359 Adopted (Placed) Saint Bernards 2009
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Henry: is a 6 year old neutered male Saint. His old family didn’t do him any justice. He used to be the fluffy attractive large Saint in the happy photos. He was turned into rescue a week ago emaciated, flea infested, bloody, scared, and pitiful (see other photos)-mainly due to starvation and fleas. But Henry has heart. With enough food, love, and medical care, he will return to his proud, regal self. He has already gained almost 10 lbs in a week, and his hair is growing back. Henry is timid of new situations, and probably hasn’t been socialized too well in public. But he likes dogs, cats, and kids. Henry seems to trust women more than men. He can “high five” and knows some basic obedience, and he is housebroken. 12/31/2009

Jody: 11 month old, long haired female, weighs 97 lbs. She is very shy at first. Jody definitely has the energy of a puppy. She knows her basic commands. Her coat is improving from the dog food she is now being fed. The brown color in her skin is getting darker. She is fine with small dogs as well has cats. She was turned into Rescue due to financial problems. She would be a very loyal companion to a family who will give her the attention she deserves.12/31/2009

BRIAR: This poor boy has had a positively MISERABLE life. At only three years of age he has never known the warmth of a home, the love of a human being, the touch of a tummy rub, or a full food bowl. Socialization? None. Human interaction? Nope. Training? Uh uh. He couldn’t even count on being fed on a regular basis. He’s spent his life relegated to the backyard, tied to a tree or confined to a crate. Yet for some reason, and we can’t even begin to wonder what that reason is, he’s still willing to trust. We can’t imagine why he’d even consider giving a human another chance. Well, he won’t be let down again, not on our watch. He’ll know respect and dignity and love. He’ll know that humans are not all bad. He’ll experience what it’s like to live indoors, and maybe even be allowed on the sofa. He’ll learn that his food bowl will be full and that humans can have an unlimited supply of dog cookies. Our Briar will need a patient, Saint-experienced adopter who has a fenced yard and no other pets. We’d recommend teen-aged kids or no kids. Are you looking for a project? Briar SO needs you. 12/29/2009

BRUNO 3: Bruno’s a roughcoat young fellow who’s only 17 months old. His vaccinations are up-to-date and he was just neutered. (He sure was surprised to learn what THAT entailed.) He’s been microchipped, is HW-negative and he’s housetrained. We think his half-mask is quite striking. Don’t you agree? Brunie plays nicely with most other dogs, and he even tolerates cats. His favorite goodies are hot dogs. Heck, this boy loves ANY people food (though we don’t recommend human goodies except as a very special treat when he’s been especially good). He’s not real crazy about thunder but doesn’t make much of a fuss — He just hides til the storm passes. He prefers being indoors with his human family, preferably getting tummy rubs. Brunie’s ideal home will have a fence, perhaps another dog or a cat, and kids over age 10 or so. He’s an affectionate boy who loves being hugged. Are you looking for a first-class cuddler? If so, Brunie might just be your boy. 12/29/2009

Brewster: is a 2 year old neutered male Saint. His coat is of medium length, and he is underweight at the moment. Brewster is fine with other dogs, and seems to like children very much. He is heartworm positive at this time, and will be placed on preventative immediately. Brewster is microchipped, vaccinated, and appears to be housebroken. He walks fairly well on a leash, so has probably had some training in his past. He is lovable and thinks he should fit in your lap (as you can see by the photo)! Brewster is currently being fostered in the Austin, TX area. He has not yet been tested around cats. 12/27/2009

Zeus: is a 6 year old neutered male Saint Bernard. He is a beautiful dog with a great temperament- very friendly, and still a great watch dog. He likes to be walked, and is great on a leash ( but has a little trouble listening sometimes when he sees a squirrel or a cat)! Zeus weighs about 140 lbs., and is current on his vaccines. Zeus is a rough coat Saint, and he plays well with others at the dog park and at doggie day care. 12/27/2009

Violet: is a around 100 lbs., and just turned 1 year in October. Violet is looking for lots of one on one attention. She grew up with a family that had five children and loved them. Given their situation they had to move and leave her behind. She loves to be groomed and has lived as strictly a house dog. She enjoys running around outside and has lots of energy to burn. She does great with other dogs large and small as well as cats so far. She is very playful and enjoys her toys!! She is going to make a wonderful addition to an active family. She is spayed, microchipped and up to date on all vaccines. 12/27/2009

Bella: is a 1 yo (11-4-2008) spayed female. She was purchased by someone that didn’t realize she’d “get that big”. She was given to another person whose spouse felt like she was too much dog also. She’s great w/ kids and loves to be loved. Because she is still very much a puppy, her adoptive home must have previous Saint ownership experience. 12/20/2009

Lucky: indeed and ready for his forever home! Lucky, a 2-3 year old Saint Bernard/Great Pyrenees mix had been dumped on the street in the 116 degree heat. He was shaking badly and barely able to stand when a very nice lady took him home to cool him off and call rescue to come help him. He had been shaved to the skin, had burn scars on his back, ticks between his toes, sores on his neck and he was easily forty pounds underweight. Since his rescue in mid -summer 2009, Lucky has received medical attention and has been living with a foster family. Lucky has a healthy appetite and has steadily been regaining his weight. He is free of fleas and ticks and his coat is coming back nicely. Lucky enjoys daily walks (he’s good on the leash), lying next to his foster parents (he is very affectionate) and watching Animal Planet and the Dog Whisperer on TV. While Lucky can be playful, he tends to be calm and quiet, just enjoying companionship. Lucky is living with two female dogs and getting along nicely, but he has a tendency to be dominant. He seems fine around children and adults and loves to socialize. Lucky is house-trained, and knows shake, sit and come. He seems very trainable and is eager to please. Lucky’s foster parents feel he would do best as the only dog or with non-aggressive females so long as he has a human pack leader to help ensure tranquility. Cats might be a challenge for him. All-in-all Lucky is a great dog and if you are looking for a loyal, loving companion, Lucky could be just the dog for you. 12/15/2009

TEDDY: Teddy’s a lovable goofball who came into Rescue as yet another victim of this tough economy. He’s vaccinated, microchipped, housetrained, neutered, and HW-negative. Teddy’s a strong boy. For that reason the successful candidate must have Saint experience and will be willing to help Teddy work on his leash manners. He’s not a fan of “loud” so a peaceful environment will make him the happiest. He prefers sleeping on the master bed (and he’s quite the bed hog). He likes squeaky toys and Sno-Cones. Give this boy a Milk-Bone and he’ll be your new best friend. Teddy’s ideal family will have kids over age 12, a secure fenced yard, and a Saint-experienced family. He will do best in a home where he’ll be the only pet as he’s convinced that all the attention in the world should be showered on him alone. 12/13/2009

DAGMAR: Oh my gosh, how can you resist that adorable little face? Dagmar was the runt of a litter that was born here earlier this year. Mommy’s a Saint. Dad’s a Great Pyrenees. Daggie is spayed and microchipped, is HW-negative, and her vaccinations are up-to-date. She plays very well with dogs of any size or age. Though she hasn’t yet met a cat, we’re confident she would enjoy playing with one. She manages to wrap her little paws around the heart of any human she meets. If this was the Miss America contest our baby girl would most certainly be Miss Congeniality. Daggie’s very favorite thing is playing with stuffies (though she usually manages to pull out all their insides). She’s also a big fan of Meaty Bones and Liv-a-Snaps. (Actually, she’s a fan of almost ANY dog treats.) We’d like to see Dagmar in a family with another pet, and she’d be great with kids of any age. Consideration will be limited to families with a fenced yard, and a stay-at-home parent. Successful completion of a formal obedience course will be a requirement of her adoption contract, and preference will be given to previous New England Saint Rescue adopters. 12/13/2009

Willie: is a 5-year old neutered male Saint who is looking for his forever home. He is wonderful with children, he lived with 8 of them ranging in age from infant to teenager. He is housetrained and knows some basic commands. Unfortunately he is not a fan of other male dogs and needs to be kept separated from males. He is fine with female dogs of all shapes and sizes. He also lived with birds and small exotic animals and did fine. Although he may not be able to be as social as one would like outside of the home (i.e. his aggression toward male dogs) he would make a great companion to someone who has the room, preferably a privacy fence, and in return you will get 150# of love! 12/13/2009

Anna: is a young, energetic and smart Saint Bernard. Likes other dogs and cats, but is a little intimidated by cats who just stare at her. She loves meeting new people and greets all new comers with a loud “Woof!” to let them know she’s there and that they can start petting her. She likes children (really, she likes everyone, but especially people not much taller than her). Anna takes well to training, learning commands quickly. She doesn’t do well with “Don’t Move” as she tends to wiggle a lot while she’s waiting for you to tell her what to do though she will “Stay” quite well. Anna is on the small side for a Saint Bernard, weighing between 100 and 120 pounds, but she makes up for that with her energy. Anna says, “Hi everyone. My name is Anna. I’m small for a 2 year old Saint Bernard, but I make up for that with my energy! I have a soft coat and (I think) a cute face! I like adults and children (I greet them with a ‘Woof!’ to let them know they can start petting me as soon as they see me. For that matter, I like other dogs and cats too. Sometimes the cats intimidate me, but that’s OK because they smell interesting. I’ve learned some commands like sit and stay, and I do them really well.” 12/13/2009

Sarina: is a 3yo (6/03/06) spayed female rough coat. Her owner turned in her and her sister in due to his job requiring him to travel more. She’s obedience trained and is accustomed to being in the house. 12/12/2009

Rocky: Rocky is a beautiful large saint. He is so loving and makes great eye contact. He is 2-3 years old. Rocky is great with kids and gets along with dogs he meets out and about. In his home he would do best living with another dog that is more submissive. He has been gentle with small dogs. Cats are an unknown. He could use some additional leash training and should be a fast learner in obedience. Rocky is neutered, and current on vaccinations. He is testing heartworm positive and will be treated prior to adoption. 12/5/2009

Bernie: is a 4 1/2 year old rough coat female. She will be your very best friend and wants to be wherever you are. She LOVES the car. Bernie needs a quiet home without a lot of traffic or commotion. She is good with dogs and we do not know about cats. She is housebroken. Bernie has been moved a few times recently and needs a good stable home. 12/5/2009

Rocky: (Pocatello Idaho) is a 7 year old (10/2009) Saint Bernard/Shepherd cross. His owners surrendered him to the Bannock Humane Society for adoption because of allergies, changing priorities with kids and lack of space in their yard for a big dog. The family had him from an early age and did give him regular vet care. He is enjoying being a foster at our house. He is very good with my 5 dogs, ranging from basset hound to border collie. We still are not sure on our cats, time will tell if there is an issue. Loves to be with people, loves to follow you around and watch everything you do. He was previously left mostly outside or in the garage so he is enjoying being a house dog. He has some manners but will need some reinforcement. He can sit and shake but needs to practice regularly. He is also learning stay and don’t rush the front door. He loves riding in the car and he is pretty good on leash. He pulls a little, but we will try a harness and see if we can improve that behavior. He is neutered, up to date on rabies and distemper/parvo. We will booster him on distemper/parvo on a 2 year cycle at adoption. Rabies is good to 2011. He does not show any signs of arthritis yet. He also may need dental at some time in the future, but it is not bothering him now and we are going to provide many hard treats and bones to try to clean up his teeth. BHS is located in Pocatello Idaho. We are in in Southeast Idaho, about 175 miles north of Salt Lake City Utah. We do allow out of state adoptions. We don’t allow our animals to be transported by plane, only on the ground. 12/4/2009

Moose: Hi everyone I’m Moose. I have a full mask with a broken mantle. I am only 4yrs old and a small 120Lbs. I love to play ball with everyone as well as taking walks and running. I am very protective of my owner’s children as I will be with yours too. And if we get along I will even roll over and let you rub my belly. I do obey some commands and a good natured pet over all. 12/3/2009


Juliet: Hi everyone I’m Juliet. I am a full mask with a broken mantle, aren’t I just lovely? I am only one year old and still learning and looking for someone to teach me. I have a small condition called demodex but it is not contagious and it is going away. And thank goodness for that, I can’t wait to have a shiny coat again. I am currently in North Carolina but I have my bags packed and ready as can be as I will be moving to Virginia soon. Oh how I love to travel, will you take me for car rides? We can grow together, you teaching me commands and me eating the treats you give me. Oh how I am looking for my Romeo errrrrr master. Are you my new master? 12/3/2009

Pete: Well hello there, I’m Pete. I have a full mask and a broken mantle. I am only 2 ½ years old. I love other dogs once we sniff each other. So sniff, sniff and a friendship is born. Do you do that too? I am an inside dog and really strive to please my owner and family. I know some commands thanks to my trainer, he’s 10yrs old. At the dog park I love to meet new people first then I’ll meet their pets. I simply love the attention. I have never growled nor bitten anyone, I don’t have time for that between playing and being happy and all. If you enter my house I will bark at you, but only because I want you to pet me. 12/3/2009

Mongo: is a 2 yo (9/8/2007) neutered male smooth coat. He has some fear issues with strangers that we are working on. He is very smart and strong!! 150 pounds of hard headed dog. He responds well with a prong collar. He would need an experienced Saint owner. An Alpha owner. 11/4/2009 Mongo has graduated to my farm the Rescata. He is doing very well meeting our friends and neighbors. He’s learning to play. I still recommend he goes to an experienced Giant dog owner. 150 pounds of puppy running and play bowing at you can be an experience. His obedience refresher course has helped tremendously. 12/2/2009

Toby: Meet Toby He is just a baby at 1 yr old. He is a tri color, full mask, shorthair, very special dog. He is a very affectionate dog. Loves to lean on you as well. He has very good leash manners. Appears to be housebroken. He has been wormed, microchipped, frontlined, neutered, and all his vaccinations are current. He came into rescue due to severe neglect and abuse. This dog is grateful to be out of that horrendous situation and shows his gratitude in every wag of his tail and every puppy kiss he gives. (He has his rescue person wrapped around his paw) He will need a firm hand to continue his training and a whole lot of love. Will do well with children over the age of 5. 12/2/2009

Raven: (Start country woman’s voice) How do ya do everyone? My name is Raven and I am five years old. In dog years that’s thirty-five, but between you and me, let’s say I’m two. Now while I may look sad in my picture it’s because I woke up here in this here rescue shelter one day. I had a lovely home and master who taught me commands. Now I don’t know every command but you can teach them to me and I will learn. I am a long hair and a gorgeous one at that. I need to stay beautiful for you and to attract attention at Pets Mart or Petco or even the park. Will you take me to the park? I am looking for a good home that can love me and coddle me. However I do have quite the problem with small dogs, thinking they’re all that. Well I’m five times their height so I can easily show them! And cats, oh they just ruffle my hair the wrong way, (sigh) and those hair balls, yuck! No one believes me when I say cats are planning your demise, I know it! I’m very friendly with large dogs, we’re just loving creatures we are. So please adopt me and I’ll love you every time you brush me and feed me and give me attention. 11/30/2009

Diesel: is a 3yo (05/18/2006) neutered male rough coat. His owner was going through a divorce and unable to care for him like she felt he needed. He is fine w/ cats and children and other dogs. 11/28/2009

Zach: is an 18 month old Saint Bernard mix. He is on the small side for a Saint. He has a beautiful coat. Zach is a sweet dog with lots of energy. Right now his goal in life is to run and play. He plays great with other dogs. He knows the commands sit and down. We are working on come. He responds well to his name. You will have an easier time if you let him keep his name. He’s fine with big & little dogs, as well as cats. He was turned into the rescue because his owner could not longer take care of him. Give him a chance. You will fall in love with him. 11/24/2009

Heidi: is a sweet, rough coat female Saint. She is between 1-3 years old, and gets along great with dogs, cats, and all people. She is very submissive, and loves to roll on her back to get her belly rubbed. Heidi came from a shelter in Louisiana, and so is quite well traveled! She is heartworm negative, and looking for a family to call her own. She will go fast, as she is a real cutie! 11/21/2009

Abraham: is a calm, lovable Saint. He thrives on attention, but is also very happy to lie at your feet and sleep. He is not dominant and gets along fine with dogs, cats, and adores people! He is a good sized Saint, but could use some more groceries. Abraham knows basic commands and is good on a leash. He is currently being fostered in the DFW area of TX. 11/21/2009

Cassie: is estimated to be about 5 years old. She is spayed, vaccinated, de-wormed, and has just completed treatment for heartworms. Cassie is housebroken and tolerant of cats. She likes other small dogs, but hasn’t been tested around large dogs yet. Cassie likes to play, and seems to be good with children. 11/21/2009

Dante: is Duke’s brother. He’s 14 months old with a rough coat and half mask. Dante is the happy go lucky one of the two. He’s very puppy-ish and very silly. He also knows sit and no. We do not believe he is housebroken but we will work on it while he is in rescue, as well as other manners and obedience. Completion of a formal obedience class and a traditionally fenced in yard are mandatory for Dante’s adoption. He will be brought up to date on shots and neutered prior to adoption. 11/16/2009

Duke: and Dante are brothers that came into rescue together. Although they didn’t have an ideal start in life, they are sweet boys. They were outdoor dogs tied out to a cable but they were loved. They were socialized with the families children and the family’s small dog. Dante is the bigger of the two. He is a 14 month old rough coat boy. He is a bit more timid than Dante but will lean and stay close for a lot of lovies. Dante is not housebroken but we will work on that while in rescue. He does know sit and responds to “no”. He is good for grooming and eager to meet new people. Duke will be neutered and brought up to date on his shots prior to adoption. Completion of a formal obedience class and a traditionally fenced in yard is mandatory for Duke’s adoption. 11/16/2009

Tex: is a 4-5 year old with a sweet, loving soul. He is great with other dogs and new people. He loves to be nurtured and also has a playful side to him. He weighs about 150 pounds. 11/13/2009

Duffy:” the small horse;)- Duffy is a 140 lbs 3 year old smooth coat saint that is full of energy and loves everyone. He has the energy of a puppy and is working on the training part. His biggest downfall is his size and the occasional accident in the house (just due to a lack of consistency and training up to this point in life). Since he is so tall you have to watch out for a big wet kiss. As you can see in the pictures there is no aggression with food, cats or other dogs, he is even willing to share all at the same time. He was in the house full time in his previous life but in foster care he is only inside crated at night. He is learning that it is ok to be alone but still prefers to be with you at all times. He loves to go for car/truck rides and takes treats very easily at the coffee and gas stations. You can trim his nails by yourself and he loves to be groomed. Given that he eats about 8+ cups a day and does seem to have mild issues with some dog foods make sure you budget in his diet;) He is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, heartworm tested and current on all flea and parasite prevention. Duffy is looking for the home that will just love him to pieces. He craves the attention and soaks up every bit of it. He is really a sweet boy. 11/10/2009

Petey: is a beautiful rough coat Saint with a pleasant personality to match his good looks. He gets along fine with other dogs (small and large) and tolerates a houseful of cats as well. Petey enjoys children, is housebroken, and is crate trained. He is patient and trusting of people. When he came into rescue with an infected nail, he allowed it to be treated without any resistance or struggle. Somewhere in his past, before getting dumped at the shelter, Petey was loved. Petey is neutered, and although he has tested positive for heartworms, his slow treatment has begun. The above photos were taken at the shelter, before entering rescue. He is much cleaner and more “pettable” now! 11/8/2009

Joey: Hi, I’m Joey and I live in Maryland. I have a full mantle and a splash coat. I am one years old! I’m a big kid now! My owner had to move to a smaller place and there is no room for me anymore. I am only 170 pounds and current on all of my shots. My owner has me scheduled to have me neutered soon too. I may be young, but I’ve heard grown men talk about the procedure and it doesn’t sound too pleasing. I love all the people that I meet and even other pets too. Do you think you have room for me? Can you teach me more commands to follow? 11/7/2009

Heart: When Heart first arrived at her foster home she jumped over the living room chair, on the window sill, and put her front feet on top of the kitchen counter to see what was up there. It was like being in a comic strip and this all happened within 60 seconds. Needless to say she was a bull in a china cabinet and had no manners what- so- ever. After the word “NO” settled into her little brain she decided to keep her feet on the floor where they belonged and has actually been good ever since. Heart is a very social doggy now that she is not relying on her litter mate to show her how to act. She is extremely sweet and loves people of all sizes. However, as much as she loves children she is not able to process the concept that little ones will fall down if she rushes past them. As they tumble to the floor she will run back to give them a reassuring kiss. Heart is a dream to walk on a leash but is distracted easily, as the world around her is such wonderment. If someone is walking on the road behind us she will keep turning her head around to see if they are close enough to give her a pat on the head. Heaven forbid if she should miss something. Due to her nosiness she often forgets to watch where she is going so it’s quiet natural for her to bump into things like the mailbox, other dogs walking with her, the truck in the driveway, etc. etc. etc. Graceful she is not nor will she ever score high on an IQ test but if you are looking for a loyal loving companion Heart is the dog for you. 11/4/2009

Isabella: Meet Isabella. She is a 10 ½ year old smooth coat. This little lady was wandering around the streets of NY until she was picked up and brought to the shelter. Her history is unknown, but what a little sweetheart! Isabella would do best as the families only dog, as she doesn’t like anyone around her food and shows a little dominance. She would also prefer a home with no feline friends. She has recently been spayed and will be up to date on her vaccines and started on heartworm prevention before she goes to her new home. She loves to cuddle and give kisses, and still loves to play and carry her bone around with her. She is looking for a special home that will give her a warm bed to curl up on for the remainder of her years. Could that be you? 11/4/2009

Blossom: 3 yr. old, long haired, spayed female. Very easy going and happy with everyone. Gets along well with other pets and people. Housebroken and obedience trained. 11/4/2009

Libby: 4 yr. old, long haired, spayed female. Libby is a real lady. Very sweet and shy, gentle. She is currently undergoing heartworm treatment and will be ready for her new home in the middle of June. 11/4/2009

Emmy: 4 yr. old. long haired, spayed female. Very laid back girl, gets along with other dogs, cats and people. Lost her home due to a foreclosure. 11/4/2009

Scotty: 4 yr. old, long haired, neutered, male. Scotty is a mellow fellow – loves to sit on the couch and watch TV – (sort of like a husband). He gets along great with other large dogs. No cats or tiny dogs please. 11/4/2009

Bella:, long haired female, 22 months. She is a friend to all. She is housebroken and her AKC registration papers are transferable. Unfortunately, when she was a few months old her left elbow was broken and not reset. When she came to us she limped badly, but it doesn’t slow her down now. She may require some meds in the future. She romps and plays hard with the other dogs and is one of our best runner/hikers. Apparently when the people who bought her found out that the elbow could not be fixed they turned her in to animal control along with her registration papers. Bella has had some obedience classes. She can sit, down, etc. She has been spayed and microchipped and is current on all of her shots. Her physical exam showed her in excellent condition. Bella will make a great house dog and a companion for people, cats or dogs. 11/3/2009

Baxter: is a 1 year old, short-haired male. He is on the small side but makes up for it with his perfect behavior. He is house-broken, does not drool and, loves kids, cats, dogs and people.. In his previous home, he lived in the house with a small and large dog and cats. They all played well together. He was taken to the dog park daily where he got along with all the dogs at the park. Baxter enjoys going for walks, and is good on the leash. He also enjoys going for car rides. Baxter deserves to be in a home where someone will be willing to work with him and love him. He is a very affectionate dog, and just wants to please everyone. 11/1/2009

Manny: this adorable 6 month old male St. Bernard came into Rescue with his two brothers and father (all have been adopted). They were rescued from the St. George, Utah Shelter when their family moved and left them behind. Manny is a very sweet, playful boy who gets along with other dogs and loves people. He is a good little watchdog, as well! 11/1/2009

Mick: Mick is between one and two years old. He is still considered a puppy and does need to learn some more manners. He does know sit and walks well beside you and is currently learning not to put his front paws up on things. He is a big beautiful guy and has a wonderful personality. He is easy going with other dogs and he is Duffy’s favorite playmate and even Sugar who we were told doesn’t like other dogs likes him. 10/31/2009

Bosworth: is quite a handsome gentleman. He is 11 months old and approximately 140 pounds. He is crate and house trained and has basic obedience commands down. He is good with other dogs and with children. 10/31/2009

Chloe: (rough) is a 3 yo (6/3/06) spayed female. She and Sarina are littermates. This gal is a typical Saint loves to lay her head on your shoulder and give kisses. 10/28/2009

Minnie: is a 3-4? year old spayed female smooth coat Saint. She was surrendered to the shelter because her family was moving. Minnie is very underweight at the moment (see photos), but finally has a full, warm belly and will put on weight now that she has ample food. Minnie is learning very quickly to be housebroken, and ishares her foster home with several large and small male dogs, that she gets along with (but likes to boss around). Minnie would love to not have to share the attention with them, but she is tolerant. Minnie loves children, and bonds to people (especially women) very quickly. She has tested negative for heartworms, and is current on her vaccines. Minnie had an embedded collar in her neck, but it is healing well and should have minimal scarring, if any. Minnie can still be a little hand shy with quick movements, but is learning to trust and will make an excellent family companion. 10/28/2009

Bruno: My name is Bruno, and I am a 2.5 year old purebred male Saint. I was found as a stray in the DFW area, and my family came forward to identify me, but left me at the shelter anyway- I guess I must have done something to make them not love me anymore (I waited and hoped but they never came back). My foster family can’t figure out what, as they say I am the “perfect” boy. I don’t bark much, am housebroken, don’t eat their belongings, and just want to be loved! I am still thin (groceries were not plentiful in my past), and I had a bad sinus infection where I couldn’t breathe and icky stuff poured out of my nose. I also had bad fleas, which made my coat not look so nice, and it was matted. But that is all fixed now (thank you foster mom and dad!). I go in to be neutered soon, and then I can find my new family. I like to play with other dogs and I enjoy being a lap dog (yes, it is a tight squeeze but I can fit in the recliner with you!) 10/28/2009

Roxy: is a 1-2 year old saint that didn’t have the best start in life. She is learning to walk well on a leash and some basic obedience. She is also crate trained and will walk right in without being asked. She gets a little nervous when men approach her and is unsure of their intentions. Once she knows they are not going to hurt her she warms up quickly and leans in to be pet. She loves to play and run laps around the yard encouraging whoever is around to play back with her. Roxy seems to do well with other dogs, but needs to be fed separately as she does not like other animals near her food. We do not know as this time if she is good with cats. 10/22/2009

Beethoven Jr. : BJ (for short) is about 2 years old. He is soon to be neutered, and is good with children, cats & other dogs. BJ is a big lovable guy that is housebroken, and he appears to be in good health, other than needing some time, regular flea prevention, and good quality food to improve his dry skin. BJ is being fostered in the Houston area. 10/22/2009

Little Bit: is a wonderful 3 year old spayed female. She is very willing to please, is good with other dogs, children, horses and chickens. With cats, she just wants to know what they are. She is not obsessive with them, but just curious. She is very well behaved in the house. She is a very special dog, and would love to be a part of the right family. Little Bit is a keeper! 10/20/2009

Jake: is about 3 years old and is a shorthair. He is a very polite and well mannered dog who also seems to be housebroken. He loves a car ride and to be around people. He also gets along with other well mannered dogs. Jake just might be that perfect family dog you have been looking for ! The adoption fee includes all shots, heartworm test, neutering, a Home Again microchip and one night free obedience class in the Reno, Sparks, Carson City and Tahoe areas. We also include an information packet and a large bag of Pedigree dog food. 10/20/2009

Romeo: is about 3 years old. He gets along well with other dogs. He also loves to ride in the car. He will need a secure outdoor area as he likes to dig under fences to see what’s on the other side ! His favorite thing is tummy rubs. He is a very strong dog and when he’s ready to go you better be ready! He does not like people putting their fingers or hands in fences. The adoption fee includes all shots, heartworm test, neutering, a Home Again microchip and one night free obedience class in the Reno, Sparks, Carson City and Tahoe areas. We also include an information packet and a large bag of Pedigree dog food. 10/20/2009

Buddy: is 4 years old. He has all his shots, has been neutered and is heartworm negative. He is a short hair and gets along with other dogs. 10/20/2009

Duke: was found this summer wandering the streets of Plano, dragging a dirty piece of rope tied to his collar (no tags). He was skinny and had scabs behind his ears (we think from tugging on the collar). We took him in when no-one in the vicinity would take responsibility. Duke is a big, friendly neutered male Saint mix puppy. He loves attention, especially from children, and always wants to play (especially if it involves jumping into the pool). Because we have inside cats, he stays in our fenced backyard, so we don’t know if he’s housebroken. While we take him on leash to Bob Woodruff Park almost every day, he really needs more room to run free than our yard provides. He does not try to dig under the fence. Duke is estimated to be 8-9 months old, and currently weighs about 60 lbs. He is vaccinated, tested negative for heartworms, and is on heartworm prevention. 10/20/2009

Keeta: is a 10 month old Saint/Newfy mix. She is an owner surrender from Nebraska City. Keeta is sweet, playful and waiting for her forever home. She is approximately 80 pounds and will need obedience training. 10/16/2009

Jaba: He is a 3 1/2 year old Saint/Pyrenees mix. He is tall, handsome and very gentle. He weighs in at 130 lbs. Jaba likes to chase cats but gets along well with all other dogs. He needs some obedience work. He is an all around wonderful boy who just wants lots of love. Special Needs; Jaba will need periodic medication for Lyme Disease as he becomes symptomatic. 10/16/2009

Roady: (Little boy voice please) Hi everybody, I’m Roady. Like the road you drive on, just add an Eeeee at the end of it. Roooadeeeee… Roady. That’s it, you got it! Well as you can see I have a full mask and a full mantle, oh yea, and I’m a Saint Bernard too! I am 9 months old so I am still so much a puppy at heart. I was born on January 2nd of this year. And this is the year of the Ox. I hope to grow up big and strong like an Ox. Per the Chinese horoscopes I am supposed to be a tolerant person with a strong character. Like a hard working Ox I too will work hard at playing with you and defending our home. I am up to date on all my shots and am very sociable, I love everyone. I love attention so be ready to give me some. I’ve been neutered and have had my stomach tied so that it will not twist. There is no better Saint then I, stronger than an Ox I will be! So fill out an application here and I will get back to you as soon as I can. See ya soon. Roady. 10/15/2009

Sasha: Hi everyone I’m Sasha. I’m new around here so let me tell you a bit about myself. First and foremost, I am a sweetheart. I love to be loved and I will love you in return. I am vaccinated, spayed, heartworm tested and have been started on my monthly heartworm and flea prevention. I love to play, but only alone. I seem to like only male dogs as long as they realize that I am boss. I am not sure yet if I like children or cats, but I am willing to try. I’m looking for a master that can handle me, one that has experience with Saints and one that will train me to follow his every command. I promise to be protective and loving and playful in exchange for a good home. So are you the right person for the job? 10/15/2009

Annabelle: Hi everyone, I’m Annabelle. I am two years old and full of energy. I am spayed and vaccinated because my friend Maddie told me about this H1N1 thing going around. One has to be careful these days! I have also been heartworm tested and started on my monthly heartworm and flea prevention; I can’t stand those little critters on me. I came from a home that had other dogs and we got along just fine after they all realized that I was boss. But if you are thinking about adopting me, I just may let you be my master. I used to be house trained as well. I may have forgotten being in this kennel, but it’s like riding a bike, you never forget. And no, I don’t ride bikes anymore a friend had a terrible accident at a circus once. Anyway, I would love for you to take me on walks, car rides, PetsMart, the movies and even dinner every once in a while, I’m a lady remember I think we’ll get along just fine. 10/15/2009

Rosie: (Dallas, TX) My name is Rosie. I’m a 4.5 year old St. Bernard. My mom rescued me 1.5 years ago after I had been abandoned and delivered three puppies underneath a rundown house in the woods. After much love, healthy food and some basic obedience training, I’m now a healthy, happy, well behaved and very friendly girl. I am spayed, vaccinated for everything and on heartworm preventive, although I did test “slight positive” for heartworms. But I’m under the excellent care of a veterinarian who says I’m doing just fine. My mom thinks the world of me. But her new job keeps her on the road traveling nearly every week. She says I’m not getting the exercise I need nor do I have the opportunity to run in a fenced yard anymore, since we live in Dallas during the week. I’m a very good girl who is well behaved in the house and does not get on the furniture. I know all of the basic commands and even though I’m quite large, I’m very gentle – especially when I approach people. And I do LOVE people, especially children! Mom says she’s not sure how I am around cats because I haven’t had that experience yet. I do not have jowls, nor do I drool. I eat about 4 cups of food each day. If you are looking for a well behaved, loving, gentle giant who adores people and children, please consider adopting me. I’d bring lots of love into a permanent family. 10/11/2009

Scout: Young male St. Cautious at first with new dogs, but now romping and playing with foster home St. High energy St puppy ! Wants to please learning. Going to obedience classes with young teen thru 4-H classes. Knows some commands , learning more. 10/11/2009

Duke: is 17 mo old male, good with people of all ages and sizes . Given up because his mom has to travel for work a lot and didn’t feel it was fair to him to be kenneled all the time. Likes other dogs, likes to play with kids and dogs barks at you to play. Tries to be a counter surfer at times and wants to ‘settle in’ on he couch. Looking for a home he can call his own. 10/11/2009

Kirby: is a 3yo neutered male rough coat. He was abandoned at a rental house in rural Alabama after his owners were evicted. The owners of the rental property cared for him until they could get him to us. He is very friendly and loves kids. 10/9/2009

Brandy: Well hello there, I am Brandy and I am just under 2yrs old. I am a smooth coat and AKC registered. My Grandfather was Beethoven, the Grand Champion so I am royalty. I love being outside, but my new foster mom is showing me that being inside is a wonderful place too. She’s so sweet, being patient with me and all. My foster has some dogs and we do get along rather well and I love her kids too. Now I always seem to go to the man of the house more often than the lady. I think it’s his cologne or shampoo, whatever it is I like it. I am current on all my shots, but I am not spayed currently, but I may be before you take me home. I am getting used to being on a leash too. I do love to go on walks so I’m learning as fast as I can. I am a very calm kind of girl for not having a lot of attention. I will sit so you can give me all the loving you want. Oh how I love my foster mom, she showed me this thing called a water bowl, oh my. Who knew that I could have clean water all the time, I love her so. 10/6/2009

Tex: 3 year old long haired male. Tex is a 187 lb. gentle giant. He is truly gentle. He was found wandering the streets, and the owner never claimed him. This big boy will brighten your day. Tex just wants to please everyone. He gets along great with all adults and children. He is great with other dogs, male and female, and cats. He loves to go for car rides and walks. He has no bad issues whatsoever. Tex really needs to find a home that will give him a lot of love. 10/4/2009

Penny: is two years old, spayed, up to date on her shots, and will be heartworm tested and then started on heartworm prevention and flea/tick prevention. She has been around small children and should be placed with a submissive dogie companion. Penny does need some help on her leash manners and will take you with her wherever she wants to go. 10/4/2009

Beethoven: is a 3 year old rough coat saint. He came into rescue with his sister Heart who is also available for adoption. He is good on a leash, but needs to continue to be taught his manners. He is very submissive and seems to do well with dogs and cats, although he has never lived with cats before. He is full of energy and is looking for the right person or family to give him plenty of cuddle time and tire him out! 10/4/2009

Abby: is a female Saint between 1-2 years old. She is a rough coat Saint, who is currently very underweight. Abby has pretty markings, and a very sweet temperament, but she was not handled much in the past, so she is very timid and will take time warming up. She just came into rescue in mid-August, and while she is afraid of just about everything, she is making progress in leaps and bounds. Abby is a finicky eater (so far), and is scheduled to be spayed once she puts on some weight. Abby tested negative for heartworms. 10/4/2009

Pooh Bear: is a handsome boy who is about 2 years old. He was found as a stray and weighs 125 pounds. He is a gentle guy who just wants to play and receive lots of love. He is a big drooler and will require obedience training. He should go to a home with no cats as he likes to chase them. Pooh had eye surgery for bilateral Entropean (inverted eyelids) on 8/20/09. He will be ready for adoption once healed. 10/2/2009

Bailey: Hi everyone, I’m Baaaaaailey. Yes, I am excited that you’re looking at me. I’m so happy!!! Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I’m a long hair, with a full mask. I have a broken mantle, but that just makes me prettier. J Oh did I mention that I have freckles? I love everyone and everyone loves me. I like other dogs too, but it is a woman’s prerogative to change her mind. I am current on my shots and available for viewing in Alexandria. The people here are taking real good care of me too. My last owner couldn’t take care of me anymore so I had to move on. I would really enjoy evening walks and a day at the park, wanna go? I was acquired from a breeder originally in August of 2007 so that should put me just over two years of age, I’m a big girl now! I’m ready to play and love a new master too. Could that be you? 9/29/2009

Buddy: (Use a country voice please) Hi everyone I’m Buddy! And I’m looking to be your buddy too. I was found in a yard in Howard County tied up outside cuz my owner never let me in, not even in the rain. These here humans say that I was abused because I am scared of men. Now I try to block out that part of my life. I think being outside all that time, helped me build my character. I was lean, dirty and my hair all dirty and matty, but that’s all over now. My new keeper has shown me that it’s ok to love kids and go for walks. I never knew life could be this good. I am very playful and I will watch TV with you too if ya let me, gosh I love that Animal channel. I can’t stay in my current home so I am looking for a new one. Can you help me out, play with me, take me on walks and watch TV with me? 9/29/2009

Roxy: is a 3 year old half Saint Bernard, half Great Pyrenees. She looks like a Pyrenees, but has the Saintly personality, and coloring of a Saint. She is a very sweet dog, who gets along with other dogs and cats, but, at first meeting a female dog, she can get a little testy with them, then is fine. Roxy was given up due to hardship. She definitely knows her commands and is house trained. She loves to be with people and gets along fine with small children. She loves to cuddle with you. Roxy enjoys her daily walks and loves to ride. Roxy is a very lovable dog, who deserves to be with a family that will love her and give her the attention that she needs. 9/29/2009

Zeus: Friendly, big happy 3 yr. old male St. Bernard who was rescued from the St. George, Utah shelter. Zeus is a handsome guy, as you can see! He gets along with other dogs. He is powerful and will need some leash training but if you love St. Bernards, this boy may just be for you! 9/27/2009

Sam: Sam is a fun loving 15 month old male. He is submissive, good with kids, cats, and other dogs. Sam will be available for adoption by the end of September. He needs to be neutered and have surgery for his entropian eyes before his big move. 9/21/2009

Moe: is about 8 months old. He is an owner surrender from Grand Island, NE. He is a sweet, playful boy who gets along with all. He weighs in at 113 pounds with lots more growing yet to do. Special Needs; Moe is currently being treated for Demodex. 9/21/2009

Tootsie: is a 2-3 year old spayed female Saint that was found as a stray in the Houston/Baytown area. She is heartworm negative, and has received her vaccinations. Tootsie is currently underweight at 102 lbs (she waited for a long time in the shelter until our rescue had a foster opening), and needs some groceries to get her looking her finest. Tootsie (named by some of her foster’s neighbor children) is now safe in a foster home with several cats (who she likes to chase, but does not really hate), and several large male dogs. She gets along fine with the males, but doesn’t seem to like other female dogs. Tootsie is housebroken, and adores attention. 9/19/2009

Nana: is a 2 year old, 123 lb, housebroken female Saint. She adores children, likes other dogs, and doesn’t seem to mind cats either. Nana rides well in the car, loves water and baths, and she even likes the dryer when you blow it on her. She was surrendered after her owners tied her to a tree and left her basically unattended, with just the necessities, but little attention. Nana is ready for that attention and love from her forever family now! 9/19/2009

Brutus: a 2 yr old long haired male. He’s very loving with adults and older kids. Wants to be your own lap dog. Won’t you let him into your heart? He has a lot of love to give. 9/18/2009

Bernie: is still looking for a forever home. Do you have it in your heart to provide a loving home for a Saintly Senior? Please fill out an application. Hello, My name is Bernie (Bernidette) and I’m looking for a new home. My Mom & Dad lost their jobs here and had to move far away with my children and had to leave me here with a sitter. My mom & dad said they don’t allow dogs where they are and so they want whats best for me and thats to find a new home. I love to play, go for walks, take baths, gives kisses and affection. I love kids of all ages. I have had all my shots and my heart worm test is negative. I have been the only pet in the house for 7 years. I don’t really like to share my love and attention with other dogs. 9/15/2009

Nana: Hi my name is Nana. I came into rescue when my owners dumped me in a shelter. I had been with them since I was a puppy. They claimed they were moving and they weren’t going to take me. I have spent my whole life in a kennel. I did not get much attention and was never even taught to sit. I am a good dog, and I try real hard to please. Now I live in a house and get to lay on the carpeting. It sure feels good. I am housebroken and learning basic commands. I work really well for a bit of love or perhaps a dog cookie. I have had some health issues but am responding well to the meds. I finally get to go for walks too and I behave so nice on the leash. I get along with other dogs and cats and people…I just love everybody. I have been spayed and all my shots are current. I really want to just be a speed bump on your carpet and love you to pieces. I love belly rubs (am just learning what they are too) Won’t you please find space in your house and your heart for me?? 9/13/2009

Daisy: Meet Daisy She has come into rescue thru no fault of her own. her family ran on hard times) She is 4 yrs old minds her manners has sit and down commands perfect walks nicely on leash loves people gets along well with other dogs, cats, livestock (though she does try to herd the livestock) Loves kids. She is spayed her vaccinations are current (just boostered) she has been wormed and microchipped. She is housebroken. All she needs is a family to call her own and some good food (she is down in weight right now). Could you be her owner?? 9/13/2009

O Henry: This is O Henry Because when we saw him we said “OH Henry how could anyone treat such a wonderful creature this way.” He is a sweet boy who has been tied out on a chain all his life we estimate him to be 3years old and is 40lbs underweight. When animal control confiscated him he was so weak they had to carry him to the van and were concerned about him making it. In a few short weeks he has rebounded well. He loves rides in the car and to be hugged. Appears very gentle we are looking for forever loving home so he will never remember his neglectful days. 9/13/2009


Droopy: Hi everyone, I’m Droopy. I am a loveable 5 ½ year old baby. I love everyone and they love me. I am current on all my shots and have been neutered as well. I used to be called Goofus and am now called Droopy, will you call me yours? I love big people, little people, dogs, cats, worms and rats. I love to laugh, can’t you tell by the pictures. That lady found my tickle spot, silly lady. I was rescued from death row by a wonderful group of ladies. As a matter of fact, when they picked me up, they all fell in love with me. It was like Valentine’s Day for me. All the attention I could handle. Can you blame them? I’m a lady’s man can’t you tell? I won’t pull on the leash when we go for walks and I will let you pet me and rub my belly all day long. (You know you want to). Com’on now ladies, we could sit and watch chick flicks all day long and cry together. I’ll even let you lean on me if we watch horror movies too. 9/12/2009

Maxwell: He is a 2 year old with a gentle soul. This handsome boy is 102 pounds. He is laid back yet still playful and well socialized. He will be adoptable once neutered. 9/12/2009

Webster: is an 18 month old Neapolitan mastiff/ saint bernard mix. He is a big boy and still very much a puppy. He is very affectionate and loves the people he is close to. He does take some time to warm up to strangers, especially men, but once he knows your his friend he will settle down. He walks well on a leash and comes when called. Webster’s ideal forever home would be in an adult only home with no other pets. He is crate trained and does very well with the crate. If left loose too long he will get into mischief. He’s a great boy waiting for that special home to come along. 9/12/2009

Harley: Hi! My name is Harley and I am a wonderful 4 year old girl. I have been shuffled around a lot, my last home gave me up as they were moving and could not take me with them. I love people, and I adore children. I am small for a saint weighing in at 97 pounds. I do not have a lot of obedience, but I am learning every day and my general disposition is happy and eager to please. I am housebroken and would LOVE to come be a great addition to your family. 9/10/2009

Max: North Alabama dog available is a beautiful, 3-year old male smooth-coat Saint that is looking for a new home. He weighs around 145 pounds and is an extremely healthy and happy dog. He has been neutered and is up to date on all shots, heartworm and flea prevention. His previous owner had gotten him as a puppy but after a divorce and financial difficulty was unable to properly care for him anymore. He never meets a stranger and loves adults, children, cats and other dogs. He is extremely intelligent, very sensitive and still has a good bit of puppy in him so he loves to run and play. He is an amazing dog that deserves a great home! 9/9/2009

Baci: is a 8 year old rough coat male. Before his adoption he will be neutered, updated on all his shots, started on flea/tick preventative, as well as heartworm prevention. Baci is a very friendly boy and doesn’t mind being touched all over. This is a good thing because Baci has a lot of hair! He is going to need to be brushed on a regular basis to keep his coat looking good. He doesn’t seem to mind other dogs and gets along well with cats. He has been introduced to livestock also and did well except he thought chasing the chickens was fun! Baci does not act his age at all and has a lot of energy. He will need some work on his basic obedience and leash manners. Baci was primarily an outdoor dog and right now by his own choice prefers being outside or in the garage over being in the house. Hopefully over time he will get to like the idea of living indoors again. He is a good boy that will be a great companion. 9/8/2009

Chloe: is a 3 yo 9/12/05 smooth coat spayed female. Her owner also turned in Cash. Chloe is a very laid back sofa spud dog. She has made herself at home here. She understands “off” when she sneaks onto the sofa. 9/8/2009

Rocky: “(little boy voice please)” Hi everyone my name is Rocky. I’m just a baby at 11 months old. I’ve already been fixed, (didn’t know I was broken). I have been tested for heartworm and was negative. I was dewormed and I am current on my distemper vaccine, rabies vaccine and kennel cough vaccine. All these shots, oh my. My owners had to let me go because they moved into a new house and the landlord would not allow me at the new house. I tried to explain to him that I was being potty trained and that I would work harder at it if he let me stay, but he didn’t seem to understand. So I said it slower, “Rrrrruuuuuufffffff, rrruuuuuffffffffff, ruf. bark, bark, rrrrrrrrrruuuuuufffffffffff, rrrruuuuuufffffffff, barrrrrrrrrk. But he still didn’t get it. So now I’m here in Charles County. I’ve made a great friend, kind of like a mother, her name is Lacy May and she talks funny. I promise that if you take me home I will continue my potty training and learn to go on walks with you and play with you and love you. I will even sleep with you if you let me. 9/4/2009

Diesel: & Mya: Here are two amazing Saints that we would like to keep together. They are traveling dogs as they have been to Michigan and are now coming to us from Florida. They have fallen into our hands due to family situations changing and of no fault of the Saints. Bios are from the owner. Diesel (aka; Big D) 3 year old male, neutered, 165lbs. Up to date on all shots and heartworm test/meds. AKC name; Chronicles of Diesel He is a big lover boy. Loves kids, cats and other female dogs, but likes to be the only male. He is a bit aggressive towards other male dogs. Big lap dog if you’d let him. Always wagging his tail nonstop. Has basic obedience and is good on a leash. Loves water and his own ‘doggy’ pool. Gives his undivided attention to you and wants to be near you at all times. He has medium length fur and has been shaved in the summer time and is good with a groomer. Mya (aka; Missy) 2 year old female, spayed, 110lbs. Up to date on all shots and heartworm test/meds. AKC name; Mya, Roman Goddess of Spring She is a dainty female, who loves to run around the yard and play chase. Loves kids, cats and all other dogs. She is a big puppy. Rarely drools. Will sleep with or without you on your bed. Loves to be near you and petted at all times. She is a short-haired Saint. She has been to a groomer and got an A+ on her groomer report card. Walks great on a leash but lags behind toward the end of the walk. 9/4/2009

Lacy May: (Southern belle voice please) Hi ya’ll I’m Lacy May. I am 4 years young, not spayed but I will be before I go home with ya. These here folk at the rescue said it had to be done. I had a skin issue when I arrived at this here shelter but it seems to be resolving with bathing and flea treatment and a glass of sweet tea. I was tested for heartworm and passed with flying colors sugar. I was dewormed, and I am current on my distemper vaccine, rabies vaccine and kennel cough vaccine. So I’m in pretty good shape for a four year young lady. I found myself here one day when my owners had to leave crying. I felt so bad for them, but I reckon it was because the new house they had to move into didn’t allow pets. I don’t know why they wouldn’t allow me because I am 100% house trained, what a loser. Anyway ya’ll I look forward to meeting every one of you. I’m currently in Charles County MD, so hurry and come along and pay me a visit before I move down south. 9/4/2009

Hercules: This dear boy is a eight year old St. Bernard who was placed by our Rescue four years ago, and is now back in our Rescue. Hercules loves everybody – he is a good boy. Neutered, shots, microchip. 9/1/2009

Marley: Hi everyone, I’m Marley. I am just a baby at 8 months old. Just a baby I tell ya! They say that I am a rough coat but boy am I baby soft. I am a beautiful girl at about 110lbs. But the weight seems to be settling on my hips so I could afford to lose a few pounds. Being a young pup I love to explore everything. I have sooooo much to learn. I mean there are bugs, birds, animals, toys, chasing cars and much much more to get educated on. Being a puppy I will need a good master to follow, to take me to obedience training and socialize me with other animals and people. Will you please brush me? I love my hair. I mean what girl doesn’t? I have a soft and fuzzy tail to show you when you come to see me. I am spayed, vaccinated, heartworm tested and on heartworm and flea monthly prevention treatment. I’m in better shape than your best vehicle! I used to have a great family, but one day I found myself at animal control. So now I am looking for a new family to care for and hoping that they will care for me too. Will you love me? Come’on whatcha waitin for??? 9/1/2009

Cash: is a 1 yo 7/4/08 rough coat neutered male. His owner was no longer able to care for him. He’s all puppy. We are working on his obedience training. 8/31/2009

Mater: a 2 &1/2 year old, 150+ lbs spayed female English Mastiff. She has been raised with the owners that believed mastiffs are timid by bred and to big to teach anything or make listen. She has never been on leash and knows absolutely no commands. She is scared of her own skin but soaks up affection like a sponge. Some how with no social skills she is still super sweet. She is very nervous when approached but craves attention when put on leash. She has never had the luxury of being inside so she does great outdoors. Loves other dogs and cats. She has a few issues that will be addressed once her confidence is up enough to make the vet trip, like a buggery eye and updating vaccines etc. She is going to make a wonderful companion you can tell she is not aggressive just insecure. She is absolutely gorgeous and disserves someone willing to commit time and compassion. This is a project with potential to have a GREAT outcome and amazing story;) 8/28/2009

Balla: Hello, my name is Balla. I may be a 7 year old but I still have a lot of energy to run around a large backyard with. I am trained enough to listen to every command that you give me! I am spayed, vaccinated, heartworm tested and have already started my monthly treatment for fleas and heartworms. I will promise to be very lovable around you! We will even be the best of friends in the blink of an eye! Yes, BFFs me and you! I am a lady and I would love to go on walks any day of the week, in almost any weather! Oh and you must give me car rides for I also love those! I can be a little bossy at times but I’m sure we will get along just fine. As for a bed you can get me one that looks and feels like grass for I love to be played with in the outdoors. So what do you say, will you be my new BFF? Best Friends Forever? 8/25/2009

Ranger: and Tonto: (Amarillo, TX) are about 1 ½ year old brothers who were found abandoned and starving to death at an area park. They were so skinny you could see all their ribs, hip bones, etc. They are both very sweet and have gained weight with some good nutrition. They both walk well on the leash (Ranger is a little better than Tonto). They can do sit and are working on down and stay. They love people and especially each other. They are kenneled next to each other and sleep with their backs touching through the fence. We would love for them to be adopted together if possible. They are neutered and up to date on their shots. They have not been heartworm tested but I will do that next week. They are eager eaters and Ranger weighs about 130-135 lbs. Tonto now weighs between 100-110 lbs. They have gained about 15-20 lbs. each since they have been there. They are really loving boys and would make someone great forever friends!! 8/24/2009


Simba: is 2 year old shorthair male Saint. Minimal drool. He does need to gain some weight, and needs to learn his basic commands, which we are working on now. He has had a hard first 2 years of his life. He has spent most of it being tied up in a barn. Simba is a very nice dog, and is learning to trust people. He has no aggression issues with other dogs or cats. Simba loves to have his belly rubbed, and is pretty much a laid back dog. He loves to go for car rides. Simba needs to go to a home where there is older children, and where the new owners will be willing to work with him and give him the love that he deserves. 8/23/2009

Beethoven: is a loving large short hair male. Would be a great addition to a active family .Needs exercise. Up to date on shots. 8/23/2009

Rico: is a 3yo neutered rough coat. He came to from a shelter in Alabama. He is very calm and sweet. He is a thin 127 pounder. 8/22/2009

Brice: is a loving St. Bernard male that just turned three in April. We have had him for two years and he has been the kindest and gentlest dog I have ever known. He is amazing with children. I have two boys ages four and two and he never once snapped, growled or barked at either of them. He is a very protective dog, especially of children, and he loves to be in the company of people. He is house broken, up to date on shots and will be neutered this week. The only reason we are having to part with this sweet giant is due to allergy problems my little boys are having with him. Brice has been a member of our family since my two year old was just a four month old baby; with all honesty I can say there is no better dog to have around children than a Saint Bernard. It breaks our hearts to part with him and we want to make sure that he finds another loving home to spend his time. (little boy voice please) 8/22/2009

Benny: is a 5 yr old male St who was left in an apartment with another dog to starve, when the owner moved away. A relative took him for awhile, but then dumped him at a shelter . He was adopted by a couple who took care of him and loved him for about a year but took him back to the shelter because he has frequent nosebleeds and didn’t know how to deal with that. WSBR will do a work up on him to try and get to the source of his problem. He is a very sweet boy, who seems to get along with other dogs and kids. He had lived with a guinea pig in one home and kissed it. 8/22/2009

Duffy: Duffy is a sweet girl that is five years old. She is such a love bug and will pass up treats just to be with you. She has plenty of spunk but prefers to be cuddled up with you. She does like to go walking and taking car rides with you too. Her favorite friend at the Saintuary is Mick and they like to play together. 8/17/2009

Sunny: is a 1 1/2 year old spay, longhaired female. She has lots of energy and is a very quick learner. She loves people and with some direction, she will be a great companion in her new family. Sunny can be female dog dominant, so a home with a larger male dog would be best for her. She is a sweetheart and looking for her forever home. 8/17/2009

Nike: 1 1/2 year old smooth coat (shorthair) housetrained male. Nike is a very loving, playful and sweet guy, who loves everyone he meets. He does still need a little work on his manners because he gets so excited to be around people that he gets carried away and sometimes jumps up on you. The pictures are from when he was six months old and will be updated. He has grown a lot and filled out even more since these pictures were taken. 8/17/2009

Bettis: is a 4 yr old male. He is a very mellow but active guy. He loves everyone and is good with other dogs and possible even cats. He is a very big boy, but very gentle and loves kids. He is a very big boy, but very gentle. He loves car rides and wants to be your big couch potato. 8/17/2009

Thelma: is a 4yo spayed female rough coat. She is one of the sweetest Saints I’ve ever had. She is very quiet. She sits patiently and waits her turn to be petted. 8/17/2009

Diesel: This sweet 1 year old came to us after his owner abandoned him and his mother inside a trailer home and moved away. He is such a doll and a joy to have in your home! He loves other dogs and children. He would make a great playmate for any dog. He is such a lover! For more info on how you can make Diesel a part of your family, please contact us.8/17/2009

Dory Francis: This sweet gal, born in 12/08, came to us after her owners could no longer care for her. She is great with other dogs, cats, and children. She loves to go for car rides, LOVES belly rubs, and to romp and play with her toys and her foster sibling. She would make a great addition to any family. Proof of completion of an obedience class will be required as part of the adoption contract. 8/17/2009

Carmichael: Hi, I’m Carmichael. I’m a 14 month old baby boy. I am a smooth coat/splash coat and I weigh in about 135lbs. I am neutered (yes it was a sad day for me too) yet I am very playful. I love other dogs and people of all ages. I’m a puppy, who wouldn’t I love and who wouldn’t love me? Being that I am a puppy the adults suggest a fenced yard just so that I don’t get too curious to see what’s over there, or there, or there I came to the rescue due to no fault of my own, really it wasn’t me. My family had major changes but I am moving on and being optimistic that I will find someone to love me in return. Can I be frank here, I would love to play with you, walk with you and even grow old with you. Once I learn that you do love me, I know that I would follow you to the ends of the earth for a doggy treat, or two, or three… Hey look, what’s that over there? 8/16/2009

Wall-E: Hi everyone I’m Wall-E. Yes, I know I look like Wall-E the movie star, but that’s not me. We get confused all the time. We do however have some things in common, like we are both curious, OMG I love learning. We both also really enjoy collecting things, hint, hint, like toys for meee? Now I’m not solar powered but I do have a lot of energy that comes from the endless supply of treats that you will give me, wink wink, nudge nudge. Due to this energy I have been known to pull a little while on the leash. But with a good master I may be able to be reprogrammed to walk slower with you. The only other thing that we have in common is that neither one of us can reproduce as I am neutered. I am also vaccinated and have been heartworm tested and started on my monthly heartworm and flea prevention. I love people of all ages, dogs, cats, mice, rats, the mailman, milkman, veterinarians, technicians well you get the idea, everyone and everything and a partridge in a pear tree. I look forward to reading them. Wall-E. 8/16/2009

Nala: (use a sweetheart voice) Hi everyone looking at me on the internet!!! Hi! My name is Nala, lets say it out load together, Naaa Laaa, Naa Laa, Nala! Did you say it out loud? I am a proven tough cookie as I was found struggling and surviving on the streets in Virginia Beach. Oooo, I could be on “Survivor Virginia” a new reality show. With this economy the way it is, who would have thought that “I” would have lost my job as a family pet? Who would have thunk it ya know? I’m not at the Ritz Carleton, but close enough, I’m at the Virginia Beach Animal Control Shelter. Now you should come and visit me at the Shelter, I’ll even give you an autograph. From being on the streets I have a small skin condition that is being treated with medication. So until I recover from that I will have a few patches of skin showing, I think it adds character. The people here say that I am a sweet girl and that I love everyone. I even let them put a collar on me and I didn’t even growl, for some reason I like these people. You would think that I am Paris Hilton with only weighing about 80lbs. I am working on gaining my weight back and getting my curves back. As for Paris, she could use some good ol’ fashion French Fries. Oh how I love to be scratched, I will nudge you until you scratch me. I love that almost as much wagging my tail. I also like dogs, go figure, you like humans, I like other dogs. Don’t know about them fur ball cats though. I am positive about everything and don’t forget to look at my pretty smile, I’m always smiling! 8/16/2009

Anya: Longhaired female. is a 15 month old female Saint who loves to be petted and stay by your side. She does require a lot of attention. She loves to play, and plays with one of the other dogs in her foster home. She is great with small children. She is good with the cats. She has had obedience training, and minds very well. She loves to go for walks, and does very well on the leash. Anya is a very sweet dog who deserves a home where people will love her and let her be part of the family. 8/15/2009

Jackson: Hi my name JACKSON!!! I am a 7 year old male (neutered) St. Bernard with the energy and drive half my age. I am very affectionate, love human attention and interaction, but can also lounge with the best of them. Do you love going for walks? Me too!! Car rides? I can’t wait for them!!! I am very sweet and will treat you like a king or queen! I’ve been raised my whole life around small children and get along with other dogs and animals. I weigh in at a trim and healthy 100 pounds. My shots and vet visits are all up to date. I know basic commands, love to stay on my own property and when you come outside I’ll tag around with you! I want a family that will interact with me because I have many good years left to give back. You will love my playful and dear personality, please help. 8/13/2009

Polly: is a 6 yo spayed female smooth coat. She was turned into a shelter and then came to us. We are working on her obedience. She’s doing well and is ready to go home. 8/13/2009

Bruno: Meet Bruno He is just 8 mos old just an adorable puppy He is current on vaccinations wormed. neutered and he is microchipped. We are working on leash manners and house manners. LOVES people, other dogs and cats. Kids are for belly rubs and walks and treats. His perfect world would include a soft carpet an in charge person to continue his training perhaps another dog to play with or a child over the age of 5 lots of good food and treats (liver is his favorite flavor). He is going to bond hard to his forever family he is a sweet goofy boy who will make you smile and at times crack you up with his puppy antics. LOVES the vet LOVES car rides. LOVES attention LOVES everybody. 8/10/2009

King: is about 5 to 6 years old. Has all shots and is neutered. he has to have a loving home with a bathtub he can get into. He loves it. He was trained to pick up a phone for a disabled person. He loves baths and he is very good on a leash and loves to ride in a car. 8/8/2009

Tahoe: is 3 and acts like it. He needs to gain some weight. He is a tall dog with a big head. When he fills out he will be a big guy. He has a great temperament. Doesn’t really know his own strength yet. He was turned into the pound because the family didn’t want him anymore. There lose is your gain. Tahoe is a great dog. He loves to be around people. He just wants to lay down quietly by your feet. You can’t really ask for a better companion. He also likes his car rides. He gets along fine with big and little dogs as well as cats. Even likes to play in water. Give him a chance, you won’t regret it. 8/7/2009

Tucker: is a 1 1/2 year old male dog who weighs 165 lbs. and is still growing. Tucker was given up because the owner has Alzheimer’s and cannot care for him. Tucker has had no socialization, which he is now getting. Although, when meeting Tucker for the first time, he will bark and growl. Once you get to know him, he is a wonderful and loving dog. He definitely cannot go to a home where there are small children. Tucker has no aggression issues with other dogs and cats. He enjoys going on his daily walks, and likes car rides. Tucker needs to be in a home with someone who has owned Saints before, and has the upper hand with him. Tucker loves to be petted and brushed, which he gets daily. Tucker needs to find a quiet and loving forever home. 8/6/2009

Greta: She is about 3 years old, female, blond hair, 125 lbs, and fixed. She does not do well with small dogs or cats. She is learning to walk on a leash. She will come when called, and will sit, and shake most of the time. She loves to be petted. She has discovered the doggie pool and loves to cool off. She is crate trained and is a big marshmallow. She is used to being on a farm and is now getting used to meeting people. UTD on shots and maintained on heartworm preventative. 8/4/2009

Lucky Boy: We are looking for a special home for Lucky. Lucky was turned over to rescue when his home was taken away in this economic downturn. He needs a family where someone will take the time to socialize him and help him gain much needed confidence. He is a young dog around 2 years old. He loves his toys and would love a home he could call his own. He is good with other dogs, but he needs someone with Giant Breed experience that can socialize him and give him confidence and trust. 8/4/2009

Mya: is a 3 year old female, who weighs 102 pounds. She came the the Humane Society for Southwest Washington as a stray thought to be roaming the streets for around a month! Mya loves her people and children, and gets along with dogs, but sometimes can be aggressive towards female dogs. Mya likes to play with cats, maybe a bit more than the cats really desire. She is a wonderful loving dog who has a real desire to please. She really deserves a good forever home. 8/3/2009

Tessa: is a 17 month old beauty. She is loving, energetic and wants to please. She is great around other dogs and children and walks well on leash. Tessa is on the smaller side weighing in around 100 pounds. 8/3/2009

Zeus: This handsome, smoothcoat, 2 year old, came to us from a family who “rescued” him from another family. They always “wanted” a Saint Bernard but realized once they got him home, he was just too big. He is a very sweet boy, who is great with other dogs, cats, and children. He needs some work in the obedience department but is very smart and a quick learner. he gives paw and knows how to sit. He loves to play with his foster sister and is housebroken and crate trained. 7/31/2009

Connor: Connor is 4 year old, very loving boy whose owners can no longer keep him due to a job transfer. He is wonderful with other dogs, cats, and children. He is a real sweetheart who loves to go for car rides. He would make a great addition to any family! 7/31/2009

Sampson: is a 2 yo 8/30/06 neutered smooth coat. His owners were not able to care for him since they had a baby. Sampson is used to being an indoor dog. He loves kids, cats and was in the home w/ a Chihuahua. He’s obedience trained and a really great dog. He’s a extra large 187 pounds. He’s a little chunky. 7/29/2009

BRANDY: is a wonderful girl who is approximately 6 years old. Brandy is spayed, up to date vaccinations and on heartworm preventative. She is housebroken. She came into rescue through no fault of her own. Her family lost their home and she was turned into a shelter in Ohio. A volunteer there fostered Brandy until she could come into rescue. The history that we were told about Brandy is that she lived with other dogs and children and was fine. While she was in her foster home, she showed a little too much interest in their cats, so we would recommend a home without cats. Brandy and Bruno have become best friends. She has been with children and is fine – although she could knock over small children. Brandy loves her treats, so you do have to monitor those. 7/28/2009

Roscoe: Hi, my name is Roscoe, I am a 140 lb growing neutered male that just turned 2 in April. I love, love, love people and playing in the yard and in the house (when possible). I am very affectionate and like being brushed and played with. I do love to fetch the ball, romp and run, and I am a good excavator as well. I travel well in the car and like children. I am looking for an active, loving family to spend my life with. Please adopt me. I would really love to be in my forever home. 7/27/2009

Megyn: We think Megyn is long hair, but it was cut prior to turning her into Rescue and is beginning to grow out. Megyn loves to run and play. She was found running loose and her owner could not be found. Megyn is definitely a people person and thrives on attention, but she definitely does not like cats. Please consider her as a possible member of your family. Megyn is believed to be around 8 months old and she will need obedience training. 7/26/2009

Roscoe: is also a 3 year old Saint Bernard, weighing in at 120 pounds. He is a very affectionate dog with lots of energy. I don’t think you could give him enough attention. He came in with Brutus, and unfortunately, also tested heartworm positive. 7/26/2009

Barnaby: is an 18 month/2 year old male Saint. He LOVES human interaction and is very people oriented. I think he would be happiest in an indoor home with a family that would walk him/take him outside to play. He is not dog aggressive at all and is cat curious. Barnaby loves the water (baths especially) and really enjoys his kiddie pool. He is scheduled to be neutered soon, tested heartworm negative, and is up to date on all vaccinations. 7/26/2009

Buddy: is a two year old neutered male Saint. He weighs in at 125 lbs (could still gain some), is current on vaccines, and tested negative for heartworms. Buddy loves children and is housebroken, but he is not okay with cats or other dogs. He needs to be the only pet in a family. Buddy is good on a leash, and appears to have some training (we also have a trainer working with him). Buddy is a sweet boy who wants to please. There is no room in foster care for him, so he has been boarded at a kennel for over a month. Please help Buddy find his forever home! He needs a family to love and protect! 7/26/2009

Titus: is a handsome, even tempered, 5 to 6 years of age male. He is neutered, up to date on his shots and micro chipped. Titus came to rescue from the Humane Society. How this wonderful St. Bernard ended up at the Humane Society at this point in his life is beyond me, but I’m sure it was through no fault of his. Titus is in a foster home with four other Saints, 3 males and a female and he gets along fine with everyone. Titus is a perfect gentleman out in public. He is great with other dogs and curious about cats. We are not sure how he behaves around children because there are none at his foster home. He is very loving and affectionate. Titus walks well on a leash, rides well in the car, knows some basic commands, and hardly ever barks. Titus is a low energy dog and is happy to just hang out with you. He really deserves to find a loving forever home. 7/22/2009

Babe: this adorable “petite” one year old female St. Bernard was rescued by a family in Kingman, AZ who were unable to keep her, but wanted to help her and called our Rescue. She is a very sweet, good girl who gets along with other dogs, cats, people and children. Babe is small in stature (75 lbs.) but big in heart! Spayed, shots, microchip, dewclaws removed. 7/20/2009

Mallomar: will be 3 years old on June 3rd. She loves to play and run laps around the yard waiting for you to come chase her. She is up to date on her shots, spayed, heartworm/lyme tested, and has been started on heartworm prevention. She was negative for heartworm, but unfortunately she showed positive for lyme disease when she was tested, but has started her antibiotics and is doing well. She knows her basic commands, but needs to be kept on a leash when outside. She tends to be a runner if she gets away and can be hard to get back. She lived with a cat in her previous home, but takes some time to warm up to strange dogs. She would do best as the only dog in the home because of this or with a submissive, low key house mate. She has been around children, but since she has not lived with them we would prefer that she be placed with children over 12. When she wants to play she can be a bit rough for the little ones. 7/20/2009

Puppy: (One left) These pups were born on March 5th. They are 16 weeks old. It will be up to the person who is adopting to get them spayed/neutered and rabies, because they are too young to get this done now. Once you show us proof of the spay/neuter and rabies, 7/20/2009

Hilda: is a beautiful 3 year old female. She is sweet natured but needs to be socialized in a variety of situations. She is learning how to remain calm when new people and/or animals run toward her. If approached inside the vehicle when she is left alone she will guard her territory, this carries over to meal time. She plays well with other dogs but is working on her need to be the first one to the dinner bowl, out of doors, etc. Hilda knows basic commands, likes affection from strangers including children as long as she is approached calmly. Hilda loves to go for car rides, walks in the park and especially to be with you in the house. 7/20/2009

Goliath: is an 18 month old male Saint, weighing in at about 121 lbs. He’s good with people, kids and other dogs. Very affectionate and likes lots of attention. Knows some obedience and how to “shake”. Seems to have been taught not to jump on people. Someone cared about Goliath at one time and worked with him quite a bit, prior to his ending up in a shelter. Having said that, he’s still a giant puppy and doesn’t seem to know his size, so older children might be best with him. Goliath is soon to be neutered, has tested negative for heartworms, and is fully vaccinated. He is being fostered in the Houston, TX area. 7/18/2009

Sadie: is a 84 pound 2 year old that is looking for a family that does not require allot of exercise but is willing to give lots of attention. She is super sweet and has had a rough go the first two years. She was picked up at a drug bust and weighed 50 lbs. She would make a wonderful pet to a single pet family although she is in foster care with several dogs, kids, cats and pigs and does just fine. She is looking for someone to be the pack leader. She is house broke and kennel trained and is just content laying around for the day while her family is at work. She doesn’t chew or bark although still has a puppy personality. She will be spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, heartworm tested and have her dew claws removed prior to adoption. 7/17/2009

Chief: 7/16/2009

Beasley: is a 4 year old in-between coat Saint Bernard. Beasley has grown up as a strictly inside dog and is SUCH a lover! He always needs to be where people are and needs to give and receive love constantly. He is very well behaved graduating at the top of his puppy school class, completely house trained and never barks. He’s a very healthy boy and received his annual shots and a clean bill of health on 6/20/09. He is 180 pounds and he is neutered. Beasley is located in Florida. 7/10/2009

Gus: Hi! I am Gus, a very lucky boy indeed! I was found dehydrated and near death in the woods by some campers. They were nice enough to take me in until they could find St. Rescue to help me out. My nice caretaker said I was the worst case of neglect that she had seen. My nails were 5 inches long and I was matted so badly, there was no saving my fur. She took me in for a shave down and a bath, and boy do I feel better! I completely came alive after that. She wishes she could know my whole story. What she does know about me is that I am 5 years old or maybe older. I LOVE people, dogs, kids, etc… and I adore any attention that I can get. I am a bit stiff in the mornings getting up, but do pretty well after I get going. I am very mellow, but still love to take walks and play. I do not have accidents in the kennel, which is a good indication that I am housebroken. I really, really need a family who will love me for the rest of my life, However long that may be, but I am loving life now, so I hope that is a long time! 7/10/2009

Sam: is a 9 month old, neutered, purebred male Saint puppy. He is vaccinated, de-wormed, and has been treated for fleas. Sam is very much still a puppy-destructive and inquisitive! He is housebroken, knows how to use a doggy door, and loves to play with other dogs. He also is fine with cats. He is not yet crate trained, but his foster is working on it. 7/10/2009

HOLLY: is a 9-12 month old spay, longhaired female. She loves people, young and old. As she is still a pup, she will need some consistent training in order for her to learn her new family’s routine. Holly seems to do okay with larger dogs, but may be a bit too curious for littler ones. She learns quickly and would love to be an addition for an active family. 7/7/2009

Lexi: This sweet girl came to us from a Southern Illinois shelter after her owner could no longer keep her due to finances. Lexi is estimated to be 5-6 years old. She has lived a pretty hard life, confined to a small pen most of the time and only fed bread and noodles as that is all the owner could afford. She is such a sweet girl. She is good with other dogs and children. We are currently treating her for a heartworm infection and she will be ready for adoption in late December. Until then, we will be accepting applications for this special lady. 7/7/2009

Mona: This very sweet 3-4 year old came to us from a high kill shelter after her owner relinquished her because the city chopped down the tree she had been tied to her entire life. Since the owner ran out of trees to leave her to live on, they gave her up for adoption. She is housebroken and crate trained. She knows some basic commands. She is good with dogs her own size but not recommended for homes with cats. She has been raised with children. She is petite, just around 75 pounds. For more info on how to make this precious girl a part of your family, please contact us. 7/7/2009

Bear: Hi my name is Bear, and I am just a puppy. 7 mos old to be exact. I get along with everyone and everything. I am a shorthair tri color with goggles aren’t I cute?? My rescue gal thinks I am just adorable. I have had all my shots, been wormed, neutered. and microchipped. I am being crate trained and housebroken and am doing well. I respond to a kind word, an ear scratch, and I love treats. In my former life I was severely neglected. I will bond hard when I get my forever family. I love to play tug of war and going for walks. I am learning obedience 101 and am doing well on leash. I am just a goofy puppy that needs a new lease on life and lots of belly rubs. Do you have enough love and patience for me to come live with you and be your dog?? 7/7/2009

Sassy: She is a beautiful 8 month old. She currently weighs in at 90 pounds with lots of growing yet to do. Sassy is a gentle girl who loves to be snuggled and enjoys hanging out with the kids. She will need general obedience training. Sassy would make a wonderful family companion. 7/6/2009

Dutch: and Dolly: Dutch is a 3 year old neutered rough coat male and Dolly is a 3 year old spayed smooth coat female. Dutch and Dolly originally came from the same breeder and have been together from the start. They were rescued from a local animal shelter. It is our understanding they have been kept outside for the last two years, but they have adapted beautifully to being indoors while in foster care. Dutch is an easy going, laid back guy and Dolly is a spunky, yet very affectionate girl. They walk well on a leash and respond quickly when called or spoken to. They are fairly quiet and don’t bark a lot. Dutch and Dolly seem to understand the word “sit”, but would benefit from having someone work with them to reinforce basic obedience commands. They are a sweet, loving pair looking to give someone double the love. 7/6/2009

Sadie: and Ashley: 2 older saints looking for a wonderful foster. Due to circumstances beyond her control the foster that has them now cant keep them and needs to find a new home ASAP. They must stay together as they have been together for life Sadie( one with hair) is 9 and Ashley is 12. they are both current on their shots and both healthy. they just need a loving person to take them in. 7/6/2009

Shiloh: is a sweet girl who is looking for her forever home. She is about 3 years old is good with other dogs and loves a walk on a leash. She will be your best friend and don’t forget to make sure she gets in the car with you as she loves a car ride! She is ready to go to her new home now. 7/6/2009

Emily Rose: is estimated to be about 4 years old. She is putting on some weight before she will be scheduled for her spay surgery. Emily just finished raising a litter of pups prior to being surrendered to rescue. She is sweet, but shy, and prefers men to women, as her last “mom” didn’t treat her so well. She will come around with patience and time. Emily was kept outdoors in the past, but is learning house manners at the current time. She gets along fine with other dogs and cats. Emily is being fostered in the DFW area of TX. The photos of her are before she came into rescue. She is looking much better already! 7/6/2009

Chrissy: is a very healthy 3 year old female. Chrissy is a very happy dog, who just wants to please everyone, and who loves to be loved and petted. She is a very quiet dog, actually her foster mom has yet to hear her bark, and has no aggression issues with male/female dogs and cats. She loves to follow you around, and she loves going for her walks. She is doing great on a leash. She does need to learn her commands. I don’t think she was ever taught to sit or stay. You also have to watch out when you put food on the table, because when you turn your back on her, she will be standing at the table eating all of your food, and she gets so excited when you catch her. This little girl needs to find a forever home for her that will give her love and attention. 7/3/2009

Mindy is a beautiful 3 1/2 year old. She took to becoming a house dog immediately. She loves to lay right next to you with a paw touching you to be sure you are still there. Mindy gets along fine with other dogs and kids, but she needs a home without cats. You will adore her. Mindy is spayed, current on vaccinations and heartworm negative. 7/2/2009

Susie: Susie is also a “retired” breeding dog. She is Maggie’s mother. Susie is ready to enjoy her retirement with a new family. Susie was born on 05-03-03. She still has plenty of energy to play. Unfortunately Susie was busy having pups instead of spending time with a family, and she is in need of continued training. She is a good girl, who is just learning what good dog manners are. Susie is fine with other dogs, but not with cats. 7/2/2009

Bella: is a beautiful 2 year old rough coat. She is a very sweet girl and loves to be with her humans wherever they go. She gets along well with other dogs, cats, and loves kids. This sweet girl is looking for a family that will give her all the attention she deserves and unlimited tennis balls to play with! 6/24/2009

Astra: is an approximately 20 month old female, and she is beautiful. She gets along wonderfully with children, and loves to play tug-of-war and keep-away. She also enjoys the company of other Saints, but does NOT like small dogs AT ALL. She has been exposed to other animals (horses, chickens and sheep) and is fascinated by them, but does not bother them, although if the chickens run, she will chase them. She behaves very well in the house and typical of a Saint, loves to be with her people. She has also had some obedience training. 6/18/2009

Lady: Meet Lady She came into rescue by way of animal control. Apparently she was dumped on the streets when her owners no longer wanted her. She was starving and scared, and had a filthy matted coat. Yet she is so sweet you can’t help but fall in love with her. She is only 1 year old and seems to know her basic commands. Seems to be housebroke too. She is getting along well with other dogs and cats. She will have all shots current, spayed. and wormed before she goes to her new forever home. 6/18/2009

Buttons: is a gentle, roughly 6 yr old, 91 lb girl. She is small for a saint but the vets say her weight is healthy as it will help prevent joint problems. She is long-haired and doesn’t drool much. She enjoys walks, playing fetch and lounging around. She is a sweet girl who just wants a warm place to call home, and a family who will love and give her the care she needs. She gets along well with other dogs and cats. She likes to be brushed and doesn’t fuss. She is up to date on all her vaccinations and flea/heart worm medication. She is a loving, adorable girl, could you be the right family for her? 6/17/2009

Simba: is a gorgeous 12 month old Saint/Newfie mix. He is a cuddly love that wants to please. Simba weighs in around 120 lbs and is the brother of Lily. He is a gentle soul that adores belly rubs. 6/17/2009

Samson: Hi I’m Samson! I am a very active 7 year old with LOTS of love to give. I am sweet and loving. My old family had me my whole life and then decided to put me in a shelter because I like to have a little fun chasing the livestock. I actually would do great with other dogs and children, but I like to chase the cats at my foster family’s house. I am a fun active boy who would love a new home and a new lease on life. 6/17/2009

Gordy: Hi! I am Gordy! I am a healthy two year old. I really need a loving family! I am a giant, and I love everyone and everything! I do not really realize how big I am though, so I need a new family that will be willing to do some obedience work with me and show me the ropes! I know how to sit, but that is about all. While I love children, the people at rescue have decided since I think I am little, I should probably have children in my family over the age of 5. I am a bit nervous of all the changes happening right now, so I really want to find my forever home quickly. 6/17/2009

Petey: 7 month old, long haired, neutered male. Petey is a character = he loves to learn and play. He lived in a pen for the first 5 months of his life. He is now working on housebreaking and obedience training. Gets alson with other dogs and cats. Happy boy. 6/16/2009

Obie: 4 yr. old, long haired neutered male. Gets along with everyone and is very well mannered. A true gentleman who is happy all the time. 6/16/2009

Emma: Hi! My name is Emma, and I am 5 years of age. I really want to find my forever home. I promise I will be real good in your home, and that I would never go to the bathroom in your home. I would also mind what you tell me. When you mention the word walk to me, I get so excited. I love my walks and do well on the leash. I also enjoy my car rides. I get along great with other dogs and cats. I really want someone to pet me and love me and to just let me be part of the family. Would you please adopt me. 6/13/2009

Zander: is a 1 1/2 year old male. Zander is a very happy dog who enjoys being around other people and animals. He is fine with children. The owner’s are divorcing and cannot care for the dog. They have had him since he was 8 weeks old. He is in foster care right now, and is having a very difficult time making the transition. He really needs to be in his new home soon. 6/11/2009

Waffle: (Los Angeles, CA) was given up by his family “because they are moving”. They didn’t seem to care who took him, as long as he was gone. And he doesn’t seem to miss them either! A pure bred Saint Bernard, Waffle is about 4-5 months old and is already 44 pounds! He’s going to be a big boy, but he is very well behaved and is aware of his size. He still has his puppy fur which makes him look like a poof ball, but he’s incredibly smart and is even housebroken. He is showing signs of being everything you could ever want in a dog friend, plus a little slobber. Waffle is good with kids, cats and other dogs. He wrestles very gently, doesn’t jump up and LOVES to be pet. He’s attentive when you’re around, and amuses himself when you’re not. His favorite toy is a nylabone, and he enjoys a comfy bed. While he listens to what is asked of him, he doesn’t seem to like his name – meaning he won’t answer to it, so whoever adopts him should be ready to discover his true identity! 6/11/2009

Moose: This sweet boy is Moose. He’s in need of a loving home where he will get plenty of cuddling and petting. He’s a very thin 96# right now and needs to put on quite a bit of weight. Even though he is so skinny he is still active and likes to play. He showed little interest in other dogs. Once he was able to check them out he went back to doing his own thing. Cats are unknown at this time. He tends to bark a lot when strangers come to the door and will calm down once he gets to meet the person. He does very well in the crate and walks nicely on the leash. Moose is estimated to be between 7-9 years old, but he is still very active. He is neutered, up to date on all his shots, and started on heartworm and flea/tick prevention. 6/6/2009

Reba: is a 3 yo spayed female rough coat. She does have a hearing deficit but responds well to hand signals. Update; 3/4/2009 Reba has been w/ us for 3 years. She’s a great dog and responds to hand signals well. She is very willing to please and loves attention. 6/2/2009

Roxann: is a 3 year old female, who desperately needs to get to her new home. She has been chained up outside. She will definitely need work on obedience training. The person who will take her will need to really work with her. She is a very nice dog. 5/29/2009

Jake: is 5, weights 134lbs. He has a mellow temperament. He came to us as a stray. Someone took great care of him earlier in his life. Jake has a dry mouth for a Saint Bernard. Jake knows his commands and can even shake your hand. You can’t ask for a more perfect walker. He heels automatically. His favorite spot is in the back of the car. He gets along fine with big and little dogs as well as cats. I would adopt him myself but then I couldn’t foster anymore. Whoever adopts him will be the luckiest people. You can’t ask for a better dog. You will fall in love with him at first meeting. 5/29/2009

Bud: This is Bud who is a young mix. There might be a little Saint in the back ground somewhere. He is about the size of a smallish lab. He is good with people and kids but probably not really small ones maybe six years and up. He is good with most dogs and likes to play with them. He does need to be neutered and as yet we have not taken him to Petsmart to observe him there yet. Bud is a very cute short haired dog. 5/28/2009

LOLA: is a 2 1/2 year old spay, longhaired female. She is a great big love and is very willing to learn. Lola would like to find her new and forever home where she can be loved and adored. She seems to do well around other dogs and a home with older children would be best. Lola would make a great addition to her new family. 5/28/2009

Mandy: is a big, happy dog, about 3 years old. She wants to sit in your lap if you let her! Mandy loves to roll around on the floor–with you–or she can just sit by your feet for hours when you are reading or watching tv. She is house-trained, loves pizza by the slice, walks and plays well with other dogs. Mandy is very sensitive and does not do well with aggressive or dominant dogs–She will just retreat into her crate. A happy, bigger dog who is over the puppy stage would be the best companion for Mandy. She does love to watch over her food bowl until she is ready to eat. This is not a problem for people but she will let out a little growl to keep nosy dogs away. She loves to be a part of everything you do–riding in the car, going on vacation–and she is an excellent watch dog. She will only bark if someone is on your front porch–like a solicitor or guest–and will stop if you open the door and welcome the visitor. Mandy is an excellent indoor companion for a single person or a family. She is tolerant of cats, good with children, and is current on all medical. Mandy has tested positive for heartworms and is undergoing a slow treatment process. 5/27/2009

Joe: is an eight year old Saintly Senior. He has been raised with a family full of kids and other pets including cats and dogs. Joe is on the quiet side and is a huge cuddle-bug. Hes a BIG dog in a small package. He would like nothing more than to snuggle on the couch with you and watch a movie. He also LOVES to play fetch and will run around and fetch for hours…. literally. He obviously does NOT show his age. Joe would love a family where he will be the center of attention and get all the hugs and belly rubs hes desires. Joe knows basic obedience, is housebroken, up to date on his shots, heartworm and lyme negative and is on flea/tick/heartworm preventative. He will be neutered prior to placement. 5/23/2009

Melody: Meet Melody she is about 2yrs old and is pretty small for a saint, she is very well mannered and gets along great with kids and other dogs. 5/23/2009

OZZY: This delightful fellow is two-year-old Ozzy. What a sweetheart he is! Our boy is a roughcoat (longhair) who is housetrained, vaccinated, microchipped, and HW-negative. He knows a few commands and he walks well on a leash. Ozzy is essentially a healthy boy though he’s a bit on the thin side and could use an additional 5-10 pounds. And he has a condition called Atypical Addison’s Disease for which he takes a low dose of prednisone each day. Prednisone is inexpensive and Ozzy’s medication will cost only about $9 or !0 per month. Addison’s Disease is NOT life-threatening as long as Ozzy receives his meds, and it will NOT negatively impact his lifespan. He’ll do well in a family with children, with another dog, and probably with a cat as well. A fenced yard is strongly preferred but is not essential as long as he’s not outside unattended. Won’t you take a chance on this cuddle-bug? Ozzy will love you back a hundred-fold. (And he gives GREAT kisses.) 5/21/2009

COOPER 2: Meet the VERY charming Mr. Cooper. He’s a handsome boy who landed in Rescue through no fault of his own after being treated very harshly in his previous home. He’s a two-year-old roughcoat (longhair), and he has the prettiest eyes! Cooper is vaccinated, neutered, housetrained, and HW-negative. He interacts nicely with most other dogs as long as they’re submissive. He has not met a cat. Cooper likes playing ball and getting fanny scratches, but his very favorite thing is snuggling with his humans. Cooper’s a very sensitive fellow who just wants to be loved. He appears to have had some obedience training at some point in his life but could use a refresher course in leash manners. The ideal family will have a traditional fenced yard and children over age 8 or 9. We think he’d prefer to be the family’s only pet so he won’t have to share all the hugs. 5/21/2009

HOOVER 2: Have you ever experienced the feeling when you meet a dog that he’s “the one”? Well, allow us to introduce the very handsome Mr. Hoover. He’s four years old, a smoothcoat (shorthaired) boy who is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and HW-negative. He’s housetrained and he had obedience lessons as a pup (though he could probably use a bit of a refresher course). He’s a terrific boy who loves being with his humans, preferably riding in the car. Doesn’t matter where you’re going — Every car ride’s an adventure. Hoover’s a big, lumbering, gentle teddy bear of a dog who enjoys mid-day naps in the sun (hey, a guy’s gotta get his beauty sleep), exploring the yard, chewing on nylabones, and keeping his humans (both kids and grown-ups) safe from possum and groundhogs and squirrels and other small critters. He plays nicely with other dogs. We’d prefer a fenced yard for Hoover, but would consider an applicant who is committed to taking him on leisurely walks and not leaving him out in the yard unattended. Come and meet your new best friend! 5/21/2009

ROCCO: This good-looking youngster is just eight months old. He’s neutered, housetrained, vaccinated, HW-negative and microchipped. The boy has many names — Rocco, Rocky, RocRoc, Rocket Man, Rock Star, Rock ‘n Roll. And he answers to ever single one of them as long as there’s a Beggin’ Strip involved. Rocco interacts nicely with most other dogs and is friendly with cats. He’s a young boy with lots of energy and he’d be the perfect dog for an active family. Though he’s been with children as young as toddlers, he’d probably do best with kids over age 8. Rocco’s quite the love-sponge — He adores snuggling, getting ear and throat scratches, and hanging with his humans. He loves going for car rides and chasing a tennis ball. The successful candidate will have a traditional fenced yard, and large- or giant-breed experience would be a plus. A commitment to completing formal obedience lessons is required. Call Rocco. He’s looking forward to meeting you. 5/21/2009

Baby Newfs::::::: NEWFIES! WE’VE GOT NEWFIES!. Born here in late June, our sweeties are two girls (Nola and Nala) and five boys (Nigel, Nicolai, Nicodemus, Neptune and Napoleon). They’ve been spayed/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and started on monthly heartworm and flea/tick prevention. They are not yet housetrained. They’re high-energy cuties who play nicely with most other dogs but haven’t met a cat. (Currently their favorite activity is rolling in the dirt, earning them the name “mud puppies”.) A couple of them have small white patches on their chests but they are NOT Landseer Newfs. The successful candidate will have a traditional fenced yard, children over age 8, a stay-at-home parent, and a commitment to completing formal obedience lessons. Newfoundland or other giant-breed experience would be a plus. Special adoption fee applies. 5/21/2009

MAUDE’S 12-PACK Augusta: Paris: Savannah: London: and Atlanta: Boston: Denver: Dallas: Austin: Oslo: Raleigh: and Joplin: Meet Maude’s puppies. It seems that our Miss Maudie was quite the party girl — Her litter actually has more than one dad. Bet you didn’t know that was even possible! We DNA-tested them and the results were quite interesting. Some of her pups are pure Saints. Some are Saint/German Shepherd/Hound crosses. And some are Saint/Dalmatian crosses. All are sweet little babies. Born on October 2, they’ll be spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped before placement and will be ready to charm some lucky families shortly after the holidays. There are five girls and seven boys, all named after cities. The girls are Augusta, Paris, Savannah, London and Atlanta. The boys are Boston, Denver, Dallas, Austin, Oslo, Raleigh and Joplin. The chosen families will include a stay-at-home parent, and preference will be given to those with traditional fenced yards. Successful completion of formal obedience will be required as well. This is a lovely, healthy, sweet, playful canine family. Don’t miss the chance to meet them! 5/21/2009

JOAN OF ARC: This charming young lady is two-year-old Joan of Arc. Isn’t she pretty? She’s a roughcoat (longhaired) girl who is active and playful and friendly She’s spayed, vaccinated, heartworm-negative, housetrained, and microchipped. Our Joan is enthusiastic when meeting new people and is eager to make new friends. She very much misses having a family of her own. Maybe YOU’RE the family she’s waiting for. She promises to be on her best behavior if only you’ll take a chance on her. She plays well with other dogs but is unknown with cats. Got a fenced yard? Kids over age 8? Why don’t you give Joannie a call? She’d love to meet you. Saint- or other large/giant-breed-experience is strongly preferred but is not essential. 5/21/2009

BELINDA: What a diamond-in-the-rough! Our Belinda just celebrated her first birthday. She’s a petite lass who is heartworm-negative, vaccinated, housetrained, and microchipped. She’s still recuperating from her recent spay as well a surgical repair of a huge umbilical hernia, but is feeling better evrey day. A bit hyper when first meeting new people, she quickly calms down. (She was described by our temperament-tester as “frantically friendly.”) Belinda has not had much in the way of obedience training but she’s a smart cookie and will catch on quickly. She has lots of puppy energy and LOVES to run full-tilt. We joke that she has two speeds — fast, and get the heck out of my way. She likes to investigate her environment, sniffing everything in sight, before relaxing and approaching her humans. Though she’s been with toddler-aged children, we think she’d do best in a family with children over age 8 or so. She interacts well with most other dogs but has not yet met a cat. The successful applicant will have a secure fenced yard. Saint- or other large/giant-breed-experience will be a definite plus. 5/21/2009

Annie Oakley : Belle Starr: Bonnie Parker: Buffalo Bill: Jesse James: Sundance Kid: Meet THE OUTLAWS; There’s nothing cuter than a baby Saint Bernard, wouldn’t you agree? These six little fluffballs were born in Rescue four months ago. They had a VERY tough start in life but thanks to lots of loving assistance from the special young ladies of Girl Scout Troop 2859 they have rallied, and now they’re ready to charm some lucky folks. The girls are Annie Oakley, Belle Starr and Bonnie Parker. The boys are Buffalo Bill, Jesse James and Sundance Kid. They’ve been spayed/neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Annie and Buffalo will need eye surgery to correct a minor condition called cherry eye. (That’ll be done at Rescue’s expense before placement.) The other four are ready to go. They play non-stop and do well with other dogs. Though they haven’t met a cat while in Rescue, we expect that they’ll be friendly toward felines. The successful family will include a stay-at-home parent and children over age 7. A traditional fence is mandatory. And strong preference will be given to previous New England Saint Rescue adopters. Come and meet THE OUTLAWS! 5/21/2009

The Girls

The Boys

HONEY: Her name fits her perfectly. This beyond-sweet little charmer is just four months old. She’s a roughcoat (longhair) who is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, and has been started on monthly heartworm and flea/tick prevention. She’s even doing well in the housetraining department despite her young age, though she’s not 100% yet. Honey plays nicely with dogs of all sizes, is friendly with cats, and she’s gentle with children of all ages. Honey would like a home with another dog and with kids who will give her lots of ear rubs. She’ll soon grow into her big feet and long ears. We’d like Honey to have a fenced yard, and preference will be given to families who have adopted from New England Saint Rescue in the past. She’s a sweetheart. C’mon and meet her! 5/21/2009

BABY NEWFIES!!! Hennessy: Guinness: Kaia: Maya: Gaggle of geese. Pod of whales. Herd of cattle. Wonder what you’d call a bunch of baby Newfoundland’s. Meet our little critters — two boys (Hennessy and Guinness) and two girls (Kaia and Maya). Just three months old and beyond adorable, these littermates came to Saint Rescue from a Newfie backyard breeder who was “downsizing”. They play nicely with other dogs. However, they’ve got lots of puppy energy, which might be a bit too much for very young kids, but they’d be great with children over age 8 or so. One has an adoption pending. The rest are still looking for the perfect family to call their own. They’ve been spayed/neutered, dewormed, and microchipped. Their vaccinations are current to date. And they’ve been started on monthly heartworm and flea/tick prevention. The successful candidate will have a secure fenced yard and will be willing to complete formal obedience lessons. PLEASE NOTE; The chosen family must include a stay-at-home parent, or someone who only works part-time, as the little cuties will need to learn housetraining. (Baby dogs can only “hold it” for so long after all.) Strong preference will be given to previous adopters, and those with giant-breed experience. 5/21/2009

ANGELL: and SUGAR: These pretty three-year-old sisters hit a real rough patch recently, courtesy of Uncle Sam. Their human dad came home from Iraq almost totally disabled. Obviously mom’s attention needs to be on her husband and her hands are full. Recognizing that the girls needed more care and attention than they were in a position to provide, their human parents asked for our help. We don’t necessarily plan to place them together, though we’d prefer to do so should the opportunity present itself. Angell is a roughcoat (longhair) who is sweet and a little hesitant when first meeting new people (or maybe she’s just a bit confused right now). She’ll need a peaceful environment and a patient adopter who will help her blossom. Sugar is a smoothcoat (shorthair). She is more active and adventuresome and is usually the first to try something new. Both are good with children of all ages and have done well with most other dogs while here at Camp Saint Bernard. They are currently recovering from eye surgery to correct a minor congenital problem and will soon be ready to go. They’re vaccinated, spayed, housetrained, HW-negative, and microchipped. Got a fenced yard? Give a call. They’d love to meet you. 5/21/2009

DUNCAN 2: When he came into our program his name was Duncan. We quickly discovered his mischievous ways when he ate a whole angel food cake we had left to cool on the kitchen counter, hence his new nickname, Duncan Hines. He’s a delightful, affectionate, gentle, three-year-old smoothcoat (shorthaired) boy who is neutered, vaccinated, HW-negative, and microchipped. Duncan plays nicely with small dogs and with cats but isn’t too crazy about critters his own size. His favorite things include tummy rubs, tug toys, and going for walks with his humans. He loves being brushed and especially enjoys being vacuumed. A fenced yard is strongly preferred. And Duncan would like some kids (over age 8 or 10) to snuggle with. If you’re committed to putting dessert away and not leaving it on the counter, our Duncan just might be the boy for you. Give us a call. He’d love to meet you. 5/21/2009

Molly: loves to be with people, but does need to be the only dog in the house hold. We are guessing she is 2 years old. She has been spay and is current on her shots. 5/12/2009

Gretta: made friends with the other Saints in her foster family instantly. She also decided she likes kids alot. Gretta is sweet and somewhat shy, but will make a loving pet for some lucky family. She has tested negative for heartworms, and is caught up to date on her medical. Gretta is young, probably about 2 years old. She was found as a stray, but was obviously someone’s pet at some point in time, as she has house manners and is loving and trusting. She could gain some weight, but otherwise is in good overall health. She has just finished a course of antibiotics for a cough. 5/10/2009

Cloe: is a 3 year old female Saint. Cloe had been living with her birth mother up until a week ago. She was very scared when she came to her new foster home. But now, she seems very comfortable, and is part of the household. Cloe would sit on your lap if you let her. She just wants to be loved all the time. She is living in a home with one other male Saint, a female Golden Retriever, and 3 cats. She gets along with everyone. Cloe really needs work on socialization. She has been going on daily walks and car rides, which she loves to ride. When she goes on her walks, and sees another person walking their dog, she won’t bark, but she gets very scared and clingy. She knows her basic commands. She is a wonderful dog to have, and will make someone very happy. She does get a little nervous around small children who yell or scream. She would probably be better off in a home where there are no small children. She would probably do better in a home, where there are no other dogs, so that she can get all the attention. Cloe just wants to find her loving, forever home. 5/8/2009

Bubba: My name is Bubba, and I am healthy, 2 1/2 year old male Saint. I am a wonderful dog who gets along with a female Saint, with whom I am living with now. Plus, I spent one night at another home with other Saints and a Golden Retriever, plus 3 cats. I got along with everyone. I enjoy going for car rides. I walk great on a leash. I also know my basic commands. I am no problem to anyone. I even get along great with small children. I want to find a home where someone will love me and let me be part of the family. I promise, I won’t cause any problems to you. Will you please adopt me??? 5/8/2009

Rory: is a 5 yr old shorthair female. She is really sweet and well mannered. She has been strictly outdoors her hole life but wants to be right next to any human in sight. She is mellow and likes to lounge around. Her last home says she was raised with cats but recently has decided she would rather do away with them. She was just introduced to a collar and leash at her foster home and was very responsive. She is slightly under weight and is scheduled to be spayed, updated on vaccines, heartworm tested and microchipped. She is not very big although still bigger that a lab. Rory would make a great family dog, although not sure about one with cats???? 5/8/2009

STORM: is a 2.5 years old, housebroken, spayed and up to date on all shots and heartworm preventative. Storm is our newest addition to rescue. She seems to be a nice girl, but we’re told “NO CATS”. She may have a little too much interest in the small dogs too. So far she has gotten along well with the other Saints. She’s a little anxious, but is settling down fine. She is great with kids, travels well in the car. Storm weighs 115 pounds. 4/5/2009

Missy: is an approximately 9- to 10-month-old little lady who would love to have a family to call her own. Missy has been spayed, brought current on all vaccinations and placed on heartworm/flea preventative. Missy came from a shelter in Kentucky after she was “found” by a lady who couldn’t keep her. Missy is pretty reliable in the house – when watched. But typical puppy behaviors, she can forget to let you know at times, especially when she’s too busy playing. Missy loves playing with others, but larger and smaller that she is. Her family will need to work on obedience training with her – not that she’s a bad girl, but she can be a little stubborn. She was not too happy with walking with the leash and thought she would just lay down and that would make it go away. She absolutely loves Goliath, our 12-year-old pictured, with her. 4/5/2009

BRUTUS: is a smooth coat male that is 5 years old. He is a large boy (approximately 130 pounds) who was turned into a kill shelter when his family were moving and no longer wanted him. We were told that he doesn’t like children, but don’t know what that means. We have not had him around any, but will be cautious with him having been told that. Brutus is neutered and up to date on his vaccinations. We are placing him on heartworm preventative. He is housebroken and seems to do well with others. He walks well on a leash, but will pull some. Brutus would love to have a family of his own where he is once again loved. He is a very sweet boy. Please consider giving Brutus that home he deserves. 4/5/2009

Priscilla: is an 18 mo old spayed female rough coat. She was picked by animal control again. The owner did not come to reclaim her this time. Big goofy pup. 5/2/2009

Keebler: 2 yr. old, long haired, neutered male. Very fun and energetic – loves to be loved. Gets along with other animals (dogs and cats). A bit shy around small children. Keebler is a very easy going guy – housebroken and crate trained. 4/27/2009

Quinn: 2 yr. old, long haired, neutered male. Very sweet boy, loves to play. Crate trained, housebroken and obedience trained. May be a little too high energy for small children. Otherwise – very nice guy. 4/27/2009

Rosie: is a very affectionate 4 year old female Saint who does not like to be separated from her people. She will go outside for a few minutes only and is then at the door to be let back in. In the house she want to be near people and frequently seeks attention. She is fairly well trained and walks wonderfully on the leash. Her previous owner gave her good food, and it shows. She has soft fur and loves to be petted. Rosie is spayed, vaccinated, and tested negative for heartworms. 4/27/2009

Hannah: is a great girl. She has not treated so well by her last owners and needs to learn what love it. She is fully vetted and ready for her forever home. She is heartworm positive and undergoing treatment right now everything looks good! 4/26/2009

Cassius: is a beautiful, square headed, full mask, rough coated Saint Bernard. He is very well mannered, walks on a leash and is very gentle. 4/26/2009

Bo: Longhaired Male that just turned three years old. (3/12/06). He is neutered, up to date on all shots, micro-chipped and weighs about 140 lbs. He has been bounced around to a lot of homes in his short life, and really needs to find his forever home. Bo was very sick for awhile with a liver ailment. The vet thought that he might have gotten into some poisonous mushrooms. The doctors didn’t think he would make it, but he proved them wrong by regaining his health and coming back strong and energetic. He still takes supplements for his liver health, and will probably continue for the rest of his life. Bo is a real sweetheart. He loves people and kids and loves to play with his toys. He is happy all of the time. He has lived in homes with other dogs, but is currently being kept separate at his foster home. He is a little too curious about cats. He walks well on a leash, but needs some basic obedience training. Bo is a miracle dog with a wonderful Saint temperament. He needs to find a home and family to spend the rest of his life with. 4/24/2009

Angus: Hi my name is Angus. Up to this point, 4 years old, I’ve had a pretty good life! My family has fallen on hard times, however and they have a new baby (that I love, by the way) so they would like me to have a better future. I’m not sure why, but if you are interested in me, let me give you a few details to sweeten the interest. love attention and I love to play. I really like kids and I am super good with the baby even though I am pretty big. She crawls all over me and I couldn’t care less! I live with another dog so I shouldn’t have much trouble adjusting to a house with kids and other pets. I do bark at strangers, but unfortunately I am all bark and no bite- I just want to be loved on and love anyone who will let me. I am hard to ignore and I have NEVER had an accident in the house- I wouldn’t think of it! I am sure to let you know if I have to go. So tell me, can I come home with you? 4/24/2009

Tito: is a neutered one and a half year old Saint mix-half Saint, half ? His owners gave him up because they were moving. He is neutered, current on vaccines, and heartworm negative. Tito is smaller than an average Saint (only about 75 lbs), and quite playful. He loves to jump on the trampoline, swim in the pool, and can’t get enough playtime with his foster family’s children. Tito also loves to play with other dogs. Tito is housebroken, and has the softest curly white fur-like a bunny! 4/24/2009

CODY: is a 1 1/2 year old neutered, longhair male. He loves people and has never met a stranger. He can be a bit dominant with other male dogs in play, so a home with a larger female dog would be best. He is a very willing dog and would like to learn more with his obedience training. Cody would be a great addition to his new family and will thrive in a new home. 4/13/2009

Chloe: this pretty four year old St. Bernard lost her home when her family lost theirs and moved in with relatives who didn’t want another dog in the home. Chloe is good with other dogs. She can have an intimidating bark when strangers approach but once she gets to know you she is very affectionate and loving. Spayed, shots, microchip 4/13/2009

Lego: this handsome 3 year old male St. Bernard has already had 3 homes thru no fault of his own. He was adopted from a northern CA Rescue and now the LV people who adopted him have lost their home and have nowhere to go and nowhere to take him. Leo needs a stable, loving home. He would do best in a home with no small dogs as he is still playful, big and strong. He just needs someone to give him some time and attention to brush-up on his basic obedience. Neutered, shots, microchip 4/13/2009

Blaze: is 3 years old. He loves people and wants to be with them all the time. He gets along with most other dogs if they are females. We have not tested him with males yet. We are told he is housetrained. The adoption fee includes all shots, heartworm test, neutering, a Home Again microchip and one night free obedience class in the Reno, Sparks, Carson City and Tahoe areas. We also include an information packet and a large bag of Pedigree dog food. 4/13/2009

Rosie: is 4 years old. We are told she is housetrained. She loves to be with people and has lots of energy. The Energizer bunny has nothing on her. Rosie will take you anywhere you want to go. The adoption fee includes all shots, heartworm test, neutering, a Home Again microchip and one night free obedience class in the Reno, Sparks, Carson City and Tahoe areas. We also include an information packet and a large bag of Pedigree dog food. 4/13/2009

Bubba: is 7 years old. We are told he is house broken and likes cats. He loves to be around people and other dogs. His favorite hobby is having his hair brushed. The adoption fee includes all shots, heartworm test, neutering, a Home Again microchip and one night free obedience class in the Reno, Sparks, Carson City and Tahoe areas. We also include an information packet and a large bag of Pedigree dog food. 4/13/2009

Babe: is 5 years old and full of energy. He loves being with his family and prefers that over anything else. It is said he loves cats and cats love him. He also loves his pool and cools his feet whenever he gets a chance. The adoption fee includes all shots, heartworm test, neutering, a Home Again microchip and one night free obedience class in the Reno, Sparks, Carson City and Tahoe areas. We also include an information packet and a large bag of Pedigree dog food. 4/13/2009

Becka: Hi ! My name is Becka and I’m about 4 years old. I’m looking for a strong Alpha pack leader, as I am 120 lbs and can be a lot to handle when I get excited. Work with me daily so that I retain commands and continue to mind my manners on a leash. I get along with some other dogs. My family hasn’t experimented with cats. Because of my dog aggression, I can’t be taken off the leash while outside of my backyard. I ~love~ kids!! They can dress me up, lay/snuggle on me and try to ride me… and I’ll still follow them everywhere they go! They should be at least 5 years old so that I don’t accidently knock them over. I ~love~ to go for walks and meet new people (especially children) to pet me. I’m very affectionate and visitors love me. I rarely bark, but am extremely loyal and protective. I’ll follow you everywhere to make sure you’re safe. I rarely dig, except to find cooler dirt in the summer. Shade and grass in the backyard is a must. I’m an inside/outside housebroken dog. Outside while you’re at work and inside when you’re home. If you leave me inside too long unattended, I’ll have an accident. I’m not a big drooler, but I am an enormous shedder – so be prepared! The adoption fee includes all shots, heartworm test, neutering, a Home Again microchip and one night free obedience class in the Reno, Sparks, Carson City and Tahoe areas. We also include an information packet and a large bag of Pedigree dog food. 4/13/2009

Lucy: is 1 year old or less. She is a bit smaller than usual at 115lbs. She is a bit picky about the other dogs in her life but seems to get along with one of her choosing. She is very playful and affectionate. Her favorite thing to do is stand on her rear legs to give you a hug. The adoption fee includes all shots, heartworm test, neutering, a Home Again microchip and one night free obedience class in the Reno, Sparks, Carson City and Tahoe areas. We also include an information packet and a large bag of Pedigree dog food. 4/13/2009

Eddie: is about 5 years old. He would really love to be a house dog and his outdoor area needs to be well built. He really likes people and wants to be in your family. 4/13/2009

Hank: (Walton, KY)Sex – Fixed Male Age- 1 1/2 years Height; 31 in, Weight; 107 but should be 130-140 Color- Red and white and a little brown. This guy gets along great with kids, had a 2 year old to play with. He also likes most dogs, and gets along with adults too, what more could you want. He for the most part is a lay about, with an occasional romp around the yard to show he still is young. He is house broke and is very good about not going in the house. He is such a loving guy, with big kisses, and even bigger hugs if you want them. He is still learning his general commands, he is very much a puppy, but is so willing to learn. He was abandon, tied up to a fence and left to die, he was very malnourished when he was found, and only weighed 98 lbs. He is now gaining his weight back, and his coat is getting soft and shinny, he has more energy then he did when he first was rescued. Our vet feels he is doing very well, and only needs to gain some more weight to be as healthy as he can be. This guy is looking for a forever home, he is up to date on all of his shots and worming and will be updated on heart worm prevention, and he is even fixed. 4/12/2009

Rocco: Hello, my name is Rocco. I am a male, Saint Bernard who loves affection. I like to be everywhere you are. I guess you could say I am a giant teddybear because I love to cuddle. I am great with children, love other dogs, and you can’t forget cats, too. I have been neutered, am current on my heartworm medication, and current on vaccinations. I am crate trained. I am currently recovering from a severe skin infection – Demodex (a type of Mange)- because I was neglected by my owner. I used to weigh around 120 pounds and now I weigh 90 pounds. So, currently, I am a little underweight but with some care I will be back to my normal range. I am looking for a forever home with someone who will not abandon me and will give me the care that I deserve. I love everybody and anybody and am just looking for a buddy I can grow old with. 4/11/2009

Max: is a very handsome 11 month old boy. He is truly a gentle giant at 130 pounds and growing. He has mainly been an outdoor dog and deserves a home where he can be an indoor family member. Max is new to the rescue and needs to be neutered. He is a VERY BIG drooler. Only serious Saint lovers need apply! 4/11/2009

Ceasar: is a 7 year old sweetheart. He prefers to be indoors and loves to play. He is a lover and gets along well with cats and dogs. 4/11/2009

Mindy: is 9 months old and is a very beautiful and lovable girl. She is a Saint/Pyrenees mix but isn’t as large as most. Mindy may become 100 lbs. max at full growth. Mindy is working on her manners and loves to run around and play. She gets along well with other dogs, cats and kids. Special Needs; Mindy has hip dysplasia. She is currently on glucosamine supplements. 4/11/2009

Rocco: Hello, my name is Rocco. I am a male, Saint Bernard who loves affection. I like to be everywhere you are. I guess you could say I am a giant teddybear because I love to cuddle. I am great with children, love other dogs, and you can’t forget cats, too. I have been neutered, am current on my heartworm medication, and current on vaccinations. I am crate trained. I am currently recovering from a severe skin infection – Demodex (a type of Mange)- because I was neglected by my owner. I used to weigh around 120 pounds and now I weigh 90 pounds. So, currently, I am a little underweight but with some care I will be back to my normal range. I am looking for a forever home with someone who will not abandon me and will give me the care that I deserve. I love everybody and anybody and am just looking for a buddy I can grow old with. 4/11/2009

Joe: Is a 14 month old male who is very lovable and looking for a forever home. Joe was given up as his family could no longer handle him. We have found Joe to be a delight since he has been in rescue. He loves to play and be walked on a leash. He is a very easy going dog, but would benefit from some socialization, so he learns that the world is not a fearful place. We believe once Joe gets in his new home and feels secure in his environment this will lead to the self confidence he needs to be the wonderful dog he is meant to be. 4/10/2009

Bear: Bear came into rescue in cooperation with our friends at the Washington Animal Rescue League. How fortunate we feel to have had the opportunity to have Mr Bear grace us. Bear is a big beautiful Saint that truly gives meaning to Gentle Giant. He likes to ride in the car and loves to be walked on a leash. Bear is estimated to be between 3 and 5 years old. He weighs in at a hefty 150 lbs. Bear is good with most dogs and cats. Bear is eager to get in his new home where he can be loved and spoiled. We promised him that his days of being tied outside are over. 4/10/2009

Sophie: Hi! I am Sophie. A really sweet girl. I am about 1 year old. I love all people, kids, other dogs, even little dogs. I am super loving and need a lot of attention right now. I prefer not to be contained, but that is ok because I am very well behaved. I am looking for my forever home. 4/5/2009

Sarah: is 4-5 years old, and is great with other dogs, kids, and cats. She likes attention, and seems to be well mannered. Sarah is scheduled to be spayed soon. She has a thin hair coat, most likely due to the fact that she was covered with fleas upon her arrival into rescue. Sarah has a unique dark coloring on her face, which makes her very striking to look at. She is epileptic, and needs to take medicine twice daily to control her seizures. Sarah is currently very thin, and needs some groceries to fatten her up. She will make some lucky family an excellent pet and companion. 4/3/2009

Angie: is a loving energetic Saint. When rescued from Maricopa County Animal Shelter she was listed as being 3-4 years in age. Her foster folks say she acts more like a 1 or two year old. Angie is smaller than a typical saint as she stands slightly taller than a Lab or similar large breed. When rescued she was painfully thin and while thriving and in good health, she could still comfortably add more weight. She has had a liter but is now spayed. Angie is currently living with another Cocker mix dog. She gets along well with other dogs. Angie is excitable but not aggressive. She loves to play with people and other dogs. She seems house broken and knows how to use a doggie door. Angie needs to find a forever home with patient companions willing to give her lots of affection along with lots training and discipline. 4/1/2009

Ellie: Hi. My name is Ellie and my life has been pretty difficult for only being 18 months old. My first mom couldn’t take care of me and left me with her parents who gave me away. They thought it was a good home. The people she gave me to were really mean, and tied me up in the backyard with a rope that got hung up around my left leg. They gave me back and the parents took me to the vet and spent a lot of money and saved my leg that I almost lost. I now have scars from the injury but it doesn’t hurt anymore, and I run around and jump like normal. They searched for another home and they thought again they had found me a perfect home. After only 1 day, the people gave me back. I was bored, I am young and I wasn’t used to being locked in a room alone. I didn’t mean to hurt the door, I just wanted to be with someone! So back I went to my first mom’s parents. They called the rescue people so here I am on the website. Now I’m in my new foster home, where I am left all day, and I am perfectly fine. I haven’t chewed anything since I’ve been in my new home. I live with three dogs and three cats- I get along with everyone, but I haven’t been trained much- I like to jump up and give you “hugs.” Thank goodness I am only 100 pounds! I mind really well and know my basic commands. I need lots of attention, lots of training and someone who will keep me forever! Will you PLEEEZE give me a chance? I am so confused; I just want someone to love me because I love everyone I meet. Please give me your attention and I promise to love you as long as I live! 3/31/2009

Budda:– This cutie is Budda. He’s a one year old saint bernard/ great dane cross. He had a rough start at life and was diagnosed with stage 4 hip dysplasia at an early age. He wasn’t able to experience puppy hood to its fullest not being able to walk and run like a normal dog. When all hope was gone for the poor boy an angel saved his life. A vet did the surgery he needed at a fraction of the price it should have been. Today 6 weeks after his second hip was done he is able to walk and run. He has a happy go lucky personality and loves to explore. Budda will make a happy addition to some lucky family. 3/30/2009

Bigguns: is a one year old smudge coat full of energy and loves to play at any available moment. He gets along well with other dogs and cats and enjoys having his canine companions to hang out with. He is good with children and loves to sleep sprawled out on the nearest human body he can find. He has a little bit of separation anxiety and will need a little help with that, but overall he is a very happy boy that will fit in to an active family well. 3/30/2009

Ernie: is a sweet adult, rough haired Saint Bernard. Erie was loved and cared for but had to be surrendered because of economical issues. Although Ernie is weary of men and can take a while to warm up to strangers he is a sweet heart. He is playful and dignified, he enjoys lounging around the house watching movies and playing with his squeekies. Ernie is crate trained and housebroken. He is very social with other dogs and enjoys playtime with them.He was also raised with several house cats and is very respectful of them. In addition he was also raised with a house full of children and is good with them too. Ernie needs a home that will be dedicated to obedience training and socialization to make him the best pup he can be! Ernie is neutered, up to date on his shots and heartworm negative and current on flea/tick prevention and heartworm prevention. 3/29/2009

Belinda: is still waiting for a forever home. She has been making much progress in the way of obedience and walks nicely using a gentle leader. Belinda’s ideal home would have a male dog, teenagers (or NO children) and a fenced in yard. What a diamond-in-the-rough! Our Belinda just celebrated her first birthday. She’s a petite lass who is heartworm-negative, vaccinated, housetrained, and microchipped. A bit hyper when first meeting new people, she quickly calms down. (She was described by our temperament-tester as “frantically friendly.”) Belinda has not had much in the way of obedience training but she’s a smart cookie and will catch on quickly. She has lots of puppy energy and LOVES to run full-tilt. We joke that she has two speeds — fast, and get the heck out of my way. She likes to investigate her environment, sniffing everything in sight, before relaxing and approaching her humans. Though she’s been with toddler-aged children, we think she’d do best in a family with teenagers. She interacts well with most other dogs but has not yet met a cat. The successful applicant will have a secure fenced yard. Saint- or other large/giant-breed-experience will be a definite plus. 3/29/2009

Gunner came in to rescue with his pal, Joe. Gunner is a four year old, rough coat Saint. He is a sweet and gentle dog and is all lover, just like Joe. He’s been raised with children of all ages, cats and other dogs. He’s an all around great dog. He knows basic obedience but could use a refresher on his leash skills. Gunner is housebroken, Heartworm and Lyme negative, up to date on his shots, and current on heartworm/flea/tick preventative. He will be neutered prior to placement. 3/29/2009

Hercules: Hercules is a beautiful young male saint, approximately one year old. He has a ton of energy and loves to play. Due to the need to burn energy his new home must have a fenced in yard. He does well with most other dogs, but will chase your cats (seems to just want to harass them). He was placed in a home with children and did not adjust well so he needs a home without children under 10. He has a GREAT personality and would love to be in a home with an active couple who will give him lots of love and exercise. Hercules is neutered, current on vaccinations and heartworm negative. 3/26/2009

Anna: 3/26/2009

Ava: This sweet girl came to us from a high kill shelter after she was abandoned at an auction house. She has been treated for a low worm burden heartworm disease and will be ready for adoption in early November. She is approx. 2 years old. She is a very loving dog who loves everyone and everything. Have you ever seen a Saint smile? Just say her name and give her affection and she gives you a real smile! What a sight! She LOVES belly rubs and her dog bed. 3/24/2009

Giselle: This tall beauty came to us from a local shelter after she was found running lose as a stray. She is great with people and dogs. She loves to play with toys and get belly rubs. She is just 2-3 years old. 3/24/2009

Diesel: Meet Diesel he is a 2yr old male that still has some puppy in him! He loves to play with the other dogs and likes lots of attention. He is great with kids and likes to be around everyone. This guy needs room to run as he will be all over the yard playing. 3/21/2009

Tullula: Meet “Tula”. She is a 20 mo. old rough coat who is red in color, with lots of curly fur. Tula gets along great with all and is doing fine in the house. She is very curious about everything and is also very affectionate. Tula has hip dysplasia. She is currently taking glucosamine supplements and is active and well. 3/21/2009

Sadee: is 2 but acts like 6. She needs to gain some more weight. She is a sweetie pie. Sadee will take as much affection as you are willing to give. Before you know it, her paws will be on your knees saying please pet me. Also known to rest her head on your knees and stare at you with those pleading eyes. You will give into her before you know it. She knows her basic commands and has little drool. Not really excited about toys. Sadee does have elbow dysplasia that has caused arthritis. She is taking glucosamine for the arthritis. Hips are fine. Gets along with big and little dogs. She is fine with cats. She needs to go to a home where there are no small children to crawl over her. Sadee wants a home where she can lay around and relax. She will be the perfect dog for someone special. 3/19/2009

Bugsy: is a 3 year old neutered male Saint. He is good with other female and submissive male dogs, and loves children. Bugsy is housebroken, and weighs about 140 lbs. He is current on vaccines, dewormed, and has tested positive for heartworms. His slow treatment will begin soon. He was taken into rescue as a neglect surrender-having been kept chained (with a too tight collar & short leash) to a tree. Bugsy seems trusting and loving with people, even having endured such a sad past. He is ready for a family to love and pamper him and he very much enjoys being brushed (which is good since he has a very thick coat!). 3/19/2009

Baxter: is a big teddy bear! Baxter the magnificent looking for a great home. He gets along with everyone! He is still young and LOVES to play. He gets along with everyone and has just discovered the kiddie pool we have in the backyard. He was deprived of love for so long that he really enjoys all the attention. He is neutered, rabies vac, microchipped and heartworm negative. He needs to gain some weight, but he is a very big boy and his head is HUGE!! He is probably 1 1/2 years old. 3/13/2009

Brewster: is use to being a house dog, is housetrained and loves being a lap dog. He is good with other dogs but has a problem with cats. Brewster’s wish is to be included as part of a family without small children (babies). An adult family with older children would be perfect! 3/11/2009

Roxy: is a very sweet and lovable older dog, who would just love to be petted all day long. She does have slight arthritis in her hind legs. She is great with other dogs and cats, and also children. Roxy loves long walks anywhere, rides in the car and being at your feet all evening long. Roxy would really love to be in her forever home where she is loved and doted on. 3/11/2009

Bertha: This serious beauty is Big Bertha, a 3 year old longhaired St. Bernard. She is sweet, calm and loves to lounge! Bertha was adopted from the local shelter by a family that lived in an apt. and already had 3 dogs and a cat. The Mgr. did not let them keep her so she came into our Rescue. Spayed, shots, microchip 3/11/2009

Dasiy: Female, longhair, 5 years old, spayed Saint Bernard. She gets so excited for love and attention. Loves plushy toys, carries them around with her. She is a very young 5-year old and will play with dogs. She love people and wants to be with a human 24/7. Cats she will chase if they run, if they don’t the first time she meets them she will smell them by lifting thier rear-end up in the air, need a tolerant cat. 3/112009

Amy: I am a 5 year-old longhair, spayed, small (about 90 lbs) female. I would be the best house dog you have ever had. I am a little shy when I meet people. I prefer to stay home and keep the hearth. I do well with dogs and cats. Can I come live in your home? 3/112009

Margaret: Two-year-old happy spayed small (about 100 lbs) female. She needs a play mate, she loves to doggy play. She is obedience trained but likes to make you think first she knows nothing. Great with dogs, cats and kids. Sweet and silly comes to mind when I think how to describe her. 3/112009

Samantha: is a 3.5 yo spayed female rough coat. She came in with Max. She is also getting her obedience tuned up. Update; 3/4/2009 Samantha has been in our house for about 3 months. She is a velcro dog. Loves attention and helping in the kitchen. 3/11/2009

Lady: Lady is a lovely 6 1/2 year old saint. If you are looking for a great companion to hang out with, she is your girl. She seems to do well with other dogs. We are not sure about cats, but she didn’t seem to care about the one she saw at the groomer. She is in foster care with an 11 year old child and really likes her. Check back for updates as we get to know Lady better. Prior to adoption she will be spayed, current on vaccinations and heartworm negative. 3/11/2009

Mozart: is a very healthy 165 lb. male. He is very tall. His head actually is taller than my kitchen counter. So needless to say, you would have to watch out for the food. He is very good natured. Gets along with anyone, and all animals. His owners went through a divorce, so they could not keep him. He needs to find a home who will give him the attention and love that he deserves. 3/11/2009

Kahlua: Meet Kahlua she is 1 yr old spayed female all shots are current microchipped and wormed. She was picked up as a stray. Appears to be very friendly and outgoing. typical saint attitude. am crate trained, housebroken, and am learning obedience 101. I am currently fostered with another dog and a cat and seem to be doing well interacting appropriately. I have just been bathed and groomed all I am missing is a family to call my own is that you? 3/11/2009

VALENTINE: VALENTINE NEEDS AN ANGEL. Every one of her seven years has been rough and they show on her tired body, though her eyes still reflect her willingness to love and her hope that someone will take a chance on her. Born on Valentine’s Day in 2001, she will absolutely steal your heart. Valentine found herself thrown out by her heartless owner, most likely because she has health issues. (We call it a dump job.) Currently being treated for pneumonia, our sweet girl has two tumors that will be removed once her pneumonia is gone. Then the rehabilitation will entail packing on some weight — The poor darling is 50 pounds underweight! Can you imagine?? Valentine doesn’t have a lot of years left but she deserves to spend them in the company of someone who will give her warm hugs, good food, and kisses on her soft cheek. Is that you? Won’t you make room in your heart for this lovely lady? She seems to enjoy the company of children though we’d recommend a relatively quiet, peaceful household. And we’d like her to be the family’s only pet so she can enjoy ALL the attention. She so deserves it. If you’re not in a position to offer Valentine a home perhaps you can help her by making a donation toward her veterinary care. Valentine thanks you! 3/11/2009

Opie: HI! I am Opie. A wonderful 6 month old puppy. What else needs to be said? I am perfect in every way! 3/11/2009

DESDEMONA: This is DESDEMONA, a seven-month-old roughcoat baby girl. Desi is spayed, vaccinated, and HW-negative. She’s quite a playful little lady who is ready for a new home. Desi thinks the world is her oyster, all the toys in the world belong to her, and humans were put on this earth just to cuddle with her. She MAY be right. A petite lass, she promises not to take up too much room on your sofa. She’s got LOTS of puppy energy, plays well with other dogs, and loves kids. Because of her energy level she would probably do best in a family with kids over age 7 or 8. Desi’s still working on housetraining, and does try hard to let you know when “it’s time”, though she’s not yet 100% reliable when it comes to lasting through a long night. Successful completion of formal obedience lessons will be a requirement of her adoption contract. We’d like her to have a fenced yard. Preference will be given to a family with a stay-at-home mom or dad so she can get the housetraining thing down pat. Call her. She’d love to meet you. 3/11/2009

Alvin (Adopted 10/22/2008): Simon: Theodore: Jeannette: Eleanor: Meet THE CARTOON CRITTERS. What a comical quintet! These little cutie-pies are four months old are are anxious to meet you. There are three boys (Alvin, Simon and Theodore) and two girls (Jeannette and Eleanor). Alvin and Simon are playful and funny. Theo is the adventurer who’s the first to try new things. Jenny has the enthusiasm of ten dogs. And Ellie is sweet beyond belief. Ellie will likely be a roughcoat (longhaired) Saint; the others are all smoothcoats (shorthaired). All are on schedule with two of the three sets of requisite vaccinations; the third set will be done shortly. They’ve been spayed/neutered and started on monthly heartworm and flea/tick prevention. (Little puppies can only “hold it” so long after all.) A fenced yard is strongly preferred, and formal obedience lessons will be required. [Note; Some already have adoptions pending so come and meet our babies soon!] 3/11/2009

MAGNOLIA: Pretty little Magnolia is an eight-month-old ball of energy. She’s a smoothcoat (shorthair) Saintly girl who is spayed, vaccinated, HW-negative, and microchipped. We’re working on housetraining but she’s not 100% there yet, though she hasn’t yet had any accidents in her crate. (We’re firm proponents of crate-training as long as the crate is a positive place and a dog isn’t stuck in a crate for punishment.) Though she’s a playful young lass, Mags can be quite the lap dog too. She is beginning to learn some commands (COME, SIT). She can be quite focused but does have a short attention span when there are distractions. She definitely needs work on leash manners. She LOVES romping with other dogs and is reported to respect cats, but hasn’t met a cat here in Rescue. ***MAGNOLIA IS A SPECIAL NEEDS DOG BECAUSE OF A MINOR BIRTH DEFECT — SHE WAS BORN WITH ONLY TWO TOES ON HER RIGHT REAR PAW. But that sure doesn’t slow her down. She runs like the wind! Magnolia will need a Saint-experienced owner who is willing to complete formal obedience classes with her. The successful applicant will have a traditional fenced yard and perhaps children over age 10 or 11. (And Mags has asked us to tell you that she’d like a canine friend.) 3/11/2009

BIXBY: Say hello to Bixby! Born on the Fourth of July, he’s a three-year-old firecracker who’s neutered, housetrained, vaccinated, and microchipped. Alas, his humans didn’t bother to protect him from heartworms and he came to us HW-positive. The good news for Bixby is that he has successfully undergone his heartworm treatments and will soon be ready to choose a new family. He LOVES tummy rubs. He’s somewhat of a picky eater; isn’t terribly fond of dog food but going through the drive-through at McDonald’s puts him on Cloud Nine. (We’re working on refining his dining habits.) Bixby interacts well with children over age 8 or so. We’re not sure how he’d be with cats. He’d prefer to be the family’s only dog. We’d like him to have a six-foot fence and a Saint-experienced family. If you’re a McDonald’s frequent-flyer, Bixby would love to accompany you. 3/11/2009

MACKS: This good-looker is four-year-old Macks. He’s a roughcoat (longhair) who is neutered, housetrained, vaccinated, HW-negative, and microchipped. A bit of a Houdini, Macks has a history of wandering out of his yard, necessitating his being corraled and returned by Animal Control. Guess he just wanted to go exploring. He’s a big fan of tummy rubs and cheese, and he really likes going for car rides (though that’s not something we encourage during these hot summer months). Macks is a bit of a couch potato who adores his humans. He’s not so fond of other dogs, however, We’d like to see Macks with a Saint- or giant-breed-experienced adopter who has a secure six-foot fenced yard. Macks is an affable, engaging fellow who would probably do best in a family with children over age 10, and he should be the family’s only pet. 3/11/2009

Cody: is a 9 mo rough coat neutered male. 3/3/2009

TBone: is a young male Saint/Pyr mix puppy-estimated to be 7-9 months old. He was found with a deeply embedded collar in his neck, and is in the process of recovering. His neck is still raw, but he is improving. TBone likes to play with other dogs, and loves children. He is very underweight, but is gaining with all the love, attention, and groceries he is getting in his foster home. TBone is current on vaccines, and tested negative for heartworms. He will be neutered prior to placement with his new family. TBone is just full of puppy energy, and would love a home with kids or other active pets. 3/2/2009

Rufus: Meet Rufus! He was a stray who is estimated to be 3 years old. He is a smooth coat boy who is housebroken and so far good with dogs and cats. He pulls a little on his leash, but he is beginning to learn some basic obedience and good manners in his foster home. He is neutered and will be up to date on all his vaccines, heartworm tested, and started on monthly preventative for heartworm as well as fleas/ticks before his adoption. 2/28/2009

Brandy: Brandy is a delightful 3 1/2 year old saint. She is a bit timid coming into foster care, but is warming up to her family and LOVES to be a house dog. She gets along well with other dogs. She is not being fostered with cats but did not seem too interested in the one at the groomer. Keep checking back for more information as we get to know this young lady. Prior to adoption Brandy will be spayed, current on vaccinations and heartworm negative. 2/26/2009

“Theresa”: Hi. My new name is St. Theresa. My family could no longer keep me so they dumped me on the side of the road out in the country. I guess they thought that was easier than trying to find me a new home. I wandered for some time and lost a lot of weight. I was lucky though; a kind man found me, enticed me into his car, and brought me to the May The Blessing Be Foundation where I am being fostered along with 15 other dogs until I can find a good home. Boy, am I ever loving. I was well trained and can sit, lay down and roll over on command. If you allow me in the house, I will stay in my allocated area. Did I mention I’m house trained? I’m about 18 months old so it would really be nice to have other dogs my size to play with. 2/25/2009

Lucy: an 8 month old Saint/Pyr mix. (5/3/08) Lucy is spayed and ready to go to her new home. She is a delight and causes no problems at her foster home. Plays well with another male puppy and came from a home with another dog and a baby. She was clumsy around the baby which is why she was given up. Lucy has been very well taken care of and has never been abused or starved. She could stand to shed a few pounds which we are working on. She is definitely a cuddle bug. 2/24/2009

Penny: is a 1.5 year old female Saint who was found as a stray in San Antonio. Penny has no house manners, and is having to learn from the beginning how to be an indoor dog. However, she is very loving and wants to please. Penny is very puppyish in her mannerisms and will take consistency and patience to train her; perhaps enroll her in some obedience school. Penny is fine around cats, and loves to play with other dogs. She has tested positive for heartworms, but her slow treatment will begin soon. 2/23/2009

Moose: is a neutered male Saint. The vet estimates him to be 5 years old (based on teeth), but his attitude and demeanor is certainly younger, as he loves to run and play (especially chase!). Moose is very well behaved in the house, and is housebroken. He is also crate trained. Moose gets along well with other dogs of all sizes, but not with cats. He responds quickly to “no” and comes when called (unless chasing a cat!). Moose came into rescue emaciated (90 lbs) and basically “hair-less”, but has now grown a soft, thick, beautiful coat, and last weighed in at 125 lbs. He could stand to gain 20 or so more lbs. His vaccines are current, and Moose is on a “slow treat” method for his heartworms. Moose loves children, but is not aware of his size and strength, so we recommend that he go to a family with older children only. Moose is a great pet, and he always wants to please. His foster family will be sad to see him go when he gets adopted, but he deserves a “forever family” of his own. 2/23/2009

Penny: is a sweet girl full of life. She would fit into almost any family perfectly, but those that want a couch potato need not apply. She is a 2 year old smooth coat that loves people. She lived with cats in her previous home and was fine with them, except she thought they were pretty fun to chase every once in awhile. She walks well on a leash and knows her basic commands. 2/22/2009

Panda: Meet our dear Panda Bear. This photo is pre bath-she has had to be clipped quite short to get rid of mats and check her skin, so check back for updated photos. Panda is just shy of turning 7 years old. She is sweet as can be and is happy to get out of a life of being used for breeding. Panda is being treated for heartworm. She wants nothing more than a great home to retire to. But don’t let her age fool you-she is still a very playful gal. She is doing well being fostered in a home with other dogs, cats, and kids. Panda will be ready for adoption once she has completed her heartworm treatment and is spayed. She will also be current vaccinations. Pease consider giving this girl the best years of her life. 2/15/2009

Lars: 18 month old Shorthaired Male Talk about a great dog, he is fun, beautiful and good mannered. Other than the typical puppy play he is doing really well. He is having to learn a new name that the shelter gave him but he is coming around. He walks great on leash and loves exercise. He is interested in cats but only curious not aggressive. He is good with kids, he has a 5 yr old and a toddler in his foster home and they love him. He has made good friends with a yellow lab and has enjoyed another dog he has met. He goes to work and hangs out in the front office and is a good boy ( he likes to sleep). He is neutered, micrchipped, heartworm negative and vaccinated. He is 1 1/2 years old and slightly under weight at 103 lbs. He does well being left alone and only barks when excited about play. He would make a wonderful family addition. His pictures don’t come close to doing him justice as he is a beautiful growing boy!!! 2/11/2009

Nana: is a 4 year old short haired female Saint, who weighs approximately 130 lbs. She gets along great with my 3 cats, and 4 other dogs. She is a great dog to take for car rides. You would never know you had a dog in the car. She is a very sweet, loving dog. Nana needs to go to a home where there are no small children. 2/10/2009

Titus: a shorthaired male that just turned one year on 12/27/08. Titus is neutered, up to date on shots, micro chipped and heartworm negative. His owners gave him up to join the service. Titus is a wonderful puppy. He plays well with an 8 month old female puppy but does play rough. He is a real sweetie and loves hugs and kisses. He had three children in his previous home and did well with them. He becomes a statue when shown a cat. He eventually walked away from the kittens that were in a crate. Titus is quite tall and is in excellent condition. His new home must understand that in spite of his size, he is mentally still a puppy. Titus knows sit and is learning some leash manners. A very easy dog to handle. 2/10/2009

Sadie: is 2 1/2 years old, and right now weighs 150 lbs. Sadie is very loving, and just loves to give kisses and has a very sweet disposition. She also likes to play, although she does tend to play rough with my other dogs and cats. She is fine with children. She is house trained and knows her basic commands. She is great at walking. Stays right by your side. Sadie loves to go for car rides. Sadie would love to be in her forever home knowing that she will get excellent care and love. 2/10/2009

SIMBA: and THUMPER: Meet the boys. Simba is a roughcoat Saint, three years old, who came into Rescue along with his five-year-old friend, Thumper. Thumper is a sweet Rhodesian Ridgeback/German Shepherd cross. Both are neutered, housetrained, up-to-date on shots, and HW-negative. They play nicely with kids as young as age 3 or 4. Simba’s a goofy attention hog, and Thumper is an imp who loves to run like the wind. If you’re of the belief that two dogs are twice as much fun (they are!) give us a call. They’ve been together forever, and we don’t intend to split them up. If you have a six-foot fenced yard and lots of room on the sofa for two love-sponges, Simba and Thumper would like to meet you. We’ll reduce the adoption fee for the applicant willing to adopt both and keep them together for the rest of their lives. 2/10/2009

MUFFIN: Two-year-old Muffin’s story is a woefully sad one. She spent her first year with one family, then was passed to another. After some time with the second family, she ended up in Rescue through no fault of her own. You know the story — busy family, pregnancy, money was tight. Muffin came to us quite sick, very thin, unvaccinated, and no doubt confused, yet she looked at us with those adoring eyes as if to say “I’ll love you forever if only you’ll just give me a chance.” Well, she’s getting her chance. Muffin spent the last two days in the hospital while her health status was evaluated and addressed. Her eye infections are being treated. Her infected ears are too. The porcupine quills have been removed from her neck. Her skin infection will improve. Once she’s a bit stronger she’ll be vaccinated. She tested negative for heartworm, Lyme disease and other tickborne illnesses. She’s spayed and housetrained. She was diagnosed with Addison’s Disease, which is quite manageable, and we’ll assist Muffin’s adopter in getting her meds at low cost. At only 80 pounds she needs to gain another 15 or 20 so her ribs, hips and spine are covered with some flesh. What this little darling needs now is some TLC and a regular diet of good food. If you’re looking for a project, with the promise of unconditional love in return, please consider Muffin. She’ll love you for it. She’s a half-mask roughcoat. She’ll do well with another dog, and will be quite the cuddler for some lucky kids. A fence is preferred but is not essential. 2/10/2009

SUMO: Isn’t he handsome? Two-year-old Sumo is a longhaired fellow with a lovely mahogany coat. He’s up-to-date on shots, is HW-negative, housetrained, and microchipped. Not yet neutered, we’ll take care of that before placement. And he’s scheduled for orthopedic surgery to repair a torn ligament in his knee. Once has has recovered he will be eager to interview prospective families. Sumo is friendly with children over age 2 or so, plays well with most other dogs, and is curious about cats. He’s quite a lovable, affectionate guy who delights in getting tummy rubs and butt scratches. We’d like him to have a fenced yard. He’ll do well in a family where the adults work and are out of the home for eight hours as long as he has a canine buddy to hang with. Give him a call. He’d love to meet you. [Sumo’s adoption fee will be adjusted to help recoup some of the expenses associated with his knee surgery.] 2/10/2009

Vienna: is a 22 month old smudge coat. She is a very obedient girl and knows all her basic commands. She is also crate trained. She is a sweetie and loves to just be your shadow and follow you around the house, and will lay happily beside you. She has been around young kids and was said to do well with them. Although she would do best as the family’s only pet since she is picky about who her furry friends are. 2/9/2009

Marley: is a two year old rough coat female. She enjoys the company of little dogs but because she has never been around dogs her size she tends to be weary of them until she gets to know them well. Marley is truly a love bug who enjoys giving kisses and following her foster mom around the house. Although her greatest pleasure is being close to people she is cautious of strangers. Once she knows that you’re not a threat to her she will warm up easily. Unfortunately in Marley’s short two years of life she has not been taught good canine manners or how to walk on a leash. This poor gal will need someone who is going to be devoted enough to treat her like a baby who is just beginning to learn good basic obedient skills. Although she lacks basic skills she is quite a gentle lady when taking a treat from your hand. Marley is crate trained but would prefer to be with you at bedtime. This darling gal needs a loving home where she will be treated as special as she is. 2/9/2009

Hanna: is a 14 month old short hair female who has lots of energy and very little drool. Due to a serious illness and financial hardship, she is being displaced after only 6 months in this 2nd home. She is spayed and will be up to date on all her shots. Hanna gets along with other dogs and is currently living with a small dog right now, and is curious about cats. She will chase until she gets to know them, and probably wouldn’t have a clue what to do if she caught one. She is a puppy and would love to be in an active household with children. 2/5/2009

Maisy: I am a very sweet and curious dog. I am 2.5 years old and weights 100lb. I need to gain some more weight. I could use some more training. I do know my basic commands. I am still working on my confidence level. I am not food aggressive. I do love my milk bones. I don’t drool that bad. Other words I don’t’ drool all the time. I get along with both big and little dogs. I am curious about cats. I really want is a home where I can be a part of the family. I would be a very loyal companion to a family who will give me the attention I deserves. Give me a chance you will fall in love with me. 2/5/2009

Harley: is an almost 4 year old rough coat boy. He is happy go lucky and loves to play! For such a big boy he doesn’t like to sit still very long and is constantly trying to make life more fun for all involved. He is very sweet and likes to be held and cuddled, and will take any attention your willing to give. He would fit in well with any home. 2/4/2009

Tucker: 2 yr. old, short haired, neutered male. Tucker is a one of a kind – very silly and playful. Submissive to other dogs – gets along great with kids and cats, too. Very handsome guy, 2/4/2009

Palmer: 1 1/2 yr. old, long haired, neutered male. Very happy fellow. Was found on a golf course – loves everyone. Gets along with most pets. Is crate trained and basic obedience trained. 2/4/2009

Larissa: is a 4yo spayed female rough coat. She’s a tiny girl at about 75 pounds. She is gaining weight. She gets along well w/ other dogs and kids. 2/2/2009

Ziggy: He is a young three year old neutered male Saint. He is very tall, came in 50 lbs under weight and has not stopped eating since he came into rescue. Ziggy has gained about 30 lbs and needs another 20 lbs. His coat has become a beautiful rich red and white. He is a very sweet boy, has make a very good housedog, does not like to be in the yard alone, needs a 6 foot fence or he will go over to find his family. Also crate trained, likes his crate when he can not be in the house. He prefers to drink the horses water, learned that all on his own (photo). He likes to scratch his back himself (photo). A quirk of his is to walk between your legs so watch out. He gets along with dogs and cats. Has basic obedience training. Just a wonderful all around family dog. 2/2/2009

Emily: is a 18 mo old spayed female smooth coat. Emily’s owner turned her in to us because they felt like they did not have enough time for her. Emily gets along well with other dogs. There was a cat in her home that taught her to chase, it was a game for them. We are working on rehabilitating that behavior. 2/2/2009

Tom: is a 6 yo neutered male rough coat. He was adopted from us 3 years ago. His family relocated and he was happy with the new accommodations. Very laid back dog. From Tom; I have finally made it into the bedroom to sleep. I have Dr. Sara and Steve both convinced they are my favorite people. Life is good. I would however prefer to live in a house with less than 12 dogs and 5 cats. The one cat JJ has a mean combination of swats. I’ve heard something about him having retired from the barn. I understand he’s the Saint Bernard cat trainer here. He told me today that I’m the best dog he ever trained. In other words I do not mess with him. 2/2/2009

Emmy: is a sweet little girl who was born on Dec 26 last year. She is a very friendly little dog who gets along with others very well. She does have the usual puppy tendencies like chewing things she shouldn’t etc. She would make a great addition to any family. 2/1/2009

Zeus: was living with a family and they decided they didn’t want him any more. There was no real reason he just wasn’t wanted so they surrendered him to rescue. He is a smooth coat who is missing 2 toes on 1 back foot from an old injury. It doest hinder him in any way. He doesn’t like other male dogs. 2/1/2009

Crissy: is a very sweet, gentle female Saint Bernard that is looking for a permanent loving home. She walks well on a leash but could use a gentle hand to develop her trust. 2/1/2009

BASIL: and THYME: Looking for a pocket pal? Meet Basil and Thyme — our two sweet dachshunds, both smoothcoat (shorthaired) little critters. Basil’s an exceedingly darling little red/tan six-month-old girly-girl. Her daddy is four-year-old Thyme. He’s black/brown and is an outgoing fellow. He’s an adventurer who’ll try anything once. Basil’s a bit more reserved and would much prefer to hang back and wait for the next available lap. Both are vary well-behaved. They were recently spayed/neutered and visited the doggy dentist so their little teeth could be attended to. Now they’ve got pearly whites! They’re housetrained, vaccinated, HW-negative, and they’ve been started on monthly heartworm and flea/tick prevention. Both like toys, riding in the car, and going for walks. They love to see and be seen! (Guess they know they’re adorable.) Show them their little harnesses and they can barely contain their excitement at the prospect of going for a walk. Basil and Thyme play nicely with most other dogs, and they’re laidback enough for even the smallest child. They’re ready to make two families VERY happy. Will yours be one of the lucky ones? 1/30/2009

Captain: (Amarillo, TX) is a 2yr. old male, neutered, short haired, and mostly brown and white St. Bernard. He is very loving to people he loves hugs and pets. He is very playful and gets along well with my female Golden Retriever and male Border Collie/Dalmatian. He does not like small animals and has attacked pigs and cats. We are working on him with the cats. I have two cats and I can now sit in the living room with my cat and he will not attack and he mostly ignores them. He is being trained with a water sprits bottle and he does not like it at all. He will stop what he is doing if you spray him. This works better than verbal reprimands. He is extremely loving and looking for someone to give their full attention to. He is housebroken and will stay around the house even if he gets out of the fence and he has only been with me for 2 weeks. He is trainable and knows down and stay. It will take a little more training to completely stop the wanting to chase cats and other small animals but we are working on it. 1/30/2009

Zeus: & Eros: this dear pair came into Rescue via Craig’s List. Their previous family lost their home and could no longer keep them. Zeus is the 4 yr. old longhaired St. on the left, and Eros is the 3 yr. old smoothcoat female. They are both sweet and well-behaved. We would like to keep them together as they are very bonded, and have been together for 3 years. Altered, shots, micrchipped. 1/30/2009

Goliath: is a BIG 9 month old rough coat who just wants tons of love and has even more to give. He gets along great with other dogs. He has not had obedience training. Due to his size it will be necessary. 1/30/2009

Clayton: (Baton Rouge, LA) My family has a male saint bernard, named Clayton, who is about 5 years old and unfortunately we must find another home for him. Clayton is a very gentle and loving dog. He is housebroken, up to date on all vaccinations and neutered. He is very handsome and playful as well. Clayton is good with small dogs, and cats. He has not been around large dogs too much. 1/30/2009

Smiley: (Conroe, Texas) Hello! My name is Smiley and lovin’ on you is my game. No one knows much about me other than I was a stray in Brazoria County, Texas and was picked up by the nice ACO’s there. Someone said they thought I had some Collie in me (I’ll never tell) so the nice folks from Houston Collie Rescue sprung me from jail and I went to live with my foster mom in Conroe, Texas, just north of Houston. I was so excited to be out I tried to help her drive all the way to my new home! She took me to a place called My Family Vet where they listened to my heart and lungs, took some blood, and other things I don’t want to talk about. They gave me “shots”, OUCH! and said I was light HW+, whatever that means. I get a treat each month that’s supposed to help with that. Back home I get to run and play with two other outside friends. Mom can’t let me inside the house because she also rescues vile things called C A T S! I don’t have a very good reputation around cats. I think they are for chasing and, well…..I was on the streets and had to fight for my food so I can be pretty dominate around other dogs too. It might be best if it was just you and me, know what I mean? I looove people of all ages and sizes, and I give great kisses according to Mom. I like to hug too. 1/30/2009

Cisco: is a one year old male who is a very lovable boy that wants attention. He gets along pretty well with the other dogs and is great with children. His adopting family MUST HAVE A 6ft. FENCE as he can and will jump anything smaller! 1/23/2009

MAUDE: This tiny lady is two-year-old Maude. She’s a smoothcoat little girl who, it seems, fell on hard times the minute she was born. She lived in a “home”, and we use that term loosely, where food was always in short supply. Or oftentimes absent. She came to us emaciated and VERY pregnant. She had received no prenatal care. Her babies were born 12 hours after she arrived in Rescue. (See her pups under The Variety Pack.) Maude is hand-shy, indicating that she’s likely been struck. She’s slow to trust, though she makes progress every day. And once she realizes that you’re going to love her, not hurt her, she’s extraordinarily affectionate. We’ve been working on getting quality food into her formerly empty tummy. She’s still quite thin and needs to continue to gain weight in order to reach her optimum size though she’ll always be a small girl. She sure does love food! Maude is not yet spayed but that’ll be taken care of within the next month, as soon as she’s a bit healthier. Once that happens she’d very much like a family of her own, a family who can help her learn that food bowls aren’t empty and hands are gentle. We’d like Maude to be the family’s only pet, and a fenced yard is STRONGLY preferred. Kids should be over age 8. Maude will need formal obedience lessons to hone her growing social skills. Are you looking for a project? Please consider Maude. She’s SO worth it and will return your love a hundred-fold. 1/20/2009

MEEKO: This charming fellow is three-year-old Meeko. Meeko is a smoothcoat (shorthaired) boy who is neutered, housetrained, vaccinated, HW-negative, and microchipped. He’s a friendly guy who came into our program after his owner went off to college. (Exciting for her, not so good for Meeko.) His favorite things include going for car rides, listening to the radio in his human’s absence, and lounging in front of the window to watch the world go by. And he LOVES being vacuumed. He plays nicely with most other dogs, is friendly toward cats, and enjoys meeting new people. Meeko will need a fenced yard and a Saint-experienced adopter who is willing to help him perfect his leash manners. He knows some commands and is genuinely interested in pleasing. 1/20/2009

LUCIE: Miss Lucie is a charming roughcoat (longhaired) girl who is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, HW-negative, and housetrained. She has unusual markings for a Saint Bernard (but IS a purebred Saint). Don’t you just love those raccoon eyes? Though healthy overall, Lucie could stand to gain 20 or maybe even 25 pounds. On first seeing her, our vet remarked, “She could sure use some groceries!” But Lucie is an enthusiastic eater and it won’t be long before she reaches her optimum weight. All she needs is some TLC and good food on a regular basis. She’s a friendly, affectionate (though sometimes stubborn) 4-year-old who interacts nicely with other dogs; however, she’s convinced cats exist solely for her chasing enjoyment. If you’ve got a pocketful of cookies, our Lucie will follow you to the ends of the earth. The chosen family will have children over age 7 or 8 and perhaps another dog, but definitely no cats. We’d prefer a fenced yard for her. 1/20/2009

JOEY: This handsome boy is Joey, reported to be a Saint/Newfie/Border Collie mix. (He looks mostly Border Collie to us.) He’s not quite two years old and is neutered, housetrained, vaccinated, and HW-negative. Joey’s a bit confused right now and not quite sure how he ended up in Rescue. All he knows is that one day he was running on the family farm and the next day his owner gave him away because he went after the family’s chickens. Joey is shy and timid, and needs a patient owner who can bring him out of his shell. He will need a fenced yard (no chickens please) and would prefer to be the family’s only dog, at least initially. Joey’s a sweet fellow. He just needs a chance to show you how very sweet he can be. Won’t you give him that chance? 1/20/2009

PICKLES: Miss Pickles is a wonderful, energetic young girl who yearns for a family of her own. She came into our program VERY pregnant, and gave birth to her pups about a week after she arrived here. She’s a four-year-old roughcoat (longhaired) lady who is spayed, housetrained microchipped, UTD on vaccinations, and HW-negative. She is on monthly heartworm and flea/tick prevention. Pickles is a big cuddler who wants nothing more than to be with her human (usually with her head in her human’s lap). Her favorite position is upside down on the floor which, of course, makes it that much more convenient for her to get lots of tummy scratches. The successful candidate will have a fenced yard, Saint- or giant-breed-experience, and children over age eight. She hasn’t met a cat while here in Rescue. She does well with most (but not all) other dogs but we think she’d be most successful as the family’s only dog. 1/20/2009

Bubba: Here are pix of Bubba he is 1 year old and has been Net. He also has all his shot, gets along great with kids and other animals. He and his 2 kids ( one 2 1/2 years and the other 1 years old) now live with grandma and pa. They are in the middle of a massive house redo and now have the 2 grand kids. Just don’t have the time to love him as they saw that he needs. 1/18/2009

Rhoda is about 3-4 years old. She came from a back yard breeder that did not take care of any of the Saints they had. They where not used to being in the house, running free in a yard, or even having love from a human. When she came in nobody was able to even get close to her without her taking off and running away. She has improved greatly. Now she gets excited when you get home and wants to please you. She loves to run around and play. She is turning out to be a remarkable dog considering all she has been through! She still has a ways to go and needs help with walking on a leash. If you have the time and the heart to give her please help. She does need a home with lots of LOVE and PATIENCE. She is going to make anyone a great companion. 1/18/2009

Monica: is around 4 yrs old. She came to us from a back yard breeder and never had a lot of human contact before coming into rescue. She is very timid and scares pretty easily. She has come a long way in the year we have had her in rescue but she has a long way to go. She is very sweet and just needs lots of love to get her out of her shell. We are working with her on walking on a leash. Thanks to one of our volunteers she is going to get more one on one time with this. So, if you think you have what it takes to help this girl we would love to talk with you. 1/18/2009

Reyna: is approximately 2-3 years old. She is very affectionate and would do best in a home without other dogs. She was found along a highway in the middle of Nebraska and needs a home where she can get all of the love she deserves. Reyna is a wonderful girl! 1/17/2009

Anna: Hi my name is Anna. I’m a very sweet girl and loves to give kisses. I also love to have my belly rubbed and my ears scratched. I am still learning to walk on a lead but learning quickly. I am a very smart, motivated loving dog. I like kids and get along with other dogs and create trained. 1/17/2009

Beau: is a 140 lb, 7.5 year old smooth coat brindle and white St. Bernard. He is a very easy going dog who is good with children of all ages and other pets. Beau is an inside dog who prefers sleeping and playing with his squeaky ducks. He is going up for adoption due to changes in his family’s life. Beau is neutered, housebroken, walks on a leash, and is up to date on all vaccinations and flea and heartworm preventative. His owners want a loving and caring home where Beau can continue to be well-taken care of. 1/17/2009

Bo: Fluffy “Bo” is a real marshmallow of a dog. He is going on three years old but still acts like a puppy. He is a large-framed rough coat with a nice mask weighing in at about 130 lbs. Bo’s owners could no longer keep him and surrendered him to rescue, where he has been living with other dogs both large and small in addition to cats and kittens. After a proper introduction, he is excellent with the female Saint, ignores the toy poodle, but can be overly dominant towards the male dog in the household. Hopefully with his recent neuter this behavior will diminish but he should not go to a home with another dominant male. He does love to wrestle with other dogs and his other favorite games are chase and tug of war. Bo is a little too curious about the kittens in his foster home and sometimes chases the cats, so he may do better in a home where there are no cats. However he is getting better as he adjusts to life indoors and with proper training his manners will only improve. Bo is housetrained and walks well on a choke collar or a Gentle Leader. He knows sit, down, and roll over and does them all in one go! He is a good eater who could still use some groceries. Bo is excellent with people and stands patiently while strangers pet him. He has met children and seemed fine with them but does not have extensive experience. He’s fluffity; ask to meet him today! 1/15/2009

Willow: HI! My name is Willow. I am an 18 month old saint who is a fantastic girl! I am potty trained, calm, and have good manners. I do have to be the only dog though as I have never had a lot of attention before and I require a lot of it now. I like other dogs, but only until they decide they want attention too. I do not mind cats though. I love all people, big and small, so kids would be fine with me. I will be spayed and up to date on all my shots before going to my new home. I really want a family I can love so please email today! 1/14/2009

SHANNON: is a small Saint. She was rescued from a homeless life and is looking for a forever home. She enjoys being outside and is not sure about inside life yet. She gets along with everyone and everything. Easy going and loving!!! 1/13/2009

Bruno: aprox 4 year old shorthaired male. He’s a big sweet laid back guy. Wants a forever home to call his own and be your big couch potato. 1/12/2009

Bella: is a 6 mo old soon to be spayed rough coat female. She came to us via a shelter near Atlanta. Her owners went to jail on drug and cock fighting charges. She’s adjusting well to life on the Rescata. 1/10/2009

Splash: is a very cute 11 month old Landseer Newfoundland that has a lot of little puppy in her. Splash is very energetic and loves to play! Splash prefers the outdoors. She needs someone who is willing to be patient with her and take her to obedience classes. 1/10/2009

Buck: is a 15 month old rough coat (long hair) sweetheart of a Saint. He loves everyone! His favorite pastimes are giving kisses, playing soccer with the kids and more playing. He knows the sit command but being a big puppy he could use some more basic training. If your looking for a big love bug and playful puppy, Buck is your guy. 1/5/2009

Buster: three year old shorthaired male. He is neutered and up to date on shots. Buster loves children and gets along well with other dogs. He has a wonderful personality and is beautifully marked. His Christmas wish is for a family to call his own. 1/4/2009

Django: is a 6 year old, neutered, rough coat male. Django has been living outside with no dog house and no shelter for the last couple of years, and was left alone for days and weeks at a time. Here in Central Oregon that means temperatures in the single digits and lots of snow during the winter! Django is very friendly, loves people, children, and other dogs. He does not like cats. He is house broken and knows simple commands, sit, stay, down. He walks well on a leash, and likes to ride in the car. He does not dig or jump fences. Since being at his foster home he has been brought up to date on his shots, and he has been groomed. He is enjoying sleeping inside, and he is a perfect gentleman in the house. Django has a wonderful personality, and he deserves a forever home where he will be loved and appreciated. He has had enough adversity for one dog life! 1/4/2009

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Baloo: Hi. My name is Baloo and I am an 8 year old with a lot of life and love in me. My owner had to give me up because he moved to an apartment and couldn’t take me. Do you have a couch or bed I can share? I like to take myself for walks on the leash and I am great at obeying commands. I live in a foster house with 1 male Saint, 2 female Saints, 1 female Golden Retriever, and 3 cats. I ride well in a car and look forward to going with you anywhere you go- and I don’t make a mess if you leave me by myself!Take a look at my picture and if you could please give me a chance, I can offer you the rest of my years being dedicated to your every whim! 1/4/2009

Millie: is a very sweet, very loving girl who has had a rough life. At 4 years old, this roughcoated female has clearly been bred many times and is very underweight at 103 pounds. She should probably gain around 20. Millie was picked up with another female St in a Wal-Mart parking lot where they had been abandoned. At the pound she was very frightened but trainer Dave worked his magic, saving Millie from being euthanized. In foster care Millie has shown herself to be very affectionate and quick to respond to human attention. She has had no training whatsoever and sometimes in her excitement jumps up on humans to give a kiss. But she is housetrained and loves to snuggle on the couch or bed. Millie is sometimes frightened of strange men and may growl or bark, but she has been excellent with vet staff and is eager to meet most strangers. We don’t know if Millie has ever lived with children but she has met a 12 year old boy and loved him. She gets along well with large and small dogs in her foster family–although she is sometimes a little bossy with the other large dogs–and respects the cats. She has even cleaned up some kittens! Millie’s ideal home will have time to work with her on training and socialization to help her learn the world is not such a bad place to be. She has proven to be very resilient thus far and is going to make someone a wonderful family pet. 1/4/2009

Luna: a shorthaired female. Luna is about 5 and 1/2 years old and is a real sweetie. She came into rescue because her former owners couldn’t afford to feed her. She is on the thin side but that will be taken care of very soon. According to her former owners, she lived with three small children, is housebroken and slept in bed (theirs). She gets along well with other dogs. She chases cats as a game of fun. She will be updated on shots, HW tested and will be ready for her new home. 1/4/2009

Simba: is a 14 mo old male neutered saint bernard that is looking for someone to boost his confidence. He is great with cats, kids, other dogs of all sizes but he is very nervous of men. He is around a male at his foster home and has had no problems but is going to need work with his confidence. He is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. Loves attention and would love to be a big lap dog. Has no food aggression and has no problems being touched anywhere. He is super sweet and would make a great long-term companion. 1/4/2009

Samson: is a 2.5 year old saint that has a kind heart. He has not had much one on one attention and has some minor trust issues.. He loves kids, cats and so far other dogs. He enjoys going for rides and is very well behaved at the beach. He has not been taught much but catches on quickly. He is one big lap dog that soaks in any attention he can get. He is neutered and microchipped. He is not a big eater and loves his dog bed. Still very much puppy personality and does take exercise to wear him out. He is full of energy but manageable. 1/4/2009

Bear: is a 3-4 year old rough coat neutered male Saint. He is housebroken, current on vaccines, and has tested negative for heartworms. Bear gets along with other dogs and is housebroken. His current foster home has children, and he seems to like them as well! Bear is a little skittish from not being handled in awhile, but should warm up after a few weeks of good care in rescue. Bear is currently being fostered in the Austin area. 1/4/2009

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