that loves to be with his owner then I am the dog for you. 9/14/2010

Adrian: is a bit of a pampered 5 year old St. Bernard. She has lived with two other dogs and got along pretty fine, however she has met a few dogs at the dog park that she hasn’t liked. With proper dog introductions she does better. Adrian will also be starting obedience class with her new foster mom. 9/14/2010

Charlie: is a loving 7 year old male saint. He is such a nice boy. He is past the silly adolescent stage and ready to be the companion you’ve been looking for. Don’t underestimate the love of an older saint. 9/14/2010

J-Bird: Here’s my right side, then my left and wow, here I am when I was first picked up to come into rescue. I’m such a handsome three year old guy. Look at the beautiful color of my coat and who could resist those eyes. I like other dogs…the rescue knows this because I’m always out in the cool mornings and evenings playing with Samantha, Roxy and up until he went to his new home, Ben. I love people and kids. I met this six year old girl and I just went right up and gave her a kiss on the chin, which made her giggle. 9/9/2010

Dakota: is a very calm and loving girl. She loves to cuddle on the floor for a belly rub and is very good with kids. She loves to run and play outside and gets along great with other dogs. She loves walks and to simply be with people. Dakota’s age is unknown, but would estimate 6-7 years. She was found as a stray. She is current on her Rabies shot and has been spayed. Dakota did test heartworm positive in July 2007, but has been undergoing treatment and is doing great. She will be re-tested this summer and hopefully will be heartworm free. She is in need of a warm and loving home with a fenced in yard to run and play. 9/9/2009

Brutus: is a neutered male. He is 2yrs old. He is St Bernard mix. Surrendered by owner, who could not afford to care for him. Owner stated that he was mostly an outside dog, likes and gets along well with other dogs, and is friendly and playful. He was rated for all ages on his temperament test, but we rated him a 12+, ONLY because of his size and lack of training on a leash. He has no clue how big and strong he is! He is a beautiful boy looking for a home that will keep him in the house with them. He is current on his shots. 9/9/2009

Moses: Hieeeee! I’m Moses. Yea, yea, yea, that’s meeeee I’m tu, tu, tu, two years old and oh my goodness am I so active. I just came back from playing near the pond, oh I love the pond, ponds are great! I am a rough coat with a full mantle and a partial mask. But that mask thing doesn’t bother me, I look like ZORO! Oh if I only had a sword If I only had a sword I would stand atop a picnic table and yell, “Viva los Saint Bernards!” Oh I have to find a sword now… I love to play and am always happy and smiling. My vaccinations are current and I am neutered. Don’t worry you will not get puppies from me, I have no time with saving the world and all. Oh yea, I have to find a sword. I am good with other dogs, cats and children of all ages. Someone once said that I could use some obedience training, ohhhhhhh, if I only had a sword then. But if you choose to be my new master I will take your training and make you proud. Proud that I listen and proud that I can save the world! Oooo! I can defend the world from the edge of my pond. If you don’t have a pond I will defend your fenced yard, “Viva los Saint Bernards!” I hear that if you take me on walks, which I love, I will calm down. So for giving me good exercise and teaching me to follow commands I will protect you and love you to the very end, “VIVA LOS SAINT BERNARDS!” Yours truly, Moses. AND that I get a sword. “VIVA!” 9/9/2010

Rocky: and Apollo: are a bonded pair of young 4-year old rough coat Saint Bernards. They stay true to their names, Rocky is 140# and very laid back and Apollo is 120# and loves to be the center of attention. These brothers are extremely loving and well behaved. They have been trained to stay on one floor of the house and will limit themselves to where you want them. They are housetrained as well. While they do like to look at the counters, so far they have not taken anything off. They have shown to be excellent on walks after their initial excitement. Apollo is very extroverted and does like to jump and “nip” at new friends which can be quite intimidating to the uninitiated person. By keeping him in good control on leash when someone new approaches he has done fine. Both are wonderful around other dogs. Can you find it in your heart to take us home today? 9/9/2010

Peaches: is an adorable 5 year old female St. Bernard who we placed in 2008 and is back in our Rescue after her family moved to New Jersey and could not fly her with them. Peaches is a wonderful girl who gets along with other dogs, good with children and loves all people! Peaches is a Peach! Spayed, shots, microchip. 9/5/2010

Paddington: “Paddy” is a very loving and friendly newfy. He is 2 1/3 years old and weighs 123 pounds. He loves to be right by your side. He is great with children, other dogs and is friendly with everyone. He is protective when it comes to his family but he won’t bite. He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body but looks very intimidating to someone who is unfriendly. Paddy is totally house trained, will not jump the fence and is up to date on his shots and heartworm meds. Paddy does not take food off of the counter, does not climb on the furniture and is obedient. He has been trained to ‘sit, lay, stay’ and other commands. He loves to go for walks but a gentle leader must be used as he is very strong. Paddy also needs continuous brushing as he sheds year round. Paddy is the perfect furry, black teddy bear. He is a ‘big’ responsibility and he’s looking for that special family to be a part of. 9/4/2010

Alan: is a 18 mo old neutered male rough coat. He was found as a stray in my home county in Georgia. This guy is a bit shy, but super sweet. He gets along well w/ dogs of all sizes and cats. 9/3/2010

Brody: is a sweet four month old male St. Bernard who needs to find a new home because his family moved to AZ and couldn’t take him with them. Brody gets along with other dogs and is a good boy who knows some basic commands. 9/1/2010

Lola: adorable, sweet 3 year old female St. Bernard who was rescued from the local shelter. Lola gets along with other dogs and is very loving with people. She is waiting to be part of a new home and family. Spayed, shots, microchip. 9/1/2010

Big Bo: Meet Big Bo. This handsome guy just had his 5th birthday (12/14) and is looking for a forever home. He would love a family that can appreciate a good cuddler and that will give him all the love he gives in return. Bo is neutered, up to date on shots, and started on heartworm and flea/tick prevention. He is also crate trained and trustworthy in the house when left alone. He is fine with some cats, but needs to be the only dog in the home. He has some minor food issues, but we are working on that. He will need an owner that will give him good leadership so he can continue to be the good boy we know that he is. 8/30/2010

Greta: (Dallas, Texas) is a 3-4 year old Saint (or Saint mix). She was dumped outside a country home about 30 minutes north of Dallas, TX, and the kind homeowners took her in and decided to “fix her up” and place her for adoption. Greta is fine with other dogs (ignores them mostly) and is soon to be spayed. She has her vaccines, and she is already housebroken and knows how to use a doggie door (make it a big one for her!). Greta loves men, so she must have had a “daddy” at some time in her past. 8/29/2010

Samantha: (Sammi) Longhaired 8 month old female. Sammi came into rescue from a group of families that took her as a puppy. She did not receive any training but has been doing well at the foster’s home. She is a sweetheart and loves any attention given to her. She is also a water addict. Loves the water so if you’re looking for a dog to go the beach, lake or river, Sammi is the dog for you. She has been spayed with everything up to date and ready to meet her forever home. 8/29/2010

Max: Shorthaired Male – 4 to 5 years of age. Max is a delight to have and will make a wonderful companion for the right family. He has recently learned to give kisses and be prepared for a face wash! He needs someone that will take the time for obedience training but he definitely wants to please. He loves to run and play and is a pretty tall boy. We don’t know about cats and he has been with an adult female Saint in his foster home. He is patiently waiting for his forever home. 8/29/2010

Tequila: (Quila) – approximately 9 month old long haired female puppy. She was given up to rescue because she came into season! Don’t ask as I don’t have an answer. Quila gets along well with other dogs, cats and has been around children of all ages. She will arrive to Saint rescue this Sat. and will be spayed on Monday. She is looking forward to a new home where she will be the princess that she deserves to be. Quila has not been abused – just one of the group so needs some individual attention. If interested in her, please call me next week and I’ll be happy to give you a progress report. Quila is looking forward to her forever home. 8/28/2010

Bradley: Longhaired 14 month old Male. Bradley likes to lie on the bed and watch television. He just came into rescue with his sister, Mom (Jamie on our site) and an older sister or friend. He has lived in a pen all his life so is learning what the world is all about. He is a sweet boy with a wonderful temperament. He is currently living with an adult male Saint and an adult female Saint along with a French Bulldog. He especially likes the Frenchie as they enjoy playing their games. He rides well in the car and enjoys his trips to the store. This guy would be fun to watch as he explores the world and evolve into a well mannered family pet. According to his previous owner, he did well with children. 8/28/2010

Flo: is a new addition to our rescue. She is about a year old and is sweet as can be. She is gentle and loves attention. Flo was rescued from an abandoned home. She was raised with young children. She is just over 100 pounds and still growing! 8/27/2010

Bella: is a 1 year old with a friendly and playful personality. She has been great with everyone she meets including adults, kids, vets, dogs, and cats. She is a very sweet girl. Is she the furry friend you are searching for? 8/27/2010

Gus: is a 3-year old smooth coat Saint Bernard who his foster parents describe as a “very polite guy” who knows his basic commands. He walks on a leash like a gentleman and very few corrections are needed. He is housetrained and has attached himself to his foster mom. Gus came to us as a stray and he is starved for affection. He weighs approximately 115# but could stand to gain a few. He is protective of his food around other dogs but otherwise is coexisting peacefully with his 3 canine companions. He should be placed in a home with children 10 and older because we have no knowledge of his previous interactions with children. He enjoyed his bath, he’s heartworm negative and on preventative, up to date on his vaccinations, and neutered. Gus is rather athletic and can jump a 4-foot fence without issue. Gus will provide a lifetime of love to a family willing to give him a second chance at life. 8/24/2010

Boomer: Well hello there, my name is Boomer. I am 5 ½ years old, a short hair with a full mantle and a full mask. I am current on my shots and medication which I take for the occasional seizure. I’ve been on the pill for about two years now. The meds only cost $15 for a three month supply. I am not neutered but I am a very smart and lovable boy. If you talk to me I will raise an eyebrow and tilt my head to listen. It helps you think I’m listening. Oh and how I do enjoy cuddling. I am a 170lb teddy bear. Once you cuddle with me you will never buy another one of them stuffed teddy bears again. I am not a puppy but I do like to play from time to time and I enjoy early morning walks or late evening walks, which ever you prefer will be fine with me. I do love the snow so we can walk then too as I am all seasons ready! I am a very passive big boy and have never once shown one ounce of aggression to anyone or anything not even on bad hair days. I like the company of other animals like my sister Lilly, also listed here. We both used to enjoy car rides soooo much. My current owner would like to keep me and Lilly together as we have grown up together. So if you can house us both that would be AWESOME! In short I am a very easy and laid back kind of Saint and a wonderful Saint that your entire family will love. 8/24/2010

Lilly: Hey you! I’m Lilly, what’s your name? I have been with my owners since I was 6 weeks old but now I’m 5 ½ years old. I weigh in at a girly 135lbs but the boys say it’s all in the right places. I am current on all my vaccinations because my owners take good care of me. I am the Alpha between me and my brother Boomer also listed here. I’m looking for a home for me and Boomer or a new home for me alone. I love meeting new people, but you have to let me approach them at my pace. I wonder about a few of them people we come across from time to time. I hate loud noises especially the vacuum cleaner so don’t expect me to be cleaning any floors any time soon. I am a very loving girl that loves to sit on your lap if you’ll let me. If you want to become my new master you will need a strong personality to prove to me that you are the master. You have to understand that I will jump around when you get home because I will be sooo happy to see you again. I will talk to you too, I howl to talk to you and sing when your cell phone rings, as long the ring tone is a good one. (My eyes are closed and my paws are crossed) I wish that my new master has a fenced yard so that I can run around in. And I wish that my new master understands that I don’t like to take baths or be groomed. Ok, overall I am a very loving and good girl. 8/24/2010

Frances: is a 3 yo spayed rough coat female. Her owner has gotten divorced and feels she needs more time than he can provide. She is microchipped, current on vaccines and on heartworm prevention. This will be an adoption SBRF helps facilitate. Frances is going to stay w/ her current owner until a suitable adoptive home can be found. She is in NE Alabama. 8/23/2010

Shorty: (Austin, TX) is approximately 8 months old. He is a very cute and playful neutered male puppy, with lots of energy and love to give. Shorty tested negative for heartworms and is up to date on all vaccines. He is just waiting for his new family to come along. He is good with other dogs, and knows some basics (like sit and stay). 8/22/2010

Sofi: “My name is Sofi, and I’m a beautiful 1-year-old female. I’m very submissive and a little skiddish around new people and dogs. I don’t think my previous owners ever socialized me when I was younger, but I’m starting to come out of my shell at my foster home. Now I love playing with my foster brothers and sisters! I’m still a big puppy, so I love just running around the yard. I still haven’t figured out the whole toy thing, but I like watching my foster brothers and sisters play with them. One day I’ll learn how to play fetch like them. Even though I have tons of energy when I’m playing in the yard, I’m still a Saint Bernard so I like to just collapse on the floor and become a big couch potato too. I’m not aggressive at all, but I’m not a big fan of cats or small dogs. But I LOVE kids once I get to know them (I’m scared of them at first). I have some medical issues right now, but the nice people at the Rescue are working on getting me taken care of. Once they get me all patched up, I can’t wait to meet you and go to my new forever home!” 8/16/2010

Sassy: is a very active young Saint who will be 2-years old in June. She is looking for a family that has plenty of time to walk her and play with her as she is very energetic and playful. She loves balls, she will play by herself with one or let you throw it, however, she won’t always let you have it back! She loves bones to chew on and needs them. She will chew a blanket or other things if she is bored and left unattended for too long, bones help keep her occupied and interested for long periods of time. She is working on her manners, does ok on a leash and is getting better every day. She listens very well as her motivation comes from praise and acceptance. She is not treat responsive, she likes treats but will respond better in training with praise and pets than with treats. She is housetrained. Sassy does well with dogs smaller than her but is afraid of dogs bigger than her, she has some socialization learning to do when it comes to dogs. When she meets a new dog she immediately wants to play, she doesn’t know that they like to “meet” her first and need time to adjust to her. She just jumps and barks and tries to get them to play, however, she will back off if “warned” but will come right back and try to get them to play again. She is just a ball of energy Did I mention Sassy has energy?? She is learning quickly and is making good progress in her foster home. Sassy loves people and is good with children. She is scheduled to be spayed on 4/27. She is in good health and up to date on all shots. 8/16/2010

Pippa: This sweet 1 year old came to us after her owners could no longer care for her. She is a sweet gal, who gets along with other dogs. She would do well in a home with children over 10 years old and she is sometimes startled easily by the little ones. She walks well on a leash and enjoys playing with her toys and foster brother. 8/13/2010

Tag: is a handsome 3-year-old longhaired male. He is neutered, micro-chipped and up to date on his shots. Tag was sold at a garage sale and showed up at the humane society as a stray. The owner reclaimed him and he showed up two days later as a stray again. When they called the owner, they said they didn’t want him. Tag is underweight at 140 pounds, but eating well at his foster home, and should start gaining weight. He has a wonderful easy-going temperament. He gets along well with people, dogs and cats. Tag has really good manners, rarely barks, and is housebroken and not destructive at all. He is pretty low energy, likes to go for leisurely walks, and does well on the leash. He also likes to ride in the car. He needs a forever home where he will be loved and appreciated, and where people will be patient with him while he learns that he is not going to be abandoned again. 8/11/2010

Dozer: Dozer was frequently brought to the shelter because his owners did not have a fence and he would leave and go hang out at a government office building in town. It sounds like everyone working there knew and loved Dozer. He was a regular greeter of people working and doing business at this office. He loved having a job. Unfortunately they were not looking for an office mascot and he was turned in several times to the shelter. Eventually he was surrendered by his owners. The shelter manager told me that Dozer’s friends would see her and ask how he was doing at the shelter, offered to pay for his neuter etc. A very popular fellow and a favorite at the shelter as well. The surrender information states that he has been around cats and is fine-we have not yet tested his. He is very good with people (of course) and other dogs. Dozer is still in the shelter and needs a foster or adoptive home. 8/10/2010

Macks: is a 5 1/2-year-old, 109 lbs, neutered male. He is the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet! He’s housetrained and up-to-date on his shots. He gets along with everyone; kids, other dogs, cats, and even horses! He tends to ignore the other dogs at his foster home, but he does play with them on occasion. Macks is super laid back. He loves belly rubs and car rides, and he’s mostly a couch potato. Nearly perfect in every way, he does have one tiny flaw – he can be a bit of an escape artist. He needs a home with some sort of fence around the yard. He responds well to the in-ground fence at his foster home, but a regular fence would work just as well. If you have a fenced yard and room in your heart for a gentle giant, consider adopting Macks today! 8/8/2010

Cody: I’m one year old and I’m told I clean up very nicely, which I understand that I’m going to the doggy salon this week. I’ll have to send you a picture of me after my manly shampoo and pedicure. I haven’t met any of the other saints yet but will shortly and will report back on how I like other dogs. I really like people and give lots of chin kisses. They keep telling me how beautiful my dark mask is and what a sweet guy I am. Hope to see you soon so I can give you chin kisses. 8/8/2010

Biggie: (Houston, TX) is a 4 year old neutered male smooth coat Saint. He is good with both children and cats, and he loves to play with other dogs of all sizes. Biggie weighs 130-140 lbs, and is housebroken and very well trained. He is a drooler, but that is part of loving a Saint. Biggie’s family is getting divorced, and he needs to find a new permanent place to reside before the end of summer. He is up to date on vaccines, and he is on heartworm prevention. 8/6/2010

Carter: Hi! I am Carter a 10 month old sweet, sassy boy. I am silly & soft but can be a bit stubborn when I do not want to do something. You can get me moving w/ a treat or a firm “let’s go”. I like other dogs but like to throw my weight around & may intimate a shyer dog. I am looking for my forever home. 8/6/2010

Toby: This is Toby. 20 months young and surrendered by a young owner who got him as a pup then never spent ANY time training him. Toby is a dog who wants to play and REALLY wants to please you. I think he would be a nice addition to any home, but at this point, he needs to be the only dog until he gets trained. He has been around other dogs, but just wants to play very rough. He will need obedience training, but the sweet personality and his willingness to please will make him an easy dog to train if you just spend the time. He will need to go to a home where there are no small children, as he does like to jump on people. Please consider adding Toby to your home. He will make a big giant love bucket to your living room! 8/3/2010

Sadie: is about 2 years old and is a happy and loving young gal. Excitement is her middle name! Sadie would be a great candidate to get involved in obedience, carting, weight pulling or rally. She’s a working girl, and with the love and attention of a forever home, she will excel! Sadie is good around kids and dogs, but would probably do best in a home without very young children or small dogs. She does like to chase small animals, so cats may be too tempting to live with. She will make an active family very happy. 7/29/2010

Slim: is a fabulous 5 year old saint. His family has had some life changes requiring re-homing of their pal, Slim. As you can see from his photos he loves kids, and will try to be a lap dog if you let him. His owner says he has never jumped up nor ran around the home like a wild child. ” With that being said, my husband, myself and both my girls have been bumped over by his rather large behind.” Slim is a great dog, loving, great with kids and does very well with cats and other dogs. He is 130lbs, and at times, has a “no I don’t feel like doing that” attitude with commands. Typical saint attitude! 7/29/2010

EMMY: (***UPDATE*** Emmy won’t be ready to go to her new home until sometime in the summer. Our vet just handed us quite a surprise — Emmy’s pregnant.) Our girl Emmy just turned two years old and already she’s a mom. She’s at least 20 pounds underweight but thankfully she’s a big fan of food so she’ll pack on that much-needed weight in no time. (We don’t understand it. What’s the point of having a dog if you can’t be bothered feeding the dog?) Emmy is a smoothcoat Saintly lady. She’s a friendly little girl who interacts nicely with most other dogs but hasn’t met a cat while here in Rescue. She is vaccinated, microchipped, and has been started on monthly heartworm and flea/tick prevention. Emmy would likely do well in a home with kids over age 8 or 9 and perhaps another dog (male only). A fenced yard is strongly preferred though consideration will be given to an adopter committed to spending lots of time walking her. She LOVES the outdoors. ADDITIONAL EMMY UPDATE 6/8/2010; Emmy became a mom on May 15. Her seven babies (one boy and six girls) got off to a rough start and had to spend a few days in the ICU at Tufts Veterinary Hospital but all are doing well now and are eating and growing like little piglets. We’re calling them “The Lake Litter” — Michigan, Sunapee, Winnepesaukee (Winnie), Seneca, Sebago, Ruby, and Harlow. 7/29/2010

JOANNIE: Joan is a loving, enthusiastic three-year old roughcoat girl who comes to us as a casualty of divorce. She is spayed, housetrained, vaccinated, microchipped, and she will be tested for heartworm in the next week or two. As you can see from her picture, she has “hospice ears”, the common term for a Saint who has white on the earflaps. Joan loves to chase a frisbee and go for rides in the car. She can usually be found lying on her back (her preferred position for getting frequent tummy rubs). And she’s a big fan of Milk Bones, though the Milk Bone thing has been a bit overdone so she needs to drop ten pounds or so. Joan’s a sweet girl who loves cuddling with her humans. She has been with children as young as toddlers, is curious about cats, and plays nicely with most other dogs. Her leash manners leave a bit to be desired but consistency and clear expectations and repetition will work wonders as she really does want to please. The successful candidate will have a fenced yard. 7/29/2010

GUNTHER 2: Meet little Gunther. A Saint/Great Pyrenees cross, he’s just 16 months old. Gunther is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, HW-negative, and he’s housetrained. He’s a very kissy little boy who LOVES to cuddle. (He also loves dog cookies and tearing apart stuffed toys.) Gunny needed hip surgery to correct an orthopedic abnormality present at birth. He’s been with his foster mom recovering from his surgery and now he wants a home of his very own. He’d like a submissive female dog to play with, and maybe some kids to dote on him. He’ll even let you dress him up in stupid hats. We want him to have a fenced yard. Preference will be given to a family with a stay-at-home parent or parents who work opposite hours. Gunny’s got lots of energy. If you do too, and would like a beyond-sweet little guy to round out your family, given him a call. He’d love to hear from you. 7/29/2010

Brandy: is a charming 4 year old female that came to us from a high-kill shelter after her owners were done breeding her. She was dumped as she was no longer useful to them. Boy did we hit the jackpot when Mid-Atlantic Saint Bernard Rescue was called in on this case. She is a wonderful girl who is good with other dogs. She loves her foster mom and wants to be with her as much as possible. She is looking for a home where she can be treated like a queen and be some ones best friend. When the foster’s dogs get rowdy in the house Brandy insists they take it outside as she like a quiet home. 7/28/2010

Sierra: (Amarillo, Texas) is between 1-2 years old. She is spayed and current on all shots. She was found at a convenience store in Amarillo. The people who found her couldn’t keep her as they live in an apartment. She has some basic obedience skills but needs major socializing. She is very sweet and loves attention. We are not sure how she will do with smaller dogs because of housing arrangements at the shelter. We have not put her with other large dogs as all large dogs currently at the shelter are dog aggressive. She does not seem dog aggressive at the vets office but she has not been tried with other animals. She does climb chain link fences of any size so whoever adopts this sweet girl will need a tall wooden fence. We suspect once she has her forever home she will want to stay. 7/26/2010

Porthos: is 15 mo old male St who was given up because his mom couldn’t afford him anymore, moving and couldn’t take him along. 3 girls in the family. Seems to get along with all dogs he meets, had gone to dog parks, loves to ride in the car, eager to please. Learning to walk on no-pull leash and doing well, catches on quickly. 7/26/2010

Kiss: a such a pretty 3 year old smooth saint. She is shy and a little nervous, but no in a growly cranky way. She loves to kiss you (guess where her name came from). She seems a little annoyed by the 5 year old child she lives with in her foster home. She is crate trained and does fair on leash. 7/22/2010

Sebastian: This cute four year old male St. Bernard was find wandering around our vet’s parking lot. No one reclaimed him, so now he needs a new, loving home. Sebastian is a good boy! Neutered, shots, microchip. 7/21/2010

Suzi: (SPECIAL NEEDS; Serious medical intervention needed.) is a 9-month old female rough coat Saint Bernard who was apprehended during an animal cruelty case along with her friends Pete and Burg. Suzi was left to wander much of the time and was not given proper food, water, or daily care. Suzi came to us severely malnourished, infested with fleas and ticks, and with 3 fractures, 2 in her right front leg and 1 in her back left hip that were never treated. Unfortunately she was likely in a great deal of pain for some time and did not receive any necessary medical treatment until now. Suzi is good with other dogs. She is definitely the shyest of the three and often hides. She is learning to take treats from her people slowly. Suzi will need significant orthopedic intervention which Saint Bernard rescue is in the process of obtaining. Unfortunately Suzi will likely need at least 2 surgeries which will cost our rescue approximately $5000. We are looking for a loving adoptive home for Suzi and we are also looking for sponsors for Suzi that will help us in funding her medical care. Currently Suzi is thriving in her foster home and learning to love more every day. Can you help us provide for Suzi? Can you provide the loving home that she most certainly deserves after her rough start in life? Update 4/28/10 Suzi took a turn for the worst and had to be taken to Southpaws in Arlington Va on Wednesday Morning. She has a team of vets trying to put her back together. She is 7-9 months old and weighs 34bs, normal weight should be in the 80lb range for that age. Her severe malnourishment is the least of her health problems. She has 2 broken legs, one of which needs plates. Her left hip is broken and needs extensive surgery to get her back together. All of these orthopedic injuries are a result of being hit by a car, and kicked by her previous owner (I MEAN DEMON). She, her brother, and father were confiscated by animal control. The other 2 are just underweight. We are having a hard time understanding why anybody would kick this sweet creature. This was reported by neighbors to animal control and according them it happened a lot more than one time. We are privileged to have the opportunity to help her at Mid-Atlantic Saint Bernard Rescue. Some might say why not just put her to sleep? We feel she is worth fighting for and we air on the side of life. We are in the business to save Saint Bernards and try out hardest to make them whole so she and others can be placed in good loving homes so they never have to know abuse and hunger. 7/21/2010

Nicolas: Hi everyone, I’m Nicolas. I’m 3yrs old and I just love to drink from the water hose. There is simply nothing like it, you have to try it. I am a happy and very playful little boy looking for my new family. Could that be you? I am called a rough coat for my looks but I really am a gentle giant. I am neutered and vaccinated and ready for you. I love to go for walks and will even carry my own leash! I know some basic commands and am willing to learn others. I am house trained and use the doggie door like a pro at my foster family’s house. I like other female dogs, but don’t care too much for male dogs (can you blame me!) I am GREAT with children of all ages and would make a really nice family pet. I am living with 2 cats too and don’t much mind having these feline friends around. I would like a yard to run around it because I have to stay in shape you know. I would love to go with you on walks in the woods, at a park and even in your neighborhood. Look I’m being honest here people, I’m trying to find my perfect owner. I had a condition called Entropian, but the nice people at Saint Rescue have fixed this. I am still very much a puppy and I have a big heart too. So could you be my next family? 7/21/2010

Oskar: 7/19/2010

Rudy: is a very sweet, easy going dog. He loves all people and seems to like cats and other animals. He is about two years old. He was just treated for heartworm and still has to be neutered so he won’t be available for adoption until around May 1st. The adoption fee includes all shots, heartworm test, neutering, a Home Again microchip and one night free obedience class in the Reno, Sparks, Carson City and Tahoe areas. 7/19/2010

Yuba: is a very sweet, well mannered girl. She loves people and other dogs. She sits when asked, walks on a leash and loves car rides. She must be in an area where there are NO Ticks. And needs Front line Ticks preventive for life. The adoption fee includes all shots, heartworm test, neutering, a Home Again microchip and one night free obedience class in the Reno, Sparks, Carson City and Tahoe areas. We also include an information packet and a large bag of Pedigree dog food. 7/19/2010

Buddy: (Houston, TX) Purebred Saint Bernard. He is a 5 year old neutered male. He has just undergone heartworm treatment. He is current on all shots, microchipped, and I have heartworm and flea preventative for the next year to go home with him. He is 140 pounds and a smooth coat. I need to rehome him as soon as possible. The rehoming fee is very low and negotiable. I just want to make sure he is going to a good home. If you are interested please email or text me. He is great with other dogs and cats, but would probably do better in a home with older children. He is very low maintenance and will need to go to a home where he is indoors most of the time. 7/19/2010

Austin: Hi, I’m Austin, a longhaired male puppy. I was born on 4/10/10 which makes me almost 12 weeks old. I come without dewclaws, am up to date on my shots and without those yucky worms. As you can see in the pictures, I have been well socialized with other dogs and my best friend is a cat. I love kids too especially little girls as they have some of those at my house. My adoption fee is $600.00 with a $100.00 back when I’m neutered. My vet says it isn’t a good practice to neuter me when I’m so young as it can cause knee problems when I grow up. I would really like to go to a home that has Saint experience as I’m a busy guy with lots of learning ahead of me. 7/13/2010

BRUNO: This adorable guy is a 10 month old male St. Bernard who came into Rescue because of divorce. Bruno is a wonderful boy who loves to play with other dogs and is super friendly with people. He knows his basic commands and enjoys taking walks and visiting the dog park. He would do best in a home without cats! 7/12/2010

Duke: is a large, handsome, 160 pound longhaired male. He will be 4 years old in July. He is neutered, micro-chipped, heartworm negative and up to date on all shots. Duke was surrendered to rescue because he was too rambunctious for the toddler in his family. They did not feel they had the time to spend with Duke that he deserved. Duke gets along well with other dogs, big and small. He is very curious about cats, but hasn’t had a close encounter yet, so we don’t know about how friendly his intentions are. Duke knows his basic commands; sit, down, stay and since being at his foster home he has learned to walk well on a leash. Duke LOVES to ride in the car. He is very eager to please; he is motivated by treats, and is easy to train. Duke is somewhat fearful of strangers that come to the house, and can act aggressive if not introduced carefully and properly to new people. Once he gets to know you, Duke is very affectionate, and loves to snuggle. Because of his size and strength, Duke will not be placed in a home with small children, and should be adopted by someone with experience with large breed dogs. 7/11/2010

Angel: is 6.5 years old and is sweet and lovable. She is fine with other dogs, cats, and is housebroken. Angel is heartworm positive and suffers from hip dysplasia, but daily supplements and pain control have improved her condition to the point where she can actually now use her weak leg to walk and even run a little! Angel is a cheerful, happy, lazy Saint. She just wants to be near her family. She has been around livestock, but prefers to be an indoor dog. Her beautiful thick coat requires a significant amount of grooming. She is a very fuzzy Saint! 7/9/2010

Cyrus: Hi! My name is Cyrus and I am what we call “Nearly Saint,” but let’s just say there was a Newfie milkman in my neighborhood! I am not quite two years old and I came to Saint bernard Rescue because somebody left me alone in Portland and I ended up at the shelter. I am a very calm and loving gentleman with great manners; I stay very close to my person on walks and I am quite shy of men, although I do like the ladies! My foster mom had me in the office at work and I just sat patiently by her side while she typed away at the computer and I would look up at customers but only come to them if they called me. I am completely up on all my shots and I will be altered before I go to my forever home. I really don’t care about cats or other dogs so I am a perfect fit for any home! Can you find a place for me at the end of your chair? I am living in a boarding kennel in Eugene right now so I am VERY lonely and I am ready to come home with you! 7/9/2010

FiFi: This sweet girl is a 4 yr. old St. Bernard who lost her home when her family moved into an apt. Fifi is very loving and friendly. She loves to give kisses! She is good around children and other dogs, including small dogs. Please consider giving Fifi a happy, forever home. She deserves to be part of a loving family! Spayed, shots, microchip. 7/8/2010

Indiana Bones: is about 7 1/2 months now and is getting bigger but he needs to find a home that will spend some time with him and help him become the rest of the way house trained. He is still small for a German short haired pointer ( He was about 35-40 lbs) and is very sweet and loving. He was returned to rescue because they could not spend enough time with him and felt he would do better with a home that would spend time with him and work on his training and attention. He is great with kids and other dogs. 7/5/2010


Murphy: is a very gentle, sweet, and loving dog. He has been starved of affection so he will be stuck to your leg like glue.tops out at 139 pounds right now but could use a couple more pounds to round him out. We are starting him out on basic obedience training and he responds quite well. Murphy adores playing with other dogs. He came from a family with children so is accustomed to little ones. This dog adores naps, enjoys outdoors, and is ecstatic when lying on his new doggie bed. Murphy is house trained and paces around the door when he needs to go out! At 2 1/2 years he is now up-to-date on his vaccinations, heartworm free, & neutered. This lovely dog would LOVE to go home with you. 7/2/2010

BABY: and PETUNIA: These two little misses are mother and daughter. Baby’s the mom and she’s six years old. When she was only a year old she gave birth to Petunia and her siblings — Tulip, Lilly, Rosie, Peony, Pansy, Camelia, Marigold and Rhodie (short for rhododendron, who was the only boy). Hmmm. Do you see a pattern here?? Anyway, Baby and Petunia were adopted together and lived with a family who recently lost their home to foreclosure. Sadly, the family wasn’t able to take the girls with them when they moved to a small apartment. Baby is a Saint/Beagle cross, and she’s smaller than her daughter. She did the reproduction dance with a purebred Saint, so Petunia is three-quarters Saint Bernard. Interesting combination, no? They’re spayed, housetrained, vaccinated, microchipped, and heartworm-negative. We’d much prefer to keep them together if possible, and the adoption fee will be reduced for the famly who will open their hearts to both girls. They’re good with kids of most ages. Ideally they will be the family’s only dogs. And a fenced yard is necessary. They’re terribly sweet. Call them. They’d love to meet you. 7/1/2010

Katy: is between 1.5-2 years old. She is a beautiful young Saint that recently had a litter of puppies. She is now recovering from being a “mom” and playing and enjoying her time with other adult Saints. Katy seems to get along well with the other large dogs (hasn’t been around small ones yet) and is tolerant of cats (although we are not sure yet if she is totally “trustworthy” with them). She loves attention, and would love a family with a fenced yard and room to play! Katy is scheduled to be spayed after her milk dries up. She has very attractive markings, and needs to gain some weight. 6/30/2010

Henry: My name is Henry and I have had a pretty rough life up to now- my last family adopted me and their other dog didn’t like me so now I am scared of dogs that are bigger than me. But I am really suffering being in the boarding kennel because I need so badly to be with people- they are nice here it just isn’t enough. Please help spring me out and I promise I will be the best boy you could ask for- just be gentle with me! 6/29/2010

Pepsi: (Houston, TX) is a cross between a smooth and a rough coated Saint. She is closer to the smooth variety. Her birthday is July 7, 2006. She has been raised with children, dogs, and cats. The reason I am trying to find a new home for her, is that she has always been scared of children, especially babies and toddlers. Older children have not seemed to be a problem. However, lately she has been getting worse. She seems to not like a lot of commotion. Unfortunately, our house is nothing but commotion. I have three children, the youngest is 2 years old and the oldest is 11 years old. I have watched other people’s kids from time to time and we have people over quite a bit. I have trained dogs for many years, so when we got Pepsi, my main goal was to have a well-adjusted kid-friendly dog. I have done everything I know to do and she has been exposed to all different types of situations. No child has ever been mean to her in any way. Although she has never bitten, she has growled. I have reprimanded her; put up test situations… all to no avail. I just want her to be happy. This has been such a difficult situation and I am so upset over it. I would really like to see her with an older person or couple with no children or older children that will let her be with them inside. She is rather lazy, not much for walks, toys or bones. Her food, she has to have with milk (like cereal), crazy I know. She spends most of her day laying by the front door or in our bedroom. She loves belly rubs and likes to stand on your feet. She only drools after shes eaten or drank and just for a minute or so until she’s gotten it all down. She will on occasion play with my lab. When it is nice out in the spring and fall she LOVES to lay down outside in the grass with her nose to the wind. She looks quite regal. She’s been to the dog park, but not a huge fan. She went to the beach and loved to walk along the water, but doesn’t really like to go in. I give her baths and nail-trims myself. Again, not a big fan but if you are firm about it, she lets you do it. 6/29/2010

Samatha: She just turned one year old and is a real sweetheart. She gets along great with other dogs, cats and is housetrained. She is a puppy and still has a few puppy traits that she needs to work on like requiring big dog toys because she likes to disassemble them to try and find the squeaky and then wonders what happened to her toy. Such a silly girl! Her favorite thing though is people…she is a very people person kind of girl. 6/27/2010

Maggie Mae: She is a four year old shorthaired sweetheart of a saint. She was so afraid when she came into rescue because she had always had a loving family and children to play with. Her whole world changed in an instance of time and it took her awhile to understand that we loved her too and would find her another loving home with children. Maggie Mae likes other dogs and very much loves and misses children. She is a very beautiful, sweet and gentle saint. 6/27/2010

Buddy: I can almost get my tongue to the top of my nose let me try again, there, I did it and even went way over my nose. I’m a silly one year old boy who loves people but most of all, I miss my owner who was this really nice teenage guy that loved me very much and hated to have to send me to rescue. The rescue people tell me they are going to look high and low to find me another really nice teenage guy or girl (I’m not picky) that will love me as much as I will love them. I’m housetrained, very sweet and just waiting to meet you. 6/27/2010

Bentley: (Arizona) is a St. Bernard/Australian Shepherd Mix. He was born in December of 2008, he is deaf and considered blind, but can see shadows and differences in light. He pays very close attention to your movement and touch signals. He is housebroken, using the doggie door with no problems. He runs and plays as any dog would. He loves to play tug with people and other dogs, he is very soft mouth playing nicely with others. Bentley gets along with all sizes of dogs, cats, kids and people. This gentle boy, loves to snuggle and get belly rubs and will actually sit on your lap or lay by your side, if you get on the floor with him. Due to his attentive, gentle nature, he has great potential to become a therapy dog. 6/27/2010

Lucy: is her foster mommy’s princess, and she acts like it too! She needs a lot of love, and she’ll let you know when she isn’t getting enough. She’ll often nudge her mommy’s hand until she is petted, or she’ll bark to be played with. Lucy isn’t a big fan of toys, but she loves bones. She gets along well with all people, especially children of all ages. She gets along with the male labs in her foster home, but she picks fights with most female dogs she meets. She has epilepsy and is on medication for the seizures, but it’s a very cheap prescription. Lucy is the light of her foster mother’s eyes, so we’re looking for the perfect home for this princess! 6/27/2010

CARRIE: The economy has been particularly tough on pets. Our girl Carrie was a casualty of her family’s housing hardship. Carrie is three years old, longhaired, and she has a half-mask. She is housetrained, vaccinated, microchipped, and negative for heartworm. She was recently spayed and will soon undergo eye surgery to correct a condition called entropion (where her eyelids turn in and the eyelashes irritate her eyeballs), something that’s common in this breed. Once she recovers from her eye surgery she’ll be ready to charm a lucky family. Carrie is affectionate and is gentle with young children. She does well with most other dogs, and she even likes cats. She had a rough couple of nights when she first arrived here in Rescue (we’re sure she missed her humans) but she quickly found her groove and settled right in. Carrie has had some obedience training and walks well on leash. Her favorite things include belly rubs, cuddling with her humans, and going for nature walks. We’d strongly prefer that she has a fenced yard, though consideration will be given to the applicant committed to exercising her ON-leash. Carrie’s an exceedingly sweet girl who would dearly like to be part of a family again. And if that family includes a stay-at-home parent, all the better. 6/26/2010

HEIDE: Two-year-old Heide came to us from a sad situation — Her family had no time for her and so she was relegated to the front yard. People would pass by but very few would bother to stop and chat with her or give her a smile or toss her a cookie. She made remarkable progress with one of our foster families and so we tried a placement. Alas, we failed poor Heide. We allowed her to be adopted by a woman who appeared good, at least on paper (but, sadly, things aren’t always what they seem). During her brief stay in that adoptive home she lost considerable weight, and the good behaviors we had worked so hard to help her develop simply disappeared. Back she came, and we noticed that she had become hand-shy which led us to believe that she had been struck. She was so depressed we wondered if she’d be able to snap back. Thankfully, after many months she has begun to do just that, and at last is coming out of her shell. Sweet Heide is a spayed, housetrained, vaccinated, microchipped and HW-negative roughcoat little lady. She will need a fenced yard, no other pets, and a patient adopter who will help her to continue to rebuild trust while she learns that hands can be gentle. Kids should probably be 12 or older. Saint or giant-breed-experience is essential. Won’t you come and meet our Heide? She has so much love to give. 6/26/2010

Hoss: (Kerrville, TX.) is a very well behaved, easy going St. Bernard, and he is about 5 or 6 years old. He is neutered and current on his vaccines. Hoss is housebroken. Please contact Diana with any questions you may have, at (830) 496-0199. Hoss is located in Kerrville, TX. 6/21/2010

Zeus: At 3 years, Zeus is quite a gentleman. We are working on his basic obedience. He is already doing sit, down & stay quite well. Zeus loves long walks in the park. He plays well with other dogs; big & small. A calm, loving dog – he will be even better as a single dog in the home to give him the attention and love he has missed in life. This big boy loves his naps; is excellent at staying home alone; completely housebroken and will even knock at the door to be let out/in. 6/18/2010

Lucy 2: is a sweet, young, smooth coat Saint. She is just over 2 years old, and is housebroken, decent on a leash, and has good manners. She likes other dogs, and is submissive. Lucy is not okay with cats, and seems to have a high prey drive in general (like squirrels), so she probably should not be adopted to a home with very small dogs. She was turned into the shelter for chasing goats. Lucy seems to be fine around calm horses though. Lucy knows her name, comes when called, and understands what “no” means. She is a very lovable dog. She is very underweight at 85 lbs, 6/18/2010

Rambo: is new to the rescue and will be groomed and neutered soon. He is between 1 and 2 years old. Since he came in through the county pound we don’t know how he is around other dogs yet. We do know he is a very loveable guy with adults and children. Stay tuned for updates on this cute guy. Update; Rambo tested positive for heartworms and is currently under going treatment. His foster parents say he is a love and his favorite thing to do is swim in the pool. We will update his profile when his treatment is over and when he will be available. UPDATE; 3/30/2010 Rambo is now free and clear of his heartworms and ready to go home. He is good with other dogs and his foster dad said he is a gentle easy going guy, who we must say again, loves to swim. Do you have a pool, kids and love to give? Rambo’s your saint! 6/17/2010

Abby: 2 yr. old, long haired, spayed female. Abby came into the program with Jack. They are both housebroken and obedience trained. Very sweet and loving – they even get along with cats. They would love to be placed together, and would do best being the only dogs in the household as they are already a “pack”. 6/16/2010

Jack: 2 yr. old, long haired, neutered male. 6/16/2010

Maggie: 4 yr. old, short haired, spayed female. Maggie is a big girl 167 lbs. She is very sweet and mellow. Housebroken and obedience trained. Maggie gets along with other pets (dogs and cats). She is frightened of small children, so would do best in a home with no children or older children. 6/16/2010

Buffett: 2 yr. old., long haired, neutered male. Very handsome, happy boy. Likes to run and play, gets along with everyone and loves to go for walks. 6/16/2010

Jessica: 14 month old, long haired, spayed female. Sweet girl, housebroken and obedience trained. Gets along with humans and large dogs. Not good with small dogs, pocket pets or cats. Crate trained. Lives to run and play. 6/16/2010

Shogun: is a 7 month old neutered male Saint puppy. He is current on vaccines and heartworm prevention. Shogun is good with other dogs large and small, and he knows some basic obedience and tricks. He currently weighs about 90lbs and is still growing. Shogun has not been around cats, and is not recommended for families with children under 7 years old or so, as he plays very rough, and does not know his size or strength. Shogun likes to play with toys, and loves to eat socks, so you better hide them! Shogun came to rescue when his family was forced to move out-of-state without him. He is a very loving boy and will make a wonderful family companion. 6/13/2010

Dakota: 2 yr old, long haired female. 6/9/2010

Pete: is a 9-month old male rough coat Saint Bernard who was apprehended during an animal cruelty case along with his friends Burg and Suzi. Pete was left to wander much of the time and was not given proper food, water, or daily care. He is currently learning the ways of living in a safe and comfortable home. He is great with other dogs and loves to play. He is a little fearful of people most certainly due to lack of socialization however he is coming around very quickly. He loves his treats and his food! He will need a family with the patience to socialize and work with him on basic training. He has a tremendous amount of love to give and is making great strides with his foster family. Despite his rough beginnings he is in relatively good shape. Pete is scheduled to be neutered soon. He needed to be shaved due to severe tick infestation and horrible matting of his coat. With proper nutrition and care his coat is bound to grow back beautifully. 6/7/2010

Nana: This is Nana Nana is an owner surrender thru no fault of hers. She is a dream dog. She is spayed, housebroken, up to date on vaccinations and worming. She is on the petite side and every inch a lady. She walks well on leash, has manners, and is an absolute goof ball for tummy rubs. She soaks up love and attention like a sponge. She gets along with people and other animals after a proper introduction. She is most comfortable anywhere her human is. Loves to lay on your feet at the computer. Her shorthair makes for easy grooming. Can you find enough love to share with Nana? She will be your companion for life. A more devoted dog would be hard to find!! 6/7/2010

TINY: Tiny is a delightful four-year-old roughcoat (longhaired) fellow. He’s neutered, housetrained, vaccinated, heartworm-negative, and microchipped. He interacts appropriately with most dogs and we’re told he also gets along with cats. He has lived with children as young as toddler-age. When greeting new people, Tiny is on alert — He takes his responsibility to protect “his” kids seriously. Once he’s assured that visitors are friend, not foe, he barks hello and then welcomes them into his inner circle. He’s not crazy about the vacuum cleaner. (Aha! An excuse not to vacuum every day.) Tiny came to us through no fault of his own, the product of divorce and housing issues. He’s an affectionate guy who revels in the company of his humans. We’d like him to have a fenced yard though consideration will be given to the Saint-experienced adopter willing to supervise him outdoors. Oh, and did we mention that he has LOVELY eyes? 6/6/2010

Samantha aka “Sammy”: is a 3 year old female rough-coat who lost her home due to a family situation. She is very sweet and lovable. We sometimes confuse her for a lap dog! She walks well on a leash and loves car rides. She is good with kids, cats, and other dogs. She can be cranky and possessive of her food. She is spayed, up to date on her shots and ready to go to her new home. 6/4/2010

Spot: Hi, I’m Spot. I am a 3-year old rough coat Saint Bernard and I am looking for my forever home. My friend Hunter was adopted, I am better off on my own. But I am looking for a loving family to call my own. I walk well on a leash and I love to ride in the car. I have adjusted well to life in my foster’s place, but I’d really like my own people please. I am a smaller guy, weighing in around 100#. Can you take me home today? 6/4/2010

Bear: Hello, my name is Bear, so you have to use a Bear type voice. I’m 5 years old and I love life. I have been neutered (well I didn’t like that part of life), vaccinated, heartworm tested and started on my monthly heartworm and flea prevention. So I’m in pretty good shape and ready for you to take me on walks. I’ve been in this shelter for a while and am dying to get out and see the world. I’m anxious to go on walks, camping and car rides to go and get me treats of course. I have a full mantle and a full mask. So we can take lots of wonderful pictures together. Yes, I do look good in pictures. I’ve told the guy that takes my pictures to setup another appointment for me to pose for you to see me as I have put on a few pounds since this last photo. 6/4/2010

Lucy: is a young (1-2 years), adorable Saint Bernard, possibly mixed with Great Pyrenees. She likes cats and other dogs, and is housebroken. Lucy was a stray that was picked up in north TX. She is quite shy, but appears to have some leash training, and is being worked with by her foster family to boost her confidence. She has a very sweet disposition, and will make someone a wonderful family pet. 6/2/2010

Chance: is about 6 years old. He got his name because rescue saved him on his last day before being put to sleep. He was so horrible looking we knew he had no chance at adoption directly from the shelter. Chance had no hair from the middle of his back down his legs and tail, due to a severe yeast infection. He is also heartworm positive. Chance is sweet, docile, and seeking a home to live out his retirement years He is scheduled to be neutered once his skin clears up (and it is progressing nicely). Chance gets along with other dogs, and he is housebroken. Are you ready to give him a Chance in your home? 6/2/2010

Chomp: 2 year old Longhaired Male. Chomp came from a home with 4 children. He is great with people and small children. Because he still acts like a puppy, he loves to run around and get on your lap. He is a very high energy dog. It is a must that this dog will go to dog obedience class. Chomp does not get along with small dogs. We are not sure about cats. He is a counter surfer. 6/2/2010

Pumba: is a 10 mo (5/26/2009) neutered male smooth coat. He was turned in by his owners due to a foreclosure. This guy is all puppy and very sweet. His adopter must have previous Saint ownership experience. 6/1/2010

Taffy: is a 6 year old rough coat st bernard looking for her forever home. She loves belly rubs, running around the yard, and loves to go for rides in the car. She is doing great with crate training as well. She is not destructive when left alone and seems to just find a comfortable place to sleep while your gone. She is up to date on her shots, and will be started on heartworm and flea/tick preventative. Taffy would love a home with a fenced in yard to run around in and children over the age of 12 (only due to her energy and size), and she would love to be the only dog so she can soak up all the attention. 5/31/2010

Lyndee Star: (Dallas, TX) This is Lyndee Star. She is a spayed female with no health problems who will be 7 years old in May. She lives with 2 other big dogs and several cats. Her owner is having to move to a place where she cannot take all the pets. Lyndee is about 110 lb and is more of a dry mouth which means no drooling. Lyndee is housebroken and needs to be an indoor dog. She is easy going, loves to just “smell the roses” when on walks. While she hasn’t lived with kids, she was a humane education dog for an animal shelter and so has been around many children in her life. Lyndee is located in Texas. 5/31/2010

Zak: 3 yr. old, long haired mail, weighs 103 lbs. Zak has come to rescue because of his irresponsible owners who found themselves homeless and living with friends, and eventually he made his way to us. He is severely malnourished, but, is a very sweet, loving dog. He has no aggression issues with people or other animals. He is not a needy dog, but every once in a while, will come up to you for some love. Zak deserves a great home where he will be loved and be part of the family. 5/30/2010

Mia: 4 yr. old, long haired female. Mia has come into Rescue because the owner is moving into an apartment, and can’t take the dog. Mia is very friendly with people, other cats and dogs. She even gets along with the neighbor’s chickens. She does have a little bit of separation anxiety. 5/30/2010

Toby: (TX) is looking for a good home. He has been with the same owners since he was a puppy and he is now 8 years old. He is purebred, AKC registered, male (not neutered), microchipped. He is a typical “Beethoven” looking teddy bear St. Bernard with the full mask and beautiful coat. He loves attention, loves baths and loves people. One of his only draw-backs is that he is not good with children (which is why we are having to give him up, we recently found out we are expecting, and we are also PCSing due to the military and the rentals in our new area have strict pet weight restrictions). Toby is well house trained, he is an excellent guard dog and quickly becomes protective of his home and anyone who cares for him. He would do best in a home with (as we said before) no kids, he loves adults and does well with any and all of our friends that have ever taken care of him during vacations, etc. He is also GREAT with other dogs (of any size) and also very good with cats! Thanks again and feel free to spread the word, we have to find him a home by July and we want to make sure it’s the RIGHT home! Toby is located in TX. 5/28/2010

Corona: is a 2 year old smooth coat who is friendly and loving with people and craves attention. She is 110 pounds and will need work with her manners and walking on leash. She has some dominance issues and should go to an experienced home. 5/25/2010

Sam: This is Sam he is an owner surrender thru no fault of his own. He is a loving, and affectionate boy. He loves to give kisses. He is 4 1/2 years old, neutered, and current on his vaccinations. He is housebroken and crate trained. Sam loves to be part of the family. He has been raised around small children and responds lovingly. He also does well with cats and female dogs (not sure how he is with males). He enjoys walks and hikes and does great on a leash. He loves to play and is energetic. He knows basic obedience commands. His long hair requires grooming, but he is easy to wash and loves to be brushed. He loves to be with his people. Sam is a sweet and gentle giant. 5/23/2010

Beethoven: Beethoven is 15 months old and he is housetrained. Since he is still a big puppy, he will need some training on his manners. He is a big guy with a beautiful red coat and very nice personality. 5/21/2010

Mr. Otis: is a big (180 pound) 2 year old chunk of love. He is a mellow dog that gets along good with kids and cats and most dogs. He has a silly side to him too-he has been known to walk around with his leash or dinner bowl in his mouth! Otis has a dominant personality that has come out when with other dominant dogs. He is scheduled to be neutered soon. He LOVES being in the house with you so it has taken no work to make him a house dog in that regard. Due to his size he needs to go to a home willing to take him through obedience class-and if you have prior large dog experience that would be a plus. 5/21/2010

Jack: Jack is approximately 3 years old. His owner died and he was turned into the pound, he was adopted out and then returned. He needs someone committed to giving him a permanent home. He will do best in a home without small children-he loves them but has a tendency to want to protect them once they become his family. There are no concerns around kids that are not his family. Look for a photo and more info to come in the near future as Jack is in transition from pound dog to foster dog. Update for Jack; 4/11/2010 Jack has been gaining weight and loving life. He likes to go for his walks and playing in his yard-but really does not like the growly neighbor dogs on the other side of the fence. Quiet mellow dogs make the best friends for Jack. Same with kids-he prefers the teenage type who are not loud and squealing. Jack could care less about the cats he is living with. He is really a very sweat guy. 5/21/2010

Georgia: is a 5 mo (12/15/09) spayed female rough coat. Her owners had to move. She sez she feels like a reverse Lilliputian. She so small and all the other dogs are so big here at the Rescata. Since she is a puppy. Her adopter MUST have previous Saint ownership experience. 5/18/2010

Abby: is 1.5 years old. Her story is a tragic one. Her owner passed away of cancer, leaving her without provisions for care or anyone who wanted her. Luckily, Abby made her way to the rescue, but she is still timid & likely a bit traumatized from staying with her deceased master in the apartment until help arrived. Abby had a “sister dog” Bouvier that was her best friend, and they might possibly be able to be reunited if an adopter wants both. Meanwhile, Abby is in the Austin area, adjusting to her active foster home with kids and other dogs of varying sizes. She weighs about 100 lbs. and is already spayed, current on vaccines, and just building her confidence until a new forever family can be located for her. Abby is sweet and well mannered in the house. She could use some leash training while outdoors, as she gets excited with so much freedom and room to romp. 5/17/2010

Josiah: 2 years old. 142 lb. short haired male dog. Josiah came into Rescue very scared. He came from a home where they kept him outside, never been in a car, never been on a leash, and never allowed in the house. Josiah was very scared getting into a car, but now loves going for his rides. As for being on a leash, for a dog that has never been on a leash or even owned one, he does extremely well. He walks right by your side and never pulls. Josiah is trained at staying out of the kitchen and dining room when eating. Josiah is a big GOOF BALL. He loves to play tug of war with other dogs and people. He also likes cats. He is strong and plays rough. For this reason, he needs to go to a home with older children. He has never had any obedience training. But since working with him, he will sit and stay when you tell him, and most of the time when you tell him to come he will. Sometimes he has selective hearing like most Saints.. He is doing great on his socialization skills. I can take him for walks, and he no longer barks at people. Josiah is a dog that wants to be in your lap and get lots of loving. He is really a sweet dog, and desperately wants to go to his new home. 5/16/2010

FITZPATRICK: Meet our latest cuddlebug. His name’s Fitzpatrick and he’s s smoothcoat (shorthaired) half-masked gentleman who is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, housetrained, and negative for heartworm and several tick-borne diseases. Fitzie has had a number of homes over the past couple of years, through no fault of his own. His owner died and he ended up with someone who didn’t or couldn’t take proper care of him. He was allowed to get too thin and his diet was lacking in proper nutrition. And poor Fitz suffered from a flea infestation which resulted in the loss of some of the hair on his rump. Thankfully, the hair’s growing back and he’s putting on some weight. He also had a very serious and painful ear infection. He even had maggots (yes, MAGGOTS) in his ears! But he is finally on the road to recovery. Fitz turned six years old a day or two before Christmas. Given that the average lifespan of a Saint Bernard is now 10-12 years, occasionally more, we figure that Fitzie still has many years to love and be loved by a special family. We’re told he does reasonably well with cats though he hasn’t met a cat while here at Camp Saint Bernard. He would likely be okay with a canine housemate, depending on the other dog, though we’d prefer to see him as the family’s only dog. He’s had too much neglect in his recent past — We’d really like him to enjoy being the center of attention. Kids, if any, should be 12 or older. Quite frankly he’d be the perfect dog for a retired person who would spend time with him, doting on him, and letting him know that he’s loved. We’d prefer him to have a fenced yard though consideration will be given to the applicant who is committed to keeping him company outdoors. Quite frankly, he doesn’t spend all that much time outdoors. He’d much prefer to lie in front of a fire or commandeer a corner of your bed. Won’t you consider Mr. Fitzpatrick? You won’t be sorry. 5/13/2010

SKY: Our girl Sky is a delightfully sweet, though occasionally a tad stubborn. She’s a 5-year-old smoothcoat (shorthaired) darling who’s, spayed, vaccinated, heartworm-negative, housetrained and microchipped. Sky’s a gentle soul who delights in the companionship of kids as young as toddlers. She’s well-behaved and will steal some lucky family’s heart. Her favorite things include hanging with her humans and getting fanny scratches. She gets along well with kitties and with other dogs, though she’s not too crazy about little yappy ones. Sky’s a pretty girl who has one blue eye. Really interesting! Her daddy was a champion, an impressive boy with big paws and a big heart. The ideal home for Sky will include another dog and kids to dote on her. A fenced yard and Saint- or giant-breed-experience are strongly preferred. Got room on your sofa? She’s willing to share. 5/13/2010

AUSSIE: This handsome guy is five years old, longhaired, neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and HW-negative. His owner entered a nursing home and there was no family member to step up to the plate for him. He’s an affectionate and loyal boy who still has many years of love to give. His favorite place is in your lap (and he’s quite a lapful). Aussie’s never lived with another dog so we think he’ll do best as the family’s only pet. (No cats please — He gets entirely too much pleasure from chasing them.) He’s somewhat of a bull in a china shop so kids should be over age 10 or so. He doesn’t quite understand what to do with toys. How sad is that!! But he’s a big fan of cookies and the occasional piece of cheese. He will need a fenced yard and a refresher course in leash-walking. Poor Aussie just doesn’t understand where his human mom is so he’ll need a new family willing to spend time with him, going for walks, and helping him to ease his confusion. He’s a wonderful, wonderful boy. 5/13/2010

Toby: Meet Toby He is one handsome boy. He is an owner surrender. He just turned 1 yr old neutered up to date on his vaccinations and wormings. He is housebroke gets along with everyone he meets whether it has 2 or 4 legs. Will need a strong hand in training, though he is anxious to please. He is going to be a BIG boy. He is 149 pounds now He gives the best puppy kisses just a big mooshy face sweet boy who needs someone to do right by him. His heart is as big as he is. Can you give him a good forever home? 5/12/2010

Blossom: is a 1 to 2 year old female rough coat. She is a sweet girl that we rescued from a local shelter. She is spayed and current on all her vaccines. Blossom loves people, kids and is fine with other dogs. She has lots of energy so we recommend obedience training. Blossom is just waiting for her forever family to give her the love and attention that she deserves. 5/9/2010

Chelsie: this adorable 11 month old half-mask shorthair female St. Bernard was rescued from Craig’s List. Her family could not afford to keep her anymore. We paid her rehoming fee so she would be assured to find a good forever home. Chelsie is a very good girl who gets along with other dogs and has lived around horses. She is very well-behaved for her age. We removed her dewclaws when she was spayed – that is why she has bandages on her paws! Spayed, shots, microchip, dewclaw removal. 5/8/2010

Nana: This pretty girl is a 4 year old St. Bernard who lost her home when her family lost theirs, and didn’t take her with them. Nana needs a patient, loving home to see her through this transition, as she is a sensitive dog. Nana is a “petite” Saint who doesn’t drool excessively and she can live with cats. Spayed, shots, microchip. 5/8/2010

Lucky: Well hello there, I’m Lucky and a fitting name for me it is. When I came into the rescue two months ago I was barely 100lbs but I am steadily climbing to a normal weight. These nice people have allowed me to show my true personality which is kind of spunky. I love attention as well as my alone time chomping on my squeaky toys. Ah yes, in the picture you will also see my favorite squeaky toy, Froggy. We are world travelers and journey all around the back yard together. And on my head, just above my eyes there is a formation of a wishbone. So you can see that I will be nothing but good luck for you. 5/3/2010

Deke: is an 18 mo old neutered male rough coat. His stars lined up and angels helped him be rescued from being dumped in a Walmart parking lot in MS. He hitched rides to Mobile and then Montgomery AL where we met him and brought him to my office. This guy is very sweet. He likes to be with someone or another dog all the time. He is microchipped and ready for the last leg of his journey to his forever home. 5/2/2010

Tank: 16 month old, long haired male. Tank weighs 110 lbs, so as you can see by the pictures, he needs to put on weight. Tank is the SWEETEST dog. He has absolutely no issues whatsoever. He enjoys being around small children, as he came from a home who ran a day care. He is great with other dogs and cats. He is truly well behaved. He loves to go for his walks and is great on the leash. He is extremely well behaved in car rides. He does not get up on furniture. Tank is a dog that just wants love from anyone. You will truly love him. Let’s get him a good home. 5/2/2010

Bentley: My name is Bentley. I don’t always respond to that name. If I ignore you, just call out Bento. I am currently 6 yrs old, long hair, mellow male Saint. I could gain some more weight. You will notice that I am blind in one eye. My glossy eye will bring you many interesting questions when you take me on walks. I am alright with that; I love attention. I have been described as a sweet dog. I am heading toward the senior years of my life. I would rather take it easy then play with other dogs. I do like other dogs but I would rather follow them around than wrestle. I also love ropes and tennis balls. Treats that I like are; milk bones, the Costco bones and chicken stripes. I am getting use to car rides. My foster parent lets me go to work every once and a while. I was a gem. They all loved me in the office. When there, I like to lay by my foster mom’s desk. I was abandoned by my previous owners. That is there lose and your gain. I am a great dog, even good with children. I can promise not to get on your sofa if you promise to get me a comfy dog bed. At night I want to sleep by your bed. I sometimes snore but they are good dreams. You will love watching me running in my sleep. You may even chuckle a little. If you let me into your heart, I will give you unconditional love and affection. I just want love. Hint, I love getting brushed and petted. Will you give me a chance? Like many dogs in rescue, I had a hard life. Can you give me a safe, secure home? Many of you think of passing me over for a younger dog but you will be missing out. I hope to find that special person to give me my second chance. Please think about making me part of your family! 5/2/2010

Maria: is 15 months old. She loves to go on walks, play with other dogs, and she really loves chew toys and treats. We are still working with her to get her to sit. She is very playful and still thinks she is a little puppy. The thing she loves the most is getting belly rubs. 4/30/2010

HANS: This gentleman is six-year-old Hans, who is yet another victim of the economy. His family asked for our help when they got that dreaded foreclosure notice. Hans is a roughcoat (long-hair). He’s housetrained, vaccinated, and negative for heartworm. He’s microchipped and neutered. Alas, Hans has poor vision due to bilateral juvenile cataracts that weren’t addressed when he was younger. Our veterinary ophthalmologist has scheduled him for surgery and we hope to see him regain at least some of his sight. Hans will do well with children as young as infants. He interacts appropriately with most other dogs and is reported to be playful with cats (hasn’t met one here though). He loves tummy rubs, and sneaking people food. He does know some commands (sit, lie down, come, and get off the couch). He’s a friendly, engageable fellow. He’s a big cuddler but doesn’t give kisses. And he loves parking his big head in his human’s lap. We’d prefer that he have a traditional fenced yard though consideration will be given to the applicant who’s committed to walking him (and reminding him that he mustn’t pull on leash). Interested? 4/29/2010

KIRBY: Meet the perfect Saint Bernard. Our man Kirby is three years old, roughcoat (longhaired), neutered, vaccinated, and HW-negative. He came to us VERY ill (indeed, close to death) but after an extended stay in Tufts Veterinary Hospital’s ICU and lots of post-hospitalization TLC he has blossomed, thanks to his wonderful foster mom. He’s healthy. He has gained weight. The sparkle has returned to his eyes. He has completed basic obedience, advanced obedience, and he was trained to be a therapy dog with his foster mom. We will want to see him teamed up with another human interested in expanding his therapy dog experience. (Though he’s been through the program, a new owner must be trained to work specifically as a team with him.) Kirby’s an extraordinary guy who is happiest in a therapeutic setting — reading with children at local libraries would be especially enjoyable for him, perhaps visiting nursing homes or hospitals, going to elementary schools. We will require a fenced yard for Kirby, and the successful candidate will be committed to continuing his therapy dog activities. Though quite playful and sweet when he’s not “working,” he takes this therapy dog business quite seriously. He’s a man with a mission. Kirby will do best as an only dog or with a submissive female. He will thrive in an environment where he can be socially active and engaged. He has lived successfully with cats. Kids should probably be over age 6. His foster mom will be very involved with the screening/selection process and will stay in close contact with Kirby and his new family. He’s a dream dog! 4/29/2010

Tonka: is a 2 1/2 year old. She loves all people, other dogs and is good with cats. She doesn’t know her size and can easily clear a 4 foot fence. She enjoys having room to run. 4/27/2010

Cinnamon: Meet Cinnamon. she is 4 years old and been thru hell. When she was dropped off into rescue (owner surrender!!) she had severe burns on her lips and mouth (vet figures she bit an electrical cord) her ear was so matted to the side of her face it couldn’t be lifted to look inside even. She only weighed 90 pounds (she was starved and had parasites). And the gentlest spirit true to the saint breed. She is so grateful for a soft bed good food treats grooming and a soft touch. She is current on Vaccinations, has been wormed, spayed, microchipped, and groomed. (still lots of grooming to go) She is housebroken, crate trained, and gets along with every other animal I have had her with no issues. What she needs now is a stable home that can shower her with love and lots of pettings and belly rubs. 4/25/2010

Heidi: is a 3 yr old, 120 lb St Bernard with a little bit of Old English Sheepdog mixed in. (They said 1/8 sheep dog). She was born around April 15, 2007. She is very affectionate and spends most of her time inside laying around the house, but gets occasional bursts of energy and chases her tail, which is very funny to watch. Other times she bolts around the back yard at an incredible speed. As the summer approaches, she likes to get trimmed to help cool off, but still prefers to be inside. When it’s cold out, she loves to stay outside and lay on the brick patio. She also loves to be in the rain as you can imagine, it takes a few towels to dry her off. She likes to greet people by leaning against them and getting a good rub down. We thought she would be good with our baby, but were shocked when she growled. She gets up and leaves when the baby approaches but has given a couple of warnings. She is great with older kids. She adored our cat before she passed away and would do anything to be close to her. Heidi is spayed, crate trained, and is mostly okay with other dogs although she is an alpha temperament. Heidi is located in San Antonio, 4/25/2010

Viggo: is a 2 year old rough coat Saint. He is in transit and will join the rescue program this week. Viggo is not yet neutered, and is heartworm positive. The shelter workers think he is wonderful and gentle, and say that he plays well with other dogs and ignores cats. More details to come as he joins his foster family. 4/23/2010

Cooper: Hi I am Cooper! A wonderful 2 year old. I am neutered and housebroken, I love children and am a happy go lucky kind of guy. I am looking for my forever home and promise to give unconditional love and devotion to your family. 4/19/2010

Sophia: is a 3-year old rough coat female Saint Bernard who is looking for a place to call home. She weighs 115# and could stand to put on a little weight. She is currently being fostered with 2 toy sized dogs, cats, and children and does well with all. She loves to play outside and enjoys long walks. She even enjoys taking the little dogs for walks by grabbing their leash in her mouth! Sophia was used as a breeder dog and once she stopped producing puppies she was left outside in the elements without shelter. A nice family has taken her in for fostering and is helping her to find a deserving forever home. Sophia is spayed and up to date on all of her vaccinations. 4/19/2010

Gypsy: (use a lady’s voice please) Hi everyone I’m Gypsy, and I requested a lady’s voice because I am a lady that’s why. I am 12 months old and still very much a puppy. I was told that I am a smooth coat with a full mantle. If you ask me, I’m simply beautiful. I am a sweet little girl that will not get as large as my brothers here. I am spayed because I will not be going through that child birthing thing that you humans go through. No epidural for me, no puppies for you! My sisters out there hear me. Anyway, I all my vaccinations are current but I am not house trained, but I sooooo want to learn. I am good with other dogs and cats as my keeper has both. I love children of all ages and if they are part of the family I will play with them and defend them tooth and nail until the end. I would love a fenced yard to run in and learn commands in from my new owners. I love the outdoors, taking walks in the forest, or even down the road. I love taking my human for a walk, but you can tell your friends that you walk me. (It will be our little secret). Being a lady I need to be brushed, I hear it does wonders for the hair. Take me, train me and my heart will be yours for ever and ever. Love, Gypsy 4/19/2010

Harley: 84 lb. long haired female, 2 1/2 yrs of age. She was turned into Rescue as her owners had to move and could not take her with them. Harley is wonderful around children and adults. She has never had any obedience training, so she definitely needs training. She slept in a barn at night and stayed outside during the day. In her new foster home she is an indoor/outdoor dog. She is housebroken. She is very very strong. When Harley gets excited seeing people, after she settles down, she will sit when you tell her to. If you say “hi five” she shakes hands. She loves tummy rubs. She does dig for gophers. She tolerates the neighbors cat. Harley does not like little barky dogs. She likes to be a lap dog. She is working on getting trained on the leash. She will pull. She will probably be a bit needy as this is will be a big adjustment for her. 4/14/2010

Holly: is a sweet, young, playful Saint pup. We are not sure how old she is, but estimate 7-8 months. Holly loves to play with other dogs and does fine with cats. She is very energetic, and would benefit from some obedience training. Holly was picked up as a stray. She has been vaccinated, dewormed, and tested negative for heartworms. She will be spayed soon, and then she will be ready for her new family! 4/18/2010

Jobe: is a train wreck, and like his Biblical namesake, he has been plagued with misfortune. He is extremely emaciated (he could barely stand his first day in rescue), and has a severe case of sarcoptic mange. He has been starved and neglected for a long time, but has a sweet personality and craves human attention. He gets along with the other dogs and cats and appears to be house trained. Due to the infectious nature of mange, he does is living in his foster’s garage (with a nice bed and a space heater to keep him warm) and is being fed 12 to 14 cups of puppy food, plus canned food, per day. His mange is being treated, and his coat should grow back, but he is going to need a lot of TLC. Jobe was turned in by an owner-he was NOT a stray. Jobe’s Christmas wish is for health and a new family in 2010. One that will cherish him, and make his heartbreak a thing of the past. 4/18/2010

Cheyenne: we believe her to be around 2 years old. She was a stray and we are still learning about her. She is a sweet girl that when we picked her up, she put her head on our lap and stood still and never moved for thirty minutes while we petted her. She has pretty markings with a little Monks cap on her head. More updates to come as she blossoms. 4/18/2010

Emma: Emma is a special girl that needs a loving home. She is around four or five years old. When she came into rescue she was afraid to walk on the floor and even to go through doors. She is now over those fears but still has a fear of meeting new people, but once she has met you, she just melts. Emma will bond hard with her new family. 4/18/2010

Deuce: is an 18 mo neutered male smooth coat. He was turned into a shelter in Kentucky by his owners. Their landlord disapproved of them having him. This guy is 130 pounds and still growing. His adopter must have previous Saint ownership experience. 4/17/2010

Rasta Girl: is a 4 yo spayed female rough coat. She was a stray near a busy highway that some people took in and tried to find her owner. No one claimed her. She earned her name due to the dreadlock mats she had on her tail and rear legs. She can go over a 4 foot fence easily so she’ll need a privacy type fence in her new home. 4/16/2010

DELANEY: Meet nine-month-old Delaney, a smoothcoat (shorthaired) spitfire who doesn’t have a clue in the world what the word “moderation” means. I mean, really, why walk when you can run? There’s so very much ground to cover, and one must sniff it all. Delaney will need a very special home. She’s fearful, slow to warm up, and isn’t sure how the heck she ended up in Rescue. She shows all the classic signs of being struck. (We’re working on trust issues.) Delaney has much potential in the right situation. What will that situation encompass? Most definitely a home with a traditional fenced yard, NO KIDS, no other pets, and a Saint-experienced human who is willing to continue helping her learn that a raised hand DOESN’T mean she’s going to be hit. If you’ve got a boatload of patience, a desire to help this little lady bloom, and the time to make a difference in her young life won’t you please give Delaney a call. She’s spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, and HW-negative. She’s waiting for that Special Someone to come along. Is that you? 4/12/2010

Molly: a 1 1/2 yrs. old that is living in a back yard filled with garbage. 4/11/2010

Rufus: short haired male, 145 lbs., but got the idea somewhere, that he’s 15 lbs. because when he wants love from people. All of a sudden he’s (not a lap dog) but a foot dog. He will stand or sit right in front of you (on your feet if you let him), as to give you the BEST angle at petting (or loving on) him! Rufus greets his foster “sister” cats several times a day, nose to nose, then smelling them all over. He hasn’t been aggressive to them at all. Rufus rides great in the car, and he loves to meet people. He walks pretty well on a leash, but sometimes gets excited and has to be reminded not to try to run. Rufus likes to play with other dogs, but must be introduced carefully. He’s a big guy and can play rough. 4/11/2010

Sallie Mae: just turned 4 years old. Her owners bought her as a puppy at a pet store. She is a little shy to start but warms up in a little while. She has a quiet manner about her and is very sweet. She is good with dogs, cats and small children. Sallie is quite large for a female. She will make a wonderful family pet for anyone who is looking for a quiet, well mannered addition to the family. 4/11/2010

SOPHIE: My name is Sophie and I am your loyal new friend. I am about 2 years old and I love to be right where you are. I have been told I am quite sweet. I have a great time playing with my new saint friend in my foster home. We have a blast and rip roar through the house and outside. He is a big fella like me and to tell you the truth I prefer spending time with him rather than with girl dogs. I like my walks too – I get a little excited at first, but before you know it I get my stride down. 4/11/2010

Maggie: Saints too large? Meet Maggie who is a happy fun-loving girl who loves people and appears to be great with kids. Though easily encouraged to play, Maggie is low-key around the house and is just as happy sitting and watching TV with the family. She enjoys walks around the neighborhood and is good on a leash. Maggie is house-broken and does not seem to have any barking or destructive behavior issues. She is quite intelligent and has learned several basic commands quickly. Maggie, is very obedient and corrects easily in learning her rules and boundaries. Maggie does need to be the only dog in the home. 4/7/2010

Pearl: is a 2yo rough coat spayed female. She came to us from a shelter in Alabama. She’d had a litter of mix breed pups. She has definitely been over-bred and under fed. Pitiful Pearl is gaining weight and is currently up to 71.5 pounds. 4/5/2010

Hydie: is a 4 year old female St. Bernard who lost her home when her family broke up and neither party could keep her. Hydie gets along with other dogs, has party manners and is a sweet girl. 4/5/2010

Mia: is a 4yo spayed female rough coat. She was found in rural Alabama. She is an extremely sweet and friendly dog. She’s a very thin 90 pounds. We are trying to get her weight up. 4/4/2010

Bentley: (Lufkin, Texas) I rescued Bentley from a church parking lot here in Lufkin, TX last March 2009. He was wary at first, wandering around smelling all the trucks and apparently searching for his owner. He had on a collar that was at least two sizes too small and no tags. With some coaching, Bentley got into my car that day and has been with us since, waiting for his forever home where he can get all the love he needs. No one ever posted a notice that he was missing, and his size has worked against his adoption here in financially distressed East Texas. Bentley is neutered, up-to-date on vaccines, and has already been dewormed, as well as treated for heartworms. 4/3/2010

Bugsy: This handsome boy is Bugsy, a two year old male St. Bernard who came into Rescue because his “people” are relocating and unable to keep him. Bugsy is a good boy who even gets along with cats! He loves to take walks and go for rides in the car. 3/31/2010

Lucy: is an approximately 1 to 2 year old female, who weighs 105 lbs. She came to the shelter as a stray, and as you can see by her pictures, she needs to put on weight, which she is doing now in her foster home. Lucy loves people, and likes to cuddle with adults, and she likes children. She loves to PLAY, PLAY, PLAY. She would play all day long if you let her. She is getting along great with the other dogs in the household, and is fine with cats. Lucy is an absolutely wonderful dog. We need to find her a great home that she will be in forever. 3/30/2010

Cosmo: is a 2 year old smooth coat who is approximately 130 pounds. He is brand new to rescue and will need time to be temperament tested and neutered. Cosmo is sweet with people. He needs work with basic obedience and walking on leash. 3/30/2010

Cane: 2 year old shorthair male who just needs LOVE! His foster mom says he has a very mellow disposition, is a typical Saint that likes to sleep by your feet and sit in your lap! He has good manners, walks well on a leash and is great with other dogs. He is FABULOUS with small children, lets them hang on his neck and lay all over him, even kids at the park. 3/30/2010

Fiona: may look sad but she is a happy-go-lucky 2 year old female St. Bernard rescued out of the local shelter. Fiona will need some basic obedience training. She is very playful, loves car rides and doggie treats! 3/29/2010

Beethoven: will be 3 years old in May. He grew up as an “outside only” yard dog, so he is gradually learning inside manners and to be housebroken. Beethoven is very sweet and gentle. He likes to lay with his tongue sticking out, and cocks his head back and forth as if really paying attention to what you are saying. He is fine with other dogs and enjoys their company, but has not been tested around cats. Beethoven also is good with children. Although friendly, Beethoven has spent much of his life alone in a backyard, so he doesn’t seek affection too often, but rather lies quietly in a corner. He does very much enjoyed being hugged and petted, he just doesn’t seem to realize it is an okay thing to ask for some loving! Beethoven has tested positive for heartworms and has been put on prevention. 3/27/2010

HEIDI: Hi! My name is Heidi and I’m five years old. I came from a breeder where I had many litters of puppies. Now it’s my turn to have all the love and attention. My foster dad is helping me find my playful self otherwise I’m a very mellow lady. I love long walks on the lake and rolling in the snow is my favorite! I’m very loyal and love to be where my foster family is. Car rides are the best and meeting new friends is fun too. Some dogs are intimidated by my size and deep bark, but I’m all love and just want to play. I’ve been told that I snore when I’m very tired, but I don’t believe it. 3/24/2010

WHISPER: Greetings from Whisper. I am a lovely 7 year old. I am the perfect “first saint” for you. Or maybe you live in a condo, or just want an experienced dog…well actually I could be the perfect saint for almost anyone! I have gained a lot of good dog knowledge over the years and know just how to be a gentle loving saint. My previous owners even had me go to school and I was a star student. Cat, dogs and kids all like me and I like to play with all of them too. I am looking for a loving permanent home and I just know you are out there looking for me too! 3/24/2010

Molly: is a sweet rough coat Saint Bernard who is looking for a place to call home. She was a stray to a local animal control and we are estimating her age to be around 4-5. She loves to go on walks and she is protective of her foster grandma, who comes over and sits with Molly while her foster mom is at work. She is a fast walker so would be a great gal to get in shape with! She doesn’t seem to have any issues with her food bowl and she will let you do pretty much anything to her. The dogs she has interacted with in her foster’s neighborhood she doesn’t seem to mind. She doesn’t seem to want to interact much but also doesn’t seem to react when they come up to her. Molly weighs around 110# and is at a relatively good weight. If you think Molly might be the dog for you, please contact us today! 3/20/2010

Rosie: Sweet, sweet, sweet, that’s me, Rosie. I was out playing tag and animal control picked me up in Virginia Beach. They didn’t let me loose again, shhhh. I don’t think they know how to play. I was living on my own but am now in the care of this great organization. I’m in better shape now than I ever was living on my own. I am a rough coat and about 110lbs, not bad for a girl of 6yrs if I do say so myself. I would be a perfect fit for your home as I know my basic commands and I appear to be crate-trained too. I am very laid back and gentle so we could watch movies together on these cold nights we’ve been having. 3/20/2010

Nemo: long haired male, 8 mos. old, 111 lbs. This boy came to Rescue because the owner past away. He is very sweet and gets along with other dogs and cats. 3/18/2010

Dezi: This sweet gal was born 9/26/09 in rescue and part of a litter of 7. She is a very bright puppy. She is learning her basic commands and is learning to be crate trained and house broken. She gets along well with other dogs, cats, and children. She is current on all of her puppy shots, dewormings, spayed, and microchipped. 3/16/2010

Gus: This silly 1 year old is sure to put a smile on your face! What a great guy! He loves everyone and everything! He is great with other dogs, cats, and children. He is housebroken and crate trained. He came to us from an Illinois shelter after he was found wandering and no one claimed him. It is certainly their loss!!! For more info on how you can make Gus a part of your family, please contact us. 3/16/2010

Carlisle: This handsome 3-4 year old male came to us after his owner abandoned him at an area shelter overnight in a pen in 30 below weather! He was skinny and matted. He is very sweet, good with other animals, and older children. He enjoys playing with his foster brothers and sisters. He knows basic commands, walks well on a leash, and sits nice and calm for treats. He is a really great boy! 3/16/2010

Sabrina: 3 yr. old, long haired, spayed female. Sabrina is a lady, likes to run and play. She is housebroken and obedience trained. She is high energy and ready to rock and roll. 3/16/2010

Smokey: we think he is around 4 or 5 years old and is a shorthaired male. He would love to go to a family that loves football as much as he likes to play football. Smokey had a good life with his former owner but when the owner passed away, his caretakers were not at all nice. They cut part of his tail off, they were evicted and left him in the yard with no food or water. Thankfully some neighbors noticed his plight and called rescue. If your looking for a guy that loves to play, Smokey is it. 3/16/2010

Gimley: A 3-year old shorthaired neutered male. Gimley is a smaller boy and when he calms down can be very sweet and loving. He is not use to being loved or handled and gets very excited about any attention he gets. He is in need of more basic obedience, housebroke and is gentle most of the time. He is good with most other dogs (not intact males) and cats as long as they don’t run. Favorite trick, he bounces up and down in front of you, way off the ground and thinks it is so funny. He wants a home where someone will take him for long walks and gives him more training. 3/15/2010

Maximus: A 1-year old longhaired neutered male. Maximus is a solid big boy, very sweet and loving. He walks on a leash very well most of the time but does need more basic obedience, housebroke and is gentle most of the time. He is good with other dogs and cats as long as they don’t run. Favorite trick, he loves water any water any time of year. He wants a home where someone will take him for long walks. 3/15/2010

Cookie: Female, shorthair, 6 years old, spayed Saint Bernard. She is in the prime of her life and will be a loving companion to a special person. Housebroke, ok with dogs and cats. She just wants to be your house dog, comfortable by the fire. 3/15/2010

Sarah: came in to rescue with her sister Penny. Penny has been adopted and Sarah is still waiting for her forever home. Sarah is two years old, spayed, up to date on her shots, and has been heartworm tested and started on heartworm prevention and flea/tick prevention. She is also crate trained. She has been around small children and likes their company. Sarah is a dominant female and would be best placed with a young calm male companion or as the only dog. She needs some help with learning not to pull on the leash and to learn good house manners, but she is a smart girl and with consistency she will learn. Sarah will need some time to adjust to a new schedule once adopted and needs a patient family or person that will be willing to give her that time and understanding. 3/15/2010

Hunter: Hi I’m Hunter, don’t forget me”. I was not going to forget you we’re attached like Siamese twins. We came from a broken home as someone just dumped the two of us in a drop box one night. “Yea the two of us from a broken home”. Well me, Spot, I’m the Saint, I came into the rescue a little under weight but I am as sweet as can be for a three year old boy. “And he wags his tail a lot, tell them you know how to wag your tail Spot, tell them”. Yes I can wag my tail Hunter, thank you. I also have some sores that those from the rescue say came from my previous owner. I like car rides and I walk well on a leash. The rescue didn’t have the heart to leave Hunter behind because they recognized we are very good friends and like being together. Hunter is sweet, “Yea sweet”, and he is my family. 3/14/2010

Millie: is a beautiful 2 1/2 year old. She is small in stature weighing in around 67 pounds. She is sweet, rides well in the car and is in search of her forever family. Is Millie the right companion for you? 3/11/2010

Sasha: is a 3 yr old female. Very sweet girl and loves every. She is female dominant so will not do well with other female dogs. May be ok with a larger male dog. We also want to place her in a home with older kids ages 8 or above as she is a very active and happy girl. 3/10/2010

BONNIE: is vet estimated to be approximately 3 years old. Bonnie and Clyde came in together from a shelter in Kentucky. We named them Bonnie and Clyde, because these two will steal your heart away. Bonnie weighs 120. She has been brought up to date on her vaccinations, placed on heartworm preventative and found to have been previously spayed. Bonnie is housebroken. Bonnie gets along wonderfully with Clyde, but will sometimes instigate between the others – especially females. She wants to be the boss. She would be wonderful with children and make a great family member. We would love to place Clyde and Bonnie together, because they seem to be very bonded to one another. 3/10/2010

NANA: is a wonderful girl who is approximately 2 years old. She has been spayed, brought up to date on vaccinations and placed on heartworm preventative. Nana loves to play with her friends, but can be intimidating to small dogs. She will run up on them and if they run, the chase is on. She thinks it is her job to run off anything she thinks doesn’t belong. She believes the ducks should stay on the pond, and will promptly put them there when they come up on the bank. We don’t know if she would actually hurt one or not, but thankfully the ducks choose to stay on the water when she is out. She can be a little bossy with the food bowls, so you have to watch feeding her with others. She knows she has to share, but will try to get all the bowls, if allowed. Nana has an extremely thick coat and will be going to the groomers for a much needed spa treatment shortly. She loves children and would make a great family member. Her new family would benefit – as would Nana – from a basic obedience class. This girl is extremely loving. 3/10/2010

Hazel: Meet Hazel DOB 5/5/06 She is an owner surrender, (due to owners inability to properly care for her) and a real love bug. Her favorite things in life are belly rubs and attention. Treats are taken gently from hands and appreciative kisses returned. She is a ” talker”. She will answer you if you up to having a conversation with her. She appears to be ok with other dogs though she is curious about cats. She is spayed, all vaccinations have just been updated, she has been wormed twice, and she is micro chipped. I really feel that she would do best in an environment where she gets specific one on one time. Her training is coming along well. She is being housebroken and she walks well on the leash. She ADORES car rides. Do you have room in your heart for a furry love bug named Hazel? 3/7/2010

KC: was found wandering the streets of Brenham, TX near the Knights of Columbus (thus his name). He was shy and fearful, thin, full of parasites, and scrounging from local trash cans. A kind animal lover came along, captured him, and has worked diligently to get him in good health, socialized, vaccinated, and neutered. We aren’t sure if KC is really a Saint (who knows what his parents really are), but he is large (47 lbs currently and about 4-5 months old), and has the sweet loving temperament of a Saint. KC is living outdoors at the moment, so he will need to be taught house manners and potty training, but he is a smart dog, and a quick learner. He loves attention, and gets along fine with other dogs. KC has beautiful markings, and will make a wonderful pet for some lucky family! 3/7/2010

Kytan: is a young long hair male. He get’s along with other dogs, He needs to be with another dog other wise he will bark non-stop to tell you he wants attention or a playmate. He is very friendly with people, we think he is a mix with maybe a pyrenees but we are not sure. The adoption fee includes all shots, heartworm test, neutering, a Home Again microchip and one night free obedience class in the Reno, Sparks, Carson City and Tahoe areas. 3/5/2010

Misha: She is about 4 yrs old, and very sweet. She is a people dog and wants to be with people all the time. She seems house broken. She needs lots of love and attention and would love to watch TV with you! She get’s along with Big Dogs only, sorry no small dogs for her! The adoption fee includes all shots, heartworm test, neutering, a Home Again microchip and one night free obedience class in the Reno, Sparks, Carson City and Tahoe areas. 3/5/2010

Magnus: Saint Bernard St. Bernard Male Adult Extra Large This sweet boy is a 2 year old male St. Bernard who came into our Rescue after a divorce and relocation. His “mom” was unable to keep him because she moved into an apartment so she drove him to our Rescue all the way from Salt Lake City, Utah to make sure he got a new, loving and forever home. Neutered, shots, microchip. 3/4/2010

Keebler: 2 yr. old, long haired, neutered male. Keebler is a nice boy, housebroken and obedience trained. No small children, please. 3/3/2010

Abby: 13 month old, long haired, spayed female. Working on housebreaking and obedience training. Needs some education, but is a true diamond in the “Ruff”. Very sweet and happy. Looking for love. 3/3/2010

FLETCHER: Meet our man Fletcher. Neutered, housetrained, vaccinated, HW-negative, and microchipped, Fletch is a longhaired four-year-old fellow who’s quite well-behaved. He plays nicely with most other dogs, large or small. However, he hasn’t yet met a cat. This boy is not for the faint of heart. He’s a true gentle giant who doesn’t at all mind climbing into the nearest lap. And, boy, does he take up a lot of lap! He’s a big fan of ear rubs and belly scratches, playing with a ball, and going for walks. And he holds his head up proudly as he walks, almost as if he knows he’s a sight to behold. Fletcher’s family made the excruciatingly painful decision to bring him to our rescue group when the landlord said “Uh uh. No dogs allowed.” Fletch sorely misses his 11-year-old human friend, Brady, and yearns for the companionship of another boy. He loves to be whispered to (and he promises to keep all your secrets). Fletcher will need a traditional fenced yard, perhaps a female dog to play with, and KIDS. Come and meet him — He’ll be your new best friend. 3/1/2010

OZZY OSBOURNE: You may recall previously seeing Ozzy on our website. He was with us in early 2009 and was quickly adopted by a wonderful family in western Massachusetts. Unfortunately they had to move to an apartment where dogs are not allowed so Ozzy’s back for a return engagement. Ozzy is a delightful three-year-old roughcoat fellow. He’s neutered, housetrained, vaccinated, microchipped, and heartworm-negative. And what a sweetheart he is!! He knows a few commands and he walks pretty well on leash. Ozzy is essentially a healthy boy but he has a mild case of a condition called Atypical Addison’s Disease for which he takes a low dose of prednisone each day. Pred is inexpensive and Ozzy’s meds only cost about $10 per month. Addison’s Disease is NOT life-threatening as long as Ozzy receives his meds, and it will ABSOLUTELY NOT shorten his lifespan. Ozzy will do well in a family with kids, perhaps a female dog, and maybe even a cat. A fenced yard is strongly preferred but is not essential as long as he’s not outside unattended. Won’t you take a chance on this cuddlebug? Ozzy will return your love a hundred-fold (and he gives GREAT kisses. 3/1/2010

SUSIE: Three-year-old Susie is a smoothcoat charmer who is vaccinated, microchipped, housetrained, spayed, and HW-negative. Don’t you just love her pretty little white face? Susie is a positive love-sponge! Want to cuddle? She’s there. Go for a ride in the car? Just try going without her. Have a treat in your hand? She’s at the ready. She has the prettiest eyes and she doesn’t hesitate to flash them when she wants something. She’s had much too much neglect in her young life and for that reason we’ll want her to be the family’s only pet so she won’t have to share the affection. Susie’s an enthusiastic bundle of energy who will follow you to the ends of the earth (well, as long as you have cheese in your hand). The ideal adopter will be active, will enjoy taking Miss Susie for walks in the woods, and will have a never-ending supply of cookies. She’ll need a fenced yard, and kids should probably be over age 8. 3/1/2010

Thumper: is a long haired 115 lb. male that is 15 months. Thumper is a very sweet, loving, mellow dog. He is extremely good about minding. He knows all of his basic commands, and enjoys the other dogs and cats in his foster home. He is wonderful with small children and adults. He loves going for walks, and is wonderful on a leash. He does not pull. This boy needs to go to a home where he will be loved, and be part of the family. 3/1/2010

Julie: My name is Julie and I love to run, play and most of all cuddle on your lap. I love to take my owners for long walks and I am very good on the leash. I am three years old and I have lived on a farm in Oregon which has had good points and bad. It is good because I have lots of room to run. But when I chase the sheep in the fields I think it is fun but my owners don’t think I should do that. I chase the chickens too, but they don’t want me to do that either! So I have decided to leave the farm life behind and move to the city to live the easy life! I am looking for an owner with a fenced yard that will take me on walks every day, give me a warm bed and lots of attention and let me chase balls instead of livestock! I currently live with 2 other dogs and LOVE children! Can I come be with you? 2/27/2010

Barney: just turned a year old. He is an owner surrender due to time constraints. This handsome boy will need lots of manners training. He is a lover who likes to lean but also wants to jump and play nip. Working with him will require patience and time. 2/26/2010

Brandy: is an adult, rough coat (long hair) Saint Bernard. Our vet estimates Brandy to be between 5 and 7 years old. Brandy has had a rough go of it recently. She was surrendered to a shelter extremely neglected and malnourished. It’s quite apparent that Brandy has lost her faith in humans. We’re hoping with some love and TLC we can restore her trust once again. Brandy has a very sweet disposition and is really just a goofy fun loving dog. Brandy’s new family should have saint or giant breed experience. Brandy would do best in a family where someone is home most of the day, no children no other pets and a traditionally, secure fenced yard. Brandy will need a special family willing to help her open up and blossom into the wonderful, confident dog we know she can be as well as work on her manners. 2/25/2010

Daisy: is an adult rough coat (long hair) Saint Bernard. She was surrendered to a shelter with Brandy, also neglected and malnourished. She is very similar to Brandy in that her faith in people is not so good, she does however want to believe differently. She likes to give kisses and sit in your lap. She does know some obedience will need a family that will help her with her manners and give her the time and patience she needs to be the great dog we know she can be. Daisy will need a saint or giant breed experienced family, no children, no other pets an someone who is home much of the day. A traditionally fenced yard is mandatory. 2/25/2010

Nomo: Hi I am Nomo! A wonderful 1.5 year old saint. I am the sweetest girl that you will ever meet. I am completely housebroken. I could use some basic obedience, but I am having a week of board and train and a training session with any adoptive family. I like other dogs, but it takes me a few moments to warm up. I seem to love all people, especially children. I am looking for the right family to love and adore. 2/23/2010

Sammy: is a 2 yo neutered male rough coat. He was taken to a shelter in AL because his owners were moving. We are working on his obedience training. 2/22/2010

Ms. Tillie: is our most recent rescue. Her previous owner is facing charges for neglect. She weighed 46.6 pounds when we got her 1/31/08, Please check back for updates. up to a whomping 70 pounds. She has been spayed and is ready to go home. Update; 3/4/2009 Ms. Tillie has come a long way since her emotional and physical abandonment by her previous owner. She is very quiet and respectful when she comes in the house. She craves attention. 2/22/2010

Rizz: is a wonderful, happy, energetic, playful 1 year old Saint Bernard puppy. She is small and still a bit thin (only 75 lbs) but will probably grow into a 100 to 110 lb Saint. She thinks that she is a lap dog, and is very wiggly. Rizz will be a great dog for any family. She seems to get along well with other dogs and is curious about cats (though she is learning about their claws!) Rizz has tested negative for heartworms and will be spayed and ready for her new home very soon. 2/22/2010

MURPHY: and TOBY: (Murphy has the narrow blaze; Toby has more white between his eyes.) These two handsome critters recently came into Rescue through no fault of their own and are looking for their forever home. Both are neutered, current on vaccinations, HW-negative, microchipped and housetrained. They’re BIG boys who will need a Saint- or giant-breeed-experienced adopter. (Both boys are pretty convinced that leashes are things you use to pull your owner down the street.) Toby just turned six years old and Murphy’s three. They’re delightful, friendly boys who have lived with kids as young as toddlers, and for their size they’re amazingly gentle with youngsters. They play nicely with cats (though Murphy can occasionally be a touch rough with them). They know some basic commands (sit, lie down, give it), and they’re generally well-behaved. Toby is a big teddy bear. He’s a huge fan of peanut butter, going for car rides and playing with a tug rope. He’s not crazy about thunder and generally heads for a quiet corner til the big bad scary storm passes. What a wimp. Murphy’s more adventurous. He’s smart, and he’s also a goofball with a keen sense of humor. He’ll definitely provide much comic relief for the family. They’re impressive boys who are generally healthy, and both are at an appropriate weight for their height and skeletal structure. However, Toby has developed some arthritis in one hip (haven’t we all?) but daily glucosamine tablets are providing the relief he needs. Periodically, usually when it’s cold and damp, we give him a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication called Deramaxx. Down the road he’ll likely need a mild pain reliever on a more regular basis. Our goal is to keep Murphy and Toby together if possible because they’ve always been together and they rely on each other. Since Toby’s close to officially becoming a “Saintly Senior”, and because we consider him somewhat of a special-needs dog, the adoption fee will be reduced for the family willing to adopt and keep both boys. What could be better than TWO Saints? (As the old Wrigley gum commercial sang, “Double your pleasure, double your fun ….”) The ideal home will include a traditional fenced yard, perhaps kids, and lots of toys. Got room on your sofa for the two fellows? Don’t miss a chance to come and meet them. 2/19/2010

Bubba 2: is a 14 month old male that is also in line to be neutered soon. He’s an out of town guy that was rescued and brought to the big city. He was also kept in the backyard in his former life and would like a family to let him in so he can share his love. His manners are good, he gets along with the other saints and he is a love. 2/19/2010

Jonah: is a 2 yo neutered male rough coat. He was rescued from a shelter in Al. This guy is very playful and sweet. 2/18/2010

Lilly: is a very sweet Saint who has had a terrible start to life. When we rescued Lilly from the shelter, she was infested with parasites and was very emaciated. She had Sarcoptic Mange, a staph infection of the skin, a yeast infection in both ears, ear mites, intestinal parasites, and was infested with both ticks and fleas. In spite of all of this, she craves human attention. She is gentle and wants to please. She is housebroken and crate trained. Lilly gets along well with other dogs and cats. However, she does have a habit of raiding the trash can if she can get to it, probably a result of being starved. Lilly is current on all vaccines and will be spayed soon. She has tested negative for heartworms, and we believe she is about 2 years old. 2/18/2010

Roscoe: is a neutered male Saint, somewhere between the ages of 3-5 years. He is up to date on vaccines, dewormed, and microchipped. Roscoe has tested lightly positive for heartworms. He likes to play with other dogs, but does not do well with cats. Roscoe is sweet and loves attention. He is in the process of being housebroken. He also needs some work on leash training, as he is very strong for being so underweight (only 103 lbs right now). 2/16/2010

River: What a handsome boy! River is a 3 yr. old shorthaired St. Bernard with one blue eye! He was rescued from the local high kill shelter because his family lost their home and could not keep him. River is a strong boy and does need some basic obedience training to be better on a leash and respond to command. 2/15/2010

COLE: 1 yr. old, long haired, neutered male. Very friendly boy, loves to go on long walks and play with toys. Can be a bit rowdy, not a good match for small children. 2/15/2010

DODGE: 6 month old, long haired, neutered male. Happy guy, working on basic obedience and housebreaking. Crate trained. Ready to rock and roll. Very silly boy! 2/15/2010

Mimi: 8 yr. old, long haired, spayed female. Mimi is a gentle lady who is a bit hard of hearing. She is looking for a retirement home, someone to love her and a comfortable sofa. Very gentle and mellow. 2/15/2010

Frank: Meet Frank DOB 2/10/06 Frank is an owner surrender (due to the past owners inability to properly care for the dog) He is a typical saint who likes to lean on you. He has a comical side that will crack you up complete with eyebrow lift, head tilt, and dorky expression. To know him is to love him. He craves attention and is extremely loyal. Laying on your feet is a great past time for him (makes a warm pair of slippers) He would do best with larger size dogs due to his need to play. He is neutered and his vaccinations are current. He has been wormed and has been micro chipped. He loves to go for car rides and walks. He is doing well on leash. Has been started housebreaking. With the right training and loving attention Frank will make a fabulous pet and companion animal for the right person. Is that you? 2/14/2010

Lucy: Hi Ya’ll, I’m Lucy. I’m 3 1/2 years old. I have a full mask and a broken mantle. I am a real sweetheart and I love to lean on you for attention. Will you take me on walks and out to play? I promise to be good to your family as I prove myself to earn my place in it. I mean look at me, I’m happy can’t you tell? 2/13/2010

Bernie: Bernie is approximately 2 years old. He came to us neglected weighing only 85 pounds and requiring surgery to remove quills from his face/neck. That has not stopped him from being a great dog. He likes cats, dogs and kids. He is housebroken and working on putting on some weight. Bernie is looking for a wonderful new home. 2/13/2010

Allie: Hi I am Allie! A wonderful ~4 year old saint. I am the sweetest girl that you will ever meet. I am completely housebroken and do not have any bad habits. I could use some basic obedience, but my sweet nature comes shining through to everyone who meets me. I am looking for the right family to love and adore. 2/12/2010

Isabelle: the explorer is a 3-year old rough coat Saint who is Star’s companion. Isabelle is not quite the lady Star is however she has been working on improving her manners. She is housetrained and knows some basic commands. Good with all people, kids included. She seems to be good with other dogs however her buddy Star only has eyes for her. She displays some rambunctious behaviors but all in good fun (don’t leave your dinner on the counter!). She is up to date on her vaccinations and will be spayed on December 8th. Do you have room in your hearts for two girls who are just looking for a family to call their own? 2/8/2010

Star: is a 6-year old female smooth coat Saint who came in to rescue with her companion Isabelle. She is a lover, great with all people, kids included, but prefers her only doggie friend to be Isabelle. She is housetrained, knows some basic commands, and is easy to manage in the home. She is up to date on vaccines and will be spayed on December 8. Star and Isabelle must be adopted together as they are quite dependant on one another. All they want for Christmas is a new family.2/8/2010

Delilah: A 2-year old spayed shorthair female. Delilah is a solid big girl, sweet, and calm. She knows basic obedience, housebroke and is very gentle. She is ok with other dogs but no cats, she just won’t leave them alone. Favorite trick, she will lay at your feet and look adoringly at you for hours. She wants a home where she can be your foot warmer. 2/8/2010

Chopin: (Decatur, Alabama) This is Chopin, an approximately 2 year old purebred Saint Bernard who came in as a stray a week ago. He’s heartworm negative and been given preventative, wormed, vaccinated and will be neutered and given rabies vaccine. 2/6/2010

Bo: 150 lb. male, long haired, 2 1/2 yrs of age, and brother of Harley. Bo was turned into Rescue from his family because they are moving and couldn’t take him with them. Bo is wonderful around adults and children. Bo was basically an outdoor dog, and at night slept in a barn. He will need to adjust to being indoors. He is very very strong. Bo does not respond to commands, so he definitely needs obedience training. Bo does not like little barky dogs, and cannot be around cats. Bo has been neutered and updated on all of his shots. 2/4/2010

Shadow: an 11 month old sweet Saint/Newfy mix. He weighs 107 lbs. He is a puppy in every aspect, and loves his chew toys. Shadow would be a great play mate for another dog. He is shy when meeting people and dogs for the first time.. He is fine with small dogs as well as cats. Only seem to drool when he plays. He knows his basic commands. Shadow had a skin issue when he was turned in. His skin is recovering well. He was turned into Rescue due to financial problems of the owner. He would be a very loyal companion to a family who will give him the attention he deserves. Remember he is a puppy and does get into things. He will eventually grow out of it. He needs to go to a home with no children. 2/4/2010

Rose: is a 3 yo Saint/ Walker hound mix. She is a very friendly dog. She’s great in the house. 2/3/2010

ANNIE: Meet our Miss Annie. No doubt about it, she’ll steal your heart the minute you meet her. Though she’s a purebred Saint, she’s compact (maybe just the right size for a first-time Saint adopter??). But don’t let her size fool you — She’s got the heart and the energy of a dog twice her size. We’re working on helping her develop leash manners. Annie’s 18 months old. She’s spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, housetrained, and HW-negative. As a baby she had an eye disorder called “cherry eye”. It was surgically corrected and had no impact on her vision. (We swear she can find cookies blindfolded.) Annie plays nicely with other dogs but hasn’t yet met a cat. The ideal home will include a fenced yard, a canine playmate, kids over age 6 or 7, and an adopter committed to completing formal obedience training with Annie. Saint experience will be a definite plus. Don’t let this little charmer slip through your fingers. 2/2/2010

LuLu: Hey you, I’m Lulu. I’m a 6-year old rough coat and I’m here because I am looking for a new home. My previous owners could no longer keep me and they turned me over to this rescue. I used to live in a home with other dogs as well as children and can do so again. I am however selective in choosing my friends, it is a woman’s prerogative you know. I think I would be ok in a home with children 6-years old or older. I am house trained and I do know some basic commands; that will make getting to know one another easier. These wonderful folks here at the rescue say that I could stand to lose a pound or two so will you take me walking? I love to go on walks abound the park or even the neighborhood, that would bond us together even more than our time at home. I would be a perfect fit for your family if you choose me. And if you choose me I will show you how to play ball as I am an expert! 2/1/2010

Belle: is a 7 1/2 year old long haired girl. Very loving with people, is tolerant of children. She wants to be the dominant female, and would be happier being the only female. but likes all the large male dogs she has been around in foster. Belle does not get along with cats, she will chase them. Belle is house trained, and likes to go for walks, but that’s all the outside she is interested in. A nice bed or better yet a cuddle on the couch, and Belle is in her own heaven! 2/1/2010

Tucker: is about a year old-recently neutered, and sweet as can be! He was found as a stray, but is already housebroken and well mannered, so at some time in his past, he was a family pet. He has no obedience training, but doesn’t seem to have any real bad habits either. He loves to play with other dogs, and shows little interest in cats. He loves to ride in the car. Tucker may have been abused, as he is rather head shy and timid around new people. 1/29/2010

Dixie: Well hello there. My name is Dixie. I am a rough coat with what I think you humans call a split mantle. I also have a partial mask which makes it easy for me to hide from you when we play hide and seek. I love the outdoors, walking on the sidewalk and long walks on the beach, what girl doesn’t, right? Now my last owner really thought I loved the outdoors sooo much that he always had me riding in the back of his pickup truck. Now, being a rough coat, it gets a bit warm for me especially when the sun is out. Well this wonderful lady followed us and when she had a chance se spoke with my owner explaining that it was a bit hot for me, bless her soul. She said that if he ever wanted to get rid of me to call her. I knew he wouldn’t, he loved me. Well as the story goes, he called her the next day. I was abused in my past but we won’t talk about that, it’s all behind me now. I am current on my rabies shot and I am on heart worm meds and frontline. I am a very loving animal, really I am. I mean I didn’t hurt the lady that rescued me one bit. I believe that I am about two years old and as such I am a bit active. When my savior gets home I am so happy that I jump and am ready to play. I do get along with other dogs but sometimes I like to be the boss. 1/29/2010

Holly: is a sweet, beautiful two year old female St. Bernard who would love a home with an active family or a playful doggie friend. She is a friendly, happy girl! Spayed, shots, microchip. 1/27/2010

Buddy: This dear boy is 4 1/2 years old. Buddy was rescued from the local shelter. He has some damage to one of his eyes and probably does not have vision in that eye. He is a lovebug couch potato and would do best in a home where someone is home a lot to spend time with him. Neutered, shots, microchip. 1/27/2010

Carson: is a very sweet gentle dog., about 2-3 yrs old. He came into our program as a stray. The shelter says he gets along with cats. He does get along with other big dogs. He has had all his shots and is heart worm free. He does dig so he needs a strong fenced yard but he would rather be inside your home. The adoption fee includes all shots, heartworm test, neutering, a Home Again microchip and one night free obedience class in the Reno, Sparks, Carson City and Tahoe areas. 1/26/2010

Buster: is a very sweet dog, and just loves attention. He get’s along with other dogs. He is about a 1-2 yr. old smaller male short hair Saint Bernard. The adoption fee includes all shots, heartworm test, neutering, a Home Again microchip and one night free obedience class in the Reno, Sparks, Carson City and Tahoe areas. 1/26/2010

Norm: is an 2 1/2 years old Saint/Pyrenees mix. He is a sweet boy who is looking for lots of affection. Will add more about him as we get to know him. 1/26/2010

Emma: This sweet 8 month old girl came to us after her owners could no longer afford to care for her. She is great with other dogs, cats, and children. She would be best in a home with children over 5 years of age as she is still a growing silly puppy who does not know her own size. She is very lovable and enjoys playing with her toys and her foster siblings. For more information on how you can make Emma a part of your family, please contact us. 1/2/2010

Hallie: This sweet gal, estimated to be about 12 weeks old, came to us along with her brother, Harlow, after they were found abandoned in a carrier outside of an animal shelter. They were pretty sick when we took them in but soon nursed them back to health! They are wonderful little pups, believed to be Saint Bernard mixes of some sort. They get along well with other dogs and would be good in a home with young children. Proof of completion of an obedience class will be a mandatory clause in the adoption contract. 1/24/2010

Harlow: This handsome boy, estimated to be about 12 weeks old, came to us along with his sister, Hallie, after they were found abandoned in a carrier outside of an animal shelter. They were pretty sick when we took them in but soon nursed them back to health! They are wonderful little pups, believed to be Saint Bernard mixes of some sort. They get along well with other dogs and would be good in a home with young children. Proof of completion of an obedience class will be a mandatory clause in the adoption contract. 1/24/2010

Mandy: Mandy came to us along with her two sons, Donnie and JJ, from a Southern Illinois shelter after their owner could no longer keep them after she was found to have too many animals. Mandy is 4 years old and very petite, she is a small Saint, and will weigh about 90 pounds once she is at a healthy weight. She had a skin infection and was thin but we are working to fatten her up!! She is a real sweetheart and gets along well with other dogs and children. 1/24/2010

Rascal: 1 year old, long haired male. Rascal is the brother of Thumper. The 2 of them came down together. Rascal is full of energy, likes to be loved. He enjoys being outside, but has to be watched, as he likes to dig, and has jumped the fence. Rascal is the alpha male. He is good with children. He cannot be around farm animals. He is a very sweet boy who deserves a loving home. 1/24/2010

CAMEO: Cameo is Sky’s daughter. She’s 3 years old, shorthaired, vaccinated, heartworm-negative, housetrained and microchipped. She’s scheduled to be spayed in a few days and then will be ready to charm the socks off some lucky family. Though quite thin at present, once she packs on some much-needed weight, boy, then will she be impressive! Her feet are like dinner plates and the size of that head, well, think basketball. Cam’s markings are interesting She has a half mask on her face, and patches of white fur on her ear flaps (referred to as “hospice ears” after the Hospice of Saint Bernard in Switzerland, an incredibly beautiful place in the Swiss Alps where the Saint Bernard originated). Cammy is amazingly gentle with kids of all ages. She plays nicely with other dogs and with cats. She’s a big fan of dog cookies and tummy rubs. Her very favorite place is right there on the couch with her humans, usually with her head in someone’s lap. Don’t miss a chance to meet pretty Cameo. She won’t disappoint. We’d prefer a fenced yard for her, and Saint experience will be a definite plus. 1/24/2010

Sugar: is a longhaired female approx 2-3 yrs old. She’s very sweet and wants her forever home. She was a stray so we don’t know a whole lot about her. Would prefer a home with older children. Not sure how she is with other dogs or cats, but she is definitely a people person dog. 1/22/2010

Taylor: Meet this sweet little girl, Taylor. Taylor is a 1 year old, rough coat Saint. Taylor is a super sweet girl- she’s lacking a bit in the obedience department and needs to lose a little weight but will make some lucky family very happy. Taylor is spayed, up to date on her shots and housebroken. Due to her size and puppy personality she will do better with children over 10. She does well with dogs and is very curious about cats . 1/20/2010

Thelma: is a 5 yo spayed female rough coat. She is a very sweet and gentle dog. Quietly waits for her turn to be petted. 1/18/2010

Ben: is a very large rough coat Saint, about 6 years old. He has not had good care, coming into rescue as a heartworm positive stray at least 50 lbs underweight, with horrible ear infections, to the point that he was almost deaf. However, his ears are now better (he CAN hear, at least when he “wants” to), and he is slowly gaining weight. Ben is housebroken, and non-destructive (although he does like to collect his human’s items sometimes and take them out the doggie door and “store” them for his family (but never chewing anything up!). Ben gets along fine with other dogs-large and small. He adores children, and is truly a gentle giant. He has a massive, beautiful masked face, and the best temperament ever, even considering his neglectful past. He would love nothing more than to find a family to call “his own”. 1/17/2010

Breeze: Female, longhair, 1 1/2 years old, Saint Leon (Saint Bernard x Leonberger mix). She gets so excited for love and attention. She love people and kids. She likes to play and very athletic. 1/17/2010

Pygmalion “Pyg”: is a 9 mo old neutered rough coat. His owners turned him in because they were moving to Alaska and could not take him. He’s in definite need of some etiquette lessons. We are working on his food and cat manners. Since he is a puppy, his adopter must have previous Saint ownership experience. 1/17/2010

Jack:– Jack is approximately 3 years old. His owner died and he was turned into the pound, he was adopted out and then returned. He needs someone committed to giving him a permanent home. Look for a photo and more info to come in the near future as Jack is in transition from pound dog to foster dog. 1/16/2010

Berkley: is a rough coat male saint. He is approx 2-3 years old. He needs a home where he is not overstimulated by lots of sounds and action or he becomes overexcited. He wants to be right with you all the time and will show you lots of love and attention. His ideal home has no kids (he likes them but they are too overstimulating), no cats, and probably no other dogs (he would need to meet your dog). He needs an obedience class to learn how to better channel his energy. He will run if off leash so he will need a home with a fenced yard. Berkley is beautiful and loving and looking for a committed person to give him a stable home where he can settle in. 1/16/2010

Boomer: is a 2-year-old neutered male. He was picked up as a stray and spent several weeks at the shelter before being turned over to rescue. He loves kids and other animals. He knows his commands and will come to you when called. He is great at riding in cars. He does great walking on a leash. Sometimes he pulls, but he needs work on that. He loves to play with his toys and snuggle with anyone who is willing! He is 140 pounds and could stand to put on a little weight. Boomer is a playful dog and also a mellow dog that needs to find someone with whom to share his joy of life. 1/16/2010

Just-us: She is a sweet 4 yr old rough coat. She weighed in at about 70 lbs. & has major hair loss. her previous owner had medical issues and had to give her up. 1/10/2010

Nana: She is a 2 year old pale slash coat. She is very sweet & does great with other dogs. 1/10/2010

Guinness: is a 14-month old male Saint Bernard who is neutered an up to date on his shots. He as seized by animal control from an owner who was unable to provide good care to him. Despite his rough beginnings, he seems like a love of a dog who is just waiting to find his forever home. He weighs approximately 130# and is in need of some training. He spent a month with a trainer before coming in to rescue and was doing very well. He will need someone who is willing to continue his training and to provide a safe and secure loving home. Guinness wants a new family for Christmas, could it be you? 1/10/2010

Keisha: Short haired female. Approximately 3 years old. Keisha was given up by an older couple who has health issues and felt they wouldn’t be able to care for her. Keisha is a very nice dog who will attach herself to you. She is a dominant female, but gets along with the males and females in her foster home. She also gets along great with the cats. Because she is so strong, she would need to go to a home where there are no small children. She enjoys going for walks, and absolutely loves riding in a car. She does pretty good on a leash, but will pull at first when she walks. 1/10/2010

Newman: This sweet 3 yr. old bald-faced male St. is back in Rescue after being placed in April with a family who had a small baby who turned out to be allergic to him, so we got him back. Newman was attacked by what AC believes was a mountain lion in Dec. and had 3 eye surgeries to save his eye. He can see out of that eye, but his pupil is very small. He is a happy, healthy boy who really needs a loving, stable home. 1/7/2010

Trevor: this handsome 4 year old male St. Bernard has been waiting for several months for a new home. He is a super friendly boy who loves everybody but, no Small dogs or cats for him! 1/7/2010

Delilah: This sweet little girl is Delilah. She is up to date on all her shots and has been started on heartworm and flea/tick prevention. She is doing well on her housebreaking and will do best with someone that’s home that can take her out during the day. Delilah loves the company of other dogs and thinks that humans were put on this earth to hug and love all over her. She would love to have a doggy playmate in her new home. 1/5/2010

Goliath: Goliath is seven years old. He would very much like to have a loving home to spend his retirement years in. He is a big beautiful guy that has a lot of love to give. He has to take medication for an enzym problem, but that is all. The medicine helps him digest and get all the value from his food. 1/4/2010

TANK: Male, half Saint/Black Lab, 10 months old. Tank is very sweet and gets along with other dogs in his new foster home. He used to live with cats in his previous home, and he is trying hard to make friends with his foster mom’s shy cats. Tank enjoys riding in cars, and is extremely well behaved in a car. Tank is a big love and will bring your family all the love and more. 1/2/2010

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