397 Adopted (Placed) Saint Bernards 2007
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Skye: is a 14 mo spayed female rough coat. She became an orphan when her family lost their home. A soldier that had recently returned from Iraq, befriended her and brought her to us. She’s all puppy and going to be a big girl. She’s currently 108 pounds. 12/31/2007

Princess: is a sweetheart!!! She loves to be loved!!! She is a great addition to somebody’s family. She is on the smaller side, probably around 100 pounds. This dainty saint is spayed, up to date on shots, housetrained, loves kids, is crazy about riding anywhere, will play as long as you want, and would love to share your bed if she is allowed. Beautifully marked, Princess is the girl for you. She is about 6 years old with plenty of years left to romp and play and cuddle. Please check on her. I need to be the only dog in the household. I want to be the center of attention and only like some other dogs. 12/31/2007

EMMIE: Well, my sister COCO pretty much told you our story. We lived with a bunch of other dogs and our humans didn’t take very good care of us. But things are turning around. Like my sister I’m a two-year-old roughcoat. I’m vaccinated and HW-negative. I do need to be spayed and I have a minor eye abnormality that will be surgically repaired before I’m adopted. I’m housetrained. If you have a fenced yard and kids for me to play with, that would be really great! I’d prefer to be your only pet, and I’d like to go for obedience lessons. My foster mom calls me Slinky ’cause sometimes I slink along the floor. Guess I’m hoping that if I’m small enough and low enough to the ground no one will hit me. Give me a call. I’d love to chat with you. 12/30/2007

Sadie: is about 3 years old, has been spayed, has all her shots and is heartworm negative. She gets along with other dogs and loves people. She knows “Sit” and seems to be very smart. Sadie is a bit smaller than average and weighs about 100 lbs. She shows interest in cats but has not harmed one. The adoption fee includes all shots, heartworm test, neutering, a Home Again microchip and one night free obedience class in the Reno, Sparks, Carson City and Tahoe areas. 12/30/2007

Greta: is two years old. She gets along with other dogs and really likes people. She is very lively and loves to play. The adoption fee includes all shots, heartworm test, neutering, one night free obedience class in the Reno, Sparks, Carson City and Tahoe areas. We also include an information packet and a large bag of Pedigree dog food. And Micro Chip. 12/30/2007

Panda: is 1 to 2 years old. She is kind of laid back and wants to be a couch potato if you are sitting with her. She just wants to be around people. She gets along well with other dogs as she is rather submissive. She has been spayed, has all her shots and is heartworm free. The adoption fee includes all shots, heartworm test, neutering, a Home Again microchip and one night free obedience class in the Reno, Sparks, Carson City and Tahoe areas. We also include an information packet and a large bag of Pedigree dog food. 12/30/2007

Teddy: is about 1 and a half years old. He has been neutered, has all his shots and is heartworm free. Teddy wants to be an indoor dog surrounded by family. He really loves car rides too. The adoption fee includes all shots, heartworm test, neutering, one night free obedience class in the Reno, Sparks, Carson City and Tahoe areas. We also include an information packet and a large bag of Pedigree dog food. 12/30/2007

KING: is a 1-2 year old neutered, longhaired male. He was an owner turn in due to a divorce situation. When he first came to us, he was very depressed with his change in living environments. He has since come around and is a great dog. He seems to do better in calmer situations. He will be a great companion in his new and forever home. 12/28/2007

LILLY: is a 2 year old spay, shorthaired female. She is a very sweet and affectionate girl. Lilly seems to do well around the other dogs. She just loves everyone and has never met a stranger. She is waiting to find her new and forever home. Lilly would be a wonderful companion and loving addition to her new family. 12/28/2007

Sarah: Hello all potential adoptive parents. My name is Sarah. I’ve been told that I am a super dog, very sweet. I do love to be walked, petted and groomed. I came up from North Carolina all the way to Maryland and enjoyed the trip. I am up to date on my shorts, am heart-worm-negative, and have been spayed. I am a bit underweight and could use a few extra pounds to bring me out to my most womanly figure. I am 3 years old and currently weigh about 120pounds. I have long hair and while you can’t tell from my photos, I am really quite a looker! My marks are unusual and some call me striking! I am pretty shy and laid back to be honest with you. Regardless, I really would love to have a home and family to love me. Once you meet me, you will fall in love…I’m quite the girl. 12/26/2007

Brad: is a 3yo neutered male smooth coat. He gets along well with other dogs and cats. It takes him a little time to warm up to men he does not know. 12/26/2007

Duncan: 7 yr. old, neutered, long haired male. Very special guy – he is deaf. Looking for a mellow, low key home to enjoy his “golden” years. Super sweet, gentleman. 12/26/2007

Yogi: 3 yr. old, long haired, neutered male. Very handsome boy. Looking for a family to love him – does not like cats. 12/26/2007

Betsy: is a beautiful and charming 20 month old female Saint. She is housebroken, spayed, current on vaccinations as well as heartworm and flea and tick prevention. Being young and still rambunctious she enjoys playing with her toys, and the company of other pets and people. She likes to chase birds, lizards and anything else that will move fast. She’s decent on a leash and responds to “sit&” “lie down&” “in&” and “drop it&”. She can be shy of new people but once she knows they’re “ok&” she’s ready to hog all of the attention. Although Betsy is not crate trained, she is not destructive when left alone as long as she has plenty of toys and bones and things to keep herself busy. Very affectionate and loyal she would do best with a family who will make her part of all their activities and give her a lot of love. Betsy’s best match for a forever home would have a fenced in yard, children over 10 and perhaps a male dog for her to play with. Betsy would also benefit from an obedience class to help her gain her confidence and to help her bond with her new family. 12/26/2007

Lucky: is a 2 year old male that needs a home with a very understanding but strong hand. He loves to go for walks and get attention. He loves to play and wrestle with everyone. He gets along with other dogs, live stock and bunnies. He is great with kids of all ages. He will need a very special home where he will be tot where he is in the house with patients and understanding. 12/24/2007

Rosie: Longhaired female – approximately 5 & 1/2 yrs young. She is spayed and up to date on shots & is HW negative. Rosie’s owner passed away and she came into rescue with another female, Annie. Annie has been placed so Rosie is awaiting her own home at present. Gets along with other dogs, cats and preferably older children. 12/23/2007

Kegger: My name is Kegger because I’m the life of the party!!!! I am a sweet 18 month old boy who loves everyone and everything! I was rescued from Chicagoland shelter after I was found abandoned on the streets. I need some work in the obedience training department but other than that, I’m a pretty great guy!!!! I’m a great addition to any BBQ this summer!!! 12/20/2007

Keanna: I’ve been with ISBR for over a year now. People look at me, one even adopted me, but I was returned. You see I love my fellow ISBR housemates but what I really want is a home of my own. I am 8 years old and just want a family to love me. No other dogs to share my time with. I love people and children. Belly rubs and treats are a must. Do you have room in your heart for a senior girl with lots of love to give? 12/20/2007

Eva Grace: She is a sweet but very shy, young girl. She appears to have some beagle in her, so she will probably stay pretty small. She will need some training, though we are working on some of the basics. She is good with children, but a little scared of other dogs. 12/20/2007

Cooper: Cooper was a stud in a former life. Now he’s the sweetest friend you could have. Currently Cooper enjoys watching TV with his two humans (ages 4 & 5) on the weekends, playing with his pack in the yard (4 other dogs) and taking as many naps as he can fit in. Cooper’s 5 ½ years old and he’ll be 6 on May 10th. Cooper has been through complete obedience and protection training and follows spoken and hand commands fairly well. Late in the summer of 2006 we found out that Cooper is epileptic and he currently takes a pill twice a day once with breakfast and once with dinner. Because of the pills Cooper likes to have plenty of water and needs to go outside frequently which he can’t now on account of no one being home during the day. Cooper would be a GREAT addition to a family with a stay at home parent or a retired home. 12/20/2007

Lady: is a 3 year old, full mask, rough coat Saint Bernard. She came to us from a breeder that was going out of business and now that she’s out of the puppy making business she’s decided that she LOVES the attention. Lady loves to be cuddled, can’t get enough hot dog’s (for treats) and wants nothing more than her own forever home. 12/20/2007

Pete: Pete is a rough coat, Saint Bernard which could possibly be mixed with something else. Pete was found at 8 weeks old, alongside the highway eating trash. Pete will be fully vetted, vaccinated, on heartworm and flea/tick preventative as well as microchipped prior to placement. 12/20/2007

Baily: Baily is a 10 month old rough coat saint. He has very good house manners and is good with other dogs and children. He can easily jump a 4 foot fence and will do so to chase rabbits and cats and greet the neighbors. He is a wonderful playful young dog.12/20/2007

Andre: the Giant was pulled from a kill shelter in Mississippi. His owner turned him in because he ate to much! He is a bit under weight but the vet says he is still a puppy. He has a lot of growing to do. He is 123 lbs right now. He loves kids and other dogs, but he is protective of his food. I think he was never fed enough to fill his belly so it makes him nervous. He will need a strong leader as an owner to help him get over this problem. 12/18/2007

Sophie: is a 2.5 year old spay long haired female. Sophie is a great big goofy fluff ball who likes to be the center of attention. She loves her mom dearly, but wants her all to herself. Sophie is a dominant gal. Unfortunately there are 2 other Saints in Sophie’s family who don’t like being bossed around. So it has been decided that it would be better for all if Sophie found a home where she could be an only dog. Sophie is energetic and loves to run in the yard and to go for long walks and car rides. She is sweet and affectionate and wants nothing more than to curl up close to her mom and watch TV at night (so close in fact she often sits on her feet) Sophie is also fearful of strangers and generally prefers to have nothing to do with anyone but her people. When on a walk Sophie will hide her head behind her Mom. Sophie would do best in an adult home as she has no experience with children. She needs someone who will understand her fearful nature and respect her limitations. Sophie is up to date on all inoculations and heart worm negative. 12/17/2007

Siffy: He is a beautiful 8 month old male saint that is up to date with his shots and neutered. 12/16/2007

Chester: Longhaired Male – haven’t estimated an age as of yet. Some creature that most of us wouldn’t claim as being part of the human race, dumped this poor dog in the woods. We haven’t a clue how long he was there although we know it was several weeks. Some hunters came across him and took him to a shelter. He is in a safe foster home until all his vet work is done, gains some weight and begins to trust people again. He likes children and other dogs at this point. Look for updates on Chester – pictures are the day rescue took him in to their care. 12/16/2007

JACKIE: Meet one-year-old Jackie, a roughcoat boy who’s neutered, vaccinated, and HW-negative. He came into Rescue because one of his human children had severe asthma. Jackie’s a friendly fellow who prefers a family with an active lifestyle because he LOVES to run and play fetch and hike in the woods with his people. He’s quite the nature boy. Jackie’s playful with other dogs. Though he’s never met a cat his personality suggests that he’d do well with them. He’s been with children as young as infants. Jackie’s inquisitive and affectionate, and will revel in the companionship of a young, active family. A fenced yard is preferred though not essential as long as he’s not outside running around unattended. And if you have a pocketful of Scooby Snacks he’ll follow you to the ends of the earth. 12/14/2007

MOLLY 8: Meet MOLLY 8. Just one year old, she’s a sweet, feisty roughcoat (longhaired) young miss who came into Rescue when her owner’s living situation changed. Molly is friendly toward strangers and has lived with children as young as toddler age. Though she has lots of energy, she’s amazingly gentle with kids. She has never met a cat. She loves having her armpits scratched (silly girl) and likes being the center of attention. Her human mom affectionately called her “Queen Bee” as she can be a little bossy. She’s UTD on vaccinations, is HW-negative and has been spayed. Successful completion of formal obedience lessons will be a requirement of her adoption contract as she pulls a little on leash; but does quite well with a Gentle Leader. Got a fenced yard and room on your sofa for this big love-bug? If so, let’s talk. 12/14/2007

JENNA: Baby JENNA came into Rescue because the family’s youngest child has severe asthma. At just six months of age she is very sweet. Jenna’s a roughcoat (longhair) who is vaccinated and HW-negative. She is housetrained. She will be spayed within the next week or so and then will be ready to interview prospective families. Jenna is playful with other dogs; she has never met a cat. She will do well in a home with a fenced yard and children over age 6 or so. She has lots of energy and doesn’t have a mean bone in her little body. Successful completion of formal obedience lessons will be requirement of her adoption contract. Jenna’s a little girl with unlimited potential. Want to meet her? 12/14/2007

LIZZIE: This little cutie is nine-month-old Lizzie. She’s a darling baby who is vaccinated and negative for heartworm. She’s still intact but will be spayed prior to adoption. Lizzie gets along with other dogs and with cats. She’s wonderful with children of all ages. She’s sweet beyond belief and will readily climb into the nearest lap to give kisses and cuddles. Lizzie’s not quite housebroken but is making good progress in that area. We’d prefer a fenced yard for her, and successful completion of obedience classes will be required. Alas, Lizzie’s hips are not perfect and we have scheduled her for evaluation by our orthopedist. She’s quite ready to wrap her paws around someone’s heart. How about yours? 12/14/2007

GROVER: Hi! My name’s Grover but my foster mom has many nicknames for me — Goofball, Silly Bug, Clown Boy, and Skinny Butt are just a few. And she tells me I have the WORST case of bed-head she’s ever seen on a dog. I know she loves me because she chuckles when she tells me this, and she’s always hugging me. I’m just six months old. I’m housetrained and I’ve already been neutered (boy, what a surprise when I found out what THAT meant!). I’ve had my vaccinations and I’m HW-negative. Mom tells me I’ve got a long way to go to grow into my big feet. Right now I’m quite thin but I sure like the food around here so I won’t be skinny for much longer. I’d like a family with children over age 12 ’cause I have an awful lot of energy (a bit too much energy for little kids, I think). I’d love a female dog to play with. Haven’t met a cat yet but I hear they’re great fun to chase. I’d like a fenced yard. My mom told me to say that I’ll need obedience lessons. Wanna come and meet me? 12/14/2007

CLARA: She’s only nine months old and for Clara life has been an uphill battle. She came to us seriously underweight at 62 pounds, being eaten alive by fleas, loaded with tapeworms, and heartworm-positive. And she’s scared to death of people. Raise your voice or move suddenly and she drops to the floor like a brick. We’re working on trust issues. We’re bulking her up. Once she recovers from heartworm treatment she’ll be spayed. And then she’ll get to choose some lucky family. She’s housetrained and vaccinated. She seems fine with other dogs and is probably okay with cats, though she hasn’t met one here. Children should be over age 8 or so. A fenced yard is preferred. Clara’s such a sweet little love-sponge. She just wants to be hugged. Interested? 12/14/2007

ZIGGY: is four years old. He’s a smoothcoat boy with a mantle coat. He’s neutered, housetrained, vaccinated and HW-negative. Ziggy’s a playful, friendly guy who has had a somewhat tough time of it lately. We suspect he was abused in his earlier life. And alas, his vision isn’t the best. He sees reasonably well with his right eye but cataracts have compromised the vision in the left. (But he can spot a dog treat from 50 paces.) Ziggy does get a little spooked if suddenly approached on that left side. We’ve scheduled him for a consult with an ophthalmologist. The Zig-monster’s a big ole lap dog whose favorite things include playing fetch, chasing a frisbee, and riding in the car. Initially shy around men, he quickly warms up and expects tummy scratches. He does well with most female dogs and with cats. He’d do best in a family with older kids. We’d like him to have a fenced yard. Saint- or giant-breed-experience would be a definite plus. 12/14/2007

BARNEY BOY: This good-looking young lad is two-year-old Barney Boy. He’s a shorthaired splashcoat Saint who is neutered, housetrained, vaccinated, and negative for heartworm. He has been dewormed. Looks like Barney Boy has missed a few meals as he could easily stand to gain 10 or 15 pounds in order to be at his optimum weight. With his long legs he runs like a gazelle! He’s a quiet, housetrained boy who has lived with children and he gets along with most other dogs. (He hasn’t met a cat while here in Rescue.) Barney loves chilling out with his human friends. Got a pocketful of Milk Bones? If so, he’ll be your new best friend. The successful applicant will be willing to help Barney refine his leash manners. Barney’s a wonderful guy. Come and meet him! A fenced yard is strongly preferred, as is Saint- or giant-breed-experience. 12/14/2007

HENRY: Isn’t he adorable? Little Henry came into Rescue as an owner-surrender. It seems there was a size restriction on resident dogs at his family’s condo. Though just a baby, he will soon exceed the condo association’s 100-pound weight limit. Henry’s a roughcoat (longhair) Saint who’s vaccinated and HW-negative. He was just neutered. At just three months of age he’s not yet housetrained but he is a smart baby and will catch on quickly. Henry’s a playful, friendly little boy who has recently discovered that he can bark. He delights in “talking” with the other dogs here at Camp Saint Bernard. He has learned SIT and now we’re working on DOWN. This boy has brains! Henry would like a family with another dog to teach him the ropes. We’re requiring formal obedience lessons for him. A fenced yard is strongly preferred. And the successful applicant will be a previous adopter. 12/14/2007

MIMI: Sweet, debilitated little Mimi is a hard-luck case. This pretty young girl came to us after being turned in to a municipal shelter. Her owner had four large/giant dogs (Mimi being one of them) and would feed them all from the same food bowl. Poor Mimi looks like she never got close enough to the bowl. Our veterinarian estimates her to be 30 pounds underweight. When offered a dog treat she doesn’t seem to know what they are. How sad is that! Mimi has been vaccinated and she tested negative for heartworm. We still need to test her for Lyme disease. She’s housetrained. We’ll have her spayed once she has put on a few pounds. She seems to do well with most other dogs but we’d prefer that she goes to a family where she will be the only pet so she doesn’t ever have to compete for food again. She is unknown with cats. Mimi responds to affection and attention. She walks reasonably well on leash and she knows “sit”. We’d like to see Mimi complete an obedience course for the socialization benefit afforded by classes. She’ll be a terrific companion for someone who can help her learn that food bowls aren’t always empty. If you have a fenced yard and room in your heart, please come and meet our girl. 12/14/2007

SAMM: At just seven months of age, Samm is a big goofball. He’s a roughcoat whose long hair is curly and soft. He’s playful with most other dogs and we’re told he doesn’t seem to mind cats. Currently intact, he is scheduled to be neutered, vaccinated and heartworm-tested and then he’ll be ready to meet prospective adopters. Samm’s favorite things include playing with a rope, having his belly scratched, and walking on the beach. If you have a few pieces of steak he’ll be your buddy for life. (Okay, he ALSO likes to chew on the occasional sneaker — the smellier the better.) Samm’s an affectionate boy who gives gentle kisses. He’d like to be part of a family that includes children and maybe another dog or a cat. And he’d like his new mom or dad to take him to obedience school so he can practice the commands he already knows and learn some new ones. We’d like him to have a fenced yard. Preference will be given to applicants with large- or giant-breed experience. 12/14/2007

MUGSY MALONE: Mugsy is a delightful five-year-old smoothcoat male with feet the size of dinner plates and a head bigger than a basketball! Despite his size he’s a gentle boy who loves to give paw and cuddle with his humans. He’s up-to-date on vaccinations, negative for heartworm, housetrained, and is scheduled to be neutered within the next few days. Mugsy has many champions in his background, going back five or more generations. Though Mugsy’s family loved him they recognized that, given their busy lives, they just weren’t able to give him the time he deserved. Mugsy is wonderful with children of all ages. He’s playful with other dogs and he even likes cats. The successful applicant will have Saint or giant-breed experience. Though not essential, a fenced yard would be a plus. 12/14/2007

Sarge: Meet Sarge! Sarge is a 2 year old, fawn English Mastiff who is having a really tough time trusting people after being bounced around home from home, but deep down I know he really wants to trust again. He has more experience with men and children than women. Most women he was accustomed to were afraid of him. He was also raised with two little girls, the youngest being 3 and he worshipped the ground they walked on. He also lived with two tiny poodles. Sarge will need a family that will teach him and help him learn how to love again. Mastiffs are a very loyal breed so this whole situation is very tough on him. Do you have what it takes to teach this big guy to love again? A stay at home parent or a parent who works from home would be best, also a fenced in yard is mandatory as well as completion of an obedience class to help build his confidence. For now Sarge would do best as an only dog. 12/13/2007

Stolie: is an 18 month old neutered smooth coat male. He tends to be a bit shy when meeting strangers but warms up easily. Stolie and his brother Jamison were both abandoned so rescue does not have any history on these boys. Stolie is working on his house breaking skills right now and is dong better. Unfortunately his eye site is poor due to sever entropion and extropion. This poor boy can hardly keep his eyes open because they hurt so much. He has had the lower lids repaired but will need to heal before we can have the upper lids taken care of. Due to the high cost of these surgeries donations will be greatly appreciated. 12/11/2007

Harley: is a young, playful male Saint (mix?) puppy. His age is unknown-his size looks to be 4-5 months (and his attitude), but he already has his adult teeth. He seems to be potty trained, and loves playing with other dogs. He currently weighs about 50 pounds. Harley is current on vaccines, and is scheduled to be neutered soon. He has swollen elbows on his 2 front legs, but we are working on getting those drained and cleared up. Harley loves everyone! 12/9/2007

Missy: is a young female Saint Bernard mix. She is absolutely sweet and lovable-a very quiet and easy dog to be around. She is playful with other dogs, and is in the process of being potty trained, as she had not been inside before. She is incredibly thin (only 55 lbs!), and needs to put on a significant amount of weight on before she can be spayed and sent to her new home. 12/9/2007

Misty: L/H female 12/9/2007

Alice: Such a sweet girl. Her owners left her in their backyard to starve and moved away. She got out and found a neighbor and they called us. She knows her commands…sit, shake, down. She is great with the dogs, cats and kids. She is truly a wonderful dog. She is spayed and up to date on shots. Please make room for her in you family. 12/8/2007

Mercedes: L/H female – 14 weeks Owner turn in. 12/8/2007

Hoss: Shorthaired Male – approximately 18 mos. Hoss has undergone Heartworm treatment and is doing fine. He came from a shelter and was picked up as a stray. Hoss has an unbelievable temperament as a true Saint should. He gets along with children, other dogs – big and little, and cats. He settles in right away and makes himself at home. He is gaining weight nicely and deserves to go to his forever home. 12/8/2007

Hank: L/H male – approximately 6 years old. Hank lost his home due to a move and is use to being a house dog. He gets along well with all other dogs, cats and children. All his medical needs will be brought up to date before going to his new home. Just needs a new family to call his own. 12/8/2007

Kubota: L/H male – 2 years of age Will be up to date on shots, Heartworm tested and Micro chipped. An owner turn, as his previous owner didn’t have time for him. Kubota came from a home with small children, has had some obedience training but needs work on leash training and loves riding in a car. Has not had any experience with cats but gets along well with female dogs. Have not tried him with other males. This guy deserves a home where he will receive lots of attention. A plus is that he is housetrained. He is in Foster with two males and gets along good. He is a true saint temperament; he gets excited when he sees other dogs, but quickly submits to the alpha. He starts out wild on the leash but then walks very well and does not pull unless he sees another dog and wants to greet them, so he does need leash training. He will make a good indoor dog! He is big; my guess is 160 or so- he has been free fed so hopefully that will change as the foster gets him on a food routine. 12/8/2007

Reese: is a 6 year old spayed smooth coat female AKC registered Saint. She is well behaved, good with kids, and has been socialized around other dogs. Reese has recently had some surgery for a growth on her leg and for eye ectropian. She has recovered nicely. She is current on all vaccines and is heartworm negative. 12/5/2007

Taylor: is a beautiful 6 month old female saint bernard. Her coat is mostly white and brown. She is just a bundle of joy. 12/4/2007

Rosie: A rose is a rose is a rose…and then there’s Rosie. What a sweetheart!. She is a loving 2-year-old spayed female who is anxious to find her forever home. She currently is in a foster home and gets along with the Sheltie mix but barks at the big old saint male; haven’t taken it any further to see if she just wants to play or what. She is still working on her leash manners. She pulls right now and needs a strong, firm hand to get her walking right. Speaking of walking, for some reason she has a hard time walking on shiny tile floors and her feet go out from under her like she is sliding on ice. It is so funny to watch that the foster mom has not really tried to cure her of this. Rosie is up to date on her shots. She does know “sit” and will certainly come to a strong “sit” if she thinks food is in the picture. She is one big bundle of puppy energy. She will roll over on her back for belly rubs. You also have to understand that this picture was taken in the pound and it is certainly not her best look. Rosie is really a lovely dog, one you would be proud to have, one who would fill your life with love and laughter. Please check on her. 12/4/2007

Reese: My name is Reese. I was saved from the shelter in the nick of time. They think I might be a Leonberger/Saint Bernard mix. I am around a year old and only weigh 58lbs. I should weigh around 70lbs and now that I am with my foster mommy and will get good food I can put on some weight. I think my coat will also come in fuller than it is now. I am really a very sweet girl. I get along well with other dogs and if they like to play I am learning to do that. I am afraid of cats but I won’t hurt them I am just not sure what they are just yet. I do well with kids but because of my size it would be best if they were older kids. So far I have done really well being inside even when my foster mommy leaves for a few hours I behave and do not chew things up. I am current on all my shots and HW negative. I will be spayed in the coming weeks and will then be ready for my new forever home. 12/3/2007

Bella: is a 3-4 year old female Saint. She currently weighs 100 lbs but is underweight. She is good with other dogs, cats, and very sweet. Bella doesn’t seem to know many commands yet, but is housebroken and doesn’t jump on people. She was found as a stray with a wound on her neck probably from a very heavy chain. Bella requires a fenced yard. She will be spayed once she puts on some more weight. She is also heartworm positive, but her slow treatment will begin soon. She is current on all vaccines and flea preventative. 12/3/2007

Samson: is a young male Saint (mix?)-less than 1 year old. He is playful with other dogs, loves children, and is learning to be friends with cats and potbelly pigs in his current foster home. Samson is current on all vaccines, neutered, and heartworm negative. Samson was a stray along with his sister Delilah. He adores her, but can be adopted separately. Sampson is eager to please and is very trainable. He loves attention and a good belly rub! 12/3/2007

Nikki: is a 6 year old, spayed female with great social skills and family values. She weighs in around 120 pounds and has a very friendly, easygoing temperament. She is very loyal, affectionate, and loves to warm your feet as you sit in your favorite chair. Nikki can be quite playful, but play only lasts for a few minutes, and she’s ready for another nap (her favorite thing besides food). She’ll just about turn head over heels for breakfast, dinner and snacks (although we encourage you keep snacks healthy and to a minimum to maintain her weight). She recently changed to a weight management diet, and is doing well on it. Nikki drinks lots of water, and in typical Saint fashion, will drop water on the floor as she walks away from the bowl. Keep lots of towels nearby! She walks well on a leash but occasionally needs a correction when there are distractions around. Her obedience skills are good, especially with a consistent handler. She thrives on consistency, affection, and exercise. Nikki lives in harmony with two other saints in foster care, and has bonded quite easily to them, as well as foster mom and dad. She has experience as an SPCA visitation dog, providing love and warmth to adult care residences and nursing homes with her prior owner. Although she loves to sleep all day, she will ask for walks and exercise. Nikki appears to have some moderate prey drive for cats, and should not be trusted with them. However, with other dogs she is curious and playful, or sometimes just disinterested. Can you offer Nikki a forever home where she can settle into her princess role, and be your loyal, affectionate companion? 12/2/2007

Tyson: is a 10 month old smudge coat neutered male. He is a very sweet boy but is showing some signs of separation anxiety. He gets along well with other animals and enjoys car rides. Tyson is house trained and walks well on a leash. 12/2/2007

Kara: is a 6 month old sweet heart! Another casualty of divorce she’s looking for a new home to call her own. Kara is crate trained and is housebroken, she’s up to date on her shots and will be spayed prior to placement. I also must admit she’s been a dream in the house and hasn’t needed to be crated at all, she’s reserved and very affectionate and very well behaved for such a little girl. However, obedience lessons will be mandatory for her and her new family, one, it will help her bond with her people and two, because no one likes an unruly 130lb dog! Kara would also like a fenced in yard and children over 10. 12/2/2007

Zoie: Get ready to let this sweetheart wrap her paws around your heart! Meet Zoie! She’s a 3 year old smoothie Zoie’s got it all, looks, charm, she loves everyone she meets, including dogs and kids! She’s up to date on all her shots, spayed, housebroken, crate trained and ready to move in with you to be loved! Zoie’s ideal family will have a fenced in yard and children for her to romp around with. 12/2/2007

RILEY: is a 1 ½ year old neutered male. He is an absolute doll who loves everyone. His gentle demeanor will make him a wonderful addition to his new family. We do not have a lot of information on his past, but sure do love him in the present! 12/1/2007

Murphy: aka Salem is a Saint Bernard mix. He is about 3-4 years old and is just a love with his people. He gets along well with other dogs but does try to be alpha, so a home with a female dog would be best for him. He loves to play, is housebroken, does fine with kids…not sure how he is with cats. Murphy would love a new home where he can be loved and cherished, as he will gladly return that affection. 12/1/2007

Radoo: Radoo is an approximately 3 year old male rough coat saint with a half mask. Radoo is a very laid back, low energy saint. He will be your loyal couch potato. Radoo will do best as the only dog in your home, although he does fine around other dogs when he is out and about at the groomer, on walks, and at the vet. He will bark at cats and will chase if they run-but he can easily be outrun! 11/29/2007

Dorothy: is a one year old, smooth coat, spayed female. She is a good-sized girl and very strong due to being chained in a yard when she was younger. She gets along well with cats and other dogs. Dorothy is timid around men when she first meets them, but once she knows you, she is very friendly. 11/28/2007

Sadie: is an 11-month old, smooth coat, spayed female. She thinks that she is a water dog, and loves to play in it. As a matter of fact, she just loves to play. She will need a home with a playmate, as I would drive a human crazy trying to keep up with my energy level. She will need obedience training, and is mostly house-broken and crate-trained. 11/28/2007

Toto: is a 5 year old male rough coat neutered Saint Bernard. He came back into Rescue because his previous owner moved, and couldn’t keep him. He is a big, tall, goofy Saint Bernard and should probably have a canine housemate to play with. He will need more obedience training work, as he sometimes doesn’t listen very well when he gets excited (which is most of the time). 11/28/2007

Kaley: This is Kaley. She was returned to Rescue because my previous owner moved and couldn’t figure out a way to keep me in her family. She is a sweet, 7-year old female rough coat spayed female who gets along with other dogs and cats just fine. She is very well-behaved, and would love to find a home where she can live out her senior years in luxury. 11/28/2007

Wagger d’Tail: This is Wagger d’Tail. He got this name because he can’t stand up without wagging his tail! Hr is a 1 1/2 year old rough coat neutered male. He came to Colorado from a shelter in New Mexico. He gets along with other dogs, and with cats. I am going to need a LOT of training, as I came to Rescue with no training at all. I would love to find a home that will take the time to train me, and one with another dog as I have a lot of puppy left in me. 11/28/2007

Fozzy: is an 8-year old, rough coat spayed female and was surrendered to Rescue when her owners were selling their house and had no more room for her. We’ve named her Fozzy because of the way her ears stick out to the side when she’s curious – she looks like a Muppet. She was an only dog and is very vocal, and likes to talk to people when she gets excited, wants to be petted, or when it’s feeding time. She will be on arthritis medicine for the rest of her life, and is much more mobile now that she is getting her meds every morning. She is a tall girl, and very well-behaved, and loves nothing more than getting attention from people. 11/28/2007

Benny: is a 3 yo rough coat male. We are working on correction his wanting to eat cats. 11/27/2007

Mac: After a nice lady found me running loose and brought me to safety, ISBR stepped in and took me in. I am a nice boy who gets along well with other dogs and cats. I haven’t had much obedience training but my foster mom is working with me everyday. She says I am pretty darn smart! I even picked my own name! I get along with everyone I meet but I haven’t had much experience with small children so a home with older kids would be best. I am just a kid myself and don’t know my own size. I am such a sweetie, a lap dog really. If you are looking for a wonderful guy, please contact us! 11/26/2007

Arthur: My name is Arthur! I am a sweet young boy looking for a fresh start. You see my family bought me as a young pup but soon realized they just did not have the time for me. I was forced to live outdoors with no one to play with, longing for human companionship. They didn’t train me so of course as I got older and bigger I became just too much for them to handle. At 8 months old, I have found myself in rescue. I am really a great boy, eager to please and eager to learn. I am great with humans and other dogs but would do best in a home without small children and cats as I don’t quite know my own strength. 11/26/2007

Eddie: Although my owner loved me very much, she wasn’t well enough to care for me and the very large number of animals in her care. With the help of a local humane society, I was brought to safety and taken in by ISBR. I am a very sweet boy who gets along well with other dogs and cats. I would prefer a home with another laid back dog or a home of my own as I am a pretty sedate boy. I am estimated to be 5-6 years old. I have not had any experience with small children so a home with children over 5 years of age will be required. If you are looking for a laid back loveable guy, I’m your man! 11/26/2007

Buddy: is 120 lb., 5yr old male that is very sweet and up to date on all his vaccines. Buddy has been rescued once before and has been with his adoptive family for 3 yrs. They hate to part with him but have to move and cannot take him with them. Buddy is gorgeous with one blue eye and needs a FOREVER home. Older kids okay but he prefers to be the only dog in the home. Please do not apply if you have other animals. 11/25/2007

Sophie: This sweet 7 year old came to us after her owners fell on hard times and could no longer care for her. She is a very lovable girl who is good with small children, other dogs, and cats. She is housebroken and crate trained. She loves belly rubs and to cuddle with someone she loves. Would you like to love Sophie? 11/20/2007

Cooper: and Abby: They are litter mates and are about 2 ½ years old. Cooper is protective of his sister, though not aggressive. Abby is a bit of the shy side, but does come out of her shell if her brother takes the lead. Both are sweet, but could use some manners. Both do well on a leash. They were surrendered to us because the family was moving and could not find a place to allow them to have two large dogs. They had been with the family since 10 weeks old. Both are house trained. 11/15/2007

Spade: and Sarah: Hello all potential adoptive parents. We are Spade and Sarah. Yes that is right we are a boy and a girl. We have lived together for some time now. We are super sweet, love to be walked, petted and groomed. We come from NC and made the long trip to MD without complaint. We are up to date on our shots, heartworm negative and altered. Yes that means we are ready to a new home. We are a bit under weight. Spade, the boy, is 5years old weighs in at about 130 lbs. Sarah, the female, is 3 years old weighs in at about 120 lbs. We are long haired, although it is hard to see from our photos. Our foster mom is getting us groomed so we will look pretty for our new family. 11/13/2007

Devlin: Meet Devlin. Named for some of his devilish ways. He is an 18month old neutered male. He was very wild when we brought him into rescue, as he was kept outside, and given no attention. He is doing fine with the rules of the house and needs reminding less and less as time goes by. He loves to play. He gets the others going and loves to race around the yard. He has some Pyrenees in him and that results in the stubbornness. He adores people and wants to please. He just needs structure. He needs to know he has a nice warm place to sleep, food to eat, and love. 11/13/2007

Wendy: My name is Wendy! I am told that I am pretty darn adorable! I am such a little love bug. I sure love people, other dogs, and cats. I love to play with my toys and go for walks. I was found running lose through the country and was taken to a shelter. Sadly, my family never came looking for me. I guess maybe a puppy was just too much for them. I am safe and sound at ISBR and looking for a loving home. 11/11/2007

Zuri: This is Zuri. She will be a year on Nov. 7th. She is very calm for a youngster and gets along with all the other animals. She loves to nestle into you lap for lots of lovin and does not want to leave your side. She does have her play times but is not wild like most pups her age. 11/9/2007

Remmington (Remi): This is Remmington (Remi) He is about 1yr old and quite the lover. He gets along very well with all the other animals and really enjoys spending time getting all the love and petting he can get with his human companions. He loves children and enjoys lying in the swimming pool on hot days. 11/9/2007

Grady: This is Grady, I one yr. old neutered male. He has a lot of puppy spirit in him. He loves to romp and play with the other dogs. He loves his toys, especially ropes. He blends in well with the other dogs in the house. He is afraid of the cat, when she growls and hisses. He loves people, especially children. He would be a great addition to anyone’s home. 11/9/2007

Maggie: is a sweetheart. She was very thin when we rescued her and has gained more than 20 pounds. Maggie is small for a Saint. She walks very well on a leash and stays by your side. Maggie has played with our other Saints but she craves attention and affection from her human family. Maggie tested positive for heartworm and has come through treatment well. Maggie would be a great addition to your home. 11/9/2007

2 Puppies: Puppies: These two male puppies were turned into a shelter along with three adults. They are approximately 3 months old and it’s hard not to want to hug them all the time. Their names are Brad and Chris. Brad has a full mask and Chris has a half mask. They weigh between 25 and 30 pounds. Mom Lorrie was turned in at the same time and we believe Jeff is the father. The puppies love playing with their toys. They do not have to be adopted together. They will be neutered prior to adoption. 11/9/2007

Benny: is 5 years old, wonderful with kids. He’s neutered, housebroken, and has had some obedience training. His hearing is not real good, although he hears some. He takes Rimadyl for his joint problems. He slobbers. He is sweet, loveable and just needs a loving home where he gets some quality attention. 11/7/2007

Daisey May: is a 2 yo spayed female rough coat. She came to us shaved. She’s plays well with the other dogs and is very loving. 11/7/2007

Storie: is a Saint Bernard lovers dream! She is a 2 year old Rough coat (long haired) spayed, up to date girl. Shes very well trained, social and a complete love bug. She’s lived with children as young as 9 months -9 years as well as cats. She likes some dogs but can be selective, so she’ll have to meet any potential doggie siblings. Storie is also a dream to groom, bathe and even gives you paw to do her nails. Stories ideal family would have a fenced in yard and maybe some kids to keep her company. 11/7/2007

Barnaby: is a 3 year old sweetie. He is up to date on his shots and will be neutered prior to adoption. Barnaby likes other dogs (we have no idea about kittys but I don’t think hed care) and he loves people. He can be a bit silly but is well trained, he knows sit, down, come and heal and even walks wonderfully on a leash. Because of his size and energy he would do best with children over 10. Barnaby would also prefer a female companion and a fenced in yard. Don’t let this one get away, he’ll steal your heart. 11/7/2007

Gunther: wants to go home with you!! This poor guy has had many changes in his life recently and really wants things to get back to normal. His family was ready to euthanize him when they hit a stroke of bad luck, that’s when SBR stepped in. He’s a smooth coat boy, who is sweet and gentle, loves to go for walks, play with other dogs and take long naps! He’s been obedience trained, knows sit, down, come and give paw just to name a few. He’s lived with dogs, cats and older children and has enjoyed it all. Gunthers ideal family will have a lot of love to give, kids over 10 and preferably but not required, a fenced in yard. Come meet Gunther and he’ll be sure to steal your heart! 11/7/2007

Sawyer: I just don’t understand why people get pets just to throw them away. My story is the same only they tied me to a tree so tightly that I had rope burns around my neck. I fought really hard to get free but I just choked myself. I had to wait for help. Luckily someone found me and I was taken to a local animal control. I am about 18 months old, a sweet boy who is good with other dogs, cats, and people. My life has started pretty rough but I see my future getting brighter. 11/5/2007

Diego: Looking for a bouncing baby boy to add to your home? At 16 months old, I sure know how to bounce, bound, and romp!!! I am an energetic boy who is great with other dogs, cats, and older children. Not to mention, I am sure one handsome man! I LOVE to play and cuddle on your lap. I am the ultimate lap dog! I need some work in the obedience department as my previous owners didn’t focus on that too much. I am very smart and eager to please. 11/5/2007

McKenzie: is an 18 month old spayed female smooth coat. She was rescued from a shelter. The gal is very laid back and sweet. 11/4/2007

Arthur: and (Adopted 9/24/2007)Wilson: came into rescue after running away from ‘home’ twice And ending up in a shelter , twice ! They had been tied outside or kept in a kennel outside and obviously wanted to be inside with people, as most St’s. They are almost housetrained and will be updated on shots , neuter and available for adoption soon. They are in separate foster homes and will be adopted separately and doing very well. They will need go to obedience classes after adoption to continue to learn all the proper manners of being a BIG DOG. 10/31/2007

Heidi: is a sweet “loves everybody” young shorthaired female Saint. Her age is estimated at approximately 2 years. She was found as a stray, but appears housebroken, mellow, and crate trained. She is rather timid around other dogs, but is getting used to them at the rescue. She is underweight currently, but will remain a small Saint anyway (around 100 lbs.) 10/30/2007

Sophie: is a beautiful tri-colored female. She is 13 months old and is small for a Saint. She loves people and is fine with other dogs. Sophie is spay and current on her shots. 10/28/2007

LuLu: is a 9 month old spayed female smooth coat. Her owner had to move into an apartment and could not keep her. She is a very sweet pup needing a home. 10/27/2007

Panda: and Yogi: are true delights as they came into rescue when their previous owner lost her home. They love all soft toys to play with and Mr Yogi is the tug of war champion (Ms. Panda loves to let him win) These are two Fantastic Saint Bernards who are very close to one another and will only be considered for adoption together as they have been raised together one is 5years old and one is 6years old. They love to play and love to be hugged and have a lot of attention. Yogi loves walks and carry his soft toy in his mouth while Panda is close behind. This lovely couple would brighten anyone’s heart as they are wonderful companions and a lot of fun. We are currently boarding them and have been for 60+ days the kennel has been great and given them top notch care but we would love to get them into foster care or a forever home as they deserve it. 10/24/2007

Buster: My name is Buster! I am a very happy 6 month old boy. I came to ISBR after I was helped by some nice people who found me on the road trying to find my next meal. I had been abandoned for a while. I had fleas and bad skin infection but I am getting better every day. I sure love other dogs and I am pretty good with cats too. I love people of all ages. I am just the lover!!! I am completely housebroken and crate trained. For more info on how you can make me a part of your family, please contact us! 10/24/2007

Tony: Poor old Tony has really gotten the shaft in life. His former family decided to give him up when he was picked up by the dog warden too many times. Tony is severely under weight, heartworm positive, lyme disease positive, and deaf. He also has some spinal issues and we know that because he walks like he has been out drinking all night. Even with that funky walk he can run pretty darn fast and doesn‘t seem to be in any pain. Tony is 7 years old but acts like a puppy. He is extremely curious and loves creatures of all sorts be it the 2 or 4 legged kind. I should also add that he absolutely loves food and will do anything to get some including paying attention to you. At one time or another Tony must have had a good family to care for him as he learned obedient signs quickly and easily. Within two days I was able to teach him. Stop/no, sit, come and wait. We find it hard to believe that with everything Tony has gone through that he is as happy-go-lucky and spunky as he is. This boy has really tugged at the hearts of everyone in rescue and we are so hoping to give him a few more years. 10/22/2007

Beau: is a 2yr old neutered rough coat. He is very gentle with all the animals and children. He is somewhat timid but gets adjusted to new situations quickly. He walks like a dream, the leash is loose and he just follows along as you go.He was accused of some cat chasing at my foster home, however, at the Petco store he was afraid of some little dogs. I think he is just curious and if they run, he will follow. 10/19/2007

Mya: is a 2yr old spayed female rough coat. She plays well with the other saints and is a wonderful dog. She thinks she is a watch dog, as she alerts everyone to whom may be approaching. She is very good in the house and loves to romp in the yard with the others. 10/19/2007

Fergie: is a 4yr old spayed female rough coat. She is small for a saint, at under 100 lbs. She is very loving and gentle. She gets along well with the other dogs and is good with the cat. She loves people, big and little. She was taken from an abusive owner, who was starving her. She is very trusting and wants mostly to be by your side. She loves balls and will retrieve it as many times as it is thrown. She actually brings it back to you, a trait, as some will know is not that of a saint. 10/19/2007

Reva: This is Reva. She is a 3yr old spayed female. She is a tall girl with lanky legs. She loves all the other dogs and gets a big kick out of playing in the yard, whether it be a puppy or an adult dog. She is a real cuddler and is always at your feet. 10/19/2007

Sally: A 2 year old rough coat saint that was an owner surrender. She’s house broken, loves kids and gets along with other animals. Would you like to give Sally her forever home? She has been spayed, is fully vaccinated, will be microchipped prior to placement. 10/18/2007

Nanna: Is a 1 year old, female, smooth coat Saint Bernard. She has been spayed, is current on vaccinations, de-wormed and will be microchipped prior to placement. She will be ready to go to her new home July 15th. Before her placement she is having surgery to correct entropia, a rolling of the inner eye lid, to prevent damage to her eyes. She’s still very much a big puppy. She loves to play with the other dogs and would be better placed with larger dogs and school age children. 10/18/2007

Brandy: Brandy was recently surrendered to us when she was separated from her littermate due to divorce. Brandy is housetrained, loves children and is being taught her basic commands. Brandy has been spayed, fully vaccinated, on heartworm and flea/tick preventatives and microchipped. Would you like to give Brandy her forever home. 10/18/2007

Buddy: is a 4-6 year old male Saint with a great loving personality. He was abandoned & nearly starved to death. He is a “special needs dog” as he is blind. He is currently undergoing heartworm treatment, and is slowly gaining weight. Buddy is great with other dogs, horses, kids, and adults. Buddy needs a “forever home” where he gets alot of attention, and won’t have difficult obstacles (like stairs) to navigate. If you can be that special home for Buddy, please contact Christine at 281-259-6267. 10/15/2007

Kayla: is a 2 yr old rough coat female. She is house trained and crate trained and working on basic obedience in her foster home, and will need an owner that will continue formal obedience training with her to improve her manners. She is good with dogs and kids, but NO CATS. She will need a home with a 6 ft fence as she is very athletic and will jump a 4 foot fence. She would like a family that will take her for walks daily. 10/15/2007

Grace: is a 6 month old female saint mix. This poor baby has been severely abused and neglected. When I first met Gracie she was extremely ill and underweight not to mention her ears and skin were infected. She had several bald spots and her hair was falling out by the handfuls. Grace was so weak from the combination of her illness and hunger that she couldn’t’t stand or hold her head up. Needless to say Gracie was hospitalized immediately and given medication and fluids through an IV. I don’t doubt for a minute if I had not taken her in that day she would have crossed over rainbow bridge. Grace is insecure and acts as though she was taken from her mom way too early. She doesn’t understand the world around her and looks towards her foster mom for approval and safety. Gracie loves to eat and will wag her tail throughout the whole meal. It’s great to see that she is gaining her strength back and is just starting to become curious about the world around her. As each day goes by I can see her improving physically and socially. Gracie is very curious about butterflies and sometimes acts playful like a puppy should. This poor baby deserves a good home with understanding people to help bring her out of her shell and teach her that not all people are bad. 10/15/2007

Goliath: I’m not sure why they left me tied to tree and then moved away. I’m a fabulous boy, sweet as pie, obedient, loving, and just a doll. I am good with other dogs, cats, and children. I have a silly haircut right now because I was matted to my skin but I sure loved being groomed! The groomer said I was her best client ever! I must be one special boy! Just 5 years old, I am sure to make anyone a great companion! Housebroken crate trained, obedience trained. It doesn’t get any better than that! 10/13/2007

Lady: When my owner fell on hard times I was left abandoned in my home. Animal control was called and I was taken to a local shelter. I was rescued just days before I was set to be euthanized. I am a very sweet 6 year old who is good with other dogs and small children. I am quite the lover. I just had eye surgery to repair a “cherry eye” and soon will have better pictures to share with you. If you are looking for a sweet gal to cuddle with, please contact us and fill out an adoption application. 10/13/2007

Lovie: I traveled a long distance on foot when I was rescued by a southern Illinois animal control agency. My pads were very raw and sore. I was covered in burs and my skin was infected. Sadly, no one ever came to take me home and I was days away from being destroyed. Luckily, I was rescued by ISBR just in time to watch my favorite team in the Super Bowl, The Chicago Bears! I am a lovable 3 year old, who is good with other dogs, cats, and children. Do you have a place in your heart and home to give me a chance at a better life? 10/13/2007

Lady’s: foster family had hoped she would work into their home and their neighborhood, but it turns out she has high prey drive around smaller dogs and is not going to be able to live much longer at this home, where they have so generously offered to foster her while we find her a place to live. Lady is taking antibiotic for a tick-borne disease, and once that has been treated, will be spayed. She is gaining weight daily, and has proven to be housetrained. She is not bad with large breed dogs, but will not be happy in a home with small kids or small dogs. A large securely-fenced area is a must for Lady, as her strength and stamina are returning, and with it, an even higher energy level. It would be ideal for a person experienced with St. Bernard’s to be interested in her. 10/12/2007

Lilly: Look at this pretty little sweet heart! Lilly came in when her family’s situation housing changed and they just couldn’t keep her. She’s a 7 months old rough coat. She’s up to date on her shots and will be spayed prior to adoption. This little girl is a fire cracker with a ton puppy energy and will need someone patient to help her harness it. She knows some commands such as sit, down, and come and even knows “speak” on command. She’s crate trained but would much rather sleep in your bed! She also loves other dogs and likes cats but she still thinks they’re just really neat toys. Obedience classes will be a mandatory part of her adoption. Children over 10 and a fenced yard are preferred. 10/12/2007

Lulu: is a 3 y/o rough coat cutie whose owner just couldn’t take care of her anymore which was quite evident upon her arrival into rescue. Right now shes utd on her shots but heartworm positive and unspayed- both of these will be taken care of before adoption and at rescues expense. Lulu is a super affectionate girl who wants nothing more than curl up with you and give you love. Lulu does not prefer the company of other canines and would like to be an only dog. Cats are unknown and she would prefer children over 12. A fenced yard and someone to help her learn obedience is preferred. Do you have it in your heart to give this girl the loving home she deserves? 10/12/2007

Roxy: cute, playful 5 month old female longhair St. Bernard who came into our Rescue after she was Found and not Reclaimed. Roxy is a loving, happy girl! She gets along with other dogs and enjoys to be in the company of people. She will need basic obedience training to not jump up, etc. Roxy weighs 50 lbs. and will probably be about 110 lbs. when fullgrown. We had her dewclaws removed during her spay. Roxy’s adoption fee is $250 – shots, microchip, spay and declaw removal. 10/8/2007

Bruce: is a neutered male Saint, just slightly over a year old. He is current on all vaccines, and on heartworm preventative. Bruce gets along great with other dogs of all sizes. He is sweet and gentle, weighs about 150 pounds, and prefers a home without cats. He has not been around small children. Bruce walks well on a leash, and would love to join your family. 10/5/2007

Lucky: is a sweet, young (about 2 years old), energetic female Saint Bernard. She loves people, and is playful with other dogs. She is current on vaccines, scheduled to be spayed very soon, and is undergoing treatment for heartworms, as she tested positive. She was found badly matted as a stray (so she has been shaved), and her story is being followed by the Animal Planet TV show “Animal Cops Houston” (so if you adopt her you will have to consent to possibly being filmed!). Lucky is learning manners from her foster parents and other dog pals. 10/5/2007

Bernard: Hi there, wouldn’t you like to help a guy in need? My name is Bernard (they weren’t very creative, I wouldn’t mind if you change it). I am only one year old. I don’t have a permanent home. I don’t even have a foster home. I have to live in a kennel in West Virginia. I’d love for somebody to help me out here…give me a home, even if only temporarily. PLEASE. I know you’d love me if you met me. I’ll be honest, when I first meet you, I might be a bit shy, but don’t let that scare you. Once I get to know you and realize that you want to love me, I will be like putty in your hands. I will love and protect you forever. Just give me a chance…PLEASE??? 10/4/2007

ROCCO: is a strong, beautiful 16 month old smooth-coat male. He weighs in around 140 lbs. He is neutered, current on all shots and is on heartworm prevention. Rocco was turned over to rescue because his family was moving. Shortly after coming into rescue, he was diagnosed with Addison’s disease (dysfunction of the adrenal glands). For this condition, he receives two pills every day. If he walked passed you, you would never know he had anything wrong. He is sweet boy who loves to run, chase, and play. He is good with cats and children. He is a leaner and will try from time to time to sit on your lap. He is housebroken. He is looking for a family who will love and care for him. 10/4/2007

REILLY: is a 16 mo old rough coat female weighing just under 100lbs. Miss Reilly is current on her shots, has been heart worm tested, spayed and is housebroken!! Reilly has a very very small “cherry eye” which has been confirmed by the vet as only a cosmetic issue…really thou her foster mother says it’s barely noticeable next to her overall beauty! Miss Reilly is a high energy girl (by Saint standards), so we recommend that she go to a home with a fenced in yard (preferably a privacy or picket fence because this girl can climb!) so that when she is outside she’s allowed to run and romp around. Reilly’s many likes; Adults, dogs, cats and horses who are part of “her family”. Running, playing tag and fetch with her foster dog brothers, following her foster mom around the farm, drinking from the hose, warming your feet while you are watching TV, chew toys, rides in the car (!!!!), and going in her crate for bedtime. Reilly’s few dislikes; Strangers – people and other dogs she hasn’t met (she will bark and sometimes growl at them), and being left alone for longer than 8 hours (who could blame her)! However, once she gets to know the people & other dogs, she is totally cool with them. Reilly will sit and will come running when she is called off lead. She is a special dog who is looking for the right place to become her forever home!!! 10/4/2007

Broadway: is a very sweet and affectionate 1-2 year old. Originally found as a stray in the big city he’s come into rescue a bit shy and scared but is warming up more and more every second. So far he loves to play with all dogs and will play fetch. He loves the car and to go out and about with his people. He’s a go anywhere do anything kind of dog. He’s housebroken and up to date on his shots. He is not neutered yet but will be prior to adoption. Do you have what it takes to give this guy the love and care that he’s never had? 10/4/2007

Daisy: is a baby at just 1 year old! This sweet girls family moved and couldn’t take her along. Daisy is a bit afraid of new people but with some treats she warms up in no time and is extremely affectionate. Daisy is utd on her shots, housebroken, knows basic obedience and loves children and dogs. Daisy is not spayed yet but will be prior to adoption. Daisy will need to attend obedience classes to raise her confidence and help her bond with her new family. Like most Saints I do not suggest small children because of her size and a fenced yard is preferred. Come meet Daisy today! 10/4/2007

Goober: Woo this lil guy is a riot and sure to keep you laughing and your heart melted! Goober is a baby at 9 months old. He knows his commands and is house broken, but beware he still has a TON of energy and is a bit too much for little kids. He loves to play with other dogs, and his favorite past time is fetch. He will fetch and fetch and fetch until YOU are too tired! Hes neutered and up to date on his shots and is patiently waiting for his forever home! Giant breed experience, a fenced in yard and children over 10 are preferred. 10/4/2007

Max: is 1.5 y.o young gentleman. Max came into rescue after he stopped getting along with the older, more dominant Male dog of the household- he’s a bit intimidated by the bigger guys- but he LOVES cats and children! The children Max lived with were his life. He LOVES people and has never met a stranger. He’s housebroken, neutered and up to date on his shots. He would do best as an only dog and fenced yard is preferred but not mandatory as long as he has supervised exercise. If you’d like to meet Max call us today! 10/4/2007

Norman: Norman was a ” death row inmate” who was rescued from the Norman OK animal shelter. He was 12 hrs away from being put to sleep. It would appear that he has been on the street for some time as he is very thin but he is eating like a horse so he will soon gain his weight back. He is a very tall boy who is house trained and gets along well with other dogs. We don’t know how he feels about cats. Apart from being underweight he has no obvious health problems. Interestingly he has 6 toes on his back feet but it doesn’t effect him in any way. He walks well on a leash but has a bad habit of jumping up, we are working to stop him doing this. 10/3/2007

JEEVES: is a wonderful six-year-old roughcoat (longhaired) male. He has suffered some severe neglect yet, amazingly, is still willing to trust. Wonder why. He is neutered, housetrained, vaccinated, and he’s quite thin. He has an appointment to be tested for heartworm and Lyme disease, then will be ready to meet a prospective family. Jeeves gets along with children, does well with most other female dogs, and is curious about cats. He prefers the company of humans and likes hanging out to watch football on TV. Like most Saints he’s selectively deaf — Sometimes he pretends not to hear when you call him, but he sure can hear the treat bag being opened! Jeeves would like a family of his own, and promises to be on his very best behavior if you’ll just give him a chance. Saint experience is preferred, and we’ll want him to have a fenced yard. Come on down and say hi to our big silly boy! 10/2/2007

Rikki: is a 16 month old female. She was returned to her breeder because her new owner could not handle a dog her size. Her breeder turned her over to Rescue (after she had a litter of pups at 11 months old). She is crate trained and house trained, and good with children and other dogs. She is working on basic obedience training with her foster family, but will need an owner that will continue obedience training with her as she is still very much a puppy and her energy level is very high. 10/2/2007

JAYCIE: Meet Jaycie. SHe’s a two-year-old roughcoat (longhair). And she needs a mom and dad. We plucked her from death’s door, literally. Her owners had planned to euthanize her (stupid people!) A emaciated girl, poor little Jaycie hadn’t even been to the vet in well over a year. She hadn’t been vaccinated since she was four months old, she wasn’t spayed, and alas, she tested positive for heartworms. She’s been vaccinated and spayed and has just had her heartworm treatments. Once she’s feeling better she will be ready to join a family. She’s terrified of sudden movements around her head, leading us to assume that she has been mistreated. And given how underweight she is, it’s obvious that she’s been neglected. Though she does well with most dogs, Jaycie needs some TLC and would probably do best initially as the family’s only dog because she’s such a needy little girl. She’s fine with children over age 8 or so. We’re working on putting some weight on her as she recovers from her recent heartworm treatments. Won’t you help her rebuild her confidence and trust? 10/2/2007

Samson: The St. Bernard’s name in Samson, he is 8 months old, has his shots. He is a short haired St. Bernard. He was abandoned in a home along with his siblings. An older lady rescued him and one of his brothers and realized she could not keep both of them along with her 3 other dogs. So, her grandson said he would take Samson. Well, he is a college student and is not able to keep him either. Samson is very gentle, is very social and is not a big droller, just when he is hot. He sleeps inside and stays inside when it is hot. He gets along well with other dogs. 9/26/2007

Merlin: Approximately 5 weeks ago I rescued a St. from the Hendricks Co. Animal Shelter. He was due to be put to sleep. He weighed 80 lbs. at the time. He currently weighs 105. I’m convinced he was a puppy mill stud. He never walked on carpet, tile, never seen a television, heard a radio, and had no clue how to walk up or down stairs and no clue what human affection was. He has come so far in 5 weeks. He LOVES to have his ears and tummy rubbed, flies up and down stairs like a pro All of our dogs sleep in our room at night and Merlin has never had an accident. He is now current on all shots, neutered, heartworm negative, great with my two year old grandson, wonderful with my three cats, the other dogs and wonderful with everyone he comes in contact with This is a courtesy posting for the owner. 9/262007

Annie: (Indiana) 4year old short hair St. Bernard, 135lbs, spayed, very good with basic obedience commands (sit, stay, lie down). Excellent with children and other dogs. Loves to just hang out at home or go for short walks. Not an outside dog, but loves it when it’s cooler. She is happy just to have her belly rubbed every now and then. Current with all vaccinations. 9/26/2007

Bell: “See me at the H.O.P.E. program” is a year old (born Jan 06). She is a smooth coat Saint who is all puppy. She leaps, she bounds, she loves to run and play. She is crate trained, and we are working on the housebreaking. She is doing much better the longer we have her. She is very curious about cats, and wants to play with them. She would do best in a household with no small children, as she is very strong and would knock them over very easily! She has been spayed and is up to date on her vaccinations. She weighed 92 pounds when we had her spayed, but she is still growing. There is nothing she likes better to do than be with people, preferably laying on top of them as they watch TV! She is a little hesitant around strangers, but settles in quickly. She walks well on a leash, but needs a firm hand or she’ll run. She is a lovable goof of a dog who needs a home that has plenty of space to run and play. 9/24/2007

BUDDY: This is my friend baby Jerid and my name is BUDDY the St. My family had to move from their home and couldn’t take me or their other pets with them. I am use to being with 2 other big dogs, and cats and kids. I still have lts of energy and love to play. I should go to obedience class with my new forever home. 9/24/2007

Oliver: is a hound dog who strolled by our house one day. No one has claimed him, so he is in search of a forever home. He is very laid back! He is a chewer of most anything he can get his mouth on. He gets along great with other dogs, and is good with cats. He does have a typical hound bark, but he doesn’t bark much. He is mostly housebroken, up to date on everything, and has been neutered. He is a very sweet personality! We estimate him to be around a year old, and he’s about 55 pounds or so. 9/22/2007

BRIDGETTE: Bridgette is a too-thin little one-year-old who spent her first year tied to a tree in a backyard day and night. She has not had the opportunity to learn manners, though she does try. Despite her rough start she has the potential to be a wonderful dog for the right family. Although she is friendly and excited about interacting with people, she just hasn’t a clue about her size and energy level. She’s a roughcoat (longhair) who’s heartworm-negative, UTD on vaccinations, and surprisingly, given the fact the she has only recently been introduced to indoor living, appears to be housetrained. Bridgie does well with most other dogs; she is probably too intense for a cat. With some training and controlled socialization she will build on the skills she has begun to learn. She knows SIT, OFF, DOWN and LEAVE IT. COME doesn’t appear to be in her repertoire just yet. As for leashwalking? Though she likes walking, she’s initially unruly at the prospect of going for a walk, or should I say “taking her human for a walk”. She does settle down as long as the handler is firm and strong. Her favorite things include running like the wind and jumping in puddles (Can you say “mud puppy”?) She’s terrified of the vacuum cleaner. And she’s a confirmed counter-surfer. Bridgie will need an experienced, gentle, patient owner who will help her become the super girl we know she can be. She does need some TLC. And she will definitely need a fenced yard. The family should have older kids or no kids. And Bridgie would likely do best as the only dog, at least initially. Successful completion of formal obedience lessons will be a requirement of her adoption contract. If you’ve had Saints or other giant breeds before, and you have the patience to help Bridgette blossom, why don’t you come and meet her. 9/20/2007

BEETHOVEN 5: is a handsome guy who came into our program because of his owner’s failing health. He’s vaccinated, neutered, HW-negative and housetrained. He’s an affectionate dog whose favorite thing is chilling out with the guys. (If there’s a baseball game on the widescreen, even better.) A Saintly Senior, he’s seven years young but you’d never know it, given his activity level. He deserves a loving environment to live out his remaining years. (on average, Saints live to age 10-12.) Beethoven’s adoption fee will be reduced. Won’t you open your heart to this big guy? He’s worth it. 9/20/2007

TANKER: TANKER NEEDS AN ANGEL. This sweet baby’s paws hit the ground on Valentine’s Day 2006. Just to meet him is to have your heart stolen. He’s been vaccinated and tested negative for heartworm. He’s neutered and housetrained. He gives the greatest puppy kisses. And at only nine months of age he has never known what it’s like to walk without discomfort. Tanker has severe bilateral hip dysplasia. Not only does it hurt him to walk, it hurts to WATCH him walk knowng that he’s suffering so. However, he’s a stoic little charmer who tries to keep up with his canine friends as they run and play. He wants desperately to romp with them but mostly just sits on the sidelines with a look on his face that says “I can’t play right now, but I know my human friends will help me get better, then WATCH OUT ’cause I’ll run circles around you all.” Tanker wants nothing more than to feel well and revel in a human’s love and affection. He delights in curling up and being cuddled. If you can help him get his surgery he’ll be forever grateful because then he’ll be able to go, pain-free, to his very own family. Won’t you help us help him? Your donation toward his veterinary care would be most appreciated (and may be tax-deductible). If you can help Tanker please send a check (made payable to the Saint Bernard Rescue Foundation, Inc.) to; New England Saint Bernard Rescue, c/o Judy Bredin-Graham, 64 Tanbark Road, Sudbury, MA 01776-2659. Please mark your check “for Tanker” in the memo line. Any amount will help. Once he has recovered from his orthopedic surgery (at Rescue’s expense) he will need a loving adopter willing to assist him through the rehabilitation process. Tanker does well with most other dogs but we’d prefer a home where he can be the only canine so he won’t be tempted to rough-house as his hips heal. If you have a fenced yard, kids over age 8 AND A LOT OF LOVE, we hope you’ll consider Tanker. He’s a joy. And he just wants a chance. 9/20/2007

Ari: (Aristotle) is a 4yr old long hair St. Bernard female. She was rescued from a local shelter from an owner surrender. They felt that she was too large for their growing family and didn’t have the time or energy to take care of her. She has been spayed, microchipped, utd on all shots, on heartworm preventative, and frontline once a month. Since joining our foster home Ari has learned basic home manners and commands. I believe she must have been an outdoor dog. She is highly intelligent and catches on extraordinarily fast to all situations. She seems to become attached to the adult female in the household. She is not in the least bit aggressive towards men she just prefers women. She has all the normal traits of this gentle giant breed and will make someone a lifetime companion. Ari deserves to be placed in a home that is truly worthy of her wonderful disposition! 9/15/2007

Sahara: “And they called it puppy love…” That’s what we have here…and listen to what Sahara would like to tell you. Are you looking for puppy love? If so, I’m your girl. My name is Sahara and I’m none-months-old. I am gong to be spayed soon and I am currently up to date on my shots. I love to be around people and other dogs. Nobody has tried me to see how I feel about cats, so I can’t say. I love to have my belly rubbed, can’t get enough of any treat, and really like a good tug of war. I’m really still a baby and would love to have somebody love and and train me into the wonderful woman I plan to be. Please check on me…I promise not to disappoint you. 9/8/2007

NICHOLAS aka CAESAR: is a 1 year old neutered, longhaired male. He’s a very friendly boy who does not know his own size. He is a very large dog with the energy level and maturity of a very young boy. He’s house broken and is good with other dogs. He has a lot of energy and definitely needs a playmate. Nickolas needs some leash training and a home with understanding and TLC. He would be a great prospect as a working dog in obedience, agility or numerous other options for this high-energy pup. 9/4/2007

Blue: Blue is a 3-4 yr old Longhaired Male. He loves people and is a very sweet boy. We do not know if he is housebroken. Blue gets along well with big dogs, probably not with small dogs. We will also only place him with older children over 10. But he’s a sweet boy and deserves a second chance to be someone’s loving companion. 9/4/2007

Rocky: is an 8 month old neutered male. He is your typical slobber machine so the faint at heart need not apply as his drool will only become more pronounced as he matures. Rocky has a lot of puppy energy and loves to play fetch. He knows sit, down, and can walk nicely on a leash. Rocky is very submissive boy and can be a bit shy when first meeting strangers. If you decide to adopt Rocky you will need to continue to socialize him until he reaches maturity to help him overcome his submissiveness. 9/4/2007

Barris: is about 3 years old and loves people. He is very easy to walk on a leash and loves car rides. Barris needs to be in a home without cats and he is said to be housebroken. He has been neutered, has all his shots and is heartworm free. The adoption fee includes all shots, heartworm test, neutering, a Home Again microchip and one night free obedience class in the Reno, Sparks, Carson City and Tahoe areas. 9/4/2007

Lyric: I am a longhair, female, young puppy with a bossy mom attitude. I use my body and push my brother around. I need a home that will spend some time training me. I promise I will be good. I was saved from a Parvo death by a wonderful caring vet and feel very healthy. 9/3/2007

Prisilla: was rescued from the Memphis TN animal shelter. She is SO pretty. She is a little under weight and she is heartworm positive. We started treatment already. She gets very excited but loves to be loved on. She is getting used to a crate and is doing better on a leash. Since she is so young she learned fast and loved to show that she can mind. Please take her home with you, she needs someone to love her forever! 8/29/2007

Deacon: he is a very sweet large boy that loves attention he knows how to sit, heel, and down. Deacon gets along with kids people and other dogs. He needs to be in a home with a fenced yard and indoors most of the time. He is well mannered and loves to sit on your lap. 8/28/2007

Frita: she is a 4 year old rough coated saint with a full mask and lots of white. She loves to play and is good with people and kids. She has some issues with other dogs ( does not know how to play with them). She knows how to site and walk on a leash. 8/28/2007

Zoey: -she is a 9 month old puppy. She loves to play and get attention. She is so playful that she will knock over small kids. She is so cute you would have to come see her to fall in love with. She is good with older kids and other dogs. 8/28/2007

CHARLEY: is vet estimated to be approximately 2 to 2 ½ years old. He has been neutered and brought current on all shots and placed on heartworm preventative. Charley is housebroken, loves kids and gets along great with most other dogs. He is a smaller boy – only weighed 89 pounds when he went in for his vetting, but is working on adding a couple more pounds. Charley can be a little vocal when you aren’t paying attention to him – surely you can understand — he wants you to notice him, play with him and keep brushing him. He travels well in the car. Yes, the pictures are of the same dog – one side is predominantly white, the other side red. If you think Charley – or Chuck, as he’s sometimes called – may be a match for your family, 8/28/2007

CLYDE: is vet estimated to be approximately 5 years old. He weighs 140 pounds and is the true meaning of a gentle giant. Bonnie and Clyde came in together from a shelter in Kentucky. They were both picked up by animal control and no one ever came for them. Clyde is very devoted to Bonnie. He shares everything with her. He will let her eat first – maybe because she can be a little bossy about such things, but he allows it nevertheless. Clyde has been brought up to date on his vaccinations, neutered and placed on heartworm preventative. Clyde is housebroken and great with other animals. This boy would make a wonderful family member. Drool towels a must with this boy. 8/28/2007

ROCKY: is estimated to be about 1 ½ years old. Rocky was rescued from a high-kill shelter. He will be brought current on vaccinations and neutered and placed on heartworm preventative prior to adoption. Rocky seems to be a great boy. He gets along well with all the others, large and small. He also seems to be crate trained. He loves being with you and especially with children. 8/28/2007

Ceasar: This is Ceasar. He is a neutered smoothcoat Saint. He will be 2 in Oct. He is a pretty good sized boy, at about 165lbs. He loves to play with the other dogs and gets along great with all the animals. He is a real people pleaser and loves the attention from them. He is used to being inside and behaves very well. He is just a great big love. 8/24/2007

Pongo: is a 7-year-old smudge coat male that absolutely loves everyone he meets. His owners are really saddened to have to give him up but unfortunately they are relocating and cannot take him with them. Pongo is a real low-keyed laid back boy that lives to be loved. He gets along well with cats and dogs and people of all ages. When he sees you approaching his big old tail starts winding around like a helicopter ready for take off. He is on the large size but due to having poor hips we are keeping his weight down. Even though his hips are not good he doesn’t seem to be in any pain and gets around well. Like most saints he wants to be where his humans are so he tends to follow you around all day. Every time his foster mom looks at him she finds him watching her adoringly as she hears the thumping of his tail. That thumping is his way of telling you that he is just one happy fellow and is thrilled that you are near him. Beware though because along with all that love comes a ton of drool. He is just one huge goober boy so make sure you have lots of paper towels on hand. Pongo is such a lover that he will fit in any home but because of his hips rescue wants to place him in a home that doesn’t have a lot of stairs for him to climb. 8/23/2007

Hannah: One year old long-haired female pup. She is spayed, up to date on shots, heart worm negative and micro-chipped. Hannah is a wonderful young lady who gets along with children and other dogs. She hasn’t met any cats yet but tends to ignore them on her walks. She is housebroken, walks on a leash, and knows some basic commands but she is also fairly rambunctious and would benefit from some obedience training. Hannah grew up in a loving home but her owner had an unfortunate change of circumstance and must surrender her for adoption. 8/23/2007

Pearly Girl: you will not find a more affectionate, loyal dog than Pearl! Pearl has come a long way in her 8 months with SBR. As you might remember (Since I’m sure you frequent this site to see all the pretty dogs…) Pearl spent her first many years locked in a bathroom and then 7 months in a shelter. Well I’m here to tell you that despite the odds being stacked against her, this girl is LOVING life and everything it has to offer. She loves fetch and can actually catch a ball mid-air which is a site to see. She has taken MANY obedience classes to rebuild her confidence and to help her get a long with other dogs better, and she loves obedience and working for you and will do anything to please her owner. She loves toys and bones and to play tug, but beware she can rip you off the couch in seconds! Pearl loves agility and excels in it. Pearl intimidates most dogs and we prefer she is the only dog in her household. She doesn’t really like cats, but I doubt she’d do anything to them. Pearl does like kids (anyone to give her love and rub her belly!) A fenced in yard is always a plus but not mandatory for her as long as she’s walked regularly, she really isn’t that high energy. And as for kids, kids over 8 would be wonderful for her! Pearl deserves to be loved by you and your family! Come see her today. 8/23/2007

Crystin: Shorthaired female – about 17 months of age. What a sweetheart! She had her “first” bath and was terrified but her temperament held through it all. She has been with several males and just one female and all has gone well. I haven’t a clue regarding cats and have not had her with young children. She is a puppy at heart and has already been a Mother which won’t happen again as she has been spayed. Crystin needs a home that will allow her to be a puppy for awhile since she evidently missed out on some of those months. It would be best for her to go to a large breed experienced home. She is definitely a happy girl. 8/22/2007

April: S/H female – DOB 3/5/07 She is the lover of the group and needs a home where she will enjoy a lot of attention. 8/22/2007

Polly: is a two yr. old spayed female roughcoat. She was shy at first but is quickly coming out of her shell. She is beginning to initiate play with the other dogs in the house. She was surrendered because she kept jumping the fence. She simply longed for human companionship and some attention, which she was not getting. She gets along fine with the other animals and is enjoying her stay at the foster home. She really loves children and everyone else. 8/20/2007

Fiona: is a 3 mo old female St puppy. She was not being taken care of and surrendered to WSBR. She will be spay soon, updated on shots, and microchipped. She is in a foster home with several young kids, and 2 foster brother ‘big dogs’ . She will need to go to puppy obedience after adoption and continue obedience classes to learn how to be a polite ‘big dog’. 8/18/2007

Luc: is a 3-year old neutered male rough coat. He is a very docile guy, good with older kids and other dogs (cats unknown). He was an outside only dog but is learning basic skills very quickly now that he’s an “inside” dog at his foster home. He is housetrained, knows Sit and Go to Bed, and is doing very well with crate-training, though he is out most of the time and not destructive. He wants to be wherever you are and loves lots of attention. 8/16/2007

Terry: 2 year old female. Rough coat. Terry came to rescue from a family that got her as a puppy and could not handle her as she grew. She spent most of her life in a pen in the yard with little or no attention. She is very people oriented and learning how to be a good house dog. She is also learning how to play with other dogs. She will need obedience training and additional socialization. 8/16/2007

Beaugard: is a young neuter male that was surrendered to rescue. He is in a home with other St’s and learning to play. He is full of puppy energy and will need to go to obedience classes to continue learning . He is looking for a forever home. 8/16/2007

Nikki: Sweet, loving 3 year old female St. Bernard who needs a new home because her family is moving (military) and cannot take her with them. Nikki is very well-mannered, gets along with other dogs and is a gentle girl around children. Spayed, shots, microchip – 8/16/2007

Heidi: is very much still a puppy. She loves to play and to chew. Need to watch that she is not bored, as she will get into things in order to play. She is a very good natured dog, and gets along well with kids and other animals, although…if it runs, she will chase (think chickens and cats). She does well with our house cat, who just ignores Heidi. She has had no training, but is very receptive and a relatively quick learner who thrives merely on the attention. She is still learning her name. She needs exercise, so she needs someone who will dote on her and spend the time with her that she needs. She loves her people, and is very loyal, friendly, nonconfrontational with other dogs. She has no need to be alpha. Heidi LOVES water, including ponds, being sprayed with the hose, drinking out of nozzles, etc She is a very loving animal, and would do well with a family. 8/16/2007

Bruno: is 3 or 4 years old. Neutered and current on his shots. He is a dominant Saint and will need a strong Pack Leader to keep him happy. 8/16/2007

Katie: I’m a one-ish year old female Saint Bernard and I love people. I am crate trained, housebroken, spayed, microchipped, and current on all shots. I still have puppy soft fur, and a puppy spirit. I might be best being an only pet. I love walks but would be happy with belly rubs and snuggles. I like to play ball and play in the yard. I’m learning my basic commands again with my foster family and I’m remembering quite well. Adopting family will have to be knowledgeable about the breed. Fenced in Yard Required. 8/7/2007

Keanna: My owner went through a really rough time after her husband died and could no longer afford to keep me and my daughter, Laura. I was a mess when I came to rescue but since I have been groomed and brought current on all of my vaccines and spayed. I am just 9 years old and have plenty of energy left in me. I love people and I am good with other dogs and cats. I love to lay in the grass and enjoy the outdoors. My name “Keanna” means gracious in Hawaiian and that is what I will be if you let me become a part of your family. 8/5/2007

Maverick: just came into our program. He will be ready for adoption after July 1st. He still needs to see our vet for his checkup, shots and neutering. He is very friendly and loves a car ride. The adoption fee includes all shots, heartworm test, neutering, a Home Again microchip and one night free obedience class in the Reno, Sparks, Carson City and Tahoe areas. We also include an information packet and a large bag of Pedigree dog food. 8/4/2007

Stewart: Stewart is a short hair male, he is neutered and has all his shots and is heart worm free. He gets along with other dogs and is very friendly. 8/4/2007

Fumble: Fumble is 4 years old, has been neutered, has all his shots and his heartworm free. He gets along with other dogs. When adopted, he must be placed in a home where his father, Mogul, can go with him as they are too attached to separate. 8/4/2007

Mogul: Mogul is 9 years old, has been neutered, has all his shots and is heartworm free. He has trouble seeing detail but sees well enough to get around, find his food and water. He relies on his son, Fumble, which is why they need to be placed together. We are offering to wave the adoption fee for Mogul and are asking only for a donation when he is placed into a home with his son. 8/4/2007

Kayla: is about 9 years old. She is spayed, has all her shots and is heartworm free. 8/4/2007

Norbert: 2 yr old long hair tri colored saint. He is housebroken and crate trained, and walks nicely on leash. Is current on his vaccinations, neutered, and microchipped. Loves kids, dogs, and seems to tolerate cats well. Loves treats and belly rubs. Just a nice dog who desperately needs a loving forever family. Could you find room in your heart and your home for Norbert? 8/2/2007

BJ: Handsome, loving 3 year old male who needs to find a new, loving home because he is being terrorized by the poodle in his home now! BJ is a good boy, housebroken with a doggie door, and has been around children. Neutered, shots, microchip 8/2/2007

Hunter: Smiles! That is all I seem to do! I am just happy 4 year old! I came to rescue after I was left abandoned in a local shelter. I guess my family just couldn’t care for me any longer. I haven’t figured out why just yet. I have obedience training and I know sit, down, and stay. I walk really good on a leash too. I am housebroken and crate trained. I love people, other dogs, and cats. I am just a great boy!!! Not to mention pretty darn handsome!!! If you are interested in making me a part of your family, please contact us! 7/28/2007

Coors: Coors is a sweet boy who is yearning for his own family to love him to pieces!!! He loves people and kids and even other dogs, hes cool calm and collected and just wants to be cuddled. He knows basic commands and is house broken. Right now hes on meds for a UTI and lyme disease but then he’ll be good as new. Do you have tons of love to offer this big teddie bear? 5 ft + fence, kids 8+ and giant breed experience preferred! Come meet Coors today! 7/26/2007

Sammy: just turned 1 on 5/5/07. He is a very sweet baby who was neglected and abused in his first year of life. Sammy is slowly but surely realizing that his human friends are the BEST! and that he really CAN trust them. He is an energetic boy who loves to romp and play fetch. Once he likes you- he’s attached and can very well be classified a Velcro dog and will not leave your side. He’s working on being housebroken, (he’s not quite there but he tries really hard.) He also is working on his manners- he loves to counter surf and jump on the window sills when you aren’t looking and will even drink out of the sink- but he’s working on breaking those bad habits. See Sammy wasn’t allowed in the house before so everything is very new to him. Sam so far has met female dogs and has done well, we haven’t introduced him to males or cats yet- or even kids. Once we do, we’ll update. So far Sam will need a fenced in yard and someone to spend a lot of time with him, perhaps a stay at home mom or dad- his family will need to be committed to obedience classes with him so he can reach his full potential as a wonderful friend and companion. 7/26/2007

Tessa: is ready to go home with you!!! She’s healed from her “face lift” she can see and is enjoying life to its fullest. She really is a pistol at 6 years young, and will romp around the yard to no end with Mason (or anyone else for that matter..) Tessa LOVES her people, and could cuddle and be petted for hours on end. Tessa is looking forward to a home where she can stay quiet and retire and get out of the “rescue life,,&” Tessa likes kids but can be a bit much for the little ones because of her size. (she’s about 140lbs… and stocky to boot!) She will require a fenced in yard, she loves to run from end to end and sunbathe in different spots, or follow us around while we’re doing yard work. Tessa loves kids (over 8 please), dogs, cats and people. Wouldn’t you love to make this pretty girl a part of YOUR family? Come meet her today! 7/26/2007

DAISY MAE: came into Rescue as a casualty of divorce after spending the past several months crated 24/7 in the basement. She’s two years old, roughcoat (longhaired), spayed, vaccinated, HW-negative, and housetrained. She’s a friendly young lady and though she’s a bit timid and confused at present she will blossom in an environment of love and attention. She does well with other dogs and has lived with cats. She’d like a family of her very own, with only one or two children over age 8 and maybe one other pet so she won’t be overwhelmed while learning to trust again. A fenced yard is strongly preferred. We’ll be requiring formal obedience lessons for Daisy Mae to facilitate rebuilding her confidence. 7/26/2007

DAKOTA 2: Young Dakota is a playful, energetic, longhaired boy who is neutered, vaccinated, and HW-negative. At just one year of age he has lots of puppy enthusiasm. He LOVES to run and stretch his muscles. Right now he’s just a silly puppy and we’re hoping he soon grows a brain <g>. We keep telling him that he’s going to have to make it on “cute” because he won’t cut it on “smart”. Dakota appears to do well with other dogs; he hasn’t been cat-tested. He plays enthusiastically and we would therefore recommend that other family dogs (if any) be decent sized so they’ll be fairly evenly matched. The successful applicant will have Saint- or giant-breed-experience and a six-foot fenced yard. Any children should be over age 10. Successful completion of formal obedience classes will be a requirement of his adoption contract. He’s a sweet boy with loads of potential. Want to meet our Dakota?7/26/2007

Madison This lovely lady is named Madison. She currently doesn’t have even a foster home and is being kept in a kennel in West Virginia. She is a beautiful 7-year-old spayed female who gets along well with the other dogs, especially the males. If she is with females, she wants to be the boss lady!! She is a friendly girl and would love to love you. If you would like more information on Madison, please contact. us. Thanks. 7/26/2007

House: This is House, a 2 year old rough coat neutered male. He came to rescue when his previous owner moved and left him in the garage. He is still very skinny, but weighs in at around 140 pounds right now, and will be a big boy when he matures. He’s very affectionate, OK around cats, other dogs, and loves kids, but because of his size, he should be in a home with older kids as he doesn’t always realize just how big he is sometimes! He will need obedience training, as his size will make him difficult to manage without proper training. He would love to find a permanent home with another dog that will play with him, as he is still very much a puppy in spite of his size. 7/26/2007

Laci: is a 6-year old spayed female rough coat. She was a stray and surrendered to Rescue from a local shelter. She is around 90 pounds, and likes to chase birds and squirrels, so probably won’t do well in a house with cats or very small children. She is a fairly dominant girl and should only be placed in a home with an experienced owner, and no other female dogs. She can go over a 4-foot fence, so will need a home with a 6-foot fence. 7/26/2007

Martha: L/H female – Saint/Pyr mix – 3 months old. 7/24/2007

Sheba: came to us from a Military family who was being sent to Germany. She had lived with them her entire life (7yrs). She is used to traveling and loves children & cats. I haven’t seen her around any child under 3yrs old though. She has a lot of energy for a dog her size and age. Sheba has no major health issues and is spayed. She is very well mannered in the house and knows basic commands like sit, down, stay and come. She walks well on the leash. Unfortunately, Sheba was never socialized around other dogs. Sheba would make a great addition to a home with no other dogs or small children. She will need special attention, someone who would be patient and willing to work with her. We love Sheba very much and she is great companion. 7/23/2007

SPIRIT: Her name is SPIRIT but she came to us with a broken spirit. Just five years old, she came from a situation of incredible neglect. At least 20 pounds underweight on arrival, she was just skin and bones. She had significant hair loss and a bacterial skin infection due to the hundreds and hundreds of fleas that covered her and were eating her alive. She had scabs on top of scabs. She had tapeworms and roundworms and hookworms. She was unvaccinated and unspayed. And the look in her eyes implored “Please just hug me.” She has absolutely no reason to trust a human, yet she does. (We can’t imagine why.) You should see her now! She looks like a different dog. We’ve killed the fleas and the intestinal parasites. She’s been vaccinated and heartworm-tested (she’s HW-negative). Antibiotics cured the skin infection. She’s put on weight. It’s amazing what a little food and love will do. Spirit would do best as the family’s only pet. We’d recommend older kids. She will need a fenced yard and Saint- or giant-breed-experienced owners. The successful applicant will be committed to completing formal obedience with her. This sweet girl personifies what Rescue is all about. Don’t look away — Spirit needs you. Maybe as much as you need her. 7/21/2007

Zoe: is a 2 year old spayed female Saint Bernard/Great Pyrenees mix. She has the physical traits of a Pyr, but the personality of a Saint. She is obedient, quiet, and good with kids and other dogs. Zoe is current on all vaccines. Although she has tested positive for heartworms, she is currently undergoing treatment and her vet believes she will be cleared up by her next checkup. 7/16/2007

Rosco: is a 2 year old rough coat male. His previous owners turned him into a shelter because they didn’t have time for him. He was labeled an escape artist, but now that he is not confined to a garage, we have had no issues with him attempting to leave now that he is an indoor dog. He is a small boy (115 lbs) but is a very fun-loving dog. He loves attention and and loves to sit on the couch with you. He is good with other dogs and children, house and crate trained, and working on basic obedience. He understands ‘sit’ and ‘stop’ very well. 7/15/2007

Baby: 18 month old female. Rough coat. Came to rescue from a shelter. Owners were unable to care for her. She is house and crate trained but will need obedience training. Baby is a small female (approximately 100#’s) and very active. She would make someone a great hiking partner. She is good with other dogs and older kids but will probably be too much for toddlers. 7/15/2007

Tiny: 18 month old male. Rough coat. Came to rescue when previous owners could not handle him. He is very active and athletic. Does well with other dogs and kids. He will need obedience training but is house and crate trained. Tiny lives for cuddle time! 7/15/2007

Johnny: is a 3.5 yo neutered male rough coat. He is very sweet, calm and loving. 7/14/2007

Gracie: 6 yr. old, long haired, spayed female. Very gentle little lady, only weighs 95 lbs. – she is a petite girl. Housebroken and obedience trained.. Looking for love. Gets along with other animals and people. 7/10/2007

Porter: 11 month old, long haired neutered male. SPECIAL NEEDS – had to have one of his back legs amputated – but don’t feel sorry for him – he LOVES to run and play. He gets along with EVERYONE and LOVES stuffed toys. Super guy. 7/10/2007

Sawyer: I am a longhair, male, young puppy with lots of personality. I can throw my head back and howl if I am not happy. I need a home that will spend some time training me. I promise I will be good. I was saved from a Parvo death by a wonderful caring vet and feel very healthy. 7/10/2007

Ozzie: St Bernard/ Great Pyrenese mix, his owners moved and there was no room for this 120+ pound bundle of love. We hope this big loving lug will quickly find a home. Ozzie is house trained but seems to have spend most of his time in the yard. They did say when he came inside he quickly settled down and was not a problem. He has lived with cats since he was 3 months old. He is a 4 year old neutered male. He is located in a shelter in Ukiah, just 2 hours north of the Bay Area. 7/10/2007

Randi: I am a 5 year-old longhair spayed female. I would be the best house dog you have ever had. I snuggle with the people and kids. I prefer to stay home and keep the hearth. I do well with my own dogs, but not strange dogs and small dogs. I do not mess in the house. Can I come live in your home? 7/10/2007

Lady: Please say hello to Lady!!! This lovely girl is only three-years-old. Poor Lady doesn’t even have a foster home and has to be housed in a kennel in West Virginia. She sure could use your help, not to mention love and attention. Maybe you want to consider fostering her for a while? Check with us on how to do that. Lady is spayed and up to date on her shots. She is very friendly, loves people and other dogs. She hasn’t had the chance to be tested with cats yet. Please contact us to find out more about this sweetheart!!! 7/8/2007

Bruno: is estimated to be two years old. He has been neutered and brought current on all shots and flea and heartworm prevention. He weighed 110 when he was seen for his neutering. Bruno came into rescue from a shelter in West Virginia where he was picked up as a stray. His owners never came looking for him even though the shelter waited a month to see if they would before he was available for rescue. Bruno has obviously been crate trained with his previous owners and has had no accidents in the house while in rescue. Bruno seems to get along well with everyone, but can seem a little “wary” of meeting new people at first. He quickly warms up and has been fine while here. He does pull some while on a leash, but is improving. He travels well in the car. We would hope that his new family will enroll him in an obedience class to work on his “leash” skills and to develop the confidence in meeting new people. 7/8/2007

Raider: Hi there, my name is Raider and am known to be a sweetheart!!!. I am neutered, up to date on my shots, and housetrained. I also am leash trained and crate trained. I am living with a wonderful foster family and have been been around other dogs, cats, older children and I love everybody. All of this and I’m only nine months old!!! I have the sweet temperament that everybody loves in a Saint Bernard. I am really laid back and very easy-going. What I would really like, in fact, what I would really love is to find a forever home where I can grow up and be loved for years to come. Please check on me…you won’t be disappointed. Thanks. 7/6/2007

Ruby: I am a very sweet but shy 2-3 year old girl. I was dumped in the country to fend for myself. I managed to survive on my own when animal control finally found me. I had fleas really bad and I was very thin. Most of my hair was gone on my lower back but it is growing back nicely. I made friends with my foster brothers and sisters after some coaxing. I was just terrified of them. I even play now. The cats are pretty cool too. I am housebroken and crate trained and I can even sit for a treat. I do love people and older children would be best for me. Would like to give me a second chance at a new life? 7/4/2007

Santo: They said I was “just too much and got just too big”. Well, what were they thinking when they got a Saint Bernard?? I am a very happy 2 year old who is good with other dogs, cats, and older children. I even have some obedience training. I enjoy being groomed and going for car rides. I am not a barker and I am just a lover. What were they thinking giving me away? I guess it is their loss and your gain!!! 7/4/2007

Grizzly: is a very large boy. He was rescued and was skin and bones…he still weighed 90lbs. He is up to about 110lbs now and still has a way to go. He is very young, probably less than two years old. We did have to shave him to get the mattes out, so his coat is not very pretty right now. He loves to be loved but he does not remember that he is so big, he will crawl up into your lap. He knows to sit and down and he is housetrained. Heartworm negative and has been altered. He is great with kids, other dogs and cats. 7/3/2007

Leo: is a full masked, rough coat, Saint Bernard that was saved from the animal shelter. He was in pretty sad shape (80 lbs) when our volunteer picked him up. He’s been fully vetted, is eating like an adult Saint should eat. He’s currently being fostered with children and other animals and loves everybody! 7/3/2007

Princess: I am a 1-year-old shorthair spayed female. I am housebroken. I live for children and am very careful around very small children. I enjoy being outside but like to be able to come in if I chose. I prefer routine and am anxious to learn yours. I prefer to sleep in a dog crate at night. I am still a puppy and need to run and exercise. I love to explore but do not care for water i.e. beaches and lakes, but I like them better then I use to. I get scarred of things I don’t understand but if you have patience and help me I will be fine with it in no time. I love being with other dogs, do well with cats and every person I have met. I like to please I just need to know what pleases you. 6/29/2007

LEO: is approximately 1 ½ years old. He has been neutered, brought up to date on vaccinations and placed on heartworm and flea protection. Leo is our “mini” Saint. We’re really not sure if he’s really a Saint or a Collie, but we love him just the same. Leo definitely has the nice full coat and color of a Saint, but no size. He is only about 50 – 60 pounds. Leo gets along with the others – cats are unknown – but will roam if not on a leash or inside a fenced-in area. 6/26/2007

ANGEL is approximately five years old, who came to us from a shelter in central West Virginia. Angel has had a rough time. You see Angel only weighed 46 pounds when she was taken by the dog warden. She was near death. Thanks to a special caregiver who fed Angel hourly small amounts of food and pedialyte and carried her outside to potty, she survived. Angel has definitely made up for her previous lack of food. Angel does have some food aggression toward other dogs, which is common in dogs that haven’t had the food they’ve needed. She does respond to correction. She can be a little jealous of others – pushing them out of the way so that she can get all of the attention. Angel will be spayed and brought up to date on her shots and heartworm tested prior to placement. Don’t let her age fool you, she still has plenty of spunk left and would love to have a home of her own. 6/26/2007

Ed: is a 5yo neutered male rough coat. He is an absolute love and very much a gentleman. He monitors play time w/ the rest of the dogs and makes sure every one gets along. 6/26/2007

Bo: is a two year old neutered male. He tends to be dominate dog but once he knows who is boss he is just a huge baby. Bo loves people of all sizes and shapes. His goal in life is to be petted by every human he meets. It would be best to place Bo in a home with no other pets as he does show food and toy aggressive tendencies towards other animals. His foster Dad’s comment about Bo is, ” I’m used to the rescue saints clearing off the coffee table with their tails but this one keeps clearing off the kitchen table!” As you have guessed he is one big monster of a boy. 6/26/2007

Petunia: Pretty Petunia is a sweet, lovely little girl. She was found wandering in Armagosa Valley and when she was returned to her family they said they didn’t want her anymore so she came into our Rescue. Petunia deserves a loving home where she is valued. She gets along with other dogs and is a very submissive female. Spayed, shots, microchip 6/25/2007

Radoo: is a 2-3 year old rough coat male. He has come from a neglectful situation and is underweight and being treated for mange. Once completely healthy he will be ready for his new home. He will need eye ointment ongoing. Radoo is house trained and very mellow. He is a heavy drooler, so his new owner must be prepared. Radoo does very well with dogs at the groomer and at the vet, however in your home he needs time to get adjusted to another dog and can have some food issues. He is curious about the cats but does not seem to want to do them harm. 6/23/2007

Adam: Arnold: Gilbert: Clementine: Harriet: & Miracle: This litter of puppies was born into rescue on 4/6/07. They will be available for adoption 6/11/07. 6/21/2007

Missy: is a 2 year old rough coat saint. Her owner turned her into a kill shelter due to their moving away. It would appear that she lived outside for most of her life, tied to a chain. We are working on housebreaking her, and getting her used to living inside. She gets along well with other dogs and kids, and seems to ignore the cats. She’s playful and full of energy. She knows how to sit, and we’re working on leash walking. She has a sweet, playful personality, and wants to please. She has been spayed, is up to date on her vaccines, and is heartworm negative. 6/21/2007

Melody: This dear 4 yr. old female long-haired St. Bernard came into our Rescue because her family said their house was too small for her !? Melody was outside alot and she is now happy to be in the air-conditioning in her foster home. Melody is a good little watchdog, too. She gets along with other dogs when properly introduced as she would be considered an alpha female. Spayed, shots, microchip 6/19/2007

Casey: and DeeDee: Meet Casey and DeeDee they are 5 years old housebroke have manners love to go on walks love to get attention. They are being given up as their owners job leaves no time for them. They are spayed shots up to date. They get along well with all other animals. They adore people. They can be separated with very little problems as they are not littermates and have been separated before with no problems at all. DeeDees has been DEBARKED 6/19/2007

Blue: L/H male – DOB 3/5/07 He just kind of watches everyone else and then joins in the group. All the puppies are very active. His coat isn’t a true longhair but doesn’t qualify as a shorthair either. His coat will probably be closest to a Pyr coat. 6/18/2007

Troy: S/H male – DOB 3/5/07 He is probably the closest puppy to a Saint. He will be quite large when he grows up and is very dear – a sweet boy! 6/16/2007

Jazz: Say Hi to Jazz! Jazz is a 3 year old Male smooth coat- he’s a medium sized saint and a pretty laid back guy. He loves the car but loves balls even more! He wont fetch but would much rather have you chase after him for the ball. He loves time spent with his people especially near the water and out for walks. Jazz is very choosey about his dog friends but he loves the dog he came in with, Bliss. If possible we would like Jazz and Bliss to stay together. Jazz is UTD on his shots and will neutered before adoption. Do you have enough room in your heart for these two giant love bugs? 6/16/2007

Bliss: Bliss is a 4 year old rough coat female. Just like Jazz she loves to be out with her people, loves walks and going bye-bye in the car. In their previous lives they would go to work with their owner and visit all the people in the nursing home. Unfortunately their owner fell ill and just couldn’t give them the care and attention they needed and deserved. Bliss can be pretty high energy if she doesn’t get enough exercise, right now her worst habit is jumping up to give you kisses. A fenced yard and giant breed experience is preferred, and they would be OK with children over 8. 6/16/2007

Bear: (Courtesy Listing) Bear is a very handsome smooth coat (short haired) boy who has come into rescue after his owner moved away with out him. He is about 4 years old, neutered, up to date on his shots, housebroken and nondestructive. He’s great with other dogs and would like nothing more than a housemate he can romp around with all day. He’s currently working on his manners and could probably benefit from an obedience class. He has no bad habits but he’d prefer you let him sleep on the couch. Won’t you please come meet Bear? 6/16/2007

Frick: and Frack: Adorable, playful, friendly and full of energy! These 4-5 month olds are probably siblings M/F. They are being adopted out separately. $250 each Adoption fee to cover spay/neuter, shots and microchip. 6/15/2007

Patch: went to a new home, but was returned because the kids were allergic to him. He is a sweet boy, about 15 months old, neutered and current on his shots. Patch loves people. 6/14/2007

Brandy: is a 2 ½ year old spay female. She has a very nice mahogany red coat that is easy to groom. Brandy is very small for a saint and is actually more of the size of a golden retriever. The good news about that is she really doesn’t seem to drool. Weighting only 80 pounds she does have a healthy appetite so be prepared to feed her well. Brandy is a submissive girl that wants desperately to please her master. She gets along well with other dogs and cats but is shy around men until she gets to know them. If you tell her no in a firm voice she will cower but once she understands that you are not mad at her she is back to wagging her tail and looking for some loving. Brandy walks like a lady on the leash and knows how to sit on command, especially if you are holding a treat in your hand. This cutie pie needs an owner that is mild mannered and has a ton of love to give. If you decide to adopt Brandy she is the type of dog that will adore you for life. 6/13/2007

Marmaduke: is a 10 year old neutered male. He is such a sad boy having been tied outside all his life and never knowing the creature comforts of a home and loving family. His ears are so badly infected that the opening of the ear canal is enlarged making it hard to clean them. He does have some hearing loss but it doesn’t seem to affect him at all. He is severely underweight and will do anything for a morsel of food. Even though he is so hungry all the time he has not shown any food aggression. Marmaduke is living in a home with other dogs and cats. He is fine with his new found friends but his favorite pastime is snuggling up on the couch with his head buried in your lap while taking a snooze. I should warn you that his snoring could wake the dead. Unfortunately one day when he was climbing on the couch he got too close to Ms. kitty friend and she slapped him in the face. Poor Marmaduke cried and hide from the old monster cat! This old guy needs lots of hugs and kisses for the remain time he has on this earth, so if you are looking for a cuddle bug that wants to have a career as a couch potato Marmaduke is your boy. 6/13/2007

Merci: L/H female that has just turned one year old. She is spayed and up to date on shots. Merci has not had a pleasant puppyhood as she was chained to a fence for the first 9 months of her life. She is in desperate need of attention and loves everyone. She definitely needs some obedience classes and some one on one from her new forever person. 6/13/2007

Biggs: Shorthaired male that was two in August, 2006. He is neutered and up to date on shots, HW negative and microchipped. Biggs is a very affectionate dog that has been use to one on one attention 24/7. His previous owner allowed him to play with horses and the horses to play with him. This was fine when he was a puppy but as we grew, the horses were getting the worst end of the deal. His owner felt it was easier to get rid of him rather than to train him. Biggs gets along with other dogs – males and females. He was around cats on his ranch and didn’t bother them. Biggs is a real sweetheart but needs some training. His idea of playing is to jump on whatever he is playing with as this is how he was trained. He does not jump on people. He is also housetrained. 6/13/2007

Stan: Stan is a short hair male, he has been neutered and has all his shots and is heartworm free. He is 1 yr. old and gets along with other dogs and is very friendly. 6/11/2007

Cheyenne: Cheyenne is 5 years old, has had all her shots, is heartworm free and spayed. She is a long hair. She is very sweet and knows the command to “Sit”. 6/11/2007

Chubby: and Doje: Here are Chubby and Doje, the St. Bernards we pulled from the Tri-County Animal Shelter in Hughesville, MD yesterday. Chubby is a 4 year old neutered male and Doje is a 3 year old female. Chubby is slightly larger than Doje and has a lighter face. Doje has more black on her face. Doje tends to drool a little more than Chubby and usually has wet dirt on her chest whereas Chubby is always clean but this may be because Doje is always cleaning him. They definitely are dependent upon one another and don’t like to be out of each other’s sight for even a short period of time. We were told they were getting testy at the shelter, but they’re calm and sweet with us and easy to handle. They walk well on the leash, are inquisitive around cats and other animals (i.e. horses and goats) but will not rush at them. We have not put them face to face with other dogs. Doje loves to have her tummy rubbed (see picture). Chubby loves to be hugged but could care less about the tummy rubbing. Doje is microchipped because she had been picked for adoption at the shelter but the people changed their minds. 6/6/2007

Salem: is a neutered male, Saint Bernard mix, who was rescued as a stray, where he had been living in the bushes at a home in Sun City, AZ. He is a very sweet boy and is a very devoted companion to “his” person. He seems to be very submissive with other dogs and would much rather spend his time with people. He knows some basic commands and has much potential in pleasing his new family. He will be a great and loyal companion as he just wants to please! This great guy is waiting for a home to call his very own! 6/4/2007

Magnuss: is a 3 year old male, altered and house broken. He is a very sweet boy and we call him “Maggie” because he is such a sissy;) Great with kids, dogs and cats. He does well on a leash. One thing about Magnuss is that he cannot for any reason be locked up or closed up in a kennel or small space. He freaks out and tears his way out. Through wood, metal…whatever. He does great in a house, but he must have run of the house. Or a LARGE yard. 6/4/2007

MAX: 3 year old L/H neutered male – He gets along with other larger dogs, people and kids. He can not be placed in a home with cats or small dogs. Max initiates the playtime with his Saint and Human playmates and his foster mom say’s he has the happiest look on his face as everyone chases and rolls around in the yard with him. When playtime is over, Max loves to lay by you while you rub his belly and he does the Saint equivalent of a purr. He is housebroken and has very good house manners..he will not enter the kitchen while your cooking until you let him know it’s ok. He does on occasion like to nap in the shower. Max is a sweet guy that would like to be a part of your family. 6/4/2007

Fred aka Gandalf: 1 1/2 yr old neutered longhaired male. Very laid back, easy going boy. Fred aka Gandalf is great with other dogs and “loves” children of all ages. Very sweet boy who needs a place to call home and lots of TLC. This guy has got lots of love to give the right home. **SPECIAL NEEDS DOG** Gandalf has been diagnosed with severe arthritis in his front elbows and shoulders. Her will need to be maintained on supplements and anti-inflammatories for the rest of his life. 6/4/2007

Jillie: (Jillian) is a 5yr old spayed female rough coat. She came into rescue with Clayton. She also was treated very poorly by her previous owners. She is a dominant female, but does not start trouble with the other dogs. If there is a skirmish, she heads for cover. She loves to play with the other dogs and races very fast around the yard. She does this cute little go between you legs thing, almost upending a person. 6/4/2007

Jack: is an 18 month old rough coat male. His owners took him to the shelter because they were moving, and the shelter was unable to adopt find a home for him because of his overactive nature and large size, so he came to rescue. He is still very much a puppy and will get bigger, and should not go to a home with small children because of his size. He is learning basic obedience and will need an owner who is experienced with large breeds and will be consistent with his training. He is house trained and crate trained and get along with other dogs. 6/1/2007

Lola: is a 10 month old rough coat female. Her owner surrendered her because they were expecting a baby. She is very sweet and a little shy at first, and in a home with another young Saint to play with. She is fairly submissive and is good with young children, other dogs, and is in a foster home with cats and does well with them. She is house trained and crate trained. 6/1/2007

Sadi: is a 10 month old rough coat female. Her owner surrendered her when they moved and could not find a way to keep her in a yard with a 2 foot fence. She is a very rambunctious puppy who loves to play and be chased by other dogs. She will need a home with another dog to play with so she does not get bored and try to leave (although she has not tried to jump the 4′ fence at her foster home now that she is allowed inside during the day) . She has lived with cats and young children, and is good with other dogs. She is house trained and crate trained. 6/1/2007

Belle: 8 year old female. Smooth coat. Came to rescue after being seized by animal control for neglect. She is a very sweet and loving older gal who is eager to do whatever you want. House trained, crate trained and has some obedience training. She is good with other dogs and would do best in a home with older kids. 6/1/2007

10 Puppies:::::::::: Look what Mama Daisy (Daisy 4) gave us! These little charmers were born on January 23. They’ve been spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and started on heartworm prevention. And now they’re ready to wrap their paws around your heart. Admit it — There’s NOTHING cuter than a Saintly baby. 6/1/2007

Claire: was a stray who was picked up by the pound. When we went and picked her up she was so dirty and matted. The vet says she is about 10 years old because of her teeth and her hips, but she has aged gracefully because she has hardly any gray! She is very small Saint Bernard and does not slobber like most I have. She weighs about 69 lbs. She is housebroken and loves people and animals. She just wants to be a part of everything. She is heartworm positive and is receiving treatment. Please be her forever home. She really needs someone to love!! 6/1/2007

Nana: is a 3 month old splash coat female. She is only 1 of 2 puppies that survived the winter. When I first picked Nana up she was very frightened of people. She would try desperately to hide under anything she could. It took a bit of time but as I continued to socialize Nana she started coming out of her shell. Now she will greet everyone like a normal little puppy. Nana is very sweet but she does need to work on her house training skills. She also will chew anything she can get her little mouth around.5/31/2007

Lilly: This is Lilly, a sweet shorthaired female, barely a year old and spayed already. She was a stray from Animal Care and Control. She loves people and would be fine in a family with children. She is looking forward to a loving home. 5/30/2007

MURPHY: is a 9 year old neutered male. Don’t let his age fool you, he has a lot of life ahead of him and LOTS of love to give to his new family. Murphy is housebroken and good with children as well as other dogs. He ignores the cats in the household. Murphy would love to be a constant companion to his new family members. As he has a very thick coat, grooming is a must for him and he loves the time spent together. 5/30/2007

Shalee: is a 4 1/2 yr old longhaired female. She has lead a very sheltered life and not socialized much. She’s very shy around strangers, but once she gets to know you she’s a love. She is house trained, but has never been around children. But she is good with other dogs and cats. Shalee needs a nice quiet and loving forever home. 5/28/2007

Lady: She is about 3 years old mostly brown dog with a long coat. She is good with other dogs and is very loving with all people. She loves to play and is good on a leash. 5/26/2007

Beethoven 2: He is about 4 years and loves to chase his tail. He is good with other dogs and loves people. He is a special dog that needs a home so he will hopefully stop catching his tail so it will grow back. He is good on a leash and will make someone a great pet. 5/26/2007

Gretta: She is a long coated dog about 4 years of age. She does not get along with other dogs. She is great with kids and all people. She loves to play and get attention. She walks good on a leash as long as there is not other dogs around. She will make someone a good house pet. 5/26/2007

George 2: He is a 6 year old gentle giant. He is very good with everything and loves to play. He is very large and is house trained. He is a long coated dog. 5/26/2007

Buster: He is a special needs dog that will make someone a great pet if they have sometime to be with him. He is on thyroid medication and medication to control seizures. He loves people and is great with other dogs. He has not had a seizure for 2 months and is doing great. He is a 2 year old male that is mostly black. He loves to play and run around. 5/26/2007

Bailey 3: She is a older female 6 years of age and she loves to play and get attention. She will make someone a great lay around dog that likes to be a foot warmer. 5/26/2007

Goliath: He is a great big long coated male that loves to get attention. He is good with other dogs and is good with people. He is about 4 years old and is full of energy. He is looking for a forever home. 5/26/2007

Zeus: is a 1 1/2 year old rough coated male with a full mask tri color. He is sort of good on a leash and is not one that needs to go to the inexperience saint owner. With training he will make a very great pet for some one who will take the time with him. 5/26/2007

Frita: is a 3 year old female that is mostly white with some black and tan. She is a rough coat and is very sweet. She loves to get attention but needs some training. She will make someone a very great house pet. 5/26/2007

Bella: is a 3 year old female that is very small and timid. She needs to have a home that will be patient with her. She is very willing to please once she gets to know people. She loves to play and get attention. She gets along with other dogs. 5/26/2007

Maddie: is cute as a button at 2 years old, she’s a little shy at first but when she warms up to you she’ll be attached to your hip. Maddie does excellent with other dogs and during her cat test she was afraid of the kitty… that’s not to say some day she might get up the guts to be more curious. She will also be a candidate for additional training, so completion of an obedience class will be part of her adoption. She’s afraid of the vacuum and right now we’re working on trying to break her of being a “counter surfer”, she’ll get into anything left out. Maddie will be spayed tomorrow and is up to date on all vaccinations, but at 106 pounds she still needs to gain some weight. 5/23/2007

Bear: Hi! My name is Bear and I am just over two years old. Don’t let my name fool you. I am a real sweetheart once I get to know you. Yep, once I get to know you. You see, I wasn’t treated the best for the first two years of my life but the good thing? I am still really nice to everyone in spite of everything. I just need to spend some time with you. Do you have a little patience for me? My foster mom says I’m a really good girl. I love getting my belly rubbed and I’ll even sneak in a kiss or two. I know the commands sit, down and stay. I’m house trained and I don’t need to be crated. I am being treated so well now, I love my life! I get to run around a big yard with my foster sister and I even like my kitty cat friend too! If I do say so myself, I am beautiful, check out my pictures!!! Come see me soon, I’d love to get to know you better! 5/23/2007

PEACHES: is our newest girl to come into rescue. She is estimated to be 4 years old. She came into rescue after her previous owners moved off and left her. Peaches is as sweet as her name. She weighs approximately 125 pounds. She is housebroken, good with all others and kids. This girl is truly a gentle giant. Peaches has had her shots updated prior to transport to us. She will be tested for heartworms and spayed prior to adoption. 5/23/2007

Rose: is a 1.5 yo spayed female smooth coat. She is housebroken and very well mannered. She does like to sleep on the sofa and bed. She’s the type that likes to follow you everywhere and get constant attention. 5/19/2007

Rico: is a fun-loving smooth-coated male St. Bernard. He is 2-1/2 years old, approximately 120 lbs. and very energetic. He requires daily exercise to keep his mind and body in tip-top shape. While he shares his foster home with a cattle dog sister, Rico is picky about playmates. His foster dad is helping Rico with leash manners, as well as general obedience. Rico will be available for adoption in early 2007 5/19/2007

Gentle Ben: is a 3 year old neutered male that came into rescue as a stray. When he was put into the shelter Ben was so frightened that he continually dropped to the floor and cowered when people would approach. The straggled and be-haggled boy is in need of several baths and a good combing to remove all the dead matted fur on his body. As you have guessed by now rescue is turning Ben from an unsightly stray into a prince. When Ben first came into rescue he was so ill and depressed that he refused to eat and only got up to go to the bathroom. With the love and attention his foster dad is giving him he is now showing some twinkle in his eyes and a zip to his step. Ben seems to be good with children. Also he is co-existing with a cat and was good with the dogs at the shelter. The unfortunate part about Ben is that he is not interested in treats. That is not unusual for saints that are terribly underweight as it takes them time to gain an appetite for goodies. We are all thrilled that Ben is coming along. As his foster dad said, ” we cuddle and sling drool from wall to wall so all in all things are well”. So if you are looking for a poor sap of a dog and are willing to be a saint to a Bernard, then Ben is the dog for you. 5/17/2007

Annie: S/H female 5 and 1/2 years old. She is spayed, up to date on shots, “ready” to go to her new home. Annie has adjusted well while being in foster care. Her owner passed away a couple of months ago so she seemed rather lost. She is presently living with a male Saint Bernard and a female Golden Retriever and the three are getting along just fine. She is also doing well with cats. Annie is housebroken and likes to go for her daily walks. Annie is a very loving dog. 5/16/2007

Dora: will be 2 in sept. she is spayed crate trained. she is good with kids, cats and other dogs! she is a little shy at first but she is really a sweetheart! 5/12/2007

Betsy: Long hair (rough coat?? not sure of the technical name for her hair) saint, between 3 and 4 years old. Great with kids and cats. Needs to be the only dog in the household as she really doesn’t get along well with other dogs. She has been spayed and is up to date on her vaccinations. When they were spaying her, they found a tumor on her ovary. That was sent off for pathology, and came back as cancer, but they got it all and no further treatment was necessary, nor will be in the future. Betsy has a sweet personality and is eager to please. She rolls over for belly rubs continuously, and enjoys nothing more than jumping onto the bed for a nap. She is perfectly housebroken, and hasn’t chewed anything left out! (a first for our foster dogs!) She enjoys walks and riding in the car. She has loved the recent snow, and acts like a puppy in it! She is small for a Saint, weighing in at 91 pounds. 5/12/2007

REMY: is a 6 year old neutered male. He is up to date on all vaccinations last vet visit 3/7/07)and weighs 140 pounds. Remy is housebroken, well trained and has no health problems. He understands basic commands and walks well on a leash. He gets along well with other dogs but will chase cats if he sees them. Remy loves being around people but is shy at first; then he will come put his head in your lap and wait to be petted. I hate to give him up for adoption; but since my wife’s death he is spending way too much time alone. Remy has not been around small children so an adult household would probably be best. 5/12/2007

Lou: Who you lookin’ at? Oh, me…Lou! My name is Lou. I was found walkin’ da streets of Chicago. Just me and my spiked collar. Nobody and I mean nobody, would help me. But, the helpful folks of animal control took me in, gave me some grub, and called my friends at Illinois Saint Bernard Rescue. I like it here. The beds are warm, the folks are cool, my foster brothers and sisters are fun, and the cats are cute. Me…I’m just a big lover. I like everyone and everything. Belly rubs are my thing. I know basic commands and I am pretty laid back for a 3 year old. You lookin’ for a new man in your life? I’m him! Contact us…Kapeesh! 5/12/2007

Olivia: My name is Olivia and I am a sweet 6 month old little girl. I was found running loose in central Illinois and after nobody ever came for me, ISBR rescued me from a high kill shelter. I haven’t had much training so enrollment in obedience classes will be required to adopt me. I am crate trained and house trained. I am good with other dogs but I haven’t had much socialization so they do scare me at first. I have become pretty social with my foster brothers and sisters and even play now. I would do best in a home with older children as I tend to jump up on people. I am very sweet and lovable and would love a second chance at a new life. 5/12/2007

Duke: When our owners fell on hard times, we were brought to a local shelter where our fate was unknown. Luckily, the ISBR volunteers were able to help us get into foster care. Sadly, we had to be separated. We are a brother and sister pair. Daisy is a smooth coat and Duke is a rough coat. We are 2 years old. Duke gets along well with other dogs, cats, and older children. We would love to find a home where we can be reunited and live together once again. However, if you can just take one of us into your loving home, we would be thankful! For more information on how you can help one or both of these great dogs, please contact us! 5/12/2007

Daisy: When our owners fell on hard times, we were brought to a local shelter where our fate was unknown. Luckily, the ISBR volunteers were able to help us get into foster care. Sadly, we had to be separated. We are a brother and sister pair. Daisy is a smooth coat and Duke is a rough coat. We are 2 years old. I love being brushed and I like to give you lots of kisses. I love it when you give me lots of attention, it makes my tail wag like crazy. I love running around the yard with my foster sister. We have a great time playing together. My foster mom tells me I walk really good on a leash. I know the commands, ‘sit’, ‘down’ and I’m working on ‘stay’ and when my foster mom tells me to go lay in my bed, I know what she’s talking about! I’m really well behaved at home, I won’t ruin anything while you’re gone, so I don’t need to be crated. Yipee! I tend to chase the cat too much, so we’re being separated right now. However, I love other dogs and kids. I’m not with my brother at the moment, and I’m adapting really well with my new foster sister, but if you are looking for two great dogs, I’d love to be reunited with him one day. I’m a really good girl and I’m so looking forward to my forever home. 5/12/2007

Millie: Not too long ago the folks at ISBR didn’t think I was going to make it. You see my previous owner used me for breeding so many times my body just couldn’t take anymore. I wasted away to a mere 100 pounds (I should be 135-140) and I was eaten by fleas so bad I lost a lot of my hair and had a terrible skin and ear infection. But that is the least of my worries. A week after I was rescued, I started to have some female problems. I was rushed to the vet and I had to have emergency surgery. You see, I was pregnant once again but this time my body rejected all 12 puppies and I developed a uterine infection. My uterus ruptured and I had toxins running throughout my body. I was very sick and anemic and the vet team for ISBR did everything for me. After a couple of weeks of recovery, I am on my way to a better life. Although I am just 2-3 years old, I sure have been through a lot. I won’t be ready for adoption until March as I need some extra time to recuperate but I sure would like it if you would fill out your application ahead of time. I am great with other dogs, cats, and children. I am a love bug and sure love cuddling on the couch. I am housebroken and crate trained. I am a very pretty smooth coat and soon I will be gorgeous!!!! 5/12/2007

Chloe: My young life started off when my owners purchased me as a puppy to live on a farm. They thought I would just train myself but instead I just wanted to be a dog. I did normal puppy things but they thought “I was just too much”. I was kicked out of the house and I was forced to live outside with the hogs. They soon threatened to turn me lose in the woods when a nice lady found out and contacted ISBR. I was soon on my way to a warm house. I am good with other dogs, cats, and older children. I will require obedience training and proof of enrollment will be required for adoption. I am learning to walk on a leash and acquire better manners. I am crate trained and housebroken. I am very sweet and would just like a second chance. My first 9 months weren’t the greatest but I have my whole life ahead of me! 5/12/2007

MORGAN: Here’s MORGAN. What a handsome boy! Morgan’s two years old and with his LONG legs he towers over his housemate, Molly. But that’s okay because she likes to sneak under him. He’s an amazingly gentle soul who loves children, adults, and other dogs. He hasn’t met a cat. Nothing phases him, and he readily allows toddlers to use him as a pillow. He just wants to please and is a sensitive boy whose feelings are easily hurt if you speak harshly to him. He’s vaccinated and heartworm-negative and neutered and housetrained. Morgan walks well with a Gentle Leader but has two speeds — slow and slower. We’ve never heard him bark. If asked to describe the perfect Saint Bernard we would use one word — Morgan. We want to place him together with Molly. They will need a fenced yard. 5/10/2007

COLONEL: This little smoothcoat (shorthaired) cutie is COLONEL. Though his family loved him, they realized that he was too much dog for their young family and made the tough decision to surrender him to Saint Rescue. At just ten weeks of age he plays hard and he’s quite “oral”. He’s got sharp little teeth and EVERYTHING goes into his mouth — hands, shoes, clothes, you name it. That’s an annoying puppy behavior and we’re working on correcting it. He’s a smart fellow and is already catching on. He’s currently being fostered in a home with three other dogs and they’re teaching him the ropes. Colonel’s UTD on vaccinations and has not yet been heartworm-tested because he’s too young but he’s already been started on heartworm-prevention. He’s scheduled to be neutered in two weeks and then will begin interviewing new families. Preference will be given to applicants who’ve adopted in the past. And the successful candidate will be committed to completing formal obedience lessons with Colonel. He does well with other dogs but has had no exposure to cats. Children are okay as long s they’re over age 8 or 9. 5/10/2007

DAISY 4: is a wonderful roughcoat (longhaired) two-year-old who was pregnant when she came into our program in mid-January. She promptly delivered her puppies in the living room. (Thanks, Daisy; the carpet needed to be replaced anyway.) Then to complicate things she developed gastric dilitation/volvulus (commonly called bloat), a life-threatening condition to which Saints and other large and giant breeds are prone. She had emergency surgery and her recovery, thankfully, has been uneventful. She has been spayed and vaccinated and is heartworm-negative; now she’s ready to have a family of her own. We’d recommend slightly older kids as she can be somewhat of a bull in a china shop. Daisy’s exceedingly loving and gives new meaning to the term “velcro dog”. We think she’d do best as the family’s only dog as she’s not had a whole lot of attention in her young life, and we’d like her to be doted upon. The ideal family will include a stay-at-home mom or dad, or perhaps a mom and dad who work opposite shifts. She is reported to do well with cats, though she hasn’t been exposed to cats while in Rescue. 5/10/2007

Rusty: is an incredibly loveable 7 month-old who is need of a loving home. He is currently very underweight and needs someone to fatten up his current 50 pounds. Rusty is up to date on his shots and has been neutered. This play baby loves adults and children and can’t wait to be petted. He has been tested with other dogs and has no problems. Rusy loves to play and would love to have a family who will play with him and love him and and watch him grow into the handsome gentleman he will be!!! 5/8/2007

Sirus: is a 4 year old neutered saint bernard mix. He is a real loveable boy that is looking for his forever home. Unfortunately he tends to walk with his head down and always has a look of despair. I’m sure it’s because it’s been so long since he’s had someone special to call his own. Sci Fi loves playing with toys and especially enjoys the game of fetch. He shares his toys nicely with his canine friends but if left unsupervised he tends to chew them. Sci also loves to sleep in bed with you but beware you better climb in first or he’ll hog the whole mattress! He is completely housetrained and will let you know when he needs to go out. If you happen to be sleeping he will pace and keep sticking his cold wet nose in your face to let you know it’s time to go. Although Sirus has gotten along well with his foster mom’s friends and dogs he tends to be inappropriate with his initial meeting. Once he knows that strangers of the 2 and 4 legged kind are not going to crowd him or hurt him, he is all wiggles. Due to his fearfulness children should not be part of his life and he needs an owner that will be firm but loving. Obedient class would be good for Sirus as it may just continue to build his confidence. Sci’s does have one very bad habit as he’s a major food hound. Nothing eatable is safe within his reach so don’t leave any food out on the countertops or it will be GONE and there will not be any crumbs left behind for evidence. In spite of his appetite he doesn’t show any food aggression. So if you are looking for a loyal companion and someone to love, Sirus is the dog for you. 5/7/2007

Hokie: was found wandering a parking lot and a good Samaritan took her to the Va Tech Vet School. (She is named Hokie after the Va Tech mascot.) She is significantly lame on her front left leg. The vet believes that it may be from being hit by a car. In spite of being lame, she gets around great! She has a couple of sores on her lame foot that are healing nicely. These sores are due to the fact that she drags the lame foot along the ground. Now that she’s only walking on grass, or in the house, the sores are healing well. She also has a ping pong sized tumor on her rear right leg. This has been biopsied and we are awaiting the pathology results. The vet’s estimate her age to be 4-5 years old. She is an absolute sweetheart that gets along with other dogs. She doesn’t seem to even notice the cats. She loves people, and sleeps close to where ever you are. 5/2/2007

Rainbow: Rainbow is less than two years old. She has been spayed, is current on all shots and heartworm free. Rainbow is currently in a foster home in California. 5/2/2007

Patches: is an 8 year old spay female saint. Patches came into rescue when she had lost her 7 puppies. It’s mind boggling to think that a senior dog would be pregnant at the time of her life when she should be relaxing and soaking up the love of her owners. We can only assume that she was used for breeding purposes and when she could no longer be productive she was thrown away. Patches needs a quiet home to live out her senior years in peaceful bliss. She tends to tremble with fear when small children or strangers are near. Since she has been in foster care you can see that her confidence is building. Patches loves her foster mommy and is very much a Velcro dog. It’s wonderful to see the adoring looks she gives her foster mom. Patches is good with cats and other dogs but is not good with puppies. She does not tolerate them pestering her. She loves to play with toys and especially enjoys riding in the car. This poor gal deserves to have someone special in her life that she can call her own. Could that someone be you? 5/1/2007

Hercules: He is 5 years old and super sweet. He gets along well with other dogs. 4/30/2007

Lady: Hi! I’m Lady! I just turned two years old, and do I love to play! My foster brother Cody and I just love to run around our backyard chasing each other and playing until we’re both exhausted. I’m very fast, and I think that I would like to try doing agility to burn off some of my energy. I also will need to be in a secure fenced-in yard or tied up because I’m very curious about what’s on the other side of the fence! I do very well with kids and other dogs, but I don’t like to be left alone without something to do. I had a human that kept me outside since I was a puppy, but I’m getting used to this inside dog thing pretty quick! Do you think you would like to be my new human? 4/24/2007

Bubba: is approx 10 mo old male that was rescued from a shelter . He is over 100 # now and going to be bigger.He gets along with other dogs, knows how to walk on leash, If you show him the way. He needs obedience training to let him know how to act properly . He loves to play but doesn’t realize how big he is. 4/24/2007

Barney: is a quiet, mellow, middle-aged, long hair male Saint. He was found wandering the streets of Houston, and is looking for a new family to call home. He is current on all vaccines, neutered and is heartworm negative. Barney is good with other dogs and tolerant of cats. He prefers a home without children. Other than a walk or car ride, his favorite activity is napping. 4/22/2007

Zowie2: 5 yr old longhaired spay female. She is good with other dogs and older kids over 10. She lived with a male st. bernard. She is house trained and she needs lots of tlc, understanding and socialization. She would love to be someone’s forever companion 4/21/2007

Moe: 2 1/2 yr old longhaired neutered male. Moe is a very sweet boy with lots of personality. He’s good with other dogs and older kids over 10. He also is housetrained. As his socialization had been limited, a home with lots of love and understanding is required. . He would love to be someone’s couch potato and best buddy. 4/21/2007

Thunder: and Rose: dear, sweet 5 year old male and female St. Bernards who were left behind when their owners moved away. Thunder and Rose may be littermates but we are not sure. They do not have to be placed together. Thunder (male) is more playful – Rose is more of a couch potato! Both of them are good dogs who know basic commands. They get along with other dogs and love attention from people. Rose loves belly rubs! 4/19/2007

Ollie: is an older dog at about 6 yrs., but does not act or look his age. He is somewhat reserved, but really enjoys the company of people. He walks well on a leash. He gets along with the other dogs. 4/16/2007

Beethoven: is approx. 3 years old. Very docile with a great personality. He currently is going through heartworm treatment. He will be available for adoption the middle of April 2007. 4/16/2007

Trapper: 4 yr old smooth male. Came to rescue because his previous owners could not care for him. He is hypothyroid and looks much better now than when he first arrived now that his levels are normal. Trapper was seriously overweight but is doing well on his new diet and exercise regime. He is good with other dogs, kids and cats. Knows most obedience commands. Is very social and loves everyone. His worst habit is leaning on you because you might not see him otherwise! 4/16/2007

Baxter: 1 year old rough coated male. Came to rescue from owners who thought he was too big. He is good with kids and other dogs. Cats are unknown. He used to be an outside only dog. We are currently working on all forms of training. Baxter loves to play with the other dogs and snuggle with humans. 4/16/2007

Baby Girl: 4 yr old female. Rough coat. Came to rescue when her previous owners abandoned her. She is good with kids, cats and other dogs. Is crate and house trained. Currently working on basic obedience and doing well with it. Needs an owner who loves to cuddle. 4/16/2007

Raleigh: 3 yr old male. Raleigh was kept as an outside only, chain dog. Came to rescue after numerous pick ups by animal control. Loves being in the house and laying at your feet. He will also try to snuggle up on the couch or bed with you. He knows some obedience but will need a class to brush up his manners. Raleigh is not good with cats or other small furry critters. 4/16/2007

JASMINE: came into Saint Rescue with Beethoven when her owner’s health declined. She’s somewhat of a pushy broad who prefers getting all the attention but, hey, why not? She’s been bred repeatedly during her five years. She deserves attention. She is not spayed yet but is vaccinated and HW-negative. And she’s housetrained. Her one vice is that she pulls on a leash. For that reason we want her to go to a Saint-experienced adopter with a fenced yard. We’d like her to stay with Beethoven as she gets very upset when he’s out of her sight. Her adoption fee will be reduced for the candidate who is willing to adopt both Jasmine and Beethoven. Take a chance on them, won’t you? 4/14/2007

Leo: is an 18month old male rough coat, who will be neutered soon. He is a rough coat with lots of thick beautiful fur. We had to cut a lot of it off as it was all full of mats and burrs. He is a smaller, shorter Saint. He gets along fine with all the other animals. He is wonderful with people and kids. His biggest wish is to be right by your side. He is somewhat protective. We are working this issue. 4/14/2007

Hanna: is an 18month old spayed female rough coat. She is great with all the other animals. Hanna loves people, especially kids. She has a great exuberance for life and really enjoys playing with people and dogs. She was left outside on her own the first 18 months of her life, so she is learning to be a good girl in the house, meaning, when to play and when to settle down. She is a dominant female and try’s to get her way. We are working on these issues. 4/14/2007

Blue: Meet Blue….he is a yr old- shorthair neutered male…he is current on his vaccinations and he is microchipped. He is housebroken and is being crate trained. He was found as a stray and not claimed. He is a big ol softy. Seems to get along with other dogs and cats though he is curious. He is very much in need of attention and love . Needs to learn basic commands. Loves to sprawl out on the carpet and get belly rubs. Can you find room in your heart and your house for Blue?? 4/12/2007

Boshee: is a 4 yr old big girl and house trained. She is a loving gentle giant who needs your love and affection. Do to job adjustments and our children’s extra curricular activities she is alone most of the time and she is lonely for attention. Boshee is up to date on her shots. We adopted Boshee when she was 4 mths old from Norfolk Virginia. She is microchipped and spayed. She has been very loyal and has been surrounded buy children from day one and has been around other pets as well (dogs, cats). On command she will lift her paws so you can wipe her feet and loves to be brushed. 4/10/2007

Bear: Courtesy Listing; Bear is a very handsome boy who has come into rescue after his owner moved away with out him. He is about 5 years old, neutered, up to date on his shots, housebroken and nondestructive. He’s great with other dogs and would like nothing more then a housemate he can romp around with all day. He’s currently working on his manners and could probably benefit from an obedience class. He has no bad habits but he’d prefer you let him sleep on the couch. Won’t you please come meet Bear? 4/9/2007

Sydney: L/H female about 3 years of age. She is spayed and up-to-date on shots. Ready to go to her forever home. Sydney is busy for a Saint. She will make sure that everyone is doing what they are suppose to be doing. Very sweet girl and gets along well with males, puppies and some females. She will not get along with a dominant bitch. I’ve had her with a few children and she was absolutely fine with them. Came from deplorable conditions and a houseful of cats. Sydney is on the smaller size for a Saint. She must be included in family activities as that is her dream. 4/9/2007

Tiffany: 5 year old spay female. She is just a love of a girl and is looking for a new home to call her own. Tiffany is good with other dogs. She loves kids and is very gentle and sweet. In her previous home, she learned to climb the fence, however has no ambition to attempt this in her foster home. A home without a doggie dog is preferable and she needs to be a house/couch potato dog as she has wonderful house manners and lots of love to give! She is recovering from Valley Fever and will continue her medications for a few more months. 4/6/2007

Belle: is a 1 1/2 yr old Longhaired female. She’s a smaller female about 105 lbs who loves people and craves attention and also loves to give kisses. Belle is an escape artist and needs a loving home who can keep her secure and safe. She hasn’t been around cats but may be ok with a larger male. She loves to play with a milk jug with some dog food inside and peanut butter around the top. She would also be ok with kids 8 yrs old and above. She is also crate trained. This gal is full of life and energy. 4/6/2007

DOLLY: a wonderful sweet spay female who would make a wonderful companion in her new home. 4/6/2007

Julie: is one of the sweetest girlie Saints’ you will ever see. She is housetrained, loves to play, eats well and loves to be brushed. She loves riding in a car. Even though she is lacking in training, she walks pretty well on a leash. She is close to learning to sit on command. She now understands that it isn’t nice to stand up and put her paws on my shoulders. When she was spayed last week, she weighed in at 112 pounds and needs to gain some weight as she is pretty skinny. She will end up being a big beautiful woman. Being a short-haired Saint, she is much easier to care for than the longer haired types. She needs a home where she can cuddle up and feel loved and be a part of a loving family. 4/6/2007

GINGER 2: Pretty Ginger is a spicy little miss who’s just a year old. She’s INCREDIBLY sweet and is spayed, housetrained, vaccinated, and heartworm-negative. Ginger interacts well with other dogs and play-chases cats. She has been successful with children of all ages. Her favorites include popcorn (which we definitely do NOT recommend), frolicking with kids, and being hugged. She can be a bit hand-shy so we wonder whether she might have been mistreated in her young life. She is very willing to please and doesn’t have a mean bone in her petite little body. She’s a playful, pleasant youngster who just wants to please. Ginger will sit on command but seems to have had a memory lapse when it comes to leash manners so successful completion of formal obedience classes will be a requirement of her adoption contract. 4/4/2007

Ceasar: is a 2 year old neutered male. He is a real live wire and needs someone that is calm and can control his crazy energy. He is very good with other dogs and is a dream to handle on a leash. Once off the leash he turns into a circus dog, jumping, barking and running around looking for fun fun fun!!! 4/2/2007

Sydney: This is Sydney, she is 8 years old, 180 pounds. Her owner brought her in because he moved. she came in with Payton, Payton is 7 years old. Both are well behaved. When strangers appears both will bark, but ones they know you, they will love you. Sydney is on meds. for her front left leg, she has a bit of arthritis (spelling?) but all in all both are in good health. 4/2/2007

Bear: is a full-blooded St. Bernard and is approximately 2 1/2 to 3 years old. He weighs 130 lbs. He is neutered and up to date on all shots. He has a great personality and loves to give kisses, big wet ones! He trains very quickly and he knows the usual commands like sit, lay down, roll over, come, and only thing he hasn’t done yet is shake hands and stay. He loves to ride in the car (but wants to drive). He walks great on a leash and he doesn’t pull you, he just walks beside you. He has a good nature about him with other dogs, but if they are aggressive towards him, he doesn’t ‘ t back down. So a home with an aggressive male dog will not work out. He ‘ s in love with 2 of my female dogs and we are going to see this week how he does playing with them. 3/28/2007

Beaugard: Hi, I’m Beaugard. I’m looking for my forever home . I’m 7 mo old and learning to play with my foster brother and sister St Bernards. I will need to go to puppy obedience and learn What all good puppies need to know and become part of a forever family. 3/28/2007

Tobias: this handsome boy is a 4 year old male “bald-faced” St. Bernard who was in our Rescue as a puppy. He was returned because he didn’t get along with the other male dog in the household. Tobias is protective of his food and treats, and would do best as an only dog or someone who will feed separately. Please consider giving this dear boy a chance to have a new, loving forever home. Neutered shots, microchip – 3/28/2007

Bear: He is a 2yr old neutered male. He is housebroke and has some obedience training. He is current on shots and heartworm neg. Bear gets along well with other animals, cats, and kids. He has been diagnosed with Addison’s but is doing well on medication. 3/24/2007

Sonnie: is probably around 7 months old and only weighs 71 pounds. She is spay and up to date on her shots. Rescue is working on her housebreaking skills at this time. She was picked up as a stray and was very frightened. Her foster mom has been working with her but she will need continual training if she is to build her trust in humans. That will mean, for the next two years, Sonnie will need to be taken to obedient class and be taken on frequent outings to help build her confidence. She is a willful young girl that needs to know that her owners will be the alpha in her life. Due to her fear of people and willful nature she will need to go to a home with very dedicated owners and large breed experience. 3/24/2007

Riley: is about 2 years old. He is a very loving boy. Would love to be a part of the family and sleep in the bedroom. Riley is a smooth coat. (short hair) He doesn’t seem to mind other dogs and cats. Riley is current on his shots and is neutered and has been micro chipped. Update; Riley can Sit, Stay, rollover & shake. He loves to ride in a car and take walks. Riley gets along with other dogs and cats. 3/20/2007

Butch: Meet Butch, a two year old neutered male. He is a big boy but loves the little toys he surrounds himself with on the floor. He gets along great with the other dogs and gives the cat no grief. He is just a very happy go lucky guy who always has a smile on his face. He is very people oriented and loves kids. He is tall at 35″ and will be good sized when he is at the proper weight. 3/20/2007

Barkley: is a 3yo neutered male rough coat. His owner was deployed to Iraq and had to give him up. This guy is 160 pounds of lovin’ motion. 3/18/2007

Ludwig: is a 3 yo rough coat neutered male. He was a stray that came from a shelter in Tennessee. He seems to have been through some basic obedience. We are refreshing his memory on that as well as getting a handle on his wanting to see how much of a cat will fit in his mouth. 3/17/2007

BEAR: Isn’t he handsome? Bear is a 4-year-old smoothcoat (shorthair) male. He has long legs and runs like a pony. A bit on the thin side, he could stand to gain ten pounds or so. He’s housetrained, neutered, vaccinated, and HW-negative. He’s a wonderful boy who likes to hang out with humans and soak up attention. (Okay, so he also likes eating ladies’ underwear but, hey, every dog needs a hobby.) Bear enjoys frolicking with other dogs and is curious about cats. He does well with kids as young as toddler age though his big tail can sometimes knock a little one over. And like most Saints, he’s “selectively deaf” if you call him when he’s more interested in something else. He has wonderful soulful eyes and is an affectionate boy. Bear will do well in a family with kids and maybe even another dog. We prefer a Saint- or giant-breed-experienced owner who will work with him on improving his leash manners. 3/16/2007

Koho: is just a big wonderful easy going guy. Koho’s only bad trait is he drools alot. He is fine with other dogs, just wants to be with people. Koho is approximately 5 years old. He is just a big love bug. He is neutered and current on his shots. A fenced in yard is required. 3/15/2007

Bullet: is a 1 year old sweet loving boy. He appears to be fine with other dogs. Bullet is neutered and current on his shots. 3/10/2007

Greta: Hi I’m Greta and I just love attention. I am a beautiful 1 1/2 year old, long haired female saint bernard. I am getting along with my playmates. I especially love to be brushed and petted by my foster mom. I am working on walking on a leash. I pull a bit, especially when there is something that interests me. 3/9/2007

Petey: I believe he is about five and one half years old and weighs 130 pounds. He has beautiful fur and enjoys being brushed. He hs an eager eater. He really craves company and will get along with other dogs. He will lie down and go to sleep at your feet. He seems to be good about being housetrained. Please contact Jennifer or Lisa if you would like to adopt Petey. 3/9/2007

Milo: is a 130 lb handsome boy just short of three years old. He is heartworm negative, neutered, house broken, knowledgeable of most commands and even a few tricks he’s looking for a new forever home. Milo can be a bit protective of his family so he needs someone who can introduce him to new people friends appropriately. He does well with all dogs but is unknown with cats. Children over 10 and a fenced yard preferred. 3/7/2007

Lucy: Here is Lucy. She is almost a year old. Lucy has a zest for life and she has never met anyone or any animal she does not like. She is comical and sweet and really enjoys romping with the small dogs at the foster home. She does calm down nicely and lays by your side for some one on one human companionship. She has been spayed and is current on everything. 3/7/2007

Dakota: 3 yr old female smoothie. Came to rescue when her previous owners moved. She is very sweet and submissive. Dakota used to be an outside only dog but has learned to be a house dog with no problems. She is both house and crate trained. She is very submissive with humans and will need formal obedience classes to raise her confidence level. She is good with other dogs and is learning how to play with them. Dakota would do best in a home where she is the only female dog but she would like a male boyfriend to keep her company. 3/5/2007

Odie: 7 month old male. Smooth coat. He was picked up as a stray by animal control and no owner was ever located. He is a very happy puppy who needs all forms of training. Odie is a huge snuggle bug. 3/5/2007

Galleo: is about 1 year old. Neutered and current on his shots. He will need to be the only dog in the family. 3/5/2007

Dakota: is a 2yo M/n rough coat. He is from a broken home.. his parents got divorced. He’s house broken, gets along well with other dogs and cats. 3/1/2007

Carol: is an almost 2 yo (4/07) spayed female smooth coat. She was dumped at a shelter along w/ her registration papers. She has old scars on her back and sides from probable harness and tie out cable injuries. She has become a favorite of ours. Very sweet all puppy and loves to play. She does well w/ all animals and is house broken. 3/1/2007

Shane: This handsome boy is a 10 month old Longhaired St. Bernard who has come into Rescue because his previous person moved out of state and didn’t take him along. Shane does need some obedience training to be better on a leash, etc. 2/27/2007

DOZER: is a 2 year old neutered, longhaired male. He is a great dog who is looking for a home to call his own. Dozer is good with children and other dogs. As he is a younger dog, he can be very playful and likes to play chase games with cats. He loves to be groomed and brushed and will be an overall good companion in his new home. 2/27/2007

Little Joe: was found on the side of the road next to his deceased mother. He was healthy and just needs some love. He was brought to us and adopted by a wonderful couple with two children. Little Joe will love his new forever home. They wanted him so much they flew into get him! 2/26/2007

Raider: the largest of the three is truly a gentle giant. He loves to be by a person and cuddle. He is not dominate on anything. His mission in life is to please everyone. The last time he was weighed he was at 40 pounds but that was about a month ago so I am guessing he is close to 50 by now. He is 4 months old and UTD on shots, neutered and will be microchipped this week. 2/26/2007

Razz: is the guy with the monks cap. He is very lively and loves to chase a ball, very interactive. Wants to play and chase. Likes to walk in the neighborhood, etc. At first the other two wouldn’t let him eat right away or go outside but he is now asserting himself and they go as a group. He is the same above on medical. 2/26/2007

Roo: is the baby and he is a little more reserved. He likes to play and loves attention but does not seek it out. He will chase a ball too but quickly tires of going and getting it. Same as above on the medical. 2/26/2007

These three pups are all wonderful in personality and temperament. I cannot think of anything that would be too much for them. They are recovering from demodectic mange so there is some hair loss around their eyes. Other than that they have been very healthy.

Roc: is a 6 year old male saint bernard. He has been kept outside for most of his life. He is good with dogs, cats and children. He loves snow. He loves to sled with the children. In the winter he can usually be found under a snow mound. 2/26/2007

Lucky: Hi my name is Lucky. I am a 3 1/2 year old, 150 lbs, male saint with beautiful long hair. I am well mannered and know the commands sit, stay, and come. I also walk well on a leash. I am up to date on my shots and neutered. I love to be petted and have my belly rubbed. My picture will come shortly. If you would like to be my parents please contact Jennifer or Lisa at the above numbers. 2/26/2007

Zeus: is a 6 year old male Saint who is current on all vaccines, heart worm negative, and neutered. He is an adorable dog-great with kids, other dogs, horses, and has no opinion about cats. He is quiet, obedient, and easy to manage. Zeus is looking for a permanent family to love him! Please contact Luck & Legends Rescue at 281-259-6267 if you are interested in adding Zeus to your family. 1/22/2007

Vincent: is a 1 year old neutered male. His owner can no longer take care of him and wants to find him a new home. 2/20/2007

Gracie: We are looking to place our approximately 6 to 8 year old St Bernard to a loving home. Gracie has lived with us for almost 5 years, and we’re not sure how old she was when we adopted her. With us and people close to us she is the sweetest, kindest and most gentle dog. In fact, she thinks she is a lap dog. She is, however, quite over- protective when near strangers and other dogs and has shown some aggression. At 110 pounds, she is a large dog, but still small for a St Bernard. Gracie would be happiest in a household where she can live inside and have access to the outdoors. She would also be happiest in an environment without children or other pets. Gracie is completely housetrained (never had an accident), spayed, current on her shots, does not chew things she shouldn’t, and has completed obedience training. She loves to go for walks, but can take you for a walk if you don’t have her under control. We are extremely sad to be losing Gracie, but we are moving and can’t take her along. 2/17/2007

Harley: L/H male – 5 years old. Neutered and up to date on shots. HW negative. Harley was abandoned by his owner at a boarding kennel and was there for a couple of months before the boarding kennel notified rescue. Harley had been taken care of reasonably well and is a happy boy – especially since being sprung from the full time kennel. Gets along with other dogs, cats, and children and is looking for his forever home. 2/17/2007

Delilah: 9 month old rough female. Very sweet and a typical puppy. Good with the other dogs, kids and cats. Needs formal obedience training. She is house and crate trained and we have started her on basic obedience. Delilah came to rescue after her first owners decided that she was too much work to care for. 2/17/2007

Sampson: 9 month old male. Rough coat. Previous owners did not want him and could not care for him. He is a typical puppy who needs all forms of training. He loves to play with anyone and everyone. 2/17/2007

Wilma: 18 month old female. Smooth coat. Came to rescue from a shelter. They would not adopt her out because she had hygromas on both elbows from laying on concrete. They don’t bother her and won’t need medical attention. Eventually they will go away on their own. Wilma is a major attention hound and loves to cuddle. She is fabulous with kids. Shy of adults at first but is learning that strangers are fun! She is crate and house trained but will need to go to obedience school. 2/17/2007

Haas: 4 year old rough coated male. Haas has been shaved to the skin by his previous owners but his hair is now growing back out. He has been through two families already and is looking for his last and permanent family. Haas is a dominant male and he hates to be outside. He is very, very well behaved in the home and is very patient and content to sit at your feet while he waits for or gets pets. Haas is great with kids. 2/17/2007

Sherman: L/H male – 4 years of age. Sherman has been living with his foster mom for some time now and really needs his forever family. Sherman is neutered, up to date on shots, is heartworm negative and microchipped. This guy is very smart and needs a family that will keep him busy. He is fine with other dogs and cats. He is great with children over 10 yrs of age. He is also O.K. with livestock. 2/17/2007

Ollie: is about 2-3 years old. What a sweet boy he is. Neutered and current on his shots. 2/15/2007

Missy: Is a two year old, rough coat, full masked Saint Bernard. She’s extremely underweight at this time, due to being loose on the streets in Tulsa. She’s being fed a high quality food now and should begin to gain weight. She is crate trained. Missy has been spayed as well as microchipped and is on heartworm and flea/tick preventative. Would you like to give Missy her forever home? 2/10/2007

Beethoven: is a 7-9 month old Saint who was abandoned by his owner and left with a 10 year old child outside of a grocery store. He is a sweet boy at 93 lbs, has basic manners, and is house broken. He’s healthy and happy. He will be neutered in 2 weeks. Beethoven is wonderful with children of all ages and even gentle with the little ones, loves dogs of all sizes but has not been tested with cats. A successful adopter will have Saint Bernard experience and a fenced in yard. 2/8/2007

Baby: is about a year old and gets along with other dogs. She is heartworm free, and has been spayed. . Baby has a lot of energy and is very playful like a puppy. We are located in Reno, NV. 2/8/2007

Dog 1: is about 3 years old. He has all his shots, has been neutered and is heartworm negative. He is a short hair and gets along with other dogs. We are located in Reno, NV. 2/8/2007

Dog 2: is 5 years old. He has all his shots, has been neutered and is heartworm negative. He is a short hair. He wants to be the only dog in your house. We are located in Reno, NV. 2/8/2007

Dog 5: is 7 years old. She has all her shots, has been spayed and is heartworm negative. She is a short hair and gets along with other dogs. We are located in Reno, NV. 2/8/2007

Dog 6: is 3 years old. She has all her shots, has been spayed and is heartworm negative. She is a short hair and gets along with other dogs. 2/8/2007

BUDDY 4: Buddy is a friendly, engaging 4-year-old neutered male who is looking for a home. His previous family loved him very much but had some financial setbacks and couldn’t keep him. Buddy plays nicely with other dogs, tolerates cats, and has been with children of all ages. He’s a leaner and a kisser, and enjoys being right in the middle of family activities. He’s housetrained, vaccinated, and HW-negative. He likes playing with a ball and riding in the car. Currently he’s on the thin side (but he’s an enthusiastic eater so he’ll soon fill out) and is on antibiotics for a minor skin infection. Buddy knows a few commands and hand signals. He’ll be a wonderful companion for some lucky family. Might that be you? 2/5/2007

Rain: Male, longhair, 2 year old, neutered Saint Bernard-Collie mix. He is current on shots and heartworm negative. He is active and interested in everything. He has limited obedience, is housebroke and will sit on command for a biscuit. He would like to have a companion, another dog he can play with during the day. No cats. 2/5/2007

Mason: is about 2 years old. He has a beautiful splash coat and personality plus. He is fine with other dogs and seems to love people. Mason is neutered and current on his shots. 2/5/2007

Cassandra: rescued this little girl who had been left behind by her owner. Cassie, was named in honor of Cassandra who was kind enough to take her in and call Rescue. Cassie now lives with 4 other dogs and loves being their new Sister. She barks when she has to go outside to do her business. Cassie gets so excited when she sees people her whole body wags. She is 5 or 6 months old. Cassie will be spay and current on shots. She will be ready to be adopted about the middle of December. 2/5/2007

Ben: Longhaired male – approximately 10 years young. Ben is looking for a home that would be willing to let him live out his life in a warm and dry environment. He is a very funny dog when awake and we enjoy him immensely. He was left at a shelter with his owners saying that he wasn’t theirs. Guess it was because he was getting up in years and was of no use to them any longer. His temperament is great (I’ve only had him with female dogs) and his ribs are disappearing. He loves his raw turkey necks each morning. Ben appears to have no physical problems other than age. He is hard of hearing but doesn’t that happen to us all as we get older. He is having a complete blood workup to make sure that everything is all right. 1/31/2007

BEATRICE: This roughcoat little freckle-face is three-year-old Beatrice. She is spayed, vaccinated, HW-negative, and housetrained. All she has to hear is “Show me your belly” and she flips over on her back for tummy rubs. Bea is fine with children (though we’d prefer to see her with kids over age 8). She does not like small dogs but does reasonably well with male dogs as long as they’re bigger than her; she’s unknown with cats. She much prefers the company of humans and is something of a velcro dog. She is anxious to please and is quite affectionate. Bea will need a fenced yard and a Saint- or giant-breed-experienced family. And if you have an unlimited supply of raw carrots she’ll be your best buddy. 1/31/2007

Poppy: I was rescued from a local shelter after I was left abandoned on the streets of Chicago. I was very underweight and dirty but with the help of ISBR, I am gaining weight everyday and I look beautiful! I am such a lover and I love belly rubs! Sometimes I get so excited I just throw myself down anywhere for anyone just to get one! I am pretty good with other dogs and people are always my friend! Won’t you give me a second chance at a great life? 1/27/2007

Lucy: 5 yr. old, long haired spayed female. Loves everyone – wants to sit in your lap. Very happy gentle girl. Looking for a forever home. Gets along with all animals. Housebroken and obedience trained. 1/22/2007

Kyle: 3 yr. old,. long haired neutered male. Happy and friendly, obedience trained and housebroken. Petite little guy – about 100 lbs. Very cute – baby face. 1/22/2007

Stella: Female, longhair, 1 1/2 years old, spayed Saint Bernard. She is current on shots, heartworm negative, her background is unknown since she was a stray. She is Queen Stella and likes to remind the boys whom should be obedient. It is mine and I am Queen. Queen Stella is so sweet and just wants to be loved. 1/22/2007

Bubbles: about a year old long hair and friendly. 1/21/2007

Big Bertha: is between 1 and 2 years old. She is good with dogs and cats. We don’t know about children, but she is good with people. She is housebroken and has a great temperament. She is looking for her very own family to love. 1/21/2007

Brewster: Here is Brewster. He is an 18 month neutered male. He is very puppy-like and loves to romp and play for hours in the yard with the other dogs. He will be a rather large Saint. He has a very gentle nature and needs some training. He learns very quickly and takes the ques from the other dogs. He thinks that the other animals are here strictly for his entertainment. He is great with people and kids and is somewhat afraid of the cat, as she gave him a slap in the face. 1/18/2007

Frankie: is about 3 yrs old and had a knee injury when we brought her into rescue. She has had the stiffel surgery and is recovering nicely. The surgery was $3000, and we need donations to help pay for the cost. Frankie is a great dog. She is mild mannered and wonderful. She is calm, yet loves to play in the yard at times. She is calm and quiet and you hardly know she is around, except for the fact that she wants love almost all the time. Won’t you help us help Frankie. 1/18/2007

Moses: He was adopted about 6 months ago after being dumped with two other dogs at a shelter in northern Indiana. He was in pretty rough shape, as he had open sores on his neck, intestinal worms, and was severely underweight. We think he is about 2 to 3 years old, and has made a 100% complete recovery. He is a gorgeous “rough red” St. Bernard who loves every person he has ever met, and surprisingly has almost no problems with drooling (except when on very long long walks in the hot summer months). He loves to play fetch in the yard, or have you chase him around the yard with his rawhide chew in his mouth. When inside, Moses stays on his bed either in the kitchen, or in the living room and obediently stays there without any problems. He wants only to be around his family. He is of course potty trained, knows his name, and basic commands, such as sit, lay down, and stay. He loves running through the park and exploring. He at first thought our cat was something he should chase around the yard, but now they not only have become good friends, but can occasionally be found sleeping together on the same bed (though Moses denies this). He is in need of a new home as one of his current owners has severe allergy problems and can no longer have pets. 1/13/2007

MATTERHORN: sure lives up to his name — He’s the size of a Swiss Alp!! At just 20 months of age he’s a healthy, exuberant guy who has a great deal of zest for life. He loves to romp and play with sticks and go for rides in the car. But rub his tummy and he morphs into a sappy, affectionate, kissy love-sponge. Matt is vaccinated, HW-negative, housetrained, and will soon be neutered. Though he plays well with most other dogs, they can be intimidated by his sheer size; he is unknown with cats and much prefers the company of humans. The successful candidate will have a secure fenced yard, children over age 10 or so, and Saint experience. Though he had obedience training as a young pup, Mattie will need a refresher course to learn to harness all that energy. We think he’d probably do best as the family’s only pet. 1/13/2007

FINNIGAN: He’s all legs and ear flaps and energy. And there’s not a whole lot happening in that tiny brain. He’s just a friendly, goofy fellow who needs a family of his own. Finnigan is 8 months old and was surrendered by his owners to a municipal shelter because they had no time for him. Looks like they didn’t have much food for him either. He’s quite thin and needs some TLC. Finn is neutered, vaccinated and HW-negative. He could use some work on leash manners. And he’s not completely housetrained (though he does try). But he’s a LOVE. He will need a fenced yard and Saint-experienced owners. Obedience training will be a requirement of his contract. He plays well with most other dogs; he hasn’t been cat-tested. He’d probably do best with kids over age 8, only because of his energy level. If you’re looking for a project, Finnigan’s your boy. Whatever time and patience you invest in him will be returned a hundredfold. We guarantee it. 1/13/2007

Miss Roxy: 1 Year Old Female Rough Coat miss Roxy was turned in by her owner who said her house was too contemporary for her and that she needed a bigger yard to run and play in. She is petite for a saint and will probably top out at around 100-110 lbs when fully grown. Miss Roxy is a gorgeous half mask and she seems to prefer smaller dogs. Roxy will most likely be okay with kids as she lived with a 12 yr old boy. 1/9/2007

Goliath: 14 Month Old Male Rough Coat Goliath is a sweet young boy who was turned in to a local shelter by his family when they could not afford to have him treated for his skin condition. He has been diagnosed with demodex mange which is a skin mite. It is not contagious to other animals or people and is completely treatable. He is getting weekly dips to clear up his skin. Goliath is very loving and playful and wanted to play so badly with the other dogs at the shelter when we were picking him up. He got along great with a 5 yr old and absolutely loved the car ride to our vet. He is going to make someone a wonderful pet. 1/9/2007

Milo: My life has started out pretty hard. I was left abandoned near a fire station when my owner decided he didn’t want me anymore. The nice firemen tried to feed me but I just ran away. After a while I was taken to a shelter where I became very depressed. Luckily ISBR found me and I am getting healthier everyday. I am approximately 10-12 months old. I am a pretty petite boy who loves to be belly up for belly rubs. I am good with other dogs, cats, and children. I am a very sweet and love to cuddle up in your lap. Won’t you give me the family I deserve. 1/9/2007

GUS: This lovable lug is named GUS. Gus is from Alabama. He is seven years old and weighs about 177 pounds (Don’t tell him, but Gus needs to lose a few pounds!). He is mellow and well behaved. He walks well on a leash and likes leisurely strolls! Gus gets along with canines-big and small and even friendly felines! Well past the naughty puppy stage, he is ready to be an ideal best friend. This shelter is dedicated to finding a great home for Gus and has experience assisting with long distance adoptions. Call today! 1/9/2007

Heidi: Hi I’m a 5 month old long haired saint bernard. I am super sweet and love to play. I would play all day and night if I could. I am crate trained and walk well on a leash. I am working on becoming house trained. I love to play with cats, dogs, and children. I haven’t quite mastered the game of fetch. I like to run after the ball and forget to pick it up. 1/5/2007

Lilly: is a 124lbs smooth coat Saint and is a complete sweetheart!! She is housebroken and UTD on all shots. Although she is 10 years old she still has a lot of energy and will do anything to please you. She knows basic commands and walks well on a leash, if you don’t plan on taking Lilly out with you in the car…don’t mention the “C. A. R” word She LOVES a car ride! She has been around cats and only recently another dog her size and does GREAT with both. She loves to snuggle so make room in the bed 1/5/2007

BRUTUS MAXIMUS: is an 5 ½ year old, (04/2001), rough-coat male. He weighs in at around 135 lbs. He is neutered, utd on all his shots, and on flea & heartworm preventative. Brutus is also crate trained & housebroken. He is really eager to play and has a great personality. Due to a medical family emergency we have been forced to give him up. He gets along well with other dogs & children of all ages. He will make an excellent family member, to someone who will give him lots of love & attention! 1/5/2007

Lucy: is about 2 yrs old and came from Tennessee from a kill shelter. A friend brought her back to Wi because she was about to euthanized and She is a very nice girl . She seems very submissive, LOVES tummy rubs, And is being fostered in a home with a male St and a female miniature poodle. She is looking for a forever home 1/3/2007

Rhett: is a 3yo neutered male rough coat. His owners were no longer able to care for him due to their health problems. 1/2/2007

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