234 Adopted (Placed) Saint Bernards in 2000/18/2000 to 12/31/2000

These dogs are no longer available to find dogs available for adoption please click (here).

Doozer: 3 year old long hair male from animal control. A wonderful, sweet male. Needs to gain weight. 12/30/2000

Bear: 2 years old, long hair male. Friendly with kids and adults. Good with other dogs and horses. This is a big boy. Will be neutered this week and then will be available for adoption. 12/30/2000

Billy: is a 6 year old male rough coat ( will be neutered 9/19).He is the father of Baron. They have been together and do well. Billy is Heartworm positive and will be treated in 2-3 weeks prior to being placed. 12/30/2000

Baron: is a 3 yo male rough coat. His owners turned him into rescue because they were moving to an apartment. Baron is a very curious dog. He’s trying to find out where he is and what is expected of him. He doesn’t do well with cats. Otherwise he is fine with people and pets. He will be available for adoption after 10/1/2000. 12/30/2000

Jenny: 5 year old spayed female just removed from the pound. Underweight and in need of some good food and attention, appears to have had puppies not to long ago. Was a stray any is somewhat shy. 12/30/2000

Leo: beautiful male Saint Bernard, now 2 1/2 years old, from the pound, he is neutered, short haired, and very healthy. I placed him in a temporary home and I am looking for a permanent home for him. We have learned a great deal about Leo, he is a wonderful dog! He is excellent with children, and other dogs big and small. He clearly deserves a home where he will be loved and appreciated. I am making it my goal to find him one this year. I wondered if you could assist me? I live in Montana. 12/30/2000

Cutie: 3 month old Saint X German Shepherd female. Markings like a purebred Saint with a smaller body. She is adorable. 12/27/2000

Davidson: 1 year old male. Rough coat. Great with everyone. Needs training. 12/27/2000

Heidi: 1 year old female. Smooth coat. Good with other dogs and kids. Cats unknown. Needs training. Will be ready September 08, 2000. 12/27/2000

Hercules: is a 18 month old neutered male rough coat. He is a TALL guy and still growing. He was picked up as a stray in North Georgia. He has recovered from an infestation w/ scabies mites and his coat is coming back nicely. He is heartworm negative and ready to go home with a forever family. He will NOT do well in a home with cats! He does fine with female dogs and people. 12/25/2000

Buford: is a 4-5 year old neutered male rough coat. When rescued from the shelter he was so severely matted, he had to have a radical haircut. He is a big lug/sweetheart of a dog. He does well with other dogs and people. He has been vaccinated and is on heartworm prevention. 12/25/2000

RALPH: A friendly, loving 12 month old neutered male, Ralph loves children. Until further evaluation is performed, we do not know how he is with other dogs and cats. 12/21/2000

MANDY: 2-2 1/2 year old spayed, longhaired female who ADORES children. Very submissive with people, but does not like many other dogs. Hates cats. Rescued from shelter. 12/21/2000

CHLOE: Chloe’s foster mom writes; When Chloe first came into rescue, she was covered in feces, had sores on her tail and a portion of one of her pads had been sliced off leaving a large wound. She was also thin and her ribs showed through her very dirty coat. Chloe was hungry and ate about four times a day for the first two weeks. Now, Chloe has put on weight, is reliably housebroken and could care less if the cats, the other dog or the kids (just kidding) ate out of her food bowl. Chloe has an incredible disposition, is great with other dogs (although she can be a little timid at first) and fabulous with even small children. Chloe is small, compared to an “average” Saint, and is about the size of a large lab. She weighs about 90 pounds. Unlike many Saints, she does not drool except, of course, after drinking. She is very docile, but will kick up her heels to play “keep away” with a ball with my other dog. She enjoys chewing on a rawhide and shows no signs of possessiveness. She walks next to you without the need for a leash in the yard. She is a true love. The only thing Chloe needs up with is learning to feel comfortable in a car. She has to be picked up to be put in the car, but rides well while traveling. We are working on encouraging her to jump into the car on her own.” 12/21/2000

Fitzy: a very large 10 month old female pup. To be spayed and brought up to date on her shots. Exuberant and playful she shows no signs of any aggression. She is an owner surrender. Due to her size, a family with previous Giant Breed experience, plenty of room and older children would be preferred. 12/21/2000

Dugan: 2 yr. longhair male. O.k. with other dogs and loves people. He is a very big boy. Needs some obedience training. Very responsive to training and voice. 12/20/2000

Bailey: 2 yr. longhair male. Inside dog only. Very sweet. likes other dogs and loves kids. Has lived indoor his whole life. 12/20/2000

Clancy: is 1 1/2 longhair male. very sweet and loving. Indoor or outdoor. 12/20/2000

Digger: 3 month old Saint X German Shepherd female. Beautiful expression on this baby. 12/19/2000

4 puppies:::: Saint X German Shepherd mix born 9/1/00. Available after 12/2/00. 11/24/2000

Wynona (Nona): is a female puppy of Emma’s. Born August 31. She is a very active pup and needs some kids to keep her busy. She will be spayed prior to being placed. 12/19/2000

Callie: very sweet 3 yr old female, spayed, current on shots and ready for a great home. For more info on this wonderful girl, please contact Leanne Lee at 816-746-8834 12/15/2000

Dutchess: a very sweet 20 month old female. Spayed, all shots up to date and ready for a great home. Good with dogs and children. Dutchess is housebroken. She is one pretty girl 12/15/2000

Carter: 5 year old male. Smooth coat. Very sweet. Good with other dogs. Loves kids. Housebroken. Will chase cats and bury bones. 12/12/2000

Hoss: 3 month old Saint X German Shepherd male. Looks like Dryfuss from TV. 12/11/2000

Sadie Mae: two year old long hair female. Very sweet and loving. (She comes in tomorrow so I have nothing more to add yet). 12/11/2000

Brandie: Brandie is a 7 year old female, blind in one eye, in Pittsburgh, PA. She was abandoned by her owner, and a kindhearted neighbor took her in–but she is too sick to keep her. Brandie gets along well with other dogs and is used to children. She craves affection since she was neglected by her owner and she is very loyal. She is up-to-date on her health care. 12/11/2000

Einstein: Einstein is a 5 year old, neutered male. He is crate trained and house broken. His owners describe him as “an excellent dog.” They are surrendering him because they are moving. More details and a pic to come. 12/11/2000

Bonnie: Bonnie is a four year old, spayed, long hair. She is good with other dogs and with kids. She is housebroken and crate trained. Her owner describes her as “very playful and a great dog.” He is surrendering her due to a divorce and move to a place that does not allow pets. Bonnie is located in the Quakertown area. Pic to come. 12/11/2000

Millie: Millie was born January 1, 2000 (her name is short for Millennium). She weighs 103 lbs. and was recently spayed. She is long hair, housebroken, good with children and other dogs. Millie has mild hip dysplasia, which will not require surgery but will require daily exercise and probably a joint compound such as Glycoflex. She is a real darling with lots of love to give. 12/11/2000

KENDRA: A sweet, sweet lovable 2 year old spayed female; up to date on shots. This friendly girl is good with dogs and children, but NOT livestock. She is very strong and needs a loving home willing to teach her manners! She loves to give kisses and is very happy! 12/11/2000

Brody: A severe case of neglect, Brody remains a sweet, loving, affectionate dog needing lots of attention and love. He is between 3-4 years old and will be a great companion for anyone who truly wants to help a rescue dog! 12/11/2000

MUGSY: Smooth coated, 1 1/2 year old neutered male who is up to date on all shots and great with kids, other dogs and cats. 12/7/2000

Art: 2 years old, long hair male. Sweet personality. Likes most other dogs. Good with kids. Was a star in the Halloween parade. He lead the rescue unit by pulling children in a cart. 12/4/2000

Bingo: is a very handsome 8 month old male. While Bingo would officially be considered a longhair, his coat isn’t extremely long, and should be very easy to maintain. He is a very happy, loving puppy! 12/4/2000

Dutchess: 22 month old female. Soon to be spayed, all shots up to date and a very sweet girl. She’s housebroken, and gets along very well dogs. Dutchess is in Atchison KS and will be ready to go in two weeks. 12/3/2000

Bruno: 5 year old male. Neutered, all shots and what a great boy. Needs a loving home ASAP. 12/3/2000

BRANDY: Just turned 1 year on 11/1/00, this beautiful curly, longhaired female is great with children and cats, and was given up when her owners had to move to Korea. Knows sit and down and is housebroken, spayed and up to date on all shots. 12/1/2000

PETEY: 5-6 month old longhaired male with 1/2 mask. This little boy will steal your heart. Friendly, sweet, neutered, up to date on all shots. Petey is good with cats, kids and other dogs. 12/1/2000

MAX(3): 3 year old neutered male, longhaired. Great with kids. Unknown with dogs and cats. Owner must give up…had to move to apartment. 12/1/2000

Angel: is a beautiful, longhaired female. About 18 months old, I named her “Angel” because she has so much white on her, and because of her angelic expression and disposition. She truly is an absolute sweetheart! 11/24/2000

Tony: 2 year old male. Rough coat. Good with kids and other dogs. Has had some training and leash experience. 11/21/2000

Rosie: a one year old female ( turned one year Sept 5, 2000) ;o) She is a rough coat ( long hair) about 100 lbs., She has had all of her shots, and is spayed. Very loving, loyal and faithful. NO KIDS. 11/21/2000

Sahara: one year old spayed female, good with children, cats and other dogs. All shots, heartworm negative. 11/21/2000

Taz: a very nice 2 year old, rough coat male. Weighs around 130#, up to date on shots and to be neutered. Very friendly and is fine with other dogs. Needs obedience work as he tends to jump up and give “Saintly” hugs. He is the product of a divorce and currently still in his home in North Haven, CT. 11/7/2000

Charlie: was turned over by her owners because they were being transferred to Germany. She is a 5 yo smooth coat female. She will be spayed by 10/25/2000. Charlie is very good with children … her family had a set of triplets 1 yo. She is a beautiful and loving dog who deserves a wonderful home. 11/20/2000

BRYAN: 12-18 month old neutered male, longhaired. Great with kids and other dogs. Unknown with cats. Rescued from shelter. 11/20/2000

HUMPHREY: 3-4 year old neutered, longhaired male. Kid Tested–Mother approved. Loves other dogs….loves (to chase) cats. Rescued from shelter. 11/20/2000

Lexie: Female longhaired Saint Bernard, around 2 years of age. Available because owner needs back surgery and unable to care for. She is a “stocky” Saint, housebroke and good with kids. Available on or after 11/14 to best home closest to Cincinnati, Ohio. 11/17/2000

Lucky: abused longhaired female Saint Bernard about 18 months old. She rescued by an AKC Judge from pit bull breeder who was trying to make her mean. He failed in this attempt. She was kept outside on heavy chain. Fortunately she has good temperament even after all she has gone thru. The AKC Judge has exposed her to children and other dogs and she gets along well with them. She is underweight, has hot spots and has been treated for flea dermatitis. She IS NOT housebroken. Still have to have her spayed and she would not be available until late next week. Again – closest suitable home to Cincinnati preferred. 11/16/2000

Hercules: 2 year old LH male. Perfect family dog. Was raised with children and owners had to surrender because of daughters asthma. 11/16/2000

Maddy: Maddy is a 9 month old, unspayed short hair female. She is good with dogs and kids–no experience with cats. She is crate trained. Her owner says, “Maddy is a great dog… friendly, loving. At this time, I feel I am being selfish keeping her because we don’t have much yard or a big house. Plus we are expecting a child.” 11/14/2000

Frau Bear: Frau Bear is an 11 month old, unspayed long hair female. She weighs 100 pounds or so. She is good with cats, dogs and kids (but probably too exuberant for very young children). She knows “sit down” and “take cookie nice.” She was housebroken at one point, but has recently been an outdoor dog, so she’ll need a new owner with the patience to reacquaint her to that. Her owner is surrendering her because, with the passing of his wife, there is no one to properly care for Frau Bear as he is on the road too much. 11/14/2000

Sampson: Sampson is a 3 year old, short hair male who is not yet neutered. He has been an outdoor dog his entire life so he will need a new home with the patience to train him. He is 175 pounds and is very good with children. He’s had no exposure to other dogs or to cats. His owners are surrendering him because they are moving. Pic to come. 11/14/2000

ROMEO: GORGEOUS, friendly, loving, quiet, mannerly 3-4 year old neutered, longhaired male. He is NOT good upon meeting other dogs, but dog trainer has successfully introduced him to many new dogs without incident. Better in one dog family. Owner surrendered him to shelter when they had to move. 11/14/2000

TOPPER: Mini-Saint….small, male, neutered, playful longhaired Saint, approximately 12-18 months old. Loves everyone! Rescued from shelter. 11/14/2000

SINATRA: Saint/Husky mix with blue eyes. ADORABLE neutered boy, approximately 12-14 months old. Shorthaired, tan and white. Very sweet and friendly. Stray rescued from shelter. 11/14/2000

Dolly: Shorthaired, sweet, beautiful spayed female, Dolly loves children and other dogs. However, she does NOT like small kittens. She has done well with adult cats, though. Her foster family will be heartbroken to see her leave! 11/14/2000

Hank: This beautiful, ball of fluff is Hank; a 4 month old, neutered purebred Saint puppy! He is intelligent, sassy and will be a HUGE dog…his cheeks are ALREADY droopy! The only problem is that Hank has a growing disorder called H.O.D. and must be kept quiet and confined for the next couple of months and then must remain subdued until after his first birthday. He will require a very special, loving home. 11/14/2000

Brandy: is a female puppy of Emma’s. She was born September 30. She will be started on initial vaccines and spayed prior to adoption. She will be available approximately October 30. 11/13/2000

Shelby: 10 month old female. Rough coat. Very sweet. Lots of puppiness in this girl. She loves to run, jump and play. Will need a home with plenty of patience. 11/13/2000

Lioness: 2-3 year old male, neutered, all shots up to date . He’s a great boy and laid back. Would make a wonderful companion for a couple. A little on the thin side, but is coming around. Lioness was turned in to the shelter because the family could no longer feed him. This baby really needs some loving and a couch to lay on. No one ever took the time to know this baby. 11/13/2000

Duke: 1 year old male. Rough coat. Great with everyone. Needs obedience training. 11/10/2000

Bernie: 10 month old male. Rough coat. Saint/collie mix. Very sweet. Great with kids and other dogs. Housebroken. Needs obedience training.11/10/2000

neutered male: about 18 mo old very friendly-puppy like. 11/10/2000

2 spayed females:: (littermates) that are 13 mo old very sweet small girls that we would like to place together. 11/10/2000

Kegger: 2 year old male. Rough coat. Very lovable. Good with other dogs and kids. 11/08/2000

Mini: 1 year old female. Rough coat. Great with everyone. Has had some training and is housebroken. 11/1/2000

Rajah: 5/6 year old spayed, smooth coat female. Shots up to date. Weighs around 130#. Good with children. Owner surrender due to allergies. Currently in Enfield, CT 10/31/2000

Sheba: She’s a 5yr spayed female. Lived with an elderly gentleman who became too sick to take care of her. She’s good with older kids. Don’t know about other dogs or cats. Very loving and sweet. She’s also a shorthaired. 10/30/2000

Beldoor: Beldoor is a 3 year old long hair full mask male. He is 173lbs and full of life, He needs a home that can spend time in the yard playing games with him. He needs a home with kids over the age of 7. He is house broken and also knows sit, stay and down. He walks well on a leash and loves walks. 10/27/2000

BRUNO: 3-4 year old neutered, shorthaired male. Great with all people. Unknown with cats and dogs. Rescued from shelter 10/27/2000

MARK: 6 months old, male, neutered, up to date on all shots, housebroken, obedience trained, good with EVERYTHING and everyone. Need we say more? Only the BEST of homes should apply! MUST have fenced yard and breed experience. 10/27/2000

Claudius: This boy is 1 1/2 yrs old neutered male, good w/ other pets and older children. He is approx 100/110 lbs. He is a love – plays fetch and tug. Available for adoption at the Rutland County Humane Society in VT 10/27/2000

Ascutney:– yes, that is his name. Named after a ski resort in VT and was given as a wedding present. Current owners cannot keep because of lack of space since they moved back to Ohio. Is a 2 year old longhair, gets along good with everybody, kids and other dogs included. Crate trained, housebroke and was primarily an inside dog. Is relatively small at 125 lbs. and 2 years of age. 10/26/2000

Gabby: 6 year old long hair female. House trained, ignores cats and good with older children and other dogs. 10/23/2000

Dakota: 4 year old long hair male is a son of Gabby. He is also good with cats, dogs and older kids. Given to rescue due to financial problems and a move. Could be adopted as a pair with his mother. 10/23/2000

Patches: four year old long hair male. Laid back personality, good with other dogs and children. 10/23/2000

Oliver: 2 year old LH male. Oliver is a severe neglect case. Adult country home preferred. Oliver is very big 33′ at the shoulder. He has been obedience trained and pulls a cart. Good with dogs, cats, horses, sheep. 10/20/2000

Vincent : 2 year old neutered rough coat male. Shots current. 130#. Good with dogs and kids over 8 years. Basic obedience. Indoor/outdoor dog. Owner surrender. 10/19/2000

Butch: 3 yr old male 110 pds, longhair, splashcoat Neutered, all shots Housebroken Good with dogs and cats Good with older children Is food bowl aggressive Being fostered by Andy 10/19/2000

Cindy: 5-6 yr old female 10/19/2000

Bernie: 1 yr old male approx 120 pds, longhair Not neutered, all shots Housebroken, Indoor/outdoor Ok with other dogs, NO cats In house with kids 7,9,13 yrs Needs training, acting dominant Owner in Old Bridge, NJ 10/19/2000

BigDog: 5 yrs old, 140 pds, shots, fixed, longhair Good with people, older kids, needs to be only pet Indoor/Outdoor dog, knows basic commands, alpha dog Currently being fostered in South Plainfield NJ. 10/19/2000

Cookie: 9 yrs old, 130 pds, shots, shorthair, Good with people, kids, dogs and cats Indoor dog, knows basic commands, recovering from heartworm treatment Currently being fostered in South Plainfield NJ. 10/19/2000

Jeffy: 3 yrs old, 140 pds, shots, longhair, Good with people, kids over 16, needs to be only pet Indoor/outdoor dog, shows signs of separation anxiety, needs obedience training Currently being fostered in South Plainfield NJ. 10/19/2000

Sammy: 5 yrs old, 110 pds, shots, longhair Good with people, kids, dogs, no cats, previously neglected Indoor/outdoor dog, needs obedience training, recovering hot spots Stray, located in South Plainfield, NJ. 10/19/2000

Name unknown: Age unknown Male, longhair, stray Located in Hamilton NJ shelter. 10/19/2000

BigDog: 4 yrs old, 120 pds, shots, fixed, longhair Good with people, older kids, needs to be only pet Owner surrender, located in South Plainfield, NJ. 10/19/2000

Vincent:2 yrs old, 130 pds, shots, longhair Good with people, older kids and dogs, no exposure to cats Outdoor dog, some obedience training Owner moving, located in southern NJ. 10/19/2000

Weeza:2 yrs old, 110 pds, shots, longhair Good with people, older kids and cats, no exposure to other dogs Outdoor dog, needs training Owner surrender, located in southern NJ. 10/19/2000

Beethoven:6 yrs old, 110 pds, shots, fixed, longhair Good with people, kids, dogs and cats Indoor dog, housebroken, some obedience training Currently being fostered in York, PA. 10/19/2000

Lucy: and Quincy:6 and 8 yrs old 140 and 160 pds, shots, fixed, shorthair Good with people, kids and dogs, NO cats Outdoor dogs, some obedience training Owner moving, located in Sparta, NJ. 10/19/2000

Harley: 2 to 3 year old longhaired female Saint. I observed her with 4 small children – 2 to 5, a cat and another dog – a small one. Has great temperament. Will probably pick up sometime this week and have spayed. Do need placement home for her – reasonably close to Cincinnati, Ohio. 10/18/2000

Sigmund: Sigmund is a neutered, 130 pound male who will be 2 years old in August. He is housebroken, up-to-date on his shots and on heartworm preventative. He is playful with other dogs, OK with children and is friendly. He knows “sit,” “paw1” and “paw2.” He is shy with new people but warms up to them quickly. He is afraid of thunder. Sigmund is an owner surrender… his owner has a new landlord that does not allow pets. 10/18/2000

Zoe: “It kills me to surrender her,” Zoe’s owner says. We’ve met this love and we can see why. Zoe is a 3 1/2 year old, spayed long hair female. She is approximately 150 pounds and is housebroken. Zoe knows sit, heel, lay down, come and stay. Zoe is good adults, dogs, cats and kids over the age of 8. Zoe has mild hip displaysia and is taking a joint compound. Zoe is gentle and sweet and accustomed to being around adults. She loves to play fetch with her hedgehog toy. And that face. That face! 10/18/2000

MAXWELL: 10 month old neutered male. Longhaired, full mask. Great with kids and dogs. Unknown with cats. Taken from home where he was neglected. 10/16/2000

BALI: 1 year old shorthaired, friendly female good with other dogs. She is up to date on shots and will be spayed prior to adoption. 10/16/2000

Brandy: 16 month old spayed female. Up to date on shots. Housebroken and good with children. Unknown with other animals. Owner surrender. Located in Raymond, NH. Saint experience preferred. 10/16/2000

Jeffy: 3 years old neutered, roughcoat male. Very handsome boy. Shots up to date – weighs 140#. Good with people and older children. Best placed as only dog. 10/16/2000

Rosie: a one year old female ( turned one year Sept 5, 2000) ;o) She is a rough coat ( long hair) about 100 lbs., has papers. She has had all of her shots, and is spayed. Very loving, loyal and faithful. NO KIDS. 10/16/2000

Baby: 1 yr. old female, spayed and all shots current. Sweet as they come. Great with everything. 10/16/2000

Big Ben: 9 month old male, neutered, all shots current. Ben is housebroken, great with dogs and people. Half mask and great coloring. Weight about 90 lbs right now. Fabulous temperament. What a great pup. 10/16/2000

Bear: Another two year old long hair male given up because of neglect. Good with people and other animals. 10/14/2000

Buddy Boy: 12 month old long hair male puppy. Sweet boy, needs some training which we are starting to do. 10/14/2000

Shai: 3 or 4 year old short hair female. Very excitable and loves to be around people. She gets along with other cats and dogs and loves to go for walks. Shai loves to play but needs to learn what toys are. We don’t believe she has every had any to play with. She is about 135lbs and needs to gain15 lbs. 10/10/2000

Wookey: Wookey is a 2 1/2 year old male that is use to small kids. He likes other dogs and cats. Wookey would make a great new friend for kids. He is up to date on all his shots and is looking forward to a new loving home 10/10/2000

Brutis: is a twelve month old male (born 8/17/99). He was returned to his breeder when he became too big for the house and dug in the yard. Brutis is long haired with a full mask and weighs about 114. He was raised with kids and cats. Brutis has been kept current on all his shots. He was just tested negative for heartworms and has started his preventative. He does well with other dogs and loves to run and play. He is a real gentle giant, but barks when strangers come to his kennel. 10/10/2000

Samantha: 4 yr. longhair female. Very energetic! Loves to please. Good with other dogs. Will go after cats. Needs more training. This girl craves constant companionship. 10/9/2000

Tiny: 2yr. longhair female. Very good with other dogs and cats. Indoor or outdoor, but prefers indoor. Very sweet and mellow. Great with children. 10/9/2000

Star: L/H female 1/2 mask 2 yrs. Spayed and shots 10/9/2000

Gizmo: 18 month old male. Rough coat. Great with everyone. Has been through basic obedience. House broken. 10/5/2000

AMY: 18-24 month old longhaired, spayed female. She is good with most other dogs and all people. Owner surrendered her to rescue because she couldn’t afford to take care of her any longer. 10/5/2000

RUFUS: Rufus is 18 months old, longhaired and nicely marked, housebroken, and neutered. Up-to-date on all shots. Heartworm negative. Quite tall, yet underweight at 140 lbs (but eating like he’s never seen food before). Rufus recently came into Rescue due to neglect. He is a delightful, playful boy who gets along well with other dogs, children and adults. He especially likes playing with a soccer ball. Rufus enjoys being groomed and adores one-on-one attention. He is recovering quite nicely from a pesky ear and skin infection as well as poor nutrition. He is trustful of humans, despite his earlier life, and likes nothing more than to sit in the company of his people. 10/2/2000

MISTY: Misty is an enchanting, well-socialized little 9 month old longhaired spayed female whose owners surrendered her following a divorce. (Thanks goodness, because she had sustained a hip dislocation when hit by a car and they never bothered to have it treated.) My vet’s assessment is that she will set her own physical limits. Someone needs to explain that to HER that because she doesn’t believe she has any limits. The orthopedic injury in no way slows her down. She runs, jumps, and rolls over. She likes to play with other dogs, is good with kids and strangers. She’s probably okay with cats. Misty has pretty markings and soft puppy fluff, is up-to-date on all shots and is heartworm negative. She’s a happy, playful little puppy. 10/2/2000

SAHARA: Sahara is 2-3 year old longhaired, spayed female. She’s very sweet, and a bit on the small side at 90 pounds. She was filthy and totally flea-infested when we got her. Following a bath and flea treatment, and trip to vet for shots and heartworm testing (she’s negative), she’s prancing around like the little cutie we knew was under all that dirt. A bit reticent at first, her shyness turns to absolute adoration following that first tummy rub. Her face is dark, and although there’s a thin white strip between her eyes, it’s obvious that SOMEONE in her background had an affair with a non-Saint, perhaps a Golden Retriever. Despite not being quite 100% blue-blooded, she’s a wonderful little girl who will make a terrific addition to a family with children (even small ones). She’s okay with other dogs but barks at cats. She’s a bit hand-shy, as if she’s been hit around the nose and head, but is responding well to love and gentleness. 10/2/2000

Xena: 1 year old longhaired female Saint. Great with children and will make a loving, loyal family dog. She was an owner turn-in because she just couldn’t get along with another family member-a pot-bellied pig! So, I would suggest that Xena not be placed in a home with pigs. Shots, spayed $150 adoption fee. 10/2/2000

Paddy: is a very handsome longhaired male, approximately 18 months old. He’s been to obedience school, is housebroken, and loves to have his tummy rubbed. Paddy has been neutered, is current on his shots, and is heartworm negative. He has a gentle spirit and is a very loving dog. 9/27/2000

Sheeba: is a very cute, longhaired female. Approximately 2 years old, she has been spayed, is heartworm negative, and has had all her shots. Sheeba loves to go for rides! She is a very good girl and will make someone a wonderful companion. 9/27/2000

Marilyn: is a 12 mo old rough coat Spayed female. She is vaccinated and heartworm negative. She is a very sweet girl. She is great with all people and pets. 9/26/2000

Shelley: has been spayed, her skin is much better. She is over the Demodex and she is ready to go home with someone deserving of lots of love and attention from her. 8/1/2000

Geneva: 3 year old female. Rough coat. Geneva’s owners have passed away and she is now looking for a new home. She is housebroken and gets along with cats. She knows sit and come here. Geneva loves to run and play. She is used to being spoiled and loves to have her belly rubbed. 9/21/2000

Belle: 3 year old female. Smooth coat. Great with everyone. 9/21/2000

Rachel: 1 year old spayed, rough coat female. Up to date on shots. Currently in foster with other dogs, cats & farm animals. Very sweet and well socialized. Located in the Woodstock, VT area. 9/19/2000

Hello, my name is Shawna: and I work for the Charles Smithgall Animal Shelter in Cleveland, Ga. We have a great St.Bernard at our shelter that needs a home desperately. He is going into his 4th week of residence with us. When we got him he was so neglected and undernourished it was heartbreaking. Unfortunately, most people looking for a new pet want the “perfect” pet. He is very loving, gentle and obedient. He has sores on his rump but they are slowly healing. The vet diagnosed them as malnutrition and being chained in a small ,confined dirt area. I will send you a picture of him on his arrival. If there is anything you could do to help us place Bernie I would really appreciate it. 9/18/2000

Roxanne: is an 18 month old Female. birthdate 10/27/98. She is Vaccinated for Distemper, parvo, corona, bordetella and rabies. She is heartworm negative. She has spent the 1st part of her life in a dog pen in rural Ga. She is very playful friendly with all animals and people. She’s a very nicely marked female. Her coat should get darker with better nutrition. She will be spayed the week of May 15th. She is a very thin 123# . She’s going to be a Big girl!!!!! 9/17/2000

Angelo: Beautiful long haired male, four years old. Good with people but especially loves men. Likes to play tag or any game with a ball. He sometimes has up to four of them in his mouth and looks so funny. 9/17/2000

Buster: 9 months long hair male puppy. Lived with another dog in his last home. Given up because the boyfriend is not into puppies. 9/17/2000

Max: Max is 3 year old, unneutered male weighing 200 pounds. He is housebroken, good on a leash and good with kids. Pics to come. 9/2/2000

Cliff: Cliff is a 4 year old neutered male, approximately 130 lbs. He is housetrained, good with other dogs and with children. Cliff’s owner is surrendering him because they are expecting their third child in September. Pics to come. 8/17/2000

Moose: Moose, a short hair, splash coat, neutered male, has been with rescue for one month now and has gained 21 pounds! He is such a darling. He is now crate trained and housetrained. Moose is approximately one year old, and is good with kids and with other dogs. Moosie knows sit, lie down and stay. He came to us as a neglect case…. he was almost starved to death at 60 lbs. Now, at 81 lbs, he is healthy, happy and looking for his forever home. Moose is heartworm negative and on preventive, and up to date on all his shots. 8/17/2000

2 1/2 yr old male: who looks like Beethoven who needs to be re-homed. 9/12/2000

Caesar: big, handsome boy. Loves to play. 1 1/2 years old, neutered, shots. $150 adoption fee. 9/12/2000

MISTY: spayed, all shots, heart worm negative. Ready to be placed. Good with other animals, people and kids. Only 8 months old. 9/10/2000

Ben: 1 1/2 year old neutered, smooth coat male. Very handsome full mantle coat and black mask. Up to date on shots. Quite thin – maybe 110#-120# – very tall. Get along fine with other dogs, unknown with children. housebroken and basic obedience. Needs leash work. Very affectionate. 9/8/2000

Boomer: 18 month old smooth coat neutered male. Up to date on shots. Very large – 180#. Good with children and others dogs. Owner surrender in Western CT. Ideal placement with Giant Breed experience. 9/8/2000

Mr. B: 1-2 year old lonhaired, neutered male. This is a big male a quite a looker! Very sweet, he needs a family with a gentle hand. His prior owners did not give him the attention he so desperately wants! With a little work this guy will be wonderful. If you have the time and commitment you will be amply rewarded! 9/8/2000

Alex: – young male, 1-2 years old, longhaired, neutered. A very sweet and loving guy. When he first came into rescue he was very depressed but has come out of it quite well. Have had him with older kids (10+) and he’s a real love. On the thin side, we are currently fattening him up. His coat is very dry but with good nutrition has the potential to be beautiful. One look and you’ll fall in love! Give this real sweetheart a chance and you’ll have a friend for life! 9/8/2000

Sadie: – Our only girl at this time, young, 2 year old, longhair, spayed. A nice size for a female she is very sweet and wants a family to call her own. With her pretty face and sweet attitude she won’t be homeless for long! 9/8/2000

Cecil: gorgeous well cared for 5 1/2 year old male longhaired, soon to be neutered (scheduled). Loves people, children and other dogs. Does not have a problem with cats. Was raised as a house dog and defiantly wants to stay an indoor/outdoor dog. House broke and obedience trained. 9/6/2000

Taylor: was picked up by animal control in South Carolina. When her owners were found they elected not to get her back. When her time was up at the shelter, she had developed kennel cough so the shelter was going to have to Euthanize her. Luckily for Taylor, the adoption coordinator knew about rescue and contacted Georgia Saint Bernard Rescue. . Taylor is a F/s 10 mo old rough coat pup shw is fully vaccinated, spayed and also heartworm negative. Taylor still is waiting for her forever home to find her. 9/5/2000

Natasha: 1 year old spayed, short hair female. She is current on all shots, heartworm negative, and dewormed. Natasha is house broken and kennel trained. She is great with children (of any age), other dogs, and cats. Natasha was abandoned when her owners finished beating her. She has nerve damage in her jaw from being hit. 9/5/2000

Sebastian 1st: 18 month old neutered, long hair male. He is current on all shots, heartworm negative, and dewormed. Sebastian is housebroken and kennel trained. He is good with other dogs and children (of all ages). Sebastian chases cats but does not hurt them when he catches them. Sebastian was abandoned at a boarding facility, he had 10 owners by one yr old. 9/5/2000

Sebastian II: 18 month old short-hair neutered male, housebroken, kennel trained, current on shots, heartworm negative, and good with other dogs and kids. Owner turn in due to lack of time. Sebastian is a beautiful boy with a black mask on only one of his eyes. He has the most awesome green eyes. Still wants to play with cats but does not hurt them. (picture available soon) 9/5/2000

Abbi: 2 1/2 yr old 120 pound spayed tri-color female. Good with kids and other dogs. Unknown with cats. She is current on all shots and heartworm negative. 9/5/2000

New: male, unneutered Saint in Goshen NY being fostered by Mastiff Rescue person. Good with other dogs, kids, cats, etc. Only one year old. Please Contact T. Smith if interested.. He will be neutered and all shots within next week or so. Will post when ready for placement. 9/5/2000

Misty: 8 month old spayed female ready for adoption. 9/5/2000

Xena: gorgeous, loving, faithful very bad with other dogs and hates cats Age 2 years, all shots, spayed housebroken. heart worm negative 9/5/2000

Princess: is a female, rough coat Saint Bernard with a wide blaze. she has some freckles on her nose. she weighs in a 83.1 lbs. she is one and a half years old. She has had all of her shots and blood work and is due to be spayed next week. She gets along with any c critters, dogs, cats, etc. better than any dog I have ever seen. She loves to play and loves people. kids of all ages, etc. She was purchased at a pet store and looks very puppy millish. but she is the sweetest girl you have ever met. She loves to ride in the car too. 9/5/2000

Kimba: 14 months old, 130 pds, neutered, shots, longhair Good with people, kids and dogs, no exposure to cats Indoor dog, housebroken, has some obedience training, crate trained Family allergies, located in Levittown, PA 9/2/2000

Barney: 7 yrs old, 100 pds, shots, longhair Good with people, kids, dogs, cats Indoor dog, housebroken, recovering from malnutrition and eczema Currently being fostered near Morristown, NJ. 9/2/000

Oliver: Oliver is an 18 month old neutered male and Olivia’s brother. He weighs 175 pounds. He is utd on his shots and heartworm negative. He knows sit and lie down. Oliver has lived outside year round in a kennel. His owner has a life threatening illness and must surrender him and Olivia. Ideally, they would be placed together, but that is not a requirement. 9/2/2000

Olivia:Olivia is an 18 month old unspayed female weighing approximately 124 pounds. She is Oliver’s sister. She is utd on her shots and heartworm negative. She knows sit and lie down. Olivia is very energetic. Olivia has lived outside year round in a kennel. Her owner has a life threatening illness and must surrender her and Oliver. Ideally, they would be placed together, but that is not a requirement. 902/2000

MOZART: This 10 month old lover boy is longhaired and will be neutered and up to date on all shots prior to adoption. MOZART is good with cats, dogs and kids. A real sweetipie! 9/2/2000

Mandy: Have kids who want a Saint Bernard? Well, Mandy LOVES children. She is on the smaller side (for a Saint) and is gentle. She is 18 months old, spayed, up to date on all of her shots and heartworm negative. 9/2/2000

ADAM: Between 3 and 4 Years old Only 89 pounds, Adam was rescued from a shelter where he was taken as a stray. This beautifully marked boy needs to gain 30+ pounds. Neutered, rough coated and up to date on all shots, Adam is very, very friendly and has been good with the dogs he has met thus far. Unknown with cats, however. Between 3 and 5 years old, he has been beaten on the head, as there was some past internal bleeding in his eyes, but, amazingly, he is not really head shy. The vets feel that in time, the redness will be gone from his eyes. PLEASE, if you can give this nice dog a loving home to make up for the abuse he obviously suffered. 9/2/2000

SAMANTHA(2): A broken-hearted family with severe dog allergies was forced to give up Samantha to rescue. She is a beautiful, longhaired spayed female who is up to date on all of her shots. She will be 2 in August and is great with children, dogs, cats….a really wonderful dog. She graduated from Puppy Preschool and knows hand commands. This is a wonderful opportunity to adopt a great dog!!! 9/2/2000

SAMANTHA(1): Rescued from a back-yard breeder, Samantha LOVES kids and adults alike. She is quite a kisser and needs a home with patience and understanding to provide her with love and care. Samantha also loves CATS! She has the personality, but needs to learn some manners….please give her a chance. 9/2/2000

Jake: is an 18 month old neutered male, A gold and white, shorthaired Saint mix, who is not yet fully grown. He is up to date on this shots, housebroken and crate trained. Jake was abused in the past and has spent some special time with a wonderful woman who rehabilitates Saints, and help him to learn to trust humans again. Jake says that he really does like all kinds of other animals, such as dogs, cats, turkeys, horses, chickens and even humans! However, it would be best to place him in an adult home. Since he is always hungry, he is food aggressive and needs to be fed alone. Do you think you can give Jake the loving home he wants? 9/2/2000

ZAMBONI: Hi! I am a BIG BOY! I weigh 130 pounds but need to gain some weight. I have longhair and have been, ahem, neutered. I like CERTAIN dogs, but I prefer horses and cats! I LOVE my children, but I am overprotective of them, so I cannot be in a home with them. I can get a little too excited when I think my kids are in danger, even when it isn’t serious. Oh, yeah, I’m housebroken. I’d like to have a new home, please, where I can show you what I good dog I can be! 9/2/2000

Max: For the first year or better of his life, was neglected by his owners. He was ignored. He has been rehabilitated and needs to be in a calm, quiet house without children. He’s good with other dogs and just learned how to play! He is a handsome neutered male who needs a special, loving, caring, understanding home. He wants to be an inside dog, as he really doesn’t like to go outdoors much. Can you provide Max with the love and care he needs? 9/2/2000

Lisa: Shorthaired spayed female, is up to date on her shots and heartworm negative. She is also housebroken, but DOES NOT like other dogs. However, she really does like cats. Go figure? She is an older dog in excellent health. Please consider Lisa to be your new dog! 9/2/2000

Bailey: is 1 year old, a gentle boy who is an owner surrender. He’s neutered, longhaired and HW negative. Shots are up-to-date. Bailey is fine with children as well as other dogs. Unknown with cats. Bailey loves to romp and play. He’s quite smart and delights in outsmarting people by attempting to escape from his yard. 9/2/2000

Molly Mae: two year old long hair female with a beautiful mantle coat Loves to play with other dogs. Perfect for a family. 8/28/2000

Kody: very nice, well-behaved 4 1/3 year old male-neutered Saint, whose owner has developed severe respiratory problems and cannot live by herself anymore, let alone take care of 202 lb. Kody. We are located in southern New Mexico, 8/28/2000

Shelby: l yr 7 mo, shorthair female, lots of puppy left in her. does not like cats. Shelby is ll0 lbs. and loves to play. she is full of the devil. 8/27/2000

Lynsey: L/H female good with other dogs and cats Spayed/shots 8/26/2000

Austin: L/H male – needs to only dog and with someone that has a firm hand 8/26/2000

Mikey: L/H male – 18mos – extra sweet dog 8/26/2000

Male L/H: will be coming in next week – no details at present 8/26/2000

Yeti: 6 year old male. Rough coat. Yeti has the energy of a 2 year old. He is housebroken and knows the commands sit and down. Yeti loves everyone, especially kids. He is good with other dogs and cats. 8/26/2000

Kia: 5 month old female. Good with kids, cats and other dogs. 8/26/2000

Bruno: 5 yr. old male, neutered, all shots current and ready for a loving home. Great boy, sweet as they come. Laid back. 7/10/2000

Lobo: 7 month old female. Spayed, all shots current and such a sweetie. This pup need a great family home with children and other dogs. She’s very puppy and will need basic training and a family ready to love her. Almost housebroken, but will need more training. Min, 5 ft. fenced in yard for Lobo. 8/23/2000

Cosmo: 11 mos old and such a big puppy. Neutered, all shots current and waiting for that perfect home. Cosmo is an owner release due to moving. He’s a big boy and needs leash training . Very very sweet. He will need a fenced in yard and a female playmate. Loves dogs and children. Clinton IA area. 8/23/2000

Cosmo: 1 year old male, shots, neutered. He is a loving guy who gets along with other dogs, children and adults. Cosmo just needs basic training and someone willing to devote time to him. 8/23/2000

Kolbi: 4 year old rough coat female. 150#. Okay with some dogs. 8/23/2000

Sam: who is four years old–he has been neutered and UTD on all shots. 8/20/2000

Timmy: 11 month old, 120 # to be neutered male. Up to date on shots, housebroken, needs obedience training. 8/18/2000

Bekah: a charming 3 1/2 year old longhaired female who is spayed, up-to-date on shots, and HW negative. She’s affectionate and loves nothing better than to cuddle with her people. She would do best as the only dog in a family with children over 10. 8/18/2000

Ginger: 2 1/2 year old smooth coat female. Good with children and other animals. 8/18/2000

Budsy: – 4 year old smooth coat female. Very friendly. 8/18/2000

Unnamed: A 2 year old female stray, unknown medical. Our foster homes are full, so this gal is waiting to find her forever home in a Stroudsburg shelter. 8/17/2000

Digger: Digger is a 2 year old, neutered long hair male. He is described by the Danville shelter where he is currently located as shy and reserved. Could you be his forever home? 8/17/2000

Bart: 3 years old. Another boy with one blue eye and one brown eye. Adopted from a humane shelter and now the family is tired of him. Very sweet boy. 8/16/2000

Harley: 2 1/2 year old rough coat male. Neutered, shots up to date. Very large. Good with children and dogs. Owner surrender due to move. Located in Monroe, CT. 8/14/2000

Thunder: 1 year old rough coat, neutered male. Up to date on his shots. Good with children, some dogs – but no cats. Somewhat afraid of men on first encounter. May have been abused. Weighs around 150#. In foster in Connecticut. 8/14/2000

Simon: 2 year old long-haired male, all shots, neutered. He is good with children and other pets. The owners turned him in because they are moving into a smaller house and do not want a large dog. Simon is a lovable 120 lbs. Saint who needs a loving home who will welcome him as part of the family. $150 Adoption Fee. 8/13/2000

Angel: 9 mos, and very sweet with people and dogs. LH female will be spayed next week. Very sweet, needs some leash training and we will be working on that. This girl just wants some persons ear to lick. 8/12/2000

Buddy: 10 month old long hair male. Friendly with people and other animals. A sweetheart. This boy is going to be big. 8/12/2000

Dolly: is a 12 mo old rough coat spayed female. She is a playful pup. She gets along well with all people and pets. She is vaccinated and heartworm negative 8/11/2000

Tanner: 1 year old neutered male. Rough Coat. A little shy around other dogs, but great with kids and adults. Tanner has had some basic obedience, but will need more. He is housebroken. 8/12/2000

Mozart: 10 month old neutered male. Rough coat. Gets along with kids and other dogs. Will need some basic obedience training. 8/12/2000

Aspen: 14 month old female. Rough coat. Aspen’s prior owners had her shaved, but once she grows her coat back, she will look fabulous. Has had some basic training. Very sweet girl who wants to be petted all the time. 8/12/2000

Osa: Although Osa likes to bully other dogs, he is a real sweetheart with people, including children. He IS a really big boy, though–160 pounds and a huge head! He is long haired with a full mask, freckles and longhair. He is between 1 1/2 – 2 years old. 8/10/2000

Chachi: A 1 1/2-2 year old “puppy”, Chachi thinks and acts like she is only 6 months old! She is very pretty, with a full mask, long hair and a beautiful, bushy tail. She is very good with children, but can jump fences with the best of them. She needs obedience training and her former owner kept her chained outside for the past few months. 8/10/2000

BELLA: A 1 1/2 year old sweetheart, Bella is great with all people, including children, loves cats, but hates some dogs. She is spayed and up to date with all shots. She is obedience trained and housebroken. She is a real pretty girl.8/10/2000

Zach: 6 months old, neutered male, shorthair, mostly St. Bernard. Good with kids and other dogs. He’s a real sweetheart and needs a loving home – the sooner the better for this young guy! 8/6/2000

Samantha: 18 months old, 110 pds, shots, longhair Good with people, kids and dogs, no exposure to cats Indoor dog, housebroken, has some obedience training Too big for family, located in southern NJ. 8/5/2000

Sadie Jane: Someone forgot to tell this little girlie that she is 5 years old! She loves to run and squeak toys are her favorite pastime. She knows “sit,” “lie down” and “stay.” She is a very loving girl. She adores her foster sister saint and is great with kids of all ages. The handwritten note left with Sadie at a Reading shelter read, “I travel too much… she needs a good home with lots of love.. very good dog.” Sadie is spayed, housebroken, h/w negative (and on preventive), walks great on a leash and is up-to-date on all her shots. She weighs 98 pounds. She currently has a broken toe and is wearing a splint, but will be out of the bandage in August. 8/5/2000

Sasha: Sasha is about one year old and 80-90 lbs. She is housebroken and not yet spayed. According to her previous owners, Sasha enjoys being outside. She has not been exposed to children. She currently has a vet slip on, as she an old wound on her ear is being treated. She is currently in a shelter in Montgomery County. 8/5/2000

Babe: 2 year old neutered male. Rough coat. Very, very sweet. Loves everybody. Likes to play in the water and play tug with the other dogs.8/5/2000

Jobe: 17 month old male. Rough coat. Jobe was also shaved by his prior owners, but will grow in a new coat soon. Has had some basic training. 8/5/2000

Ike: is approximately 9 months old. He was rescued from a local pound after being picked up as a stray. He is very loving and social! He is housebroke and neutered. He is current on all vaccinations and tested negative for heartworm. He is quite a loyal and loving boy! He enjoys car rides and long walks. He is always happy to receive his favorite tummy rubs, too! He is quite anxious to start a new life with a loving family! 8/5/2000

CHOICE: A handsome, freckled, longhaired, neutered male, Choice is looking for a new home after his previous owner passed away. Only 3 years old, Choice has a full mask and is good with children and some other dogs. He has never been around cats, so we can’t tell about that. He smiles and knows sit and no. He is housebroken and up to date on his shots and heartworm negative. He weighs 160 pounds, but needs to lose a few! Such a nice dog deserves only the best home! Make Choice YOUR choice!! 8/3/2000

Lexie: 4year old female, s/h splash coat. Very friendly, gets along well with dogs and children. Needs leash training. Spayed and current on shots. Lets give this baby a chance. She’s a sweetie. 8/1/2000

SAM: Sam is a young neutered male Saint being fostered near Albany, NY. He is up to date on all shots and HW negative. He is great with everyone, including other dogs and children. He is a nice, sweet family dog. We estimate his age to be approximately one year. 7/31/2000

Beethoven: is a smooth hair about 2 yrs, old, quite thin but otherwise in good health. Very friendly with kids, but goes after small mutts. He takes rough treatment from the kids. was well taken care of, except that he is underweight. 7/30/2000

Duke: 1 year old neutered male. Total sweetie! Gets along with everyone.7/29/2000

Thunder: 5 yrs old, 125 pds, shots, longhair Good with people, older kids, dogs, NO cats Indoor dog, housebroken, some obedience training, has bitten someone Currently being fostered near Lancaster, PA 7/28/2000

Dozer: Dozer is 7 years old, neutered and described by his former owner as “relaxed, loving, calm, docile and obedient.” He is good with cats, dogs and children. He has been shaved due to terrible matting and is being treated for an ear infection. He is obese (220 pounds!) and has some difficulty getting around because of it. But he’s on a diet and already losing weight. He is looking for a loving home for his golden years. He is currently in foster care in Lancaster. 7/28/2000

Willow: is darling, longhaired female . About a year and a half old, she has personality plus!! she has been spayed, are heartworm negative and have had all her vaccinations. Willow has lots of love to give, but not to cats! 7/26/2000

Roxie: is a very sweet, longhaired female. A little over 2 years old, she gets along with kids, other dogs, and cats. She has been spayed, is heartworm negative, and has had all her vaccinations. Roxie is very playful, and she loves to be hosed down and to drink from the water hose! 7/26/2000

Cleo: is a very sweet and lovely longhaired female. About 2 1/2 years old, she has been spayed, vaccinated and tested clear for heartworms. Cleo is a big female, measuring about 31″ tall at her shoulders. She loves to go for rides, and is very affectionate!! 7/26/2000

Sheeba: is an 18 month old longhaired female. She has been vaccinated, micro-chipped, is heartworm clear, and is scheduled to be spayed this Friday, April 14th. Sheeba loves to have her tummy rubbed, and to go for car rides!! She knows how to sit, and loves to chase sticks. 7/26/2000

Curly: long haired male, four years old. Good with cats, dogs and people. A smaller Saint, just 110 lbs. But Curly has 150 pounds of love to share. A roll on the back for a belly rub kind of Saint. 7/25/2000

SIMON: Simon is a young (under 1 year), shorthaired altered male Saint looking for a home where he can get lots of attention. He is very energetic and strong and would be better placed in a home without young children. 7/25/2000

Buddy: Buddy is 4 1/2 years old, neutered and approximately 200 lbs. He is housebroken , good with kids, cats, birds and other dogs. He loves having his belly rubbed and being vacuumed (really!) He loves going for walks and car rides. His extra large palette causes him to snore and he’s described as a “Mama’s boy.” Buddy’s heartbroken owner is surrendering him because an elderly parent has moved in with them and she cannot risk Buddy knocking her over. 7/24/2000

BAILEY: This 4-5 year old neutered, long haired male is a wonderful dog with children. He likes other dogs too! He does have severe skin allergies and will always require medication and regular baths. His owner was upset to give him up, but had to do so because of a child’s severe allergies. 7/24/2000

JOSIE: New arrival Jose came from the same backyard breeder and are hoping to find new loving homes. Josie is 4 years old . great with people, but Josie hates ALL dogs. . In the process of being neutered and getting shots. came to us very, very thin and with matted coat. Very nice looking Saint, or will be once there have received appropriate care. Please open your hearts . 7/24/2000

Happy: is a Saint Mix about 1-2 years old. He is excellent with everyone, dogs cats people you name it. He is very laid back and gentle and walks beautifully on a leash. He knows some basic obedience and is housebroken. He is an awesome dog. He is medium build, sable and white with black. He has a full mask and blaze. He is beautiful! 7/24/2000

Elly: 5 month old female. Needs a home with Saint experience since she already shows a very dominant streak. Will need training. Very sweet. Loves to play with kids and other dogs. 7/24/2000

Tucker: about 2 yrs old, short hair, spayed. Good disposition. gets along ok with others. 7/23/2000

Dexter: M. Owner did not have time for him. l l/2 yrs old. Good disposition. rough coat. 7/23/2000

Moby: 4 year old neutered male. Rough coat. Moby needs a home either with small dogs or with no dogs. Moby will do best with older children. Moby likes to chase cats. Moby is a wonderful loving dog. He knows sit, down and roll over. He is trained to walk on a head halti. Moby is crate trained. 7/23/2000

Emmy: 21 month old rough coat female. Very pretty mahogany splash coat. Spayed and shots up to date. Great with children and other dogs. Weighs around 120# 7/18/2000

Ethan: 9 month old rough coat male. Very friendly. Good with children and other animals. Very large. 7/18/2000

SADIE: This polite, sweet 3 year old spayed female Saint was given up by her owner because the family just did not have enough time to spend with her. Although she has very little leash training, she is great in the house and with children. She has no experience with other dogs, but is good with indoor cats. If you have a family looking to adopt a great family dog, please consider Sadie as she is very depressed being away from her family and kids. 7/18/2000

CHRISTY: Christy is a longhaired, 18-24 month old spayed female who is very playful. She weighs about 100 pounds. She needs a home where she can get plenty of attention. Because of her exuberance, she probably will be very active for small children. Christy’s foster parents have worked on her manners and she seems to learn very quickly. She is currently being fostered in Ontario, Canada, but can be adopted in the Hamilton, Ontario area, or anywhere in New York, or the NY metropolitan area. If you want to give this very sweet girl a forever home. 7/18/2000


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